Getting a Fresh Start Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Like Daughters, Like Mothers

“Mom, will you get your butt out of here?” Mallory said, almost pushing her mother out of the door. “Mandy will be here any minute and you know that Aunt Brigitte hates to be kept waiting.”

“What’s your hurry, young lady?” Lizette said, raising an eyebrow. “Are you having a man over this afternoon?” She wagged her finger at her daughter. “You know our rule about that — any man you have over here, your father and I have to meet him first.”

Mallory sighed in exasperation, her mother — sometimes! But no, she wasn’t having a man over, she knew.

“Geez Mom, chill. No man — Mandy’s coming over, we’re going to have lunch, shoot the shit, grab some rays and maybe a swim. Girl’s afternoon, you know?”

That seemed to placate her mother, she kissed Mallory on the cheek. “All right darling, have a nice time. You’re right, your Aunt does hate it when I’m late — I’d better haul ass!” She scampered out the door to the waiting Taxi.

Mallory noted that her mother always seemed to be so happy when she lunched with her sister. It was also interesting that Lizette always seemed to dress like she’d dress for a date with a man.

Lizette took a bite from her Garden Salad and smiled at her sister, who was happily chowing down on Steak and French Fries. Even though they were now in their early 40’s, the sisters were still almost polar opposites. Lizette still favored light meals and ate red meat sparingly, her sister enjoyed food almost as much as she liked sex and steak was a must-have at least one day a week.

“I’m happy the girls are speaking again — that was a rough time!” Brigitte said, speaking of their daughters. Mallory and Mandy had a huge fight that had essentially started when Mallory found Mandy fucking her then-boyfriend. Mandy made the overtures of towards their making up, but they’d been rebuffed at first. Lizette and her sister still had no idea what had occurred in the time since, but the girls were thick as thieves once again and the sisters were happy to know the cousins were spending the afternoon together swimming in Lizette’s pool, getting some sun and relaxing. This left the sisters free to have a nice, leisurely lunch and an afternoon of “Shopping”, Lizette’s husband was away on a business trip and her sister was only weeks away from finalizing her second divorce.

“You look good Brigitte, the single life seems to be agreeing with you!” Lizette said to her curvier, one-year younger sibling. Brigitte took off her jaunty little white cap and brushed an auburn curl from her green eyes; all the women in their family had that particular genetic trait.

“I do feel good sis — I’m done with men for a bit, two marriages is enough.” Brigitte had only been married to Mandy’s father for 3 years and her second husband, Sandy, had been a General Contractor. Brigitte, who had two degrees, including a Law Degree, might be brilliant, but had never had particularly good taste in men, Lizette thought. She liked big, beefy guys — but the beef seemed to extend to their brains as well.

“I never have understood your taste in men, given that you seem to have such intelligent women friends,” Lizette sighed.

“I like the men big and stupid — that way, I know I will get what I want — but with my women-friends, I like the creative type,” Brigitte replied.

“Does that include in the bedroom?” Lizette teased, leaning in to her sister.

“You know damned well it does!” Brigitte responded. She gave a darting glance around, seeing no one was looking, shared a quick tongue kiss with her sister.

“Your daughter is spending the afternoon swimming at my house, so görükle escort shall we finish our lunch and get to the real reason for our get-together?” Lizette smiled. Her sister nodded quietly, they finished in short order and left in Brigitte’s MG to the Hotel Room they leased for their frequent encounters.

Since reaching their late teens, both girls had been happily bi-sexual and they’d been open and up front with each other about it. Lizette, when she wasn’t seeing her then-boyfriend, was dating a sensual black woman named Kerry. Brigitte liked to play the field, her most frequent lover at the time had been a lovely redheaded spitfire named Kelly, who was, in Brigitte’s words, “a fucking wildcat in the sack who will turn your pussy inside out!” The sisters often went out clubbing with their girlfriends and never bought a single drink during any of those times, the shows they put on packed the house. If the men weren’t buying drinks, the house itself was smart enough to keep the sisters and their friends coming back.

One evening, all hell broke loose. Kerry’s parents discovered her love notes to Lizette and hit the roof, forbidding her to go out with “that pervert”. Kelly and Brigitte had a huge fight over Brigitte’s playing around, so the sisters were dateless and, they both knew, sexless for that night.

Brigitte just turned to her sister, who was already dressed in a tiny black mini and GoGo boots, looking ultra-hot and said “If you’re as horny as I am, why don’t we just stay home tonight and do each other?”

Lizette looked at her sister, all dolled up in a lacy, sheer black top and tight leather pants, her auburn hair down to her ass and thought to herself “Why not? We’ve fucked in the same room and if she wasn’t my sister and hit on me in a club, I’d do her? I’ve never let social mores dictate my conscience, I’m a slut and I’m cool with that.”

Lizette reached for her sister and they tumbled to her bed, clothes coming off, sweet kisses exchanged and soon, tongues were gliding along soft lips, nipples were being sucked and pussies licked and finger-fucked. The girls discovered something fascinating that long-ago night — other women were fine, but no one had ever made them cum like they did for each other that night. Beginning that evening and continuing to this day, the sisters were lesbian lovers for life.

The desk clerk, a pretty Asian girl named Amanda who both sisters had enjoyed a time or two — and knew their secret — handed them their key. Once in their room, they saw their usual bottle of champagne, a bit of chocolate for later on and the bed had been freshly laundered and turned down. Lizette, who had gone blonde since her sister had seen her last, began to undress, showing the black, frilly lingerie her sister loved to see her in.

“I love your new blonde look and how sexy and tanned you are, sis!” Brigitte said, coming up behind her sister and nuzzling her neck. She also took time to fondle one of her sibling’s lace-clad tits.

“I know there’s a risk, but I think I look better and I know my slut-sister likes me this way!” Lizette murmured, leaning in to the caress. “You have your clothes on, get naked bitch — you always have something naughty on for me to enjoy!”

It was part of their game — the secret both kept from their families — they did things for each other, little hidden things that no one knew about. Lizette’s husband didn’t get to see half the lingerie in her collection, that was reserved for the perverted sister whose tongue had been on every spot on her body, licking and probing and bringing her perverted climax after climax. They also had compiled bursa escort bayan a nice little collection of sex toys which they kept at Brigitte’s home.

Brigitte moved away and again, Lizette took in her lovely, tall, curvy sister, wearing a sexy summery frock. She teased and whirled a bit, unbuttoning it and revealing underneath, her body was covered in a lacy, white bustier, tiny thong, garters and stockings. She had on stilettos, a passion for both women that luckily, both could afford to indulge in. Neither of them liked inexpensive lingerie or footwear, they indulged in only the nicest finery.

“Oh fuck, that is sexy!” Lizette said, practically drooling and eager to get her hands on her sister. She giggled as she thought how surprised Mallory would be to see her mother, who prided herself on her elegance and composure, turn into such a raging, lezzie slut .

Lizette pulled her sister close — she was going to be the dominant one right now and she crushed her lips to Brigitte’s ferociously. Brigitte whimpered a bit as they kissed, but melted into it quickly. No matter how many times they shared their bodies, it was almost like the first time — sexy, hot and spicy, forbidden and perverted, the best sex either woman had ever known.

Lizette and her sister always enjoyed the contrasts in their bodies and manner of sex. Lizette, slim and sensual, her hair shoulder-length and blonde, liked to take her time, to kiss and probe her sister’s body. She felt that each time she took her sister-lover in her arms, she found something new to do, someplace new to touch, she loved the little way Brigitte’s body trembled as she was being kissed. Brigitte loved having Lizette kiss and lick her from top to bottom — but she also loved the way her sister avoided her pussy at first.

Brigitte liked to mix things up — she had the hands of a skilled masseuse and always started with touch, then kisses and fingernails, moving everywhere, her hands practically flew all over Lizette’s body, Lizette was squirming within minutes and almost always had one mini-cum before they even got down to business.

“We are two of the sexiest, hottest sluts on the planet!” Lizette murmured as they tumbled on to the bed, still clinging together, their embrace growing more carnal, the heat increasing as lips met, fingers sought hungry pussies and legs entwined. They never rushed, their loving was always full of passion, full of lust and filled with love.

“We have two pretty hot daughters, too!” Brigitte murmured as her sister probed her nipples with her tongue and nuzzled her neck. “You should have seen the tiny little thing Mandy was wearing when she went out with Mallory the other night — I almost said something, but then I remembered that I wore stuff almost as scandalous when we went out. Oh, that’s goodddd !” She sighed as her sister moved the thong aside and began attacking her pussy.

“I saw Mallory’s outfit when she got home, she is a pretty hot little thing!” Lizette sighed as her sister’s hands stroked her tanned, naked flesh. “When we did it though, baby-sister, we were trying to turn on the crowd and our girlfriends.”


“I doubt that’s what they were up to Brigitte.”

“What makes you so sure of that?” Brigitte said as she slowly moved her body alongside her nearly-naked sister, her mouth seeking pussy and delving deep to taste the sweet, pink flesh.

“Baby, we were lesbian whores at an early age, but remember, Mallory had a boyfriend.” Lizette said, screwing up her face. She hadn’t much liked her daughter’s boyfriend Duncan, the “creepo” and wasn’t shy about stating it — often. They had broken bursa escort up recently and Lizette had no idea why, but she wasn’t going to question their good fortune. Her bright, cheery daughter was back after being a sullen mess for the past couple of years.

“Less talk, more sex!” Brigitte said, bringing them back to the here and now. Lizette smiled, and now she committed to the task of eating pussy. With Brigitte going through her divorce, they’d have a lot more time for afternoons of incestuous, lesbian depravity, which made her warm with pleasure. Her husband would also benefit, whenever she had a session with Brigitte, she practically tore his clothes off afterwards and fucked him until he couldn’t stand up.

The sisters moved, almost unconsciously, into a heated sixty-nine and years of practice served them well. Lizette’s knowledgeable tongue pressed deep against her sister’s swollen, needy clit and danced all over it, hearing Brigitte howl with glee. Brigitte was in a sexual Eden as her sister’s tongue lapped at her love button, she returned the favor by eating Lizette’s newly-waxed cunt and fingering her with digits that always seemed to know just what spot to hit. The sisters were sexual equals and for the lucky few who had fucked them both, where one might be lacking — the other seemed to make up for it.

Moans of pleasure, the soundtrack to their longtime affair, filled the room. Brigitte’s long, auburn hair looked very sensual against her sister’s tanned skin, she, in turn, liked her sister’s new blonde look and thought it made her sister look a bit younger. She always enjoyed seeing her sister with a tan, her gorgeous slender body and those perfect, 33C tits and that tight pussy … and with that, she went over the edge, bringing Lizette with her in few short minutes.

They drank some champagne and enjoyed the chocolate truffles, then went back to bed and ground their pussies together and enjoyed a quick, frenetic lezzie-fuck. After, they had a final session in the shower, one of Lizette’s favorites.

“When are you going to get your Alimony Settlement?” Lizette asked her sister as they dressed, although they kept kissing and teasing as they did. Her sister had worked closely with her lawyer — a dear close friend [ although just how close Brigitte would not reveal ] to make sure she got what was coming to her while being fair.

“Probably next month, why?” Brigitte said, putting on her stiletto heel.

“I was thinking we could go on a trip together, maybe Hawaii or Bahamas, somewhere warm, where we could wear tiny bikinis, and be slutty little Beach Bunnies!” Lizette smiled. “I could easily cover my half.”

“That’s a great idea and no, I could pay. Come on, let’s get you home — I’m sure the girls will be wondering where we are by now. We’ll pick up some meat along the way and have a cook-out, sound good?”

“Sounds great to me, sis.”

The girls couldn’t have cared less about the whereabouts of their respective mothers. The minute her mother had left the house, Mallory had pulled Mandy close and lifted her skirt, to find her perverted cousin-lover had worn no panties.

“Slut!” Mallory teased.

“Of course, we both are!” Mandy sighed. “Come on, let’s put our bikinis on and grab some rays — we have all afternoon to be nasty!” She grinned.

The cousins lay out by the pool, Mallory in her silver bikini, Mandy in a tiny black mesh number that was almost an invitation to perversion. Mallory, who never could resist temptation began kissing and teasing her cousin. Before long, the girls were on the chaise lounge in a warm, lingering sixty-nine. That’s exactly how their mothers found them when they came out to the pool with 4 nicely-seasoned Pork Chops they intended to grill. Lizette motioned for her sister to be quiet and try not to be noticed — a little pre-dinner show might whet their appetites, a little post-dinner show could also serve as dessert .

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