Going to the Fair

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Rachel took one last look at herself in the mirror as she finished getting ready to leave. She and her friends, Molly and Jennifer, were going to the local Renaissance Festival today and Rachel was determined to look her best. It was the first time she was going without her parents and she was determined to flirt and play to her hearts content. She loved how the people who worked the fairs were able to make almost any comment suggestive. Looking herself over critically Rachel examined the tight size 7 jeans encasing her legs and cupping her small round ass. She made sure that there were no panty lines showing from her thong underwear by running her hands over her tight butt. She was only 5′ 4″ tall but the strappy sandals she had on gave her an extra inch of height. She turned sideways to examine her profile in the tight tank top she was wearing, the bright green of the shirt setting off her black hair and made her dark eyes seem almost black. The cotton stretched across her flat abs and molded to her B sized breasts. She adjusted her bra slightly to perk them up even higher then nodded in satisfaction. She leaned close to the mirror to check her make up then spun away when that also passed inspection. Her tilted eyes sparkled with excitement as she grabbed her purse and stuffed her phone into it. She was ready to play!

Rachel hurried down the stairs and across the hall, calling a goodbye to her mother and father who were just sitting down to breakfast.

“Have fun! And be careful,” Her mother called.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Her father joked.

“Whatever, Dad.” She laughed and let herself out the front door. She was 19 but her parents just didn’t seem to want to let her out of the nest. She was happy that she’d finally escaped for a while. She hopped into her small used car and started it up. She had to go pick up her friends and get down to the site, she didn’t want to miss the opening address by the King and his Court. That was always a fun part, plus the crowd provided a great opportunity to scope out the men. Rachel smiled in hungry anticipation of a day of ogling hot guys with her friends.

Finally she pulled up in front of Molly’s house and honked the horn. Molly came rushing out the front door, waving something to her mother. She was dressed in costume; the short black lace dress, tight purple belly cincher and tall high heeled boots showing off her trim figure. Her shoulder length blond hair was loose but Rachel knew that getting it braided was going to be one of their first stops, that’s why she’d left her hair down as well. Molly hurried down the sidewalk and jumped into the car giggling.

“I thought I’d never get out of there! She kept looking at my dress and giving me the evil eye. Like she wasn’t the one who bought it for me in the first place!” Molly explained as she buckled herself in.

“Are you kidding me? You look great! I wish I had something to wear this year.” Rachel complained as she moved away from the curb heading towards Jennifer’s house.

“Don’t worry, you will! We’ll find you something right away,” Molly promised, “Something to definitely turn the guys heads.” She grinned at Rachel who smiled back.

Stopping in front of Jennifer’s house they found her already waiting outside, also in her Renaissance Festival outfit, this time the pirate boots led up to skin tight leggings in brilliant red, a black bustier which pushed her already ample breasts up further and a very low cut black poet shirt with huge sleeves. She had a leather hat with a red feather in her hand waiting to put it on until they got there. Her outfit set off her brown hair perfectly and she looked extremely sexy.

“Oh baby!” Molly called as Jennifer got in the back seat. “I can tell we’re going to have to go all out to make sure that Rachel here gets some attention.”

“You know it, we’re gonna be the hottest wenches at the fair!” Jennifer responded. All three of them laughed.


Rachel thought her teeth were going to rattle out of her head as she bumped over the rutted earth. She pulled into the space the parking attendant had directed her to, putting her car in park she sighed in relief. Her two passengers were already unbuckling and getting out of the car. Putting up the sunscreens in her windshield she noticed the fluffy white clouds on the horizon. They looked pretty innocent right now and she hoped they’d stay that way, it would really suck to be rained out on her first solo trip to the Fair. Getting out herself she grabbed her ID, money and cards and locked all the doors leaving her purse behind. Linking her arms with a friend on either side they sashayed toward the huge gates leading to the fairgrounds. A large crowd had already gathered in front and she could almost hear the bickering between the actors already.

While they were standing in line for tickets, laughing at all the double ententes that the Festival workers were throwing at the growing crowd something caught Rachel’s eye. Or to be more exact, someone, a set of someones. Nudging her two friends she quickly jerked her chin towards the group Antep Bayan Escort of three young men winding their way through the crowd. They appeared to be employees of the fair and all were extremely good looking. They were dressed in the loose open shirt pirate style with baggy pants and boots that showed off their physiques well. One of them had long blond hair streaked with lighter blond from the sun, he had it tied back in a cue and had a black hat with purple feather perched on his head. Another had golden tan skin showing between the bright white panels of his loosely laced shirt, his dark hair gleamed under the morning sun. The last one was built a little more solidly, his shoulders stretching the fabric of his shirt tight across his well muscled chest. His hair was a darker blond than the first but was short and curly, practically begging a woman to run her fingers through it.

Molly gasped loudly then cringed when Jennifer called out to the young men to get their attention, “Hey there!”

The tallest of the three at about 5’11”, the dark haired man, turned towards them and looked Jennifer over slowly. Smiling welcomingly he grabbed his two friends and turned them towards the group of young women.

“Good day to you m’ladies,” He said. “How can we humble travelers help such beauteous women on this fine day?”

Molly clutched Rachel’s arm as they both broke into giggles at the fake accent he used. Rachel looked up at the feel of two more sets of eyes running over her body, her tight clothing leaving little to the imagination of these young men. It was obvious from the looks in their eyes that those imaginations were running wild as well.

“Aye, how might we assist thee?” the curly haired man asked.

“Well, first you can tell us your names,” Jennifer stated. “This is Molly, and that’s Rachel in the mundane clothes. I’m Jennifer.”

The first man swept Jennifer’s hand up, bowed over it and kissed it gently on the back. “My pardon m’lady, my name is Matthew but many here simply call me Matt.”

The well muscled one stepped forward, and prying Molly’s hand from Rachel’s arm repeated the gesture, “And I be Sean,” he said in a Scottish accent.

The final man stepped forward and bowing low in front of Rachel he swept his hat from his head and knelt in front of her. Grabbing both her hands he kissed one then the other as he offered his name as well, “I, dearest lady, am Richard.”

Rachel could hear the people around her laughing at the preposterously flamboyant gestures these three men had used to greet them but she didn’t care. It was thrilling to have such a good looking man paying attention to her this way, she could feel the blush spreading up her neck and across her face.

Getting up from the ground Richard stepped back and keeping hold of one of her hands looked her over minutely. “M’lady, I pray that you do realize that you are naked?”

“Naked! What?” Rachel quickly looked down at herself then burst into laughter as she understood what he was talking about. At the Fair unless you were in costume the characters considered you to be naked.

“Aye,” Sean put in as he too gazed at her, “Nekkid you be m’lady. And while ’tis a shame to cover up so beautiful a lass I can only think that the right clothing would make it all the better. What say you Matt?”

“I would have to agree with my coarse Scottish friend. I do hope you plan on becoming better garbed my lady? One such as yourself deserves the finest of silks and lace against such luscious skin.”

Laughing hard Jennifer broke back into the conversation, “That’s what I wanted to ask you all. Where would be a good place to get her the ‘right’ clothes?”

“Ah my lady, you ask perhaps the wrong people. To young men such as ourselves the ‘right’ clothing is none at all!” Richard responded with a huge grin. Molly broke into nervous giggles once more but her sparkling eyes betrayed how much she was enjoying the attention. Rachel felt a flash of heat travel through her at the thought of being truly naked with any of these men.

“However if you must, then the place to go would be The Ladies Boudouir. Do you happen to have one of the flyers of the realm with thee?” Matt inquired.

Fumbling with clumsy hands Molly managed to produce the requested pamphlet and Sean opened it to the center map. Pointing out where the main gate was he quickly explained how to get to the shop they recommended. Smiling up at them flirtatiously Jennifer thanked them.

“T’was a pleasure, lasses.” Sean replied.

“We shall hope to see you inside later on, ladies.” Matt said.

“Yes, please do try to find us once Lady Rachel has found proper clothing. We would be honored to escort such beautiful women as thee around the fair.” Richard said as he once again laid a kiss on the back of Rachel’s hand which he still held. Rachel blinked as she felt him run one finger down the center of her palm, the faint caress almost too light to register. She thought she imagined it until she saw the twinkle in his eyes as he stepped back. Smiling shyly up at him she said, “We’ll try.”

All three young men bowed gallantly to the young women and wove their way back into the crowd. While they didn’t quite disappear it did become more difficult to follow them as the crowd got thicker. Molly began giggling uncontrollably as her embarrassment took over.

“How COULD you, Jennifer?” Molly stuttered, “I almost died of embarrassment.”

“Why? That’s what we’re here for dummy,” Jennifer replied. “How can we meet hot guys if we don’t even talk to them?!” Shaking her head she turned her attention to Rachel who was still trying to pick out the three guys in the throng of people. “Saw something you liked huh?”

Blushing furiously Rachel turned her attention back to her friends, “Well duh… I mean those guys were HOT. I am so glad we came today.”

“Not to worry, once we get you a new outfit we’ll try to find them again inside. Who knows maybe they’ll have some time off or something and we can hang out.”


Finally they made it through the line and got their tickets. Joining the increasingly loud crowd in front of the gate they enjoyed the rest of the time until the cannon blast. Rachel kept scanning the crowd for the three young men, she wasn’t sure why but something about them had truly caught her attention. She couldn’t figure out which of them she liked best, each of them was enough different from the others to make it a difficult choice. Finally the cannon exploded and the gates opened into the fair. The three young women drifted forward to the actor’s cries of “Push and shove, push and shove.” After breaking through the wall of people Jennifer took the lead and using the pamphlet map led Rachel and Molly to the shop that Sean had shown them.

Entering the shop Rachel was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fabric, colors and costumes. There was a complete rainbow of fabrics displayed on the walls and hangers, how would she ever choose? Luckily Molly and Jennifer came to her rescue and the three girls giggled and laughed their way through the next hour as Rachel tried on one costume after another before finally deciding on one. She about collapsed at the cost once the saleswench explained it but coughed up her credit card and admired the effect in the mirror. Her new costume was all white, almost virginal in nature (Rachel laughed silently at that thought) but was made out of lace. The top was a short bodice type with a white fabric halter underneath the lace to conceal details but it ended just above her belly button. The skirt was also white lace that came to just below her knees, the fabric draping nicely around her legs. There was a smaller skirt underneath but the rest of her legs were exposed with each movement she made. The lace played peek-a-boo with her golden skin as the treasure underneath. Rachel had even managed to find a set of white angel wings which she had also added to give her a more angelic (and ironic) appearance. She loved her new naughty angel look but knew her Dad would have a heart attack if he saw her in it. Luckily her sandals were a neutral tone and actually seemed to fit well with the costume. The kind saleswench offered to keep her mundane clothing there for her to pick up before she left the fair freeing her from having to carry all her stuff around the entire day.

After purchasing the skimpy outfit Rachel and her friends wandered the fair, stopping to get their hair braided and buy drinks and food. They bantered with the Rennies and had a wonderful time. Molly even got pulled up on stage for one of the shows they saw and Rachel and Jennifer almost collapsed in laughter as she stumbled through the skit, her face a flaming red.

Rachel continued to try to find the Richard, Matt and Sean but to no avail, apparently wherever they were it wasn’t where she could spot them. Late in the afternoon the clouds began to roll in but she held out hope that they wouldn’t actually release the rain until after the fair closed at 6:30. As they were walking by one particular shop Rachel’s eye was caught by a piece of jewelry she knew her mother would LOVE. She detoured quickly into the shop, calling to her friends to wait. She was so absorbed in looking that she didn’t notice that they hadn’t heard her call. She looked through the shop’s merchandise for a bit then jumped when a sharp crack of thunder split the air. Looking up she realized that her friends had gone on without her and that it was starting to rain. Dashing out of the shop she hurried in the direction she’d seen them going last.

The rain began to really pour down, almost a sheet of water, drenching everything not under cover, including Rachel and her new outfit. Peering through the darkness she noticed three figures rushing into a shop a little ways ahead and giving up her quest to find her friends in this torrent she followed them. A spear of lightning shot across the sky followed soon after by a loud crash of thunder making her hurry even faster. She finally reached the shop and rushed up the steps. She opened the door quickly and stepped inside, turning to push it closed behind her, fighting the wind. Seeing a small hook and eyebolt she latched the door against the wind before turning to see who she was sharing her shelter with, hopefully the storm wouldn’t last long.

Turning around Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise to find herself in an empty shop with the three young men from this morning. The shop was small, barely enough room for ten people to fit into and broken up by a low cloth covered wooden counter to her right sectioning off part of the main area. There were a several shelves lining the walls, both high and low and mostly empty. The door was made of mismatched boards that allowed an occasional gust of wind to burst through and into the main area. There was a small shuttered window in the center of the back wall which was also latched shut against the rattling wind. The wood floors were covered by various rugs in a multitude of colors. They were well worn but still thick and soft under her sandals. The only light was provided by the gaps around the window and through the door making it dim until her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She noticed a small footstool in a dark corner, apparently abandoned by the previous tenant of the shop.

Matt and Richard were half way through taking off their soaked shirts, the thin material clinging to their wet bodies as they turned to look at her as she barged in on them. Sean, with his shirt already off was struggling with the waistband of his trousers trying to get a stubborn button through the hole. All four of them stopped and stared at the others in incomprehension.

“Well well, if it isn’t m’lady Rachel from this morn,” Matt exclaimed. “It appears that you managed to find the shop we recommended. And a fine job they did. You appear quite fetching.”

“T-thank you.” Rachel stammered. She’d never been alone with this many guys before and wasn’t quite sure what to think. She wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t that experienced either. The feelings shooting through her at the sight of their naked chests were distracting to say the least. A sudden sharp gust of wind shook the locked door behind her and she shivered in the breeze coming through the cracks. She looked down and realized that she was so wet that she was dripping water onto the rug.

“Lady Rachel, you appear to be soaked to the skin! Come away from the door, it’s a bit warmer over here.” Richard said. Leaving his shirt hanging from his broad shoulders he quickly crossed the floor and grasped her hand. Stepping around behind her he guided her towards the other two men. Because she was in front of him she didn’t see the questioning look he flashed to the other two. She did see Matt and Sean begin to smile and nod however and mistaking them as welcoming smiles for her smiled back at them.

She shivered again as the wind rattled the door against its lock and the rain beat on the roof. Richard’s warm hands felt so good that she unconsciously slowed, trying to snuggle into his warmth. However the wings on her back interfered and she heard him grunt as one wing stabbed into his stomach. “OH! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” Rachel flushed in embarrassment as she turned to apologize.

Rubbing his minor injury, he grinned down at her, “Not to worry m’lady. Let me help get those off you, you’re cold enough without dripping more water on yourself.” Turning her back around he slid his fingers against the bare skin of her shoulders as he grasped the straps and pulled them down her arms. It was probably Rachel’s imagination but she could have sworn he deliberately kept the backs of his hands in contact with her arms the entire way on purpose. The goosebumps that followed in his wake had little to do with the cold; she could feel her body responding to the presence of these attractive men. Stretching both her arms behind her he skimmed the ribbons holding the wings off over her hands. Both Matt and Sean enjoyed the sight of the small top molding itself to her upper body as her arms were pulled behind her. The cold had tightened her nipples and they made small pebbles underneath the clingy material. An accidental pull by Richard on her right arm made her shift right and the cloth rubbed against them sending an involuntary shiver across her belly.

Looking at Richard standing behind her Matt gave him a small nod of encouragement and continued taking off his shirt. Rachel’s eyes were drawn to him as more and more skin was exposed until he was down to his boxers. Her eyes ran over his muscular shoulders and arms, following the thin trail of hair that disappeared under the waistband of his underwear. It almost seemed as if he was trying to tempt her into something. Sean, seeming more shy, turned his back on Rachel providing her with an unobstructed view of his broad back and tight butt, as he finished removing his soaked trousers, pulling them down his legs and hanging them up to dry. Turning back to her, he ran his eyes speculatively across her body, she could almost feel the heat of his eyes as they passed over her. He leaned over the counter and pulled out a large cloth bag which appeared to be stuffed with dry clothing for the three young men. Dropping it at his feet he turned his attention back to Rachel as Richard finished pulling off her angel wings.

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