Get Down with the Thiccness Pt. 10

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Boi Pussy

So this is the finale, I know I have said previously that I had a total of 13 parts in mind, however I have come to the conclusion that parts of the story did not work for me after thinking about them. I’m going out with a bang for this series, and hopefully I have the motivation to begin the next series of mine soon 🙂


George felt the soft, velvety lips of Olivia brush onto his cheek as she planted a loving kiss onto her boyfriend. The noises of a packed beach surrounded them. It was a blazing hot summer day, and many students on campus decided that all the fun was to be had on the beach, the almost white sand spread miles across the shore of the crystal-like sea. The waters calm and reflecting the sun, only the satisfying sound of the odd crashing wave came into earshot. George and Olivia luckily found a small spot for them both, slightly out of sight from the general public, under a large palm tree near the strip of expensive penthouse apartments which overlooked the beautiful beach.

The couple got there early, and had been spending the day setting up their space and relaxing. They did not need an umbrella; thanks to the tree giving them much desired shade and a place to cool down. They had set up two deep blue deck chairs and a large blanket under both, with enough space to hold a small table which housed Olivia’s sun tan lotion and phone. She laid on the chair to the left of George, with a cute smile on her face. Her pretty eyes covered by reflective sunglasses. She wore a small two-piece bikini shaded a deep maroon, laced with floral patterns of a brighter shade of red. They barely covered her curvaceous body and caused her huge chest to push up on her body. She looked over at George who seemed to fix his gaze on her body, pushing her sunglasses down her nose to lock eyes with him she bit her lip and leaned toward his direction, causing her large breasts to press on his upper arm which was relaxing on the arm of the chair.

“You’re my boyfriend now babe you can say when I’m looking hot.” she winked and giggled before lightly brushing her fingers on his hand.

” I thought you didn’t like the attention?” George replied raising his eyebrow to her. Olivia felt her heart flutter and face begin to redden.

“I know you like me for more than my tits and ass…so it’s ok coming from you…” She kissed him again, this time on the lips, with a little more passion than before, George slid his tongue into her mouth as they’re make out became slightly more impassioned. Olivia was ready to slide out of her chair to mount her man before getting cut off by a voice from behind them.

“Well aren’t you two having fun.” The two broke their kiss and moved their heads in the direction of the voice. Amy stood before them in a small matte black two piece, seemingly waning to burst from the amount of pressure her thick, toned body was giving it, the rubbery material straining from her large beasts. Her hands rested lightly on her wide hips; soft white skin almost glowing. Sandwiched between those watermelon sized tits was a silver chain, with a bright green stone attached to it. Her long silky blonde hair tied into a ponytail with large silver reflective aviator sunglasses resting on her head. Her green eyes shining through the shaded area like torches. She stepped toward them both, swaying her hips as her thick thighs rubbed together. She leaned down, looking at them both. George blushed, as did Olivia, both in awe of her radiant beauty.

“Hey Amy, having a good time?” George asked confidently to her. She looked over at him and smiled sexily, lightly licking her plump, glossy lips as she replied.

“More than you can know Georgie. I need a place to stay though, I’m getting bored of hanging around cocky men who can’t stop staring…so I thought I’d settle with two lovers who can’t stop staring.” She looked over at Olivia and winked, before sitting next to her on the blanket, leaning back and stretching her arms back behind her. Amy sighed lightly, looking over at Olivia.

“I’m surprised you found a top big enough to contain those Livvy. Lucky you’re taken, the boys would be drooling for you.” She laughed along with Olivia, who smiled at her friend.

“Where’s Alexa? I thought she would be with you two?”

“She’s packing up her stuff from the room, she’s moving out of the city after she graduates.” George replied, eyes darting between Olivia and Amy. The blonde nodded her head slowly, noticing how she was still being checked out by George, she felt herself curl up a smirk as a moment of silence emerged from the threesome…

“Anyone want a smoothie?” Olivia asked, darting up into a standing position. George shook his head and declined politely, Amy asked for anything with coconut. Spinning gracefully Olivia started toward the large and rather packed drinks shack across the way. From their view, George could see that there was a large congregation of people in or around the place, quite clear that Olivia was not the only person on this scorching beach wanting some sort gaziemir escort of refreshment. Amy looked over at George and smiled. Her mind was cast back to that evening she had with this man.

That night of exquisite pleasure and lust between two horny individuals. He was like an animal; she remembered every second vividly. A mute moan escaped her plump lips as she hastily slid onto Olivia’s chair. sprawling her legs out, resting her hands on her toned upper thighs. She felt herself get excited, much like she always had when he was around, their history together fueling her never ending lust for George and his giant tool.

“Mmmm, well this is nice huh?” She muttered, pressing her elbows together to compress her large breasts together. George stayed quiet and nodded, trying to resist the endless assault of allure which Amy naturally exerted. She pouted and turned toward him, nipples poking hard on her bikini top.

“You know I’m not going to try and get you to cheat…I like Livvy and I don’t want another night of strong…rough…amazing sex with you to ruin what you two have.” She blushed and sighed, trying to calm herself down.

“Almost had me convinced Amy.” George replied, moving his sight away from her and onto the beach in front of him. Noticing a lot more men inching closer to their spot. Amy huffed and crossed her arms under her bust, looking down at her ample tits.

“I’m pretty jealous of her…it’s not every day you see a girl with bigger tits than me. Plus, she gets that inside her whenever you two fuck…” She bit her lip, closing her eyes as she imagined watching them both, she couldn’t seem to get her mind off sex. The lack of clothing and exposure of her body always made her horny…tight leggings, tank tops and small fitting sports bras where good to satisfy her fetish for showing off, but there was something about swimsuits which got her going even more.

“Yeah, I’m pretty lucky…” George replied, darting back to the shack in which his girlfriend had journeyed to.

“Can I ask something? and be as honest as humanly possible…” Amy asked timidly, her face burning red, her legs pressed together to try and stop her wet pussy from going into overdrive.

“Sure.” George replied quickly, turning his head toward his ex-fling.

“Who’s satisfied you more, me, Christine or Olivia?” her eyes glowed brighter than anything that George had ever seen, almost as if her eyes were like sparkling green diamonds in sunlight. George only saw her like this that night together, they were both like putty in each other’s hands. He did not know how to answer her, sex with Olivia was great, there was a driven passion for one another which was unlike any sexual partner that he had ever had before…but with Christine, there was the taboo of it all, how they had to keep it a secret from everyone; and Amy, just how submissive she was, and how she did everything from take the whole length down her throat, to drinking every last drop of cum he sprayed over her over those hours…

“I can’t answer.” He eventually muttered, he loved fucking them all, there was no lying about it. Amy giggled, toying with the shoulder strap of her bikini top, dropping it down her shoulder and pulling it back up again.

“Were all good huh?” She grinned and raised an eyebrow. She quickly spun around to see if Olivia was returning, it seemed that she was still at the shack. George quickly felt a weight mount him, arms dropping under his shirt to feel his body, Amy had trapped him. She began to slowly thrust her hips forward and backward as he struggled.

“Can you just imagine… if you had all three of us at once? Imagine what you could do daddy…” She pressed her body onto his, squashing her huge soft tits onto his chest. “Would you like to? Have all three of us together in a bed? Me, you, Olivia and Christine?” George tried to not think about it, avoid the thought of that occurrence.

“I’d love to, I know Christine would too, any girl who’s had the pleasure of getting broken by that cock will miss it…”

“Olivia isn’t that kind of girl…” George muttered.

“I can get her in the mood daddy…I have ways of making anyone in the mood for what I’ve thought up in my slutty, filthy brain.” She giggled and planted a kiss onto his lips, closing her eyes and letting the moment take her. George felt himself getting harder and harder, the uncomfortable feeling of having a 12-inch cock press against the fabric of his shorts. He moved his hands to her ass, pulling the bikini up between her ass cheeks, moving his hands to her ass he gripped it firmly and moaned. Amy gave a squeal of shock, giggling afterwards.

“I take that as a yes then…well, let me make a quick phone call and we can get this party started…” She quickly dismounted him, standing over him before quickly adjusting her bikini back into a presentable state (as presentable you can get wearing clothing which was a number of sizes too small).

A number of minutes past, Olivia had karabağlar escort still not shown up. George was taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself down…could Amy really be getting this together? was this some elaborate trick by Olivia to test his loyalty? no, she wasn’t like that, besides, he wouldn’t accept as long as she was into it anyway…

“Heeeeeey!” Amy and George heard from the distance, Olivia was jogging toward them with two tall glasses of liquid, her tits bouncing as she approached.

“What I wouldn’t give for tits like those…” Amy muttered as she held her phone on her side, recently getting off a call. Olivia handed the creamy white smoothie to Amy, and began to sip a deep red concoction herself. Sighing happily as she took a large gulp.

“Say Livvy…I have a friend in the area. She’s actually got a place in those penthouses…” She pointed toward one of the houses among the long strip of houses. “She’s invited us to hang out for a bit, get some drinks ad hang out in her pool…” The goddess smiled and took a sip of the thick substance, looking at George as she gulped as loudly as she could.

“Oh…well that’s cool, anyone I know?” She asked curiously as she sat on Georges lap, feeling his snake between her ass cheeks.

“Yeah, Christine, remember? the one who George had sex with a few times?” Olivia’s eyes widened and looked at him, she looked concerned, but soon nodded and looked back at Amy.

“Well, ok…just for a bit though…We still gotta get some shopping when we go home babe.” She smiled shyly and stood from sitting on him, standing next to Amy. Seeing them both together half naked made him hard, it was clear Olivia felt his hard on as soon as she sat on him, as her eyes darted from his face to his crotch. Amy bounced and cheered as she quickly began to walk away from them. “Come on…she’s waiting!” They both stood and followed behind Amy as she strode toward the buildings, swaying her hips forcing her large booty to bounce.

“I wish I had an ass like that…” Olivia muttered to herself while she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s waist.

KNOCK KNOCK. The door rattled as Christine emerged from her changing room. She had stripped off her nightgown and decided to fit the theme of her visitors. She pulled on an expensive yellow one-piece swimsuit, complimenting her as well as the other girls. She heard what Amy had proposed, and was eager to get things going…sleeping with students on campus was great and all, but no one compared in sheer size and drive as George. She hopped quickly towards the door and opened it, seeing her companions for the evening: Amy, Olivia and George between them both. She smiled and rested her hands on her wide hips “Well hello ladies and gentlemen…come in.” She turned and pulled her swimsuit up to expose her tanned ass for the threesome.

Amy entered first, looking around the apartment as here bare feet trod on the cold marble tiled flooring, it was cool inside, and reminded her of where she grew up, all those years ago. George and Olivia followed her inside as the blonde spun on her toe and faced the couple. Smiling happily, she approached Olivia and took her hand.

“Here, come with me to the pool! I wanna see the beach from here.” She pulled Olivia out from George and pulled her away, passing Christine and the long black leather sofa which overlooked a large glass door which exposed the outside, namely the pool and the overlooking beach the three students once were. Amy quickly opened and pushed Olivia through to the outside and looked back at George and winked. Christine looked over at him and blushed lightly, resting her hands on the back of the sofa as she leaned back to present her body to him. She smiled and started to break the ice.

“So, it’s been a while huh? It looks like you’re doing great.”

“Yeah, you too, how can you afford a place this nice?” He said as he looked around the large apartment, it looked like a dream penthouse. He only imagined what the bedroom looked like. Christine giggled and bit her lip, observing him as he looked in awe of her home.

“Well, you’ve probably heard of my new job, it pays to be sexy I guess.” She sighed and rose from her position, as George stepped closer to her. After every step her excitement grew and grew, Amy had said what they were here for and she was more than happy to provide a location, and was even more happy to be a part of this little get together. She stopped only a few inches from him, looking up slightly into is eyes and pouted her lips, she moved her hands to his shorts and pulled slightly on the strap around his waist. George looked up to the outside, Amy was chatting to Olivia, but the shut door masked what they were talking about. It was clear to him that his girlfriend was nervous from the conversation, her whole body language told that story. Amy was different, she touched Olivia lightly, caressing her arm or holding her waist, she never broke eye contact with Olivia like she was hypnotizing kemalpaşa escort her.

“You know George. If you want to get the party started right now, I could lock that door and let you take me in front of them…” She lightly planted a kiss on his lips as she stopped talking, getting his attention as soon as her lips met his. He closed his eyes and kissed back, moving his hands inside her swimsuit as he felt her bare back. He smelt her perfume, seemingly making him even more horny than he already was.

Christine stopped playing with the waist of the shorts to finally diver her hands into his lower clothing, grasping his huge cock with both hands, she felt her heart skip as she greeted her old friend with long and fast strokes. George spun in place as he felt the grip around his 12-inch cock, they had swapped positions with George now resting on the back of the sofa. He couldn’t stop, the excitement of what was going to happen overcame him, he started to move his hands up to the back of her shoulders which made her arch herself forward, pressing her large tits on his chest. They were so wrapped up in each other that they did not hear the sound of the door sliding open. They were both unknowing of their new participants until he felt two more hands grasp his cock and balls. Christine broke the kiss and sank to her knees, looking up at George as she started to pull his shorts down. To his left was Amy, looking at him with her needy eyes, glowing as she giggled cutely. To his right was Olivia who looked shy, but she too had that look; the look of wanting to do this.

He felt the cold rush as his third leg was exposed to the cool penthouse. Looking down to Christine she had stopped to look at the size, practically drooling in anticipation of taking it in her mouth like old times. Amy began to caress his chest while she kissed him, brushing her plump lips over his neck and cheek while Olivia used his lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth to greet his. On her knees, Christine started to play with his hard as stone cock, slapping it on her large cleavage and spitting on his shaft to lubricate it ready for her mouth. She placed the large head on her lips as a bead of pre-cum leaked out onto them.

“Fuck how did I manage to suck this off?” She moaned as she pushed her head into his long, thick slippery shaft. She immediately worked him as best she could, firmly brushing her tongue along the bottom of his shaft as she bobbed on his cock, moaning as she felt herself get wet. George broke the kiss with his girlfriend to give some attention to Amy, moving into her to make out with her; which she gladly accepted, grasping his hand to force him to feel her large bust, Olivia did the same, only to rub her clit through her bikini. This continued for a few moments until Christine forced herself to stop sucking on his addictive cock. She panted as she watched George please both girls with his hands and lips. She rose to her feet and pulled his face to look at her. Amy was red faced, closing her thick thighs tightly to hide her orgasm.

“On the sofa.” She said as she pulled him off of Amy and Olivia. Pulling him around the leather chair and pushed him down on the middle area. The other two joined him, sitting next to him again, only this time resting their tits on his arms.

“Am I doing good baby? Amy said you would like if I did this.” She proceeded to rub her tits up and down his bicep as Christine stripped her tight yellow swimsuit off her body and squatted over his cock, back facing the three of them.

“You’d better have a fuck ton of cum for me daddy, I want it all in me.” She kissed him and watched as Christine impaled herself on his hung cock. She arched her back as she felt herself split apart, she squealed as she felt a sharp sting on her thick ass, Amy spanked her hard before groping her soft ass. She moaned as she explored Christine’s tanned ass.

“Mmmm, juicy!” She moaned. George felt close to cumming, it was obvious he would not last too long, with three supermodels acting like cock hungry porn stars. George moved his hands to grope Christine’s boobs, roughly pinching her rock-hard nipples. She sank lower and lower, feeling the pain and immense pleasure which only George’s cock could give her. It was all well and good worshipping a giant plastic toy and fucking virgin students, but nothing could compare to this. Olivia gasped as she began to touch herself at the sight of her boyfriend fucking another woman.

“FUUUUUCK!” Christine cried as she balled her fists and curled her toes, her whole body shook as she came. Biting her lip shut and exhaling hard out of her nose as she felt that unmistakable pleasure of an orgasm. Amy giggled and spanked her again.

“Wow, she can take you good daddy…” the blonde ran her hand through her perfectly silky hair as she stood up and helped Christine up to her feet. George was still hard, precum rocketing out of his head and running down the shaft.

“Mmmm look Livvy, your boyfriend is close to exploding!” Christine stood behind Amy and felt her body like George would, groping her tits and ass through her rubber bikini. Amy sank into Christine, moaning as she felt her womanly hands explore her. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a girl on me like this, slut.” Christine groped her harder, digging her nails into her perfect skin.

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