Glamour Model

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Ivy Blake is a beautiful 20 year-old glamour model. One who has a whole lot to offer her fans – her breasts are a perfect size 34DD, with puffy, light pink nipples which almost always look erected and ready to be suckled on. Her tiny waist accentuates the curviness of her hips. Yet, her best feature was her round and plump ass which developed at a young age. It has always earned her lots of attention and satisfied her exhibitionist nature.

Even with such confidence, Ivy was nervous today. It was to be her first photoshoot with Penthouse, a major men’s magazine famous across the world for producing quality pornographic pictorials. Ivy was thankful to be given this opportunity – she had waited 3 whole years for it.

She had arrived at the studio early after getting her hair and make-up done. When she reached the doorstep, she took a deep breath to calm herself down and knocked on the door.

To her surprise, a gorgeous man opened the door almost immediately.

“Hi, you must be Ivy, right?” the man smiled at her.

Ivy noticed the dimple on his left check and felt her heart flutter a little. She was a sucker for guys with dimples.

“Oh, yes. Yes, I am.” she found herself stuttering involuntarily. “Ivy Blake. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Tom, the photographer in charge of your shoot today.”

He extends a hand for a firm handshake. Ivy smiled shyly.

She was a even bigger sucker for strong men. As she followed Tom into the studio, she couldn’t help but notice ataşehir escort how lean he was. She had a feeling she was going to enjoy the shoot today. Usually, the photographers she works with would jump at the first chance to fuck her. She was aware of the effect she has on men so knowing that they get turned on so easily does not excite her. But the slut in her always obliged.

This time round, it was different. Ivy was having the hots for Tom and had wanted to seduce him. She wanted him to want her as badly as she wanted him. She could feel her nipples harden under the sheer black lace blouse she was wearing and was glad she had decided to go braless.

Tom was in for a treat.

Flicking her long flowing red hair behind her left ear, Ivy sat on a sofa beside Tom and asked coyly, “So… Shall we begin?” She crossed her legs and made sure they were raised just high enough for Tom to have a peek at her red satin panties under her short denim skirt.

Tom grinned and said, “Right away.”

Ivy proceeded to gather her outfit for the shoot. It wasn’t much of an outfit, considering how little it could cover – a pink chiffon camisole and a matching thong. She couldn’t wait to get into them.

Very casually, Ivy started to peel off the blouse she was wearing. She could feel Tom’s eyes trailing her fingers as they undid the buttons one by one. She knew she had shocked Tom a little by stripping right in front of him and was enjoying every moment of it.

Once kadıköy escort the first two buttons came undone, her juicy breasts sprung out of the blouse, revealing her pink and erected nipples.

Ivy looked at them deliberately and said, “Oops, guess it’s a little chilly in here.”

Tom gulped at the sight of her heaving breasts. He could feel his cock start to harden…

Ivy went on to tease him. She removed her skirt and turned her back towards Tom so that he could see her round perky ass in the red satin panties, which have already gotten wet by now. Then, with a swift move, she removed it too.

Tom could not keep his cool any longer. He grabbed Ivy’s breasts from behind, while pressing his hardened cock against her ass, “You’re a real tease!”

Ivy was too turned on to reply. Tom was already rubbing his hands down to her shaven pussy.

“Ahhh… Smooth as silk.”

Ivy let out a little purr.

Tom went on to slide his fingers down to her throbbing clit and felt a gush of fresh cum flow out of Ivy’s pussy. “You’re already wet, I see.”

Ivy moaned with pleasure as he continued rubbing her.

“I have a feeling you can be even wetter.” With that, Tom removed his pants and revealed a big, hardened cock which looked ready to explode.

Ivy did not want to hold back any longer. She bent down and started sucking Tom without hesitation. His cock felt warm and hard inside her mouth. She was pushing it in and out of her mouth faster and faster. bostancı escort She stopped only until she felt she was going to pass out from not being able to breathe. Then very gently, she looked up at Tom and licked his balls.

Tom was eager to return the favour too. He picked Ivy up and laid her down on the sofa. Spreading her long legs, he leaned in towards her pussy. Then, with an artful lick, he sent Ivy twitching with pleasure. He started circling her clit with the tip of his tongue and watched as she squirmed in pure delight. When he finally felt that she was wet enough, he inserted two fingers into her pussy.

“Please Tom, just fuck me NOW!!!” pleaded Ivy.

“I will.”

He made her go on all fours and shoved his huge dick into her wet pussy. She leaned forward with the pressure and yelped like a little kitten.

Sensing her approval, Tom went faster and faster. He wrapped her arms around her precious chest and got even more turned on by her massive breasts which were moving up and down with every push that he made. He felt an an enormous swell and warned Ivy, “I’m gonna cum so hard, I tell you.”

Ivy’s only response was a feeble nod. Her knees felt weak with the impending climax.

Before she knew it, the orgasm exploded within her body. As Tom’s thrusting slowed down and came to a stop, she felt her intensive senses overcoming her while his cock loaded her insides with hot jets of cum.

They collapsed onto the sofa and were unable to move for a while.

When Tom was finally able to catch his breath, he said, “That was good. You’re a real pro.”

With a naughty wink, Ivy replied, “Well, this was supposed to be my big break after all. Shall we continue with the unfinished business?”

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