Ghost Hands

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Hope you enjoy this one. I am having fun doing these. This might lead into a series.


The room was full of ghouls, goblins, princesses, superheroes, and other things. The party was going very well. Most were enjoying adult beverages, but some were sneaking out to partake in green things.

She had been enjoying the dancing. Her friends had convinced her to go. She complained about not having an outfit, but they came to the rescue with a throw together 80’s get up of a short skirt, multiple bright tank tops, lots of aquanet, and eye makeup. She even decided to wear a pair of skimpy satin panties to round it out in her head.

Taking a break next to the tables around the dancefloor, they sipped on drinks and talked about the characters around the room. Taking note of the ones who tried too hard, to the ones who leaned on the slutty side. The room was very dark around the edges and the music was loud. As they talked she could feel something touch her bare leg. She calmly glanced around but saw nothing. Her friends head back to the dancefloor, but she chooses to take a break and enjoy her drink. Then she felt something on her waist. Still nothing there. Then a low velvety voice was in her ear.

“If you don’t move or say anything I will help you enjoy an illicit climax. If your game pull at your left bra strap.” The spectral voice said.

The voice had startled her but was intriguing. Reaching up, she lightly adjusted the strap.

She felt the hands on her waist again, this time not so subtle. They moved around slowly. One moved up to tease the side of her breast, the other finding its way to her backside. The sensation was both enticing and welcome. Moving around switching places, to then gliding down her body.

The warm hand now touching the soft skin of her bare legs. One between her thighs the other not. Moving up deliberately with a destination in mind. Shifting on her feet as to make sure the hand can reach her sex. Caressing the satin over her cleft is intoxicating. Every nerve on end begging to be stimulated. Fingers move front to back slowly. The outside hand began to knead her backside. The hands both move to the outside special forces worlds toughest test izle of her thighs and up. Fingers hook into the waistband and slide the satin unmentionable down to the floor. Gently her foot is eased up to accommodate removing. Then the other. The voice croons into her ear again.

“You will get these back later.”

The hands find their way back to her thighs, and ease back to her pussy. Her arousal gives her away as fingers ease between her lips. She melts into the lust of it. The slickness coating the fingers as they make way to her hot button. With the hand coming from behind allows for a thumb to be eased in as the fingers flick and rub the clit. Her mind flooded with sensation. She could feel herself working towards an orgasm. The want of the climax makes herself rock her hips to the touch. Closer and closer she gets the more slick she becomes overwhelmingly turned on.

Her release pours over her. The fingers don’t stop but seem to find a spot that sends her over the edge again. Her knees weakened from it all. Enjoying the glow of it as the hands slowly move away.

Her right hand is lightly held and her panties are placed in them. The voice is back and tells her.

“Thank you for letting me help you. If you want more go to the bathroom and follow the instructions on the note in your panties.”

With his voice still in her ear and caress still teasing her sex, she stands there in a fog of lust and adrenaline. Her head begins to clear, her feet begin to carry her towards the bathroom. It was an autopilot sensation, no control just heading straight there.

Once in the bathroom, secure in a stall, she could still hear the music thumping on the dance floor. She lifts her skirt out of habit when she sits on the toilet, even though she doesn’t have to go. Clutching the skimpy satin panties, she opened her hand to look for the note. Folded neatly was a square of paper, written in a man’s script.

“Thank you again for giving me the honor of arousing, then helping you savor an elicit climax. I hope your very wet pussy will enjoy more. squid game izle If you are interested go to the bar and take your girlfriend’s with you. Request a round of spooky shots. They will be paid for already. Then enjoy with your friends. If you’re still in the mood for more go to the back of the hall where the curtains are, butt make sure your shaved sex is still sans panties. At the mid point in the wall the curtains part. Slip behind and I will greet you there.”

Just reading the note sets her molten spot even more on fire. The panties find a home tucked in her waist band of the skirt. Her hand dips between her legs and finds her cleft. A finger confirms how incredibly wet she is. The smooth lips are slick on the outside too.

Once again she feels the sexual autopilot haze flow over her as she waves her friends to the bar. The request for spooky shots was greeted with a cheshire grin from a bare cleavage pirate wench bartender. She lines up five shot glasses, then fills them with tequila with a float of 151 to be lit. With a flourish the wench lights them to the awe of the crowd at the bar. Her lust, and adrenaline pumps up her courage. Grabbing the glass like it owed her money followed by a quick puff, she blows out the fire and throws the tequila back. The gaggle of friends just look at her, mouths agape. The bar tender encouragingly scolds the group to be like their friend, then winks at her.

After finishing they pour back onto the dancefloor. She looks at the crowd to try and figure who was her clandestine playmate, but nobody stands out to her. Her mind keeps running back to the encounter. Breaking away from the group she makes for the rendezvous spot. Her heart pounding in her ears, she finds the part in the curtains, and slips behind.

The firm gentle hands greet her waist again from behind. One hand slips under the tank tops then under her bra. The other raises her skirt to feel her ass. The voice again purrs into her ear.

“I am glad you decided to join me. This time you have a choice. I can finger your wet pussy again as many times as you can handle, or I can bend you over the chair ahead of you in the star trek picard izle darkness to fill you with my cock. If you want just the finger, guide my hand from your ass to your pussy. If you want me to fuck you, reach back and grab my cock.”

His voice went straight to her sex. She could feel her slickness seeming to wet her inner thighs. She reaches down to guide his hand around to her wetness, but her other hand reaches back to find what feels like the perfect sized cock. As she feels and strokes it, his moans in her ear cranks up her arousal. He answers her movement by dipping into her molten spot causing a moan to pour from her. His fingers once again doing their magic. Her senses so peaked that her first climax was quick and powerful. The head of his cock gets her hand slick as she caress and strokes it. Easing her forward she reaches the chair. She climbs upon it on her knees and grips the back.

The cool air on her ass is welcome as her skirt is flipped up. Then without warning two firm perfectly stinging spanks grace both cheeks. This startles, arouses, and causes her pussy to just become a puddle of slick lust. He guides the head of his member to her lips and parts them gently. Firm pressure eases him in, but she greets him pushing back to take him all in. Slow strokes start working each spot in her. The fucking is just what she needed.

Lust has her impatient for the next orgasm. She begins to meet his motions, but picks up the pace. He takes the cue, the pace keeps getting faster and harder. Having a feeling that the chair will topple over she tries to take control, but he won’t slow. She grips the chair and enjoys the pounding. The first cock induced orgasm shoots through her. Then another right behind that one. As she feels a third one boil up his pace slows dramatically, then the pounding turns to hard slams. With each slam her pussy builds. He slams about five more deep jarring strokes, and launches her orgasm over the top. He keeps the pace for a few more as it lingers through her. Then pulling out, she feels shots of his hot cum on her ass and lower back. He slowly rubs it around with his cock, both on the cheeks then between teasing her back door.

She feels a soft towel cleaning up the lustful mess. He eases her up, then arms wrap around her waist. The voice croons into her ear again.

“Thank you again for allowing me to help you cum. Your body is amazing and your pussy is incredible. Thank you. If you want more, read the note I left you in your bra.”

Then he slipped away again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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