Gay Pride, Bumper Sticker Surprise Pt. 01

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A few weeks back I was working on my yard and I met a nice young man from the neighborhood. He noticed me trying to start the lawn mower and stopped to give me a hand. As we introduced ourselves, he gave me a nice firm handshake and a warm smile.

His name was Jacob, he was a big strong guy and a senior at our local High School. He lived just a few streets over and was on the swim team. He was excited to graduate High School soon and looked more mature than his age of 18. He helped me pull the dam cord hard enough to get it kicked over. He walked off with his dog and I went to work on the yard. I thought of him as I plowed through the grass. He was a very good looking young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He looked like a fast swimmer, I bet he could swim for miles.

I rented a house with two guys I met from a friend last year. They are always working, or with their girlfriends and not around much. We rarely hang out and only talk briefly but were always friendly with each other. I take care of the house and the owner gives me a rent discount for making his life easier. I work from home so it’s no big deal and I have the place to myself all day.

I’ve always tried to keep in good shape and recently started doing longer work outs. I began to snack on fruits and veggies more and cooled it on the sodas and beers. I also started doing 200 sit ups and 200 push ups a day. I got my abs and pec’s looking nice and firm in no time. My pecs looked bigger when I checked them in the mirror, from the side. I felt more confident and a lot better about myself.

At 26 years old, I wanted to look my best, feel great and attract the hottest piece of ass I could find. I was ready for a new hottie and the new sexual stimulations that would follow. I wasn’t seeing anyone for quite a while and open for suggestions. When I was finishing up the yard Jacob came by again with his dog.

“Looks much better Mike.” He said as we smiled at each other.

“Thanks to you…” I kidded.

We made more small talk and he was very nice and friendly. He was quite a talker, we ended speaking out front for almost a half hour. He asked me what I thought about our local colleges and other advice his Father should be giving him. I found out he didn’t get along with his Dad very well and that they rarely talked.

Jacob’s dog was getting restless and I could tell he had to get going. I told him to not be a stranger and come by anytime he felt like it. He said that sounded great and he would start walking his dog by my place more often. He walked off and gave me a nice smile as he looked over his shoulder. I didn’t see him, until I was backing out of my garage a few days later.

“Hey Jacob.” I said as he approached my car window with his dog.

“Hi Mike, how’s it going?” He asked with his big blue eyes.

“Fine, I’m just going to the supermarket to pick up a few things, how are you doing?” I said, as he kept beaming at me.

“I’m chill, hey I need to go to the store too, can I tag along?” He asked with a warm friendly smile.

“Sure, what do you want to do with your dog?” I asked.

“If you can wait a minute I’ll run him home, just follow me and I’ll dump him off.”

“Ok, no problem buddy.” I said.

“Great thanks.”

He took off up the street and rounded the corner, this kid could run fast. He cut down a few streets over and arrived at his house. He let the dog in the front door and joined me in the car.

“Dam Jacob, you run fast.” I said as he jumped in.

“I use to run track.” He said as he slapped my leg.

We took off for the store. Jacob was talking up a storm and seemed very excited for some reason… We shopped around the supermarket and he helped me with the cart and selecting all the best stuff. He just wanted some chicken from the deli and a banana. Since he was so helpful and nice, I just paid for everything. We loaded the car and headed back in the direction of our neighborhood.

“Hey would you like me to drop you off at your place?” I asked him.

“I don’t feel like going home yet, I’d rather help you with your bags if that’s cool with you?”

“Really? Sure that would be great. You can check out my house too, if you’d like.”

We pulled into my garage and I showed him around. He was a big help with all the grocery bags and stuff. I liked this young guy, he was really cool. After he helped me unload the car, he stayed over for a while. We talked about his up coming events and his plans for grad night. He said he was going to a party at a friends from the swim team and said there was going to be a lot of drinking going on. He seemed excited about his up coming week.

Jacob munched on his chicken as we spoke and I loaded the fridge. Then he began to peel his fresh banana, he seemed to love that thing. He stuck it down his throat a little and pulled back and took big a bite. What was that all about, I thought to myself. Anyways it was a nice visiting with him and he took off for home, shortly after his snack..


I nişantaşı escort didn’t see him again for over a week. I was working on a big project and he was busy with finals and graduation. He knocked on my front door on a Friday night as I was about to go to a friends house and watch a baseball game. He had a bag with him and I welcomed him in.

“Hi Mike, I’m a High School graduate now!” He said with a big smile.

He stepped in and gave me a hug. He was obviously a little buzzed and had some beer with him.

“Hey congrats Jacob, I knew you could do it.” I joked as I backed up a step.

He was wearing a bright blue shirt that made his eyes look nice and bright. He had on cool surfer shorts and flip flops. He looked really happy and I could tell he was ready to party.

“Thanks Mike, I’ve been wanting to stop bye and say hello but I’ve been so busy the past week.”

“Come on in, great to see you. How was the graduation?”

“It went by quick, I had a blast!”

“That’s awesome, my ceremony went by fast too.”

“When did you graduate High School?”

“Eight years ago, class of 2010 Baby!” I said in a rowdy way.

“Wow, I thought you were like 21.” He said with that handsome smile.

“No I wish, I’m and old dog now.” I kidded.

“What are you kidding, you look great!”

“Thanks man!” I replied.

Then he paused smiled at me and spoke again. “What’s going on tonight, you wanna hang out?” He asked.

“I was about take off to a buddies place and watch the Dodger game.” I said, not sure of what to do.

“Oh.” He said sounding sort of bummed out.

“What’s wrong dude?” I asked.

“I was hoping we could hang out and have a couple beers, if that’s Ok?”

“Oh man, I’m not sure about that. I bet your parents wouldn’t like the idea of us drinking together or hanging out at my place alone drunk.”

“I know what you mean but I got that covered. They bought me this beer and I told them I was walking over to a friends house. They have no idea where I am and don’t really care. They were pretty drunk when I left. If they call, I can be home in 5 minutes anyways.” He explained with reassurance.

“Well in that case, let’s celebrate. I’ll call my buddy and let him know I am going to pass on the game tonight.”

I got my friend on the phone and let him know I had a unexpected visitor. We made plans for another night and I got off the phone quick. Now it was just me and Jacob for the next few hours, my roommates were gone and I felt like a few drinks myself.

I put his beers in the fridge and poured myself a jack and coke. I flipped the TV back on and we sat down in the living room. We started to party and Jacob sat kind of close to me, he seemed to be having a great time. We joked and laughed for a while and got pretty buzzed. Then he began to talk about the High School swim team and some of the strange things that went on there. We were having a lot of laughs and he had a great sense of humor.

“You know all the guys on the swim team, including me have to shave our entire bodies.” He said as if asking for approval.

“Yeah, I heard swimmers have to do that. It makes you faster right?” I asked, wondering where this was going.

“Yeah, it was awkward at first but it feels real nice to have smooth legs and arms. You should try it sometime. Have you ever shaved your body?” He asked nicely.

“No, not in a long time.” I said, feeling a little awkward about that question. I was starting to get the impression Jacob might be into me.

“Can I show you something?” He asked with a big grin.

“Sure, why not.” I said, wondering what was next.

He pulled his shirt off slowly, he looked very tan and toned. His pecs and shoulders were big from swimming and he had tight abs. He looked really good.

“I don’t have to shave my chest much, but I keep it smooth.”

“You look fantastic Jacob.” I said as my heart began to beat a little faster.

Then he dropped his shorts and was wearing his swim team speedos underneath.

“It feels really good to have everything shaved nice and smooth.” He said.

“I bet it does.” I replied feeling a bit awkward.

“Want to see something?” He asked with a shy smile.

I didn’t know what to say. I tried to speak but nothing came out.

Then he rubbed his cock a few times and began to push his tight speedos down. I was shocked at first. His cock popped out of the top and he proceeded to drop them to the floor. His big dick was semi hard and shaved perfectly smooth. His smooth balls were not hanging down at all, they looked big and nice. I couldn’t help but stare at his big hard cock. I began to feel slightly turned on by this young mans sexy body…

“You should feel how smooth it is.”

He stepped up to me and put his big cock near my face. I didn’t know what to say. I just stared at his big hard cock for a second and looked up at him.

“Mike you can touch it if you want?” He boasted

“Jacob, do you think I’m gay?” I asked quietly.

“Yes,,, you’re not?” şişli escort He said as he pulled his speedos back up in a hurry.

“No, I’ve never done that before. I’m sorry if I gave off the wrong impression.” I said with concern.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I saw your bumper sticker the day you took me to the market and…” He started to say with embarrassment.

I cut him off as he spoke. “What sticker?” I asked.

“The ‘Gay Pride’ sticker on the underside of your back bumper.” He said sadly, as he began to pull his shorts up and his shirt back on.

“Really?” I said with a smile.” Let’s go check it out.”

Jacob followed me into the garage and showed me the rainbow sticker that had the words ‘Gay Pride’ in the middle.

“Oh my god, someone must of put that on their recently as a gag. I never noticed it before.” I said as I laughed a little.

Jacob look completely embarrassed and I felt bad for him.

“Maybe I should get going.” He said sadly. You can keep the rest of the beers.”

“Wait Jacob, don’t leave. I don’t want you to go, I’m so sorry. Please stay I’m not mad, just surprised. I should of seen that sticker, it’s all my fault.”

“Are you sure, I feel like I should get going.”

“No it’s cool, I like you Jacob. It’s no big deal, I have some gay friends too. I bet one of them put that on my car as a joke. Come back in, Ok?”

“Alright,,, so your not gay?”

“Well, I’ve never had sex with a guy before.” I said.

“Me neither…” He said quietly.


“Yup, I never did and High School is behind me. Ya know what? When we first met, I kind of liked you. Then when I saw that sticker a few days later, I wanted you to be my first.”

“Have you ever had sex with a girl?” I asked with more curiosity.

“Yes but that was a while ago. Guys on the swim team are always saying how gay sex is so much better. I began to think about it more and more recently.” He said.

“You have to agree, that’s a pretty good joke. Look what happened.” I kidded him and nudged his side.

“Mike this is so crazy. Can I tell you why I was attracted to you, while were on the subject?” He asked feeling more relaxed.

“Yes, I have to know!” I asked with a curious smile.

“When I helped you jump the lawn mower the other day, I thought you were a very attractive, Straight guy. I started to have a secret attraction to you. Then a few days later, when you were backing out of the garage, I saw the ‘Gay Pride’ sticker and got really excited. I thought no way, I would love to experiment with this hot guy.”

“Oh, I thought you were acting a little friendlier than normal that day. I just thought you were a great looking guy in a good mood.” I said trying to keep calm.

“You think I’m a good looking guy?” He asked with a smile.

“I think you’re a very good looking guy. If I was gay, I’d be all over you!” I said, with reassurance.

“I feel stupid I whipped my cock out like that. I just didn’t know how to initiate a man on man situation. I never have before… I just thought you’d know what to do once I whipped it out.” He said with a frustrated look.

“I have to give you a lot of credit.”

“For what?”

“That was a pretty bold thing to do. It took a lot of balls to do that!” I joked.

“Yeah now what, I feel like a fool.” He said as he looked down.

“I have gay friends, nothing is different between us. I’m very flattered. It just caught me way off guard.”

“I need a beer he said and grabbed a cold one from the fridge.”

“Jacob buddy?” I asked softly.

“Yes?” He said as he popped the cap off the bottle and took a slug.

“Can we start over?” I asked calmly but my heart began to race.

“Are you serious?” He said as he perked up.

“Yes…” I took a deep breath and spoke again. “I feel a little something for you too.” I said nervously.


“Yes I do, how could I not. Your the best looking young guy I’ve seen in a long time… You know what?”

“What?” he asked instantly.

“We should play a game!”


“You wanna play a game? It’s pretty fun to play when your drinking.” I asked.

“Sure, what kind of game?”

“Have you ever played ‘Confessions’?” I asked him.

“No, I never heard of it.”

“We use to play it in college with sorority girls.”

“How do you play ‘Confessions’?” He asked with curiosity.

“Ok here’s what ya do. You confess something to tease the other person. It doesn’t have to be completely honest but it should be something sexual. You could tell a fantasy you have or think of something sexual you might want to try with the other person. Only we do it with hot guy on guy stuff and see what happens. What do you think?” I asked

“That sounds like fun. Who goes first?”

“You know what, you’ve been such a good sport all night, I’ll start, to give you some ideas.” I said.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got some great ideas.” He said as he chugged his beer.

“Ok… Here I go… Jacob when you walked off after the first time we met. mecidiyeköy escort I could tell you had a very nice ass. I wanted to rub oil on your bare body and make you feel good.” I looked at him and he looked surprised then he gave me a big smile.

“I think I’m going to like this game. Good one Mike. Ok I got one for you… I shaved my dick, balls and ass nice and smooth for you tonight. So when you sucked my cock you wouldn’t get a nose full of hair. I took my time and made sure it was the smoothest cock you ever sucked.”

“That was hot Jacob. Ok, I got one… When I heard you were on the swim team I began to think about your big cock trying to bust out of your tiny swim trunks. I wanted to see you getting out of the pool dripping wet in skin tight speedos, with a big bulge for me.” I said as things heated up between us.

“That was hot. Ok I’ve got a good one. Guys from my swim team like to put girls pony tail rubber bands on their cocks, they find around the pool. Then two guys fasten their hard cocks together with the elastic’s. They squirt lubrication on their dicks and grind them together. They go at it till they cum on each other. I always wanted to try that with the right guy. Now, I really want to do that with you. I want to feel our cocks grinding together.” Jacob said as he began to rub his growing bulge.

I began to rub my cock and started to get horny, Jacob was turning me on a lot. It was actually the first time any guy had me horny like this. Things were getting very steamy between us.

“Dam that made me horny Jacob, do those guys really do that?” I asked as I breathed deep.

“Yes, I’ve heard some guys do that at gay parties and in the shower at school. I’ve never seen it done before. Why?”

“I was thinking it might be fun to do that with you tonight.” I said nervously, as I made my first bold proposition to a man. My heart was racing, my cock was growing. I couldn’t wait for his answer.

“Really, Ok. Do you have any scrunchies? That’s what they call them.”

“No but we could be back in 15 minutes with some.” I said energetically.

“Sure let’s go.” He said with a sexy grin.

We went into the drug store and found the hair section and pony tail stuff. We checked all the elastic sizes and had fun figuring out which ones would give us the best friction possible. I ended up buying a bunch of different sizes and colors. We used the u-scan and got home as fast as possible.

When we got home, I gathered our stuff from the family room and we went to my big bedroom. I could tell we were both nervous. I put on some music and I began to undress Jacob. I pulled off his shirt and shorts and he kicked off his flip flops.

He was standing there in his tight speedos with an obvious erection pointing to one side. I began to massage another mans cock for the first time. His cock was nice and hard, it felt good against his tight swimwear. I was getting very worked up and wanted to play with his cock more.

Jacob began to undress me, so I had to let go of his cock for a second. He slowly undressed me, kissed my left breast and kicked off his speedos. Neither of us had any experience with another man before but our natural abilities took over and it was very stimulating. We were getting worked up very fast, our cocks were throbbing hard and ready to play together.

I dumped the bag out on my bed and we each selected some elastic’s and pulled them on our cocks. Were almost the same height and our cocks looked very similar in length and thickness. We got our cocks in place and fastened them together with the stretchy elastic’s. His cock felt great strapped to mine. My cock was throbbing and jumping, I was aroused like never before. This was going to be hot!

I put my hands on his shoulders to support myself and he did the same to me. We began to grind our cocks back and forth slowly, building up the excitement. The tight elastic felt great and the view from above was very, very erotic. I loved watching our cocks grinding together. I couldn’t take my eyes off his big pulsating cock head. I wanted to suck that thing!

“Jacob, this is so hot. Do you like how this feels?” I asked.

“Oh god. Oh man, this feels awesome.” He said as the friction built up.

We got a nice rhythm going and the feeling was sensational. We made a quick adjustment and it felt even better. Our slick cocks began to push and pull against each other, the friction was intense. I was feeling naughty and sexy with this hot young stud.

Jacob was grunting and getting very worked up. He looked very sexy and our cocks looked very erotic oiled up and grinding together. Jacob began to moan louder and louder, he looked like he was about to cum any second.

Soon a thick rope of cum shot out of his cock and hit the inside of my hip. Then we started to go really fast and it was too much for the elastics. We came apart quickly and started pumping our dicks hard and fast. Jacob kept shooting jet after jet on my cock and hand.

I used his cum for extra lubrication, it was feeling too good. I lost it and was overcome with lust, a strong shuddering orgasm took over my body. I began to shoot my cum all over Jacob. He kept pounding his meat faster, we were both coming like crazy. I kept pumping my cock hard as I began to shake and almost fell over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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