Give , Take Among Friends Ch. 07

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Mixed doubles was pretty much of a bust. Lila, with her height, natural grace of movement and shot-making ability could handle her part well, but Rachel was shorter and less skilled, throwing off the balance of power. It did not matter whether she played with Eli or with me, her partner was in trouble. Even though Eli and I tried to direct our hardest shots to each other and let the girls face off against each other, the team Rachel played on was a loser.

After three short and mediocre sets, Lila suggested the girls sit out and root on the guys. Eli and I played a couple sets of singles, both of which I managed to win in tie-breakers.

After we called it quits, I suggested Eli and Rachel come over to our house for a couple of beers. Rachel, who had been a little moody since her poor showing on the court, brightened at the suggestion.

On the way, we stopped off at the dairy bar. Amber, the amorous dairy maid who often looked me over and made suggestive remarks, was in the take-out window. I figured she was due for disappointment when she saw her competition — the vision of my tall statuesque, brunette girlfriend would make her realize how hopeless it was, and she would probably stop coming on to me.

Wrong again: Amber still gave me her sultry up and down appraisal, but also greeted Lila respectfully. Amber was in one of Lila’s classes. They exchanged some small talk. Amber even complimented Lila for “hanging out with such awesome guys.” Lila reflected on the drive home that Amber was “very precocious.”

When we got home, Rachel and Eli stripped off their sweaty tennis gear and jumped naked into the pool to wash off. Lila did the same, and after getting the beer, I made it unanimous, reflecting on how the recent liberalization in our social mores had made changing rooms and modesty less relevant. After cooling off, we all sat naked around the poolside patio table enjoying the beers. As the sun sank lower, however, clothing once again took on relevancy. Our guests asked if they could borrow some clean shorts and shirts, and we were happy to oblige, although Lila’s clothes hung long on smaller Rachel.

After a light dinner and a couple more beers, Rachel went to their car and came back with what looked like three decks of cards, and suggested we try “another game that I stand a better chance in.” The lettering one of the boxes read, “XXX Poker.” Rachel explained the rules.

“It starts out like strip poker, with an extra twist. After your clothes are gone, the next time you lose a hand you have to pick a card from the deck and follow its directions.” There were three levels of play, designed to fit the erotic comfort level of the players. The tamest was Level X for “adolescents and shy adults,” according to the game description. It was designed merely to titillate and provide some laughs — “a sort of spin the bottle thing” was Rachel’s description — French kissing, light petting, etc., and players could opt out and take penalty points or go into another room for privacy.

Rachel suggested we seek middle ground and “start off” at Level XX, which was designed for “polyamorous groups, swappers, swingers and open-minded adults.” If we felt comfortable with that, we could try a customized level between Double and Triple X in the future, she said.

I looked at the game description and saw Level XXX was designed for “all of the above plus LGBTQ, S&M, no holds barred.”

“You and I are never going to be comfortable with the Triple grade,” Eli confided to me. “We should stick to the Double X level.”

“I take it you guys have played this before.”

“We were introduced to it by people Eli knows,” Rachel said.

“It’s a big ice breaker,” Eli added. You get to know the ladies very well, much sooner than you usually would. That’s the enjoyable part. It wasn’t as much fun watching Rachel get to know the guys, but…”

“You certainly seemed turned on, though,” Rachel said. “You couldn’t take your eyes off me mixing it up with whatshisname, and I wasn’t bored watching you and whoever. We liked it enough to get the game and play it with another couple.”

“That second game was the first time I ever watched you getting fucked, except for the times we’ve had a mirror handy. I like it better when I’m seeing you get it from me in the mirror. But admittedly, it was stimulating seeing you in action with the guys. It increased my level of excitement with the ladies.”

I looked at Lila. She was following the description of the game and this conversation with interest. She looked at me and said, “Well, for us, it wouldn’t be like seeing each other naked for the first time or watching each other do things with strangers. These are our friends, and… well, we could try it.” I marveled at how far she had come, so fast.

We made sure we all started out on an even field with the same amount of clothing. Several poker hands were dealt and played. Sometimes we dropped out of hands rather than play weak cards, which made us immune from clothing loss, but if we tried to play almanbahis adres a hand and lost we had to remove something. The law of averages prevailed. Eli lost his shirt and shorts on the first two hands, but got a reprieve by winning the next couple, while the rest of us lost clothes. Lila was the first to bare her breasts, to a jocular wolf whistle from Eli. Rachel followed, and gave a bosom shake show, which affected my card sense so that I literally lose my shirt on the next hand. Rachel’s shorts soon followed, and I had to admit the game became more interesting as these beautiful ladies shed their wardrobes.

Before long we were all down to skivvies. Lila was the first to lose it all, giggling as she dropped her panties, exposing her beautiful muff. Eli ran his tongue back and forth between his lips, getting some laughs. He lost the next hand, and had to drop his briefs, as the girls leaned forward with exaggerated stares at his crotch, followed by playful appraising gasps. He appeared to be semi-aroused, as was I. Rachel dropped the next hand, and her panties too, leaving me the only partly-clad player, down to my briefs. Next hand was lost by Lila.

“I have nothing left to take off. What now?” she asked.

“Now the real fun begins,” Rachel said. “Pick a card from the XX Deck.”

Lila did so, and colored almost imperceptibly.

“And?” asked Rachel, laughing. “What do you have to do?”

Lila showed us the card. “Ten licks along exposed genitalia of a player of the opposite sex.”

That let me out, as I still had my briefs, but Eli stood up eagerly, his semi-stiffy bobbing. Lila gave him a mock scowl, and looked at me with feigned helplessness. Eli looked at me too, wordlessly seeking a go-ahead, but probably ready to call the game if I looked too uneasy.

“I guess we’re bound by the rules,” I said, trying to appear casual and neutral while cursing myself in silence for agreeing to this game, and yet, perversely, feeling even a trifle more aroused at the thought of what was going to happen. I was far less perturbed than would have been the case a little over a week ago, and I marveled at how our relationship with these good friends had evolved in such a short time.

Lila rose and went around the table, getting down on her knees before Eli. She gave me another glance. Was she really uncertain, maybe a trifle embarrassed, or just play-acting? Before I could ask, she held his dick up and dutifully began running her tongue up and down it, top and bottom. Before she had honored even half the prescribed number of licks, the length she had to cover had doubled to its full eight-plus inches. Rachel was laughing, Lila chuckling as she licked. Eli was smiling. Although I was watching my girlfriend lick another guy’s dick, I did see some humor in the situation that mitigated my anxiety.

“I don’t think this game is fair,” I said. “I feel cheated. I’ve won the most hands, judging by the fact that I still have my briefs on. It seems the clothed player should be rewarded, not the guy with his dick hanging out.”

“Ah, but that’s the luck of the draw,” Eli said. Fairness doesn’t enter into Fate.”

Rachel launched into a more detailed explanation of the game.

“There are also cards in the deck that favor clothed players. And the rules open up card-sharp choices too, because… okay, you have your briefs on, but the loser of a hand might draw a card that gives you the right to a blow job but requires you to take off your last piece of clothing to get it. If you do strip, then you become vulnerable because you’ll have to draw from the ‘penalty’ deck next time you lose a hand. But if you decline the blow job reward, then you keep your briefs and also get points for passing it up. You can use those points to shelter yourself against future XX card orders — say you draw a card requiring you to blow someone, you don’t have to if you give up some points. You can also give away points to claim another player’s card order if it’s something you want to do, and they have less points than you.” I frowned, trying to follow her. She went on.

“Say you want to fuck a certain player, and someone else draws a card allowing him to fuck her, you can use your accumulated points to take his fuck rights. He could use his points to defend his fuck rights by outbidding you, if he wants. Or you might want to keep some scuzzy guy from using his fuck rights to do your girlfriend, so you give him some points to leave her alone. If he had enough points of his own he could try to outbid you if he wanted to fuck her bad enough, but then he would lose some of his own insurance if a card ordered him to do something he didn’t like. These considerations of strategy really aren’t necessary in this small, amiable gathering, but might be in a larger group. You acquire some leverage over Fate.”

I loved it when petite, blond Rachel talked dirty. She got me hard just describing rules for a card game.

I lost my briefs on the next hand. Rachel won with a pair of cards higher than mine. almanbahis adresi The girls applauded as my fairly stiff pecker flapped back and forth as I dropped the briefs. Eli had the worst hand, nothing, but played anyway trying to bluff, and had to draw an XX card. It required him to muff dive the naked female player with the least points for 45 seconds.

“Lila got her licks in, and now I’m getting mine,” he said, motioning to her to sit down on the settee. Lila looked at me again, and my poker face must have been okay because she quickly did as bid, spreading her long legs. Eli kneeled between them, proceeding to tongue her love cave. Lila looked duly appreciative. She did not look at me again, just shut her eyes, breathing heavily and moaning softly when the time was up.

“Sorry to stop there,” Eli told my girlfriend. “But hopefully, I’ll be back.” Again, I had looked on without any real jealousy or possessiveness, even feeling turned-on watching my friend perform cunnilingus on my girl, but not really enjoying it.

Lila walked weak-kneed to her seat at the table, and the next hand was played. I dropped out, and Eli won it. Both girls had to draw XX cards. Rachel’s penalty was a requirement to give head to the winner with 20 up and down slobbers, which caused both her and Eli to laugh. He explained this was the same card that Rachel drew when they first played the game with one of Eli’s fellow faculty members and his wife. They recounted the story as an illustration of one kind of strategy.

“The guy was a real asshole,” Rachel said. We had met them for dinner, and he was leering at me from the start, making all sorts of corny sex jokes.”

“But his wife was a real piece, nice as well as sexy, and didn’t seem to like her husband’s jokes any more than we did,” Eli said. “She was giving me the eye too. Eventually they asked how we felt about swinging, and we admitted to some extra-curricular adventures but no real swinging experience. They told us we should try it and suggested the game as an ice-breaker.”

“I didn’t want to,” Rachel said. “Not that I had anything against swinging. I just didn’t like the guy. But Eli was attracted to his wife, so I went along with it.”

“Before long everyone was nude,” Eli said. Rachel lost her hand and the XX card that came up was this same 20-head one.”

“The guy made a point of telling me that he viewed it as a warm up, and intended to give me the best fuck of my life later,” Rachel said, rolling her eyes. “What he didn’t know was that I was pretty good at using my tongue, lips and throat. Not that I really wanted to on him, but the thought of the alternative was worse. I wanted to put him out of the game, which happens when a guy comes. Well, I began giving head. He had me worried for a while, but he finally shot his wad at number 19.” She made a disgusting face. “I got the first gob in my mouth, quickly did number 20 and lifted my head off, and got a couple of other shots in my face before I could turn his dick away. I didn’t particularly like it from that creep, but at least he wouldn’t be able to come in my pussy.” She shrugged. “And he was out of the game.”

“This is where strategy could have helped too,” Eli said. “If we had known the game better, Rachel could have passed on prizes she won in earlier hands, and built up points to negate the head card completely. But as it was, we still had beginners’ luck. The next hand I ‘lost,’ and picked an XX card requiring me to fuck the winner of the hand while simultaneously eating out another female player. The winner of that hand was the guy’s wife.” Eli laughed. “She could have declined the prize, and won points, but she was happy to take what I had to give, and I was happy to perform the penalty. Her husband looked on with a sour expression while we did it on their sofa, me pounding his wife while eating Rachel’s pussy that the guy had wanted to get into so bad.”

“This is getting me so turned on,” Lila said, surprising me.

Because Lila had also lost the last hand we played, she too had to pick a card, which required her to give a hand job to a male player for one minute. Eli and I both seated ourselves on the settee, and Rachel fulfilled her blowjob requirement on her husband while Lila ran her hand up and down my shaft. Lila looked at Rachel’s technique and seemed turned on by it, as she performed her duty on me. Eli did not replicate the failure of the guy who taught him the game, although his eyes were glazed by the time Rachel was finished. I’m sure mine were too by the time Lila’s minute was up, partly from the strokes she gave me and because I was also turned-on watching Rachel work her magic on Eli.

“I took it easy on him because I didn’t want his game to end too soon,” Rachel said, winking at Eli and wiping saliva from the corners of her mouth.

The final hand, however, turned out to be the very next one. Eli won, while Rachel folded and Lila and I had losing hands. Lila’s card required her to fuck the winner to an orgasm, and Eli beamed at the prospect. almanbahis adresi He was not going to decline that gift to get any stinking points. If Lila had been building up points rather than taking rewards she might have bought her way out of this “penalty,” but Lila had no points, and from the look on her face, she probably would not have used them if she did.

My required me to satisfy a female player for at least 15 minutes, however she wished to be satisfied. Since Lila would be occupied with Eli, that left Rachel for me. If I could keep from coming for those 15 minutes, I could win the game, but hell, it was only a game, and Rachel was a prime piece of ass.

By this time we were all worked up and ready to go, but there was a moment’s unease as we considered logistics. Unlike our friends, Lila and I did not have a usable guest bedroom. One was being used temporarily for storage and I had taken the other for a home office.

“Well, I don’t want to be spied on through the voyeur vent again, so you and Rachel take the parlor couch this time, while I show Eli the master suite,” Lila smiled.

“Wait,” Rachel said, holding her hand up. “We’ve broken the ice over the last week or so, and had closeup views of us doing things with each other. Why do we have to go to separate quarters for the finale?”

“I agree,” Eli said. “Why regress?” He looked at me. “You guys have a king size bed upstairs. Plenty of room, right?”

I looked at Lila, as she looked at me. “Well, it wouldn’t be spying that way,” she said, with a coy smile.

So for the culmination, we all went upstairs to the master bedroom.

Lila took Eli’s hand. “What position do we use?” she asked.

Rachel answered. “According to the cards, Lila, you are the fucker, while Eli is the fuckee, so even though he won the hand you get to pick position.

“On your back,” Lila directed Eli in a mock authoritarian voice, pushing him lightly. He collapsed onto his back in an exaggerated fall, his pecker standing straight up. Lila laughed. She did not even look at me this time, just hopped onto the bed and straddled him. She was already wet from the game, and needed no further warmup, I surmised, as I watched her take his dick, position it at her entrance and drop down upon it. The head and another inch or so disappeared in her vagina.

Lila began rising and falling in a slow rhythm. By the third of fourth fall, Eli’s eight-plus inches were completely enveloped, only his scrotum visible. Lila began moving up and down with glazed eyes and a sex hungry look on her lovely face — a look that until recently had been reserved for me. Then, as she liked to do when riding me, she dropped her torso to his, rubbing her firm breasts and hard nipples along Eli’s chest. His arms went around her back.

Rachel had lay down beside them, and was also enjoying the view, but quickly claimed her prize too. “Time to service me, laddie,” she said, smiling at me with an eager gleam in her eye. “Work me over with your tongue,” she commanded. I got on hands and knees between her legs, which she had spread open invitingly. My concentration shifted from Lila to Rachel’s trimmed pussy and its attractive lips. I soon became engrossed licking, kissing and nibbling on those lips and her clit, as she voiced her appreciation.

The bed was now shaking from Rachel’s gyrating hips and the action going on next to us as Lila rose and fell gymnastically on Eli. Lila’s thigh was right next to my head, which was both stimulating and a little distracting because until recently I was the only one allowed between her thighs. I took a quick look, and saw them gazing lustfully at one another, eyes half-closed, lips open as if gulping air.

I went back to lapping Rachel’s box with my tongue, which she enjoyed, judging by her increased gyrations and loud moans. I don’t know how long this went on, as time seemed to lose momentum and we became lost in a fog of pleasure. Eventually, however, following screams that seemed to indicate a vaginal orgasm, Rachel called out to me, “Enough already, give me a break for a moment.” I came up for air, and saw Rachel with a glazed, happy expression.

Next to us, the bed was still shaking as Lila pleasured Eli. I saw that she had turned 180 degrees and was now riding him in reverse cowgirl style. Her impassioned expression was even more evident with the position change, which also gave me an enhanced view of their clashing sex organs. Lila had really picked up her rhythm, twerking rapidly as she gyrated hips and pelvis and ground away at him. Eli’s sizeable shiny dick was completely swallowed by her love cave. His nut sack had tightened so that it also appeared in danger of being absorbed by her. It was coated with a wet, whitish fluid that I presumed was love juice seeping out of Lila, as I had not heard him indicate an ejaculation.

Rachel, lying on her back at the head of the bed, did not have the ringside full-frontal view of our companions that I did, but was close enough to also see and hear the action, and be inspired accordingly. “Fuck me now,” she commanded. “Not missionary.” Still on my knees I raised my torso up, took her by the ankles and picked up her legs so that her feet rested on my shoulders. I positioned myself and eagerly inserted my rigid dick into her.

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