Getting The Builders In Ch. 04

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It was a couple of weeks since her oh-so-embarrassing episode with her neighbour. She felt so stupid, getting drunk and throwing hers elf at him. He’d been okay about it, she guessed. After all, he could have really taken advantage of her if he’d wanted to. But he hadn’t. In a way that made her feel even worse.

Meanwhile, she’d steadily been making friends at work and settling in to her new home. Through one of her new colleagues she’d managed to get a try out for a local field hockey club. She’d loved hockey at university, even making the first team on a few occasions. At long last it was Saturday and she was looking forward to her first training session. She slipped into a pair of tight cycling shorts and a tight-ish tee shirt. She tied her hair back, popped on some little sports socks and her trainers and set off.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and a gentle breeze blew the few white clouds slowly across a blue sky. Alison had a great couple of hours training. It felt good to be playing again and she looked forward to the first match tomorrow. The girls at the club had made the newbie welcome and she thought she’d be making some good friends.

Driving home, she was buzzing. The endorphins were whizzing round her body and she loved it. She’d even been put on the first team list for the game. All in all she was pretty pleased with her morning. She pulled up outside her house and got out of the car. Already she could feel the burn in her legs. She needed a cool shower. She gave her legs a shake and with a spring in her step walked to the house.

Just as she reached the foot of the steps up to her front door her neighbour, Tom the builder, emerged from his house, whistling to himself.

‘Hi Alison,’ he said cockily.

‘Hi,’ she muttered, fumbling in her rucksack pocket for her house key.

‘You look hot,’ he said.

Oh god, she thought, I must look a right mess. She hated communal showers – they always made her feel like she was being compared all the time by the other girls, and they were all pretty fit at the club – not least Poppy, the first team captain. So, she’d just splashed her face with cold water and jumped in her car. Her hair was plastered to her forehead and she was aware of her tee shirt clinging to her back, damp patches pulling the cotton tight over her breasts.

Instinctively, she pulled her rucksack up in front of her and hurriedly found her keys. ‘I’ve been to hockey training,’ she said.

‘Oh, right, what club do you play at?’

She found her key and turned it in the lock. ‘Its just an amateur club. We practice at the high school. I just joined.’

‘Really? My mate’s the coach. You in the first team?’

Oh god, she thought. She couldn’t get away from him anywhere.

‘Yes,’ she said, trying to make it clear she didn’t want a conversation. She didn’t want to be standing there all sweaty, breasts on show, tee shirt turning more and more transparent.

‘So Doug is coaching you then. Good guy Doug. Bark’s worse than his bite. Want me to put in a good word for you?’

‘No thank you,’ she said firmly, opening her door.

‘I just thought that I could tell him how enthusiastic you can be about things,’ he said, smirking.

Her face reddened. Obviously he was referring to her failed attempt, in her drunken state, to seduce him. She tries to contain a wince as she remembered, as far as she could, how she’d thrown herself at him. Alison started to close the door behind her.

‘I’ll be going to watch the game tomorrow, by he way. Doug wants some work doing, said I’ talk about it with him while we watch you lovely ladies do your thing. Want a lift?’

‘No,’ Alison said, and with that shut the door firmly. Great, she thought, that’s all I need.

* * *

The next morning, Alison woke early. Its was a bright, sunny day again. It didn’t take much to get her out of bed. She was soon up and dressed in the tee shirt and shorts she’d worn for training the day before. They weren’t too fresh but would be fine for an early morning run.

At a pretty good pace she made her way along the quiet pavements to the local park, deciding to do a long circuit round the perimeter before heading back. She didn’t want to overdo it, especially after a hard training session the day before, but wanted to give her legs a good long stretch out. Thirty minutes later she sprinted the last stretch home.

She ran upstairs and stripped off before stepping into a cool, refreshing shower. She stood for while with the cold jet on her face. The fizz of the water was all she could hear as she felt the cool rivers of water running over her chest. Her nipples hardened and she shivered. The water ran over her belly and pussy and down her legs. She stroked her hair away from her face and the cold water rushed over her shoulders and back.

She shivered again and decided she had cooled down enough. She turned the heat up a little and washed her hair and body. The change from cold to hot made her skin tingle as her soapy hands ran çatalca escort over her body. She felt her erect nipples flicking through her slender fingers and the softness of her pubic hair as she moved her hands between her legs.

She closed her eyes as she slowly stroked her finger along the outer fold of her pussy, feeling the warm water running over her skin, mixing with her own moisture as she fingered herself. She gasped, concentrating on the feeling of the hot cascading water on her smooth soft skin, her finger feeling how hot and wet she was inside. Soon she made herself come, then ran her hands over her breasts and belly and abdomen as her body enjoyed the orgasm she had given herself.

Alison dried off and had breakfast, padding round the house in her favourite old tee shirt. With the hockey match starting mid morning she had enough time to sort out a few things before she got into her new strip – close fitting top, gym skirt, and knee length socks. No wonder that meat-head next door was so keen to come and watch, she thought. She zipped a hoody over the top, slipped her trainers on and gathered her kit. She got in her car, and excited about her first proper game with her new club, set off.

She turned into the car park. To her dismay, there was her neighbour’s van. As she walked to the clubhouse she spotted him talking to Doug, her coach. There didn’t seem to be anyone else there yet. As she walked slowly across the field Tom waved. She gave a fleeting wave back and decided that she was not going to let him ruin her day. As she reached the clubhouse she allowed herself to smile and exchanged an enthusiastic high five with Doug.

‘Looking good… Again,’ Tom said, making no attempt to conceal his inspection of her. Continuing her attempt to put things behind her she smiled and did a little curtsey.

‘Thank you. And thanks, Doug. I’m so looking forward to this. Thanks for putting me on the team.’

Doug gave her a pat on the shoulder. ‘You’re nice and early! Get yourself sorted and we might as well start warming up. Home changing room’s this side,’ he said, tapping the wall behind him.

‘I thought you said 11am,’ she said.

‘Nope. 11.30. never mind, though.’

She was sure she had heard him right. Alison jogged toward the door but Doug called her back.

‘That’s the away kit you’ve got on. Didn’t anyone give you a home strip? The socks are the same but we have a different colour skirt and top.’

‘No,’ Alison said.

Doug scratched his head. ‘None of the other girls are here yet so we don’t know if anyone’s got a spare. You go on in and I’ll see if there’s a spare in the equipment store.’

Alison went into the changing room. To the left were the showers, behind a head height wall. To the the right and back of the room were benches. On the wall behind her, by the door, was a trestle table with a pile of paper towels and a few dry-wipe markers scattered on it and hanging on the wall a white board.

Alison slipped her trainers off and did some stretches while she waited for Doug. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door and he appeared with a brand new strip, still in its plastic wrapper.

‘That was lucky,’ he said, looking her up and down. ‘Mind you, could be a bit small I reckon.’. He tossed the bundle to her. ‘It’ll have to do. Right, while you get changed we can talk tactics. Should be an easy game but fail to prepare and all that.”

‘Urm, can I get changed first, Doug?’ Alison said.

‘Give over, Alison! I’ve seen it all before. Come on, we’re expecting big things of you. Poppy’s leaving soon and we’ll be needing a new captain. Could be just the job for you so lets see how you are with the old tactics, eh? Come on, then! Get changed!’

Doug just stood there, looking at her. This felt wrong to Alison. Did the rest of the team go along with this kind of thing like he was one of the girls? She had no idea, being new. She’d always had female coaches before so there had never been a problem. Oh fuck, she thought, her competitive side taking over. If the captain’s place was up for grabs she wasn’t going to get all prudish.

She pulled her arms out of the top and pushed it over her head. She tossed it onto the bench and quickly started to unwrap the replacement. Doug carried on talking tactics, looking right at her as she stood before him in her tiny skirt, knee high socks and sports bra.

She fumbled with the wrapping for what seemed an age but eventually managed to wrestle the new top out. She quickly slipped it over her head. It was obviously way too small but she managed to wriggle in to it, stretching the fabric over her breasts. It was so tight that the seams of her bra and worse the buds of her nipples showed through.

Doug seemed content to carry on with his talk but she knew he was getting an eyeful of her breasts. She still had the skirt to change. She quickly unfastened the button on the waistband and pulled down the zippier. She let the skirt fall to the floor esenyurt escort and there she stood in her knickers and skin tight top. She was sure she saw Doug’s eyes bulge and imagined that wasn’t all. She unwrapped the new skirt and quickly pulled it on. Not a moment too soon, the other girls started to arrive. The rest of Alison’s team came in and got ready while the visitors arrived in their mini bus and did likewise in the other changing room.

‘Jees you must have been early, Alison’ Poppy, the outgoing captain said as she dropped her kit on to the bench next to Alison.

’11 o’clock, Doug told me,’ Alison said.

‘Nah, 11 30. Always is. Sucking up to the coach, eh? Don’t worry, its nice to see some enthusiasm! I’m sure it won’t go unnoticed by Doug.’ Poppy said, smiling.

The first half of the game passed quickly and Alison tried hard to put herself in play as much as she could. Doug shouted encouragement from the sideline while Tom, she thought,would be enjoying all the female flesh on show.

Half time came and went and they were soon well into the second half. Then disaster struck Alison’s team. Poppy took a heavy knock to the knee with a stick and writhed on the ground in agony. Doug ran on to the pitch and decided she had to come off. A sub ran on and Poppy hobbled off towards the changing rooms with Doug under her arm.

Play went on and after a few minutes Alison realised that Tom was beckoning her over to him. When play went down to the other end of the field she jogged across to the sideline.

‘Pretend you’re injured!’ he said quietly but eagerly.

‘What the fuck are you on about?’ she said.

‘Come on! Quick! Just do it!’

‘Like hell!’

Tom looked at her for a second, then whistled loudly to the referee.

‘Substitution!’ he yelled and grabbed Alison’s arm. Before she knew what was happening she was being marched off the pitch towards the changing rooms where Doug and Poppy had just gone.

‘What the Hell are you doing, you idiot?’ she said, trying to break free from his strong grip.

‘Ssshhh!’ he said, and led her round the back of the clubhouse. He picked up a discarded plastic crate and placed it by the wall, under a high window.

‘What are you doing, perv?’ Alison said in disgust.

‘I told you – ssh! Come on up,’ he said, stepping up onto the crate and pulling Alison up after him. She steadied herself, holding the cill tightly to stop herself falling backwards, and looked through the narrow window.

They looked down into the home changing room. Poppy was sitting on the end of the trestle table as Doug stood in front of her. He was inspecting her injured knee. Doug lifted her knee into the air and started flexing it. Poppy winced. She instinctively laid her hands in her lap to keep her short skirt from riding up.

Doug said something to Poppy and she scooted back on the table. He rested her foot on the edge and started to flex the other knee. He said something else and Poppy laid back. He slowly rolled down Poppy’s sock, resting her bare foot down on the table, then did the same with the other. Doug then began massaging each of Poppy’s calves with his strong hands, working up and down from ankle to knee.

‘What are we doing here?’ Alison said, annoyed.

‘Just wait,’ Tom said quietly.

Doug stopped his hands on the inside of Poppy’s knees. He said something and Poppy let her knees fall apart. Doug resumed his massaging. His hands were moving higher, one on each thigh. Poppy’s skirt was now riding higher up her body so that her white cotton knickers were visible.

Doug stepped round from in front of Poppy and stood at the edge of the table by her side. Both hands now massaged one thigh. His hands brushed the hem of skirt, pushing it higher, exposing her knickers. Doug’s hands began working Poppy’s inner thigh, until his fingers began to brush against her crotch. All the time he appeared to be talking to Poppy as she lay staring at the ceiling above her.

‘The dirty old man!’ Alison said.

Doug now worked on Poppy with one hand, kneading the inside of her thigh, letting his fingers touch between her legs. His hand cupped her mound. Still Poppy lay motionless, as if in a trance.

He reached over her with his free hand and pinched the gusset of her knickers together so that her pussy lips were now on show. The fingers of his other hand traced the line of the fabric up and down along the line of her opening. He pulled the material aside and Poppy’s pussy was in full view.

Poppy closed her eyes. Alison could see her body tense. Doug’s fingers began to explore Poppy’s pussy lips. His finger tips glided over her skin, along the slit between her lips, touching right down under her then working back to her clit.

Poppy flinched as Doug’s middle finger parted her lips and moved up and down just inside the folds of tender skin. Alison held the edge of the table tightly as his finger worked up and down her lips. Poppy gave a little gasp as his etiler escort finger pushed inside her. He corkscrewed his finger inside her, moving in and out as it twisted. Poppy’s head began to loll from side to side. Doug inserted a second finger inside her, stroking rhythmically.

He said something and Poppy wriggled to the edge of the table. Doug moved back, standing between her legs, and pulled down her knickers. He pulled his tracksuit trousers down his thighs, and his erect cock sprang out from his boxers. Taking it in his hand he guided it to her slit. Her pussy lips were glistening from the wetness he had caused fingering her. He pressed the tip to her entrance and in one movement pushed his whole length inside her. Poppy’s back arched and she gasped as he plunged into her.

‘Oh my God!’ Alison whispered.

‘Its not the first time,’ Tom said. ‘I thought something was going on after Doug seemed to spend a lot of time ‘treating’ her. I followed them over last week and they were at it just like this.’

‘One way to get to be captain,’ Alison said cynically.

‘Doug’s certainly enjoying it,’ Tom said.

‘So are you,’ Alison said pointing at the bulge in Tom’s trousers.

‘Aren’t you?’ he said, winking.

‘Certainly not,’ she said tersely.

‘Yeah, right!’ Tom said, raising an eyebrow.

‘Don’t believe me then. See if I care.’

‘Okay, I will!’ he said. Alison felt his hand on the back of her thigh and before she could do anything his hand was up her skirt and between her legs, cupping her pussy.

‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing!’ Alison said, shocked but unable to let go of the cill. Tom’s finger pressed the fabric of her knickers into her slit.

‘You’re wet!’ he said, smiling. ‘Told you you were enjoying watching.’

‘Bastard!’ she hissed.

She cringed as his finger pushed further inside her, stretching the fabric.

‘Mmmfff’ she whimpered, hating him but not wanting him to stop.

Doug continued to buck in and out of Poppy, the table rocking under her half naked body. Tom paused his fingering only to roll Alison’s knickers down just enough to let his hand slip back between her legs and begin tracing the line from her little ass-hole round to her slit. Alison clasped the cill and found herself unable to stop pushing down on his big firm hand. A thick finger pushed inside her. He began to finger fuck her in time with Doug’s rutting on Poppy. His thumb brushed rhythmically over her ass-hole as his finger worked easily inside her as her pussy flooded.

‘Is this what Poppy felt?’ Tom said.

‘Mmm’ Alison stammered.

Doug now withdrew and said something to Poppy. She swung down from the table then leaned over it, her belly flat on the top. Doug put his hands on her butt cheeks and massaged them for a moment. He reached a hand between her legs and she squirmed as his fingers entered her again. He finger fucked her for a while then dragged his wet fingers along the crack of her ass, running his fingers tips across her ass-hole until it glistened with her own juices.

He took his cock in his hand and rested it against her tight entrance and slowly leaned against her. Poppy’s eyes screwed up and she gasped as he gradually pushed his cock into her ass-hole. Little by little, his hand helping, he fed the bulbous tip into her tight hole. Her skin stretched around his cock and at last the whole head was inside her. Poppy winced as he began to rock back and forth.

‘You like that?’ Tom said. ‘You like it in your ass, Alison?’

Alison just moaned as three of Tom’s big, thick fingers fucked her pussy. Just like Doug had done, Tom removed his fingers from her gushing pussy and smeared her juice over her ass-hole She felt her wetness on her skin, in her downy public hair.

‘No…don’t…’ she said.

‘Tell me again and I’ll stop,’ he said, and began to circle his wetted middle finger around her little hole. ‘So, you want to have you ass fingered, just like Poppy?’

‘Mmm,’ Alison whimpered.

‘What?’ he said, his finger tip pressing at her opening.

‘Yes,’ she hissed.

Tom’s finger pushed inside her, to the first knuckle, making little circles inside her. Doug was fucking Poppy hard now, her body rippling with each thrust. Her knuckles were white as she clutched the edge of the table. Doug pushed hard into her and shuddered, his head cocked back. Poppy groaned as Doug flinched, shooting his cum into her ass. Doug stepped back from Poppy a little. He wiped his deflating cock across her ass cheeks leaving trails of cum. Then he pulled his trousers back up and without a word left the changing room.

Alison’s knees went week and she felt herself loosing balance. Tom’s finger slipped from her ass as he steadied her.

‘Looks like that’s it,’ he said, smiling.

Poppy’s stayed leant over the table for a minute. A string of cum trickled from her reddened ass-hole With her back to the window, she crouched down on her ankles. Doug’s cum dribbled from her and collected on the floor. When the cum finished oozing from her she stood up and took a paper towel, wiping herself down. Then she wiped the floor and put the used towels in a bin.

She pulled her knickers back up and straightened herself up just as the game finished and the girls came back to get showered and changed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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