Go Padres!

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I rotate in my executive chair one hundred eighty degrees. Looking out my twentieth-floor office window at the skylines, the yellow and orange sun glistens off the buildings in the early evening. I close the blinds and my lights illuminate. I re-swivel back to my desk and my work. Just to the right of my computer is my mirror, where I notice my thin wire framed glasses are slightly off kilter. I take my time on adjusting them. My black suit is still sharply pressed even after twelve hours in my chair. The gray undershirt is a perfect complimentary for my c-cup breasts, cut low enough to get attention but not too low to get that attention. My mermaid necklace hangs to my cleavage, the silver medallion shimmers perfectly off my tan skin. I blow a kiss to myself in my mirror before I hear a sound outside my office door.

Everyone has gone home so I don’t know who is out there. “Hello. Is anyone there?” No answer, then I hear another loud bang. I get up from my chair and cautiously walk to the door. It’s hard to be quiet in my gorgeous heels. I peak around the corner and a man jumps out and startles me. I lose my footing and fall on my ass, while making a high-pitched squeal.

“I’m sorry. Miss Everton. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

It’s Santiago, the late-night cleaner. He takes his headphones off and helps me to my feet. “It’s okay Santiago, I’m okay.” I say while brushing my self off, hopefully my face isn’t too red.

“No, I’m really sorry.”

“Uhh, don’t worry about it. What are you doing here anyway? Isn’t it a little early yet?”


“No! It’s only seven o’clock. I thought nine was the earliest any cleaners can be here.”

He shakes his head. “I-I mean yeah, Jamie is out sick tonight and I have a big day tomorrow. ataşehir escort bayan I was hoping I could get here a little early and get everything done.” He gently but firmly grabs my hand and forearm. “Don’t say anything please.”

“Jamie is the other cleaner on this floor?” I ask.

“Yes. Miss Everton, she is.” He says as his eyes are darting back and forth.

His sleeves are rolled up on his blue one-piece cleaning suit, showing his tan skin and veins popping through his tight skin. “You’ve been working out I see.”

“Yeah, I have my up coming tryout. It’s tomorrow!”

“What tryout?” I ask while readjusting my glasses.

“I have a baseball try-.”

“A baseball try? What is that?”

“You know, you are trying to make the team.”

“Oh, a tryout.” I said while nodding. “With what college?”

“No college. The Padres.”

I don’t say anything but my breathing gets deep.

“Miss Everton are you okay?”

“He asks probably because my jaw is on the floor. “Yes, I am but I never knew you played baseball or even were that good to be a professional.”

“This is why I moved here. My parents saved up their whole lives to send me here. This is my opportunity.”

Santiago’s one piece is zipped up to his mid-torso, leaving his chest open. His pecs look massive. I never found him to be an attractive guy but then I never really looked at him.

“I am just a little worried about tomorrow. I can’t keep my mind focused on my job tonight.” He says while his face looks worried and he’s cupping his hands.

I put one of my arms underneath his arm and start rubbing his back. I set my other hand on his bare chest and start rubbing that as well. “Don’t worry Santiago, I’m sure you’ll do great.” escort kadıköy His heart is beating faster than normal but not too fast.

He looks at me and licks his sultry lips. His coffee brown eyes stare at me and then I catch him glancing at my chest. “Call me Sandy, all my friends do.”

I chuckle. “Well, Sandy do you see something you like?” I say while cocking my head to the left.

“No, I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry it won’t happen again.”

“Calm down. I won’t tell anyone.” I stare into his eyes and wrap both of my arms around his hips and try to pull him closer.

“No. Stop it. No.” He easily breaks free from my arms but doesn’t go far.

I take one step to him so I am within reaching distance. This time I reach for his cock. “Sandy, don’t worry I won’t bite.”

“No. Miss Everton I can’t.”

I rub on his cock and by now it has grown, bulging through his pants. “Maybe I can keep your mind occupied?”

He doesn’t stop me and closes his eyes. I see my opportunity and I unzip his one piece all the way down to his shoes. I get on my knees and his thighs are bulging with muscle. His legs are smooth as a baby’s bottom. This only starts my pussy to flow. I grab his bulging cock through his boxers with my teeth, not too hard but just hard enough to get a reaction out of him.

“Ooohh.” He gasps.

My hands find his abs and I scrape his six pack with my gray painted nails. As my hand makes the way to the top of his boxer briefs, I tell myself not to be coy as I yank them off. His manhood springs out as a soldier saluting for attention.

I take a moment to admire it but then I spit on my hand and start to stroke it. My one hand isn’t big enough to wrap it around completely so I have to stoke him with bostancı escort both hands. I start slow but then speed up.

He moans for it, I am doing what I told him what I was going to do, occupying his mind. I continue to stroke it but by now my saliva is flowing like a river. I get on top of his manhood and start to work it with my mouth. Up and down, bobbing my head like a pro. His hard dick feels so good in my mouth. I’m sucking his manhood as hard as I can. After five or so minutes I realize I might have a sore neck.

He continues to moan. I am giving him a blowjob like a pro. I take his cock back into my throat making me gag. He grabs my head and shoves me back down on it, over and over again. I choke and gag, spitting more on his cock, my saliva drips from his cock onto my tiled office floor.

I am working fast on it, taking turns between sucking it and stroking his beautiful cock. He moans, “I-I am almost there.” He pleads for me, “more, more.”

I don’t hesitate and shove his cock into my mouth, it’s shameful to waste this man’s cum. His dick is growing, throbbing inside my mouth, until he explodes. Splashing the back of my throat. It was so much. Must’ve been months of frustration built up. “I thought I wasn’t getting anything done today.”

“Ahh, what?” He says as a look of relief is on his face.

I stand up and make sure my breasts are in place and I wipe my knees. He grabs me under my arms and sets me on my desk. I shove him away, “nah ah.” I say as I wave my finger at him. “You go home and get some sleep and when you become a Padre, I will let you fuck me anyway you want.” I go back to my executive chair behind my desk and continue to work on my computer.

With his dick hanging out and his boxers around his ankles he stands in disbelief.

“We’re done here.” I say and shoo him away.

He walks out of the door and I lean back in my chair, gently rocking back and forth. With the pen close to my mouth I smile. I had a great time and I hope he performs well tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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