Getting To the Bottom of It

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Naturally, once we all got to the pool, we all stripped naked as before, while I got the brilliant idea of filming us as we skinny-dipped. The sight of so many nude, wet, and sleek bodies in the hot Georgia sun was more than enough to drive home just how sexy a family this was that I had joined. We swam, dived, splashed water, dunked each other, and generally horsed around near and in the pool, each of us eager and ready to soon fuck each other without mercy. We were all hot and bothered in the Bottom house.

This continued for over an hour, all of us playfully teasing, flashing, splashing, chasing, and swimming, our naked bodies rubbing against each other’s skin in the heat of the summer sun and refreshing cold of the water. Finally, however, the sunburn got a little much for most of the fair-skinned and freckled Bottoms, and we all headed for the shade to rub some balm on each other’s bare flesh. We enjoyed the sensual experience of massaging and fondling each other as well as being touched in that manner. The unexpected thrill for me came when Patty Bottom took full advantage of the chance to rub my cock, balls, and ass as she put some ointment on my skin. We were both rather ready for what came next…

“Shower, Master? I would love to finally have your cock inside me after we wash up. What do you say?” Patty invited me, and I wasn’t one to refuse.

The next thing that happened, we were both under the jets, our skin cooling under the water as we washed and rinsed each other, at which point, Patty bent over in front of me to offer me either hole. Still wanting to see Patty swell up with Carver’s spawn, I lubed up my cock and lined it up with her asshole, easing it inside her tight backdoor for mutual satisfaction. Before long, Patty moaned and groaned with gratitude and delight as I rammed her rump and pulled her wet hair in the shower. Within minutes, she moved her hips with a desperate desire to serve and pleasure me. It was apparent that she wanted me deeper inside her butt than she had taken any man into her depths.

About a dozen or so minutes later, which felt like an eternity of Paradise, buried balls deep in Patty’s hot, tight, and slick booty, I bottomed out and came at last inside her ass. Slipping out and seeing the gape of her now rather taken and leaking asshole, I pulled Patty up and stroked her clit from behind, while my dick rested between her sweet buns. She began moaning and soon squirting as I did this, especially when I slipped my cock back inside her ass for an encore of a minute or so of unexpected sodomy. When I withdrew again, Patty turned around and pressed her breasts to my torso to close in for an open-mouthed, full-on tongue kiss.

“Master, thank you so much! I can’t wait until my fertile phase is over and you can fuck my pussy, but for now, taking your dick up my butt is pretty hot and sweet, too. I heard that there will be gang-bangs for every pregnant Bottom lady here … is that true?” Patty inquired and I nodded.

“Yep, more than one, I think, a piece. I love the idea of a pregnant woman getting it from all ends at once. Nice and airtight. Think of the amateur porn that we could do together. We should also reverse gang-bang the men once we know for sure that they are fathers … all of the men. Don’t you agree?” I chuckled now.

“Of course, Master. Will there be any gay and lesbian sex involved in the gang-bangs and reverse gang-bangs, too?” Patty asked me with a wink.

“Naturally. I bet that Martin in particular will look cute with several loads of cum spilling from his asshole, while he continues to let the women use him cowgirl-style. And the image of you licking Candy’s ass while Lowell does her in the doggy position … damn. That’s just an example, of course. I bet that Kelly would also love slamming you with a strap-on dildo at the same time that Sally sits on your face. Any of those ideas turn you on?” I teased Patty more than a little, while she surprised me by blushing and we dried off from the shower.

“Among many that could make me wet. So, I see that we have a line waiting to use the shower,” Patty observed, giggling as the rest of the Bottoms stood there.

“So … we were thinking that as our Master, you should pick each of our shower buddies,” Belle spoke for the others, while Mary licked her lips.

“What about the Watsons? How do you guys feel about that?” I turned to Carver and Candy.

“Your place, your rules. Hey, let’s face it. You’re pretty much the boss of us, too. Might as well play along and roll with the punches. I’m thinking that this deal works best for us: when at the Watsons’, do as the Watsons say, but when at the Bottom houses, we all follow the leader, namely you, George. Sound like a fair deal?” Carver proposed.

“Sweet and square, my friend. So … in that case, Carver, I want you to shower with Shannon. Now. The largest person here with the smallest. Needless to say, you’re to fuck her good and hard after you wash up. I want her pussy to look puffy, red, and gooey from rough sex and her legs to be wobbly from the pounding that you’re to give her. Are we clear?” I chuckled, bringing a grin to Carver’s and Shannon’s faces alike.

“Aye, aye, Cap’n,” Carver answered as he took the slim and petite Shannon by the hand to the shower and they started running the water.

The rest of us settled in on the sofas while hearing the grunts and moans that followed, as Carver and Shannon first washed, then rinsed, and then reveled in each other’s bodies. We laughed and joked as we drank some peach iced tea and snuggled up together. Sally, of course, sat on my lap and started necking with me like a teenager, much to my delight, while Kelly began sucking her mother’s tits in full view of us, as if trying to actually drink from the nipples. By the time that Carver and Shannon were finished, I could have almost sworn that something came out for Kelly to drink.

Mary, for her part, kept casually stroking Lowell’s cock and balls while he toyed with her clit. At the same time, Candy actually started twerking with Martin, even as Belle gave Mark a lap dance that would put the best strippers that I’d known to shame. We were all nude, of course, and my dick began noticeably stiffening a little as I saw all of this foreplay. None of this frolic abated in the slightest while I held Sally in my arms and enjoyed her soft, silky skin on my hands.

Just as Martin was desperately horny from the twerking and Mark from the lap dance, Carver and Shannon returned with every indication, especially from the way that Shannon walked funny, that Carver had reamed her thoroughly as he should. I smiled and pointed to the group.

“Alright, shakeup time. Lowell, Martin, shower time, boys. Let’s hear some gay shower action. No anal this time, though. Strictly oral. Suck each other’s dicks … Both of you. I want to see the cum on your tongues when you step out … both of you. Are we clear?” I instructed them, much to their shock, “Cum on the tongue, and then snowball your primary partners. Yes, I mean that Martin is to feed Lowell’s spunk to Mark and Lowell is to do the same with Martin’s to Mary. That will be exciting as hell, I think.”

“Crystal clear, Master,” Lowell assured me, as Martin took his hand and they headed to the shower.

“That sounds yummy. I bet that they will come back rather well … drained. I can’t wait to taste Martin’s jizz on Lowell’s tongue. The idea of two brothers sucking each other dry … damn, that sounds sexy!” Mary confessed, while grabbing Carver’s ass and watching Candy eat a creampie from Shannon’s snatch.

Meanwhile, Sally had started sucking Patty’s tits, while Kelly straddled me to a ride on my lap … and what a ride it was! The realization that I was fucking the daughter less than an hour after I had sodomized the mother added a considerable taboo thrill to my heart as the olive-skinned beauty bounced on my dick, her hips working very well with mine for mutual bliss. Kelly’s tits waved delectably in my face as she mounted my cock. Her slippery wet twat was more than warm and welcoming to my prick.

Suffice it to say that it was a good thing that Lowell and Martin returned when they did, because none of the group would have held out long enough for shower sex otherwise. They were all hot and bothered, ready to pounce and ravage each other yet again, and the sight of the two snowballs, Martin with Mark, Lowell with Mary, just made things worse. I took special pleasure from mixing things up further with these desperately horny folks.

“Okay, now. Time for more shower love. I want Sally and Belle together. Sisters in blood, sisters in Sappho, my dears. Once again … oral only. I want you two ladies to have the taste and smell of cunt on your breaths. Then I will taste Belle on Sally’s lips and tongue, but Kelly will savor it from Sally on Belle’s,” I announced, triggering Kelly’s orgasm at last, as I spilled my own juices inside her and she slumped on top of me.

“Oh, God, that sounds incredibly hot!” Carver confessed, as did Mark, while nursing his blue balls and stiff rod.

“Mark and Candy are next, of course. I want you to use her ass this time, too, Mark. Anal pleasure only. You can rim, but no other licking allowed this time. If she isn’t walking funny after the act, you’ve failed in your task. Are we clear? Nice and rough sodomy. Oh, and be sure to take the strap-on in there, too, because Candy gets to return the favor … equally rough. Candy, same deal goes for you. I want you to make him limp a little, okay? I want you both properly stretched. Yes, I’m going to inspect your assholes when you’re done, are we clear?” I informed both of them with sadistic pleasure.

“But, of course, Master!” Mark snickered as Candy winked and blew me a kiss.

“You’re really getting into the anal, aren’t you, Candy?” I teased her.

“Well, it’s one of the most intense sex acts possible, I think. You can’t really go through the motions with butt sex. You have to commit to it in a way that you sometimes don’t with other actions. You’re more aware of it than other things. And it makes me feel like the cum slut that I was born to be,” Candy snickered, as Sally and Belle returned to feed Kelly and me a good taste of pussy on their lips and tongues.

“Wow, time has flown! You girls had fun?” I asked the ladies.

“God, yes! Belle has such a sweet slit, but she claims that mine is juicier,” Sally blushed a little, somewhat flustered.

“It is. Here, let me taste you again and then you can taste yourself from my kiss,” Belle encouraged her sister, even as Candy led Mark to the shower for some anal delight.

That was when the knock at the door came, and Lowell rushed to answer it, seeing a young man in a polo shirt and khakis, who held out an envelope. When the guy saw the activities, he paled and then blushed, before regaining his voice just enough to mumble.

“What did you say?” I blurted at him.

“Is one of you Adam Horowitz, alias George Jacobson? Or am I at the wrong address?” he stammered.

“That’s me. Who are you?” I demanded.

“My name is Joey Hadley, sir, and you’ve been served,” he handed me the form, recoiling a little as I retrieved from him, still smelling of Kelly’s twat.

The paperwork that Joey gave me was, as expected, a petition for divorce by Ginger Katharine Horowitz, my estranged wife. I hadn’t been gone long enough for grounds of desertion under New Jersey law, so I naturally wondered if she intended any grounds at all. The more surprising aspect, though, was that she was filing on grounds of deviant sexual behavior. I shook my head at that, for while my actions with the Bottoms had certainly been sexually taboo, they had taken place in Georgia, where Ginger had no standing to sue, and furthermore, it was unlikely that she would know about them.

Was she doing this because I had spanked her or tied her up a few times? Was it because I had once suggested anal intercourse (when she refused, I had simply given up)? It was noteworthy that she hadn’t even mentioned marital infidelity of any kind, or even accused me of it. Ginger was rare in that sense … generally, in my experience, wives as uptight as herself tended to at least ask for the record if their husbands have been unfaithful. Mine never said a thing. So, seriously, what was up about it? Well, high time to find out, wasn’t it? She had found me somehow, so why not speak to her and deal with this?

Sure enough, not five minutes later, while Candy and Mark continued their anal romp in the shower, my phone rang. It was Ginger. I was more than a little aggravated, but I grit my teeth and answered the cell phone, anyway.

“Hello, George Jacobson here. How may I help you?” I answered, even affecting a Southern drawl that made the ladies giggle.

“Adam, you don’t fool me. I know it’s you. I tracked you down, sir. It’s Ginger, your wife that you up and left with no warning or note. You even legally changed your name. That took some searching to find out, I can tell you now. George Jacobson indeed! Ha! Look, buddy, all I want is a fair divorce, nothing more or less. If you agree, you can stay put in Georgia or wherever, keep your new house and business, marry a Georgia Peach and settle down to eat grits and gravy for all I care! Call yourself George Rockefeller for all I care, as long as you give me my divorce!” Ginger snapped at me now.

“Okay, I get that you want a divorce, Ginger Snap, but why not just do it in absentia? Why bother to track me down? Why file for ‘deviant sexual behavior, ‘ too? What the hell was that about? Look, I think that we can agree that our marriage bed was cold some time ago, so why worry about my sexual habits or kinks now? It’s not as if we have touched each other in a year or so, much if at all,” I observed coolly, while hearing the grunts and moans from the shower.

“Look … it’s pretty simple. I haven’t slept with you ever since those experiments with bondage and that push for anal. I tried it and … well, the anal was one thing. I should have been open to that. I wanted to try it, in fact, but I was scared after the scarves and spanking. I … couldn’t do it … not anymore. Not with a man. I couldn’t let a man tie me up. It felt … wrong. That’s not to say that I’m against bondage per se. I just don’t want to have a man tie me up and spank me.

“Two reasons. The first is that I’m a switch, yes, but I feel differently about it with men as opposed to women. I’m attracted to both sexes, but I tend to dominate men and submit to women. I’ve discovered that when a woman, or better yet, multiple women, tie me up and take control, I never even feel the need for a safe word. With men, I’m too tense. Remember how quickly I called out the safe word, though I credit you for respecting it? That’s how it is. That’s part of it.

“The other is that I’ve been living a double life as a dominatrix for over a year now. Making money on the side as one. I don’t sleep with the men, but I tie them up, whip them, etc. The deviant sexual behavior is as much mine as yours, and that was part of what I meant. I’m hoping to expand a little and actually have intercourse with the male clients in time, but it would help things if you and I were no longer apart.

“I understand why you left. Nobody wants blue balls, and to make things worse, I have cheated on you, just with women. Why do you think that I never accused you of infidelity, though I would be more shocked if you never strayed? A year is a long time to go without sex. I just didn’t want you … not like I had before. I should have filed back then, but I had hopes of making you leave or cheat, so I would be off the hook with my family and could start over … with Leslie.

“So, that’s how it is. I know that this is a bizarre question, but can we be friends and try to get along? Maybe even Leslie and you … and your new lady and me, could be friends, too, given enough time. It wasn’t just because she was a woman … I’m in love with her, under her spell, and I couldn’t refuse her anything. Ironically, she had just ordered me to start having sexual congress with you again … and help her seduce you, right about the time that you left. Obviously, your departure kind of put that in doubt, of course,” Ginger explained, some of it to my shock.

“Well, you can drop the grounds and refile under a no-fault provision, and that would be an excellent start. What did you hope to gain by that, anyway?” I demanded to know.

“Oh, just some leverage. Something else that you should know. Leslie is a pre-op trans woman, but she is still very much a lady. She wasn’t the first one to sleep with me. She was only the most recent and it has apparently bothered her at least a little. The grounds were my idea, not hers. She’s in love with me, but she’s dominant and she says that I’m a ‘spoiled little brat, ‘ to use her words, and that I need her authority and control, her firm, guiding hand in my life. So, you just want a ‘no-fault’ divorce? Can we agree that there is no alimony, but everything that you left behind in Jersey is mine and everything that you have in Georgia is yours?” Ginger proposed, even as Mark and Candy returned, walking uncomfortably due to vigorous butt sex.

“No alimony, geographic basis for the division of assets, and no fault. Done. Refile for that and I’ll sign. I would like to remarry soon for sure,” I winked at Sally, who blushed and then kissed my neck.

“Oh, Leslie wants to speak to you, Adam … I mean George. Here she is,” Ginger handed the phone over to her new partner in a hurry.

“Leslie, eh? Well, nice to hear from you. I take it that Ginger and you are lovers. For the record, and in case there are any doubts, I left Ginger because she first left me … except as essentially a roommate. I was done with it, do you understand? Why bother with any counseling when she refused to accept that there were any problems? Yes, it hurts, but I’ve moved on. I chose the path of least resistance and I’ve found love again here in Georgia. I take it that you know more about Ginger than I do now,” I remarked, trying to be cool and calm, though it bothered me that a stranger seemed to have more scruples about how Ginger behaved than my own wife had.

“Yes, honey, we’re lovers. We’ve been lovers since Dahlia lost her to me in a game of blackjack. Yes, we bet on your wife’s sweet body like it was a bike, I’m ashamed to say. I’ve shared her since, but I refused to wager Ginger myself, because as twisted as she is, she’s still a person, and a good one at that. Which is more than I can say for Dahlia. Did you know that she forbade Ginger to have sex with men, but planned to pimp her out to a variety of women? That’s why Ginger didn’t fuck her clients, not some other reason that she made up. Dahlia was convinced that Ginger was truly a lesbian and just needed a reason to accept it. Plus Dahlia didn’t like even the idea of straight sex. It made her physically ill.

“I’ve wanted to meet you for a while now, and I can understand that you’ve moved on, but I would like to help make amends. So, here’s my proposal. She and I will meet you soon, settle up a few things before we take our vows, and I would like for Ginger and I to … have sexual relations with you on a semi-regular basis, though I can understand if your new partner objects … I’d be willing to include him or her, too, mind you. Oh, and she will take it in the ass, as will I, honey. What do you think? Do you need to ask the girlfriend … or boyfriend? I can respect that, if you do,” Leslie propositioned me, much to my shock, just as I was stunned at how attractive the notion was to me.

“So … you and I and … her. Well, there is something that you should know, too. I’ve been living with a family … and they are all my lovers. Plus, there is a couple on the same street with whom I’m intimate as well. I do have a fiancee among them, too. Her name is Sally. Suffice it to say that none here will object to us getting it on. They’d just want you ladies to join in the festivities. What do you girls think of that?” I informed her, and we could hear a pin drop, even as I indicated on a notepad that Kelly and Mary should fuck in the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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