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“Dear Diary,

Why the hell does this girl in my home room keep looking at me? I don’t even know her. I don’t even know her name, like seriously, she’s pissing me off. I understand you might want to look at people sometimes, but damn, this chick needs to just take a picture of me because the constant staring is creeping/pissing me off.”

That was my diary entry about a week ago. The day I wrote that, it was my 18th birthday, and now that I think about it, maybe she was just staring at all my balloons and shit.

: Nah, she would stare at me every day since we started this school year, a month ago. It was a very weird look she had though. Sometimes when I could feel her looking at me, I’d look at her and she’d look down or away shyly. That would make me go “aww” in my mind. The day after my birthday when she looked at me, I quickly looked at her. It was too soon for her to turn away, because our eyes met. I noticed how cute she was, so I decided to be nice and smile at her, just a little grin though. This girl gave me a huge smile, and that made me see how even cuter she was… “Omg she’s so pretty” I thought. I looked away right after her smile to me, but could still kind of see her from the corner of my eye. She turned to her friend sitting next to her and if I’m not mistaken, she said “Did you see that” really excitedly. They both snickered, and that made me giggle a bit.

The bell rang, and as I stepped into the hall I saw her standing there as if she was waiting for somebody. I tried not to look at her and walk past.

“Hey” she kind of gasped and grabbed my arm.

“Um hi” was all I could say while looking into her beautiful light brown eyes.

“For the past few weeks I caught myself staring at you. I don’t mean to creep you out or anything, so sorry if I did.”

She’s about 5 foot 5 compared to my 5’1, she had a cute body too. Her body wasn’t the typical “hot” body for guys, meaning that her boobs weren’t huge D cups, they might’ve been B’s, and she didn’t have a big ass or hips. She was skinny, but not too skinny, and she filled out her jeans, but her ass was small. Her body was so cute, and it fit her pretty face and ginger hair.

“Oh um no, you didn’t creep me out, it’s okay.” I bullshitted her with a little grin.

“Yay! Good. My name’s Kelly by the way.” she reached her hand out for a shake.

I grabbed it awkwardly because nobody did this anymore, but said,

“Sups, I’m Bridget. Thanks for clearing everything up, but I have to go to gym.” I said this time with a real smile.

We still had each other’s hands, and when I tried to walk away she wouldn’t let go. I looked back at her and she was smiling like a crazy person then finally let go. I started walking away still smiling, and she excitedly yelled as if I were far down the hall,

“Wait! Um…”

she paused and walked toward me. “Umm can we sit together in home room tomorrow?” she looked so eager.

I started walking away without answering to make her think she was being denied. I was such a tease. Then I turned my head to look at her and said “Of course we can.” Kelly looked very relieved then just smiled and we went our different ways.

By the end of the day all I could think about was Kelly. This was all so strange to me. Why did the girl that stared at me and made me pissed have to turn out to be such a charmer. Ugh, I just couldn’t sex izle wait for home room the next day.

“Finally, home room” I thought. When I walked in, I went straight to my seat. After all, Kelly was the one who asked if we could sit together, not me. I didn’t even notice that she wasn’t in the room yet until she walked in as the bell rang. She stopped at her friend and they said a couple of things then she made her way to me.

She looked so pretty that day. She had a tight long sleeved black dress on, a blue jean jacket over it, and a sexy pair of low top cowboy boots on. Her beautiful Ginger hair was out straightened and parted in the middle. Why’d she have to be so pretty? She made me look like shit. I had on a Beanie covering my 18 inch brown hair, no make up on, a loose fitting button up shirt, tight ripped jeans, and my favorite Sperrys. My almost all the time hipster swag.

When Kelly sat down, I had to tell her that she looked really pretty.

“Aww thanks! And you look…”

I cut her off.

“Like a hipster?”

“I was gonna say cute, but you do look like a hipster” she laughed. “I love the hipster look!”

“I am a hipster.” I chuckled.

“Oh really?” she said amazed. “What makes you one?”

“The way I dress, the way I act and think about things, it’s a whole movement, too much to say.”

“Do you smoke” Kelly asked. “Weed?”

“Well of course not! That is illegal!” I said sarcastically.

We both laughed and talked a little more. She randomly paused and said,

“You’re really cool Bridget”

I looked down at the desk blushing and grinning, then looked back at her and said shyly,

“So are you Kelly.” the bell rang and I took charge. “Walk me to class” I basically commanded.

“Haha kay let me go get my paper from Mandy real quick first!” she laughed. Kelly got her paper then came back to me. “Ready? Gym right?” she asked.

“Yup how’d you know, stalking me?” I was totally joking and laughed.

She laughed and said “Deff” then we left the classroom. Our different topics and how comfortable we were with each other that morning made it seem like we were friends for years. When we passed this one kid, Kelly quickly grabbed my hand holding it. When he passed she apologized saying,

“Sorry I told that guy that I was a lesbian and that I had a girlfriend so that he would leave me alone. He keeps hitting on me.”

“It’s totes cool.” I said truthfully, I liked the way our hands fit. “I can see why he keeps hitting on you.” I smiled and she smiled back. We were still holding hands the whole way to the gym locker room.

“Thanks for that” she said. “For helping me with that guy.”

“Your welcome” I smiled then did something I hadn’t planned on doing. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, told her bye, then swiftly went to go change into my gym clothes.

Later on that day, 9th period I had history. I knew nobody in that class and thought it would be a lonely senior year. I heard a sweet calm voice talking to my teacher saying,

“… Yeah they switched me to this period. I see my friend Bridget, can my seat be by hers?”

“Uhh yeah sure” my teacher said with his deep voice.

I had no idea who the girl was by her voice.

A cute little body walked through the door, and it was Kelly! I assume my face lit up, because sikiş izle I became really happy and smiled really hard. She came and sat down next to me and gave me a “Hey you”. I love when people say that to me, I don’t know why.

My teacher told us to get a partner and do some book work. Kelly reached over and pulled my desk to hers.

“Damn” I exclaimed.

She laughed it off, and we got to work. By the last five minutes of the period we were done with our work, so we just talked. She told me that she liked the kiss I had given her earlier. We both started sharing personal stuff. She told me that she turned 18 a couple of months ago, that she actually does like girls, she’s only had 2 boyfriends her whole life, and that she wanted to get to know me “as a friend of course” she added.

“You wanna come over today?” I asked.

“Sure!” she answered excitedly.

(amazing what a 5 minute convo gets you)

“Coolness. When the bell rings you wanna just come with me, or do you wanna go home first?”

Our school was made up of two towns. Kelly was from the other town, they didn’t have their own high school.

“Nahh, I’d rather just come with you.” she said.

I said okay, and the last bell rang about a 30 seconds after. We left out the school and went to my car. We both hopped in and I drove to my house.

“We’re not gonna stay here all day, we’ll just put our stuff in my room then go somewhere” I told her.

I fondled with my keys then finally opened my house door. My room was the basement, so we went down and I unlocked my room door.

“You have a key for your room? Lucky bitch!” she said.

“Yeah, my parents are too nosey, and I have things they don’t need to see.” I gave her a sly grin.

She chuckled and we walked in.

It’s pretty big in my room for the most part, and my favorite part is my round California king bed. I love it so much!

Kelly dropped her stuff, and jumped right on my bed spreading out her body like she was familiar with my house already.

“Get comfortable!” I said sarcastically.

“Haha I am, come here.” she was patting the bed.

I went and sat next to her and she sat up.

“Today was a fun school day!” she said.

I just quietly said yeah, and stared into her eyes. She was smiling, but it slowly went off her face.

I leaned in and kissed her, this time on the lips. She fell back and I straddled her, sitting vagina to vagina, and bending over kissing her. I felt her kiss back, and we started making out. Her lips were so soft! And they tasted like piña colada. That made me want to kiss her even more. I explored her mouth with my tongue, then bit her lip. I went back to kissing her, then she did the same and bit my lip. I’ve always loved lip biting. “You.. ever…… been.. with a girl?” I asked between kisses.

“No” she mumbled. I felt her lips loosen then she completely stopped.

“Sorry Kells, I didn’t mean to..” she kissed my lips cutting me off.

“It’s perfectly fine… c’mon” she pulled my head closer and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“You sure? I’ve done this before, and I don’t want you to regret this being your first time” I needed to know.

She shook her head and got my shirt off and threw it. I got up to go lock my door, then took my jeans off. I wasn’t wearing panties that day, türk porno so I was standing there in my bra only. She smiled at my body, then said,

“Can I see the rest?” smiling and biting her lip.

“I wanna see your cute little body in your bra and panties first” I couldn’t help but smile.

Kelly stripped and I smiled harder. She had a pushup bra on. I walked over to her and said,

“Wear this for me?” while putting a hand on each bra covered boob.

“Actually I did” she answered.

I smiled again and kissed her, my hands still on her perfect 34B tits. We started making out again and I could feel her hands exploring. They moved from my hips right to my thighs then feeling their way back up to my ass. When I bit her lip, she gave a little moan then squeezed my ass.

“Damn Kells I need you…” I pushed her down on the bed. “Now”

My hands started rubbing across her stomach and she unhooked her bra and threw that too. Her nipples were so cute. They were lighter than the rest of her body, but she was the perfect tan color considering summer just ended. Her nips were erect, and I wanted them. I left her lips kissing my way down her neck and made it to her tits. I licked all around one of them while purposely avoiding her nipples. My hand was playing with the other one. Finally I gave a light lick to her nip, and she flinched. I licked it fully this time and gave it a bite. She let out a pleased sigh, then I kissed all around her stomach. My tongue went inside her belly button then licked further down and over her g-string. Kelly started breathing hard and then I did what I’ve been waiting for. I took each side of her panties and pulled them off. The sight of her vagina was beautiful.

“Been eaten before babe?” I asked.

While biting her lip and not even looking at me she tried to make out “Mhmm, once”.

I laid down beside her and she looked confused and sad.


“Ride.” I cut her off and demanded.

“Huh?” she was really confused now.

“Ride.” I repeated.

She understood what I meant, smiled hard, the climbed up to my face. Her pussy smelled so good. It smelled like piña colada just like her lips tasted like it. Amazing.

I took my first lick to her lips. I put my arms around her legs then continued. I parted her lips with my tongue then slid it to her clit. Can you guess what it tasted like? Yup, piña colada! Her body jerked against my face and I went faster.

Up and down I licked, then stuck it into her hole as far a it could go. Then I grabbed her ass kind of forcing her to ride my face. She took the hint. She bent over a little grabbing the sheets above my head and pushed her pussy further into my mouth. The faster my tongue moved, the fast she rode.

“Fuck yeah Bridget… Fuckkk yeahhh… Ooooo” Kelly moaned. “I might cum dude!!”

I smiled against her and pounded into her and she came. She quickly got off of me and started apologizing.

“Oh my god Bridge, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry” she tried wiping it off my face.

I laughed and said,

“Wow, Kells no need to be sorry.” I kept laughing. “Seriously though, I knew it was gonna happen, it happens. Cum is a part of sex, and you taste amazing.” I licked what was left off my lips.

“Oh, you really have done this before. That was amazing Bridget.” she laughed at herself.

“Just imagine what else we could do” I gave her a lustful look. “C’mon let’s get dressed. I’ll buy us some food.”

We kissed, got dressed, and left. What an amazing afternoon it was. This was only a few days ago, but I really like Kelly already. I also look forward to more sex with her..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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