Going Up

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Hey all, this is a little one-shot with the lovey Justine-not my creation, though you’ve seen her by her creator’s request before in The Operative Part IV. And yes, yes, it’s a fan’s request for some pretty serious wish-fulfillment…but hey, everyone wants their wishes fulfilled from time-to-time, right?

I’ve got lots of stuff in the works, but I’m trying to pace my releases here so I can keep new stories steady instead of giving you long gaps. I hope this tides you over until the next one! As usual, all comments, questions, and other communication encouraged via the information in my Contacts page here.


There is, unfortunately, one part of being a model that is a real snore, and that’s marketing meetings. You go in and wiggle a little while a half-dozen men in suits stand around and talk about you like the piece of meat you are. I know I shouldn’t complain, there are women out there who would kill for my success and can’t have it because they haven’t been graced with naturally blonde hair, ice-blue eyes, a mega-curvaceous 5’10”, but still, a snoozefest is a snoozefest.

I think the worst part is that businessmen all think they’re just *so* impressive! Every meeting I get the numbers of all the single guys and at least half the married ones. And those are the good meetings; at the bad ones I get my ass felt up or a dick whipped out on me without warning. I’m possibly the sexually free-est woman on earth and they still manage to find ways to make even me angry!

I checked out my reflection in the mirrored glass of the tall skyscraper before I stepped inside. I was dressed in a way that for me at least, was quite conservative. A powder-blue power-suit with big shoulders and a medium-length black skirt. Of course not top on me is perfectly modest; it just isn’t possible with my jaw-dropping measurements. In this case, the suit was barely buttoned in the front around my mammoth assets and the black white camisole beneath was so strained by my bosom it looked like I was wearing something more like a bustier, but the push-up effect was just a result of my size.

I checked the appointment card and saw that the meeting was going to be all the way at the top of the building, the fiftieth floor. That wasn’t a good sign; nothing makes men feel more entitled to be jackasses than a pretty view, like we’re supposed to get dripping wet for them because we’re high in the air. Ah well, what’s the worst that could happen? I pushed the button on the elevator and started to cruise on up.

It was a quick elevator at least, and only stopped once on the 47th floor, admitting a young, beleaguered looking man who was staring intently at a device I didn’t recognize, though it looked a little like a calculator. We road wordlessly along when suddenly the elevator gave an alarming lurch, throwing us both to the right for a moment, me smooshing the short man right in the side of his head with my rack.

We separated and he was blushing a deep red, eyes darting to my tits and then to the floor and back again.

“I”m sorry, miss.” He murmured.

“It’s fine,” I said waving it away. The poor thing was shaking!

He went to the control panel and tapped at it experimentally in a few different places.

“Hm. Totally locked up,” he frowned and then pulled the handle marked with a phone. It didn’t budge. “What the Hell!?” he pulled a bit more frantically, and then took a step back to cross his arms.

“What kind of genius locks the emergency phone box?” I mused.

“I know, right? Geeze. I guess we could be here a while.” He fidgeted a bit, pulling the thick-rimmed black framed glasses from his face and polishing at it with this shirt.

“Well, might as well get to know each other, hon. I’m Justine. What’s your name?”

“Justine Thorsendottir!? You can’t be serious!” he stiffened up in what was probably more ways than one. I was getting a lot of that these days; one of my most recent campaigns had been for XXO lingerie so a larger part of the public had now seen me in a bra, which for some strange reason got me a lot of attention.

I smirked and undid the sport coat a bit, arching my back so more of my expansive bust showed.

“Holy shit, it IS you! I’ve seen…erm, I mean, ahb-bwuh–That is to say I…”

I laughed, jiggling undeliberately but impressively nevertheless, “Alright hon, you’ve seen me in my underwear from the ad campaign. Only fair that I get to see you in yours.”

“Wh-what!?” he dropped his device with a clatter, then shoved it into one corner with his foot, “I don’t think you’d enjoy the view as much as I am,” he managed to get out. In a player’s hands the line might have been kind of smooth, and it was definitely a little funny, but when he said it sweat beaded on his brow and he trembled like a leaf.

Then, to my shock he actually began to unbutton his shirt, revealing a shockingly smooth chest without much contour to it at all. His pecs were almost totally flat and gave way to a stomach that had almost no fat at all. gaziemir escort He didn’t have abs exactly, but you could at least see some of the tracing lines of where they’d be if he worked out a little. Still, I couldn’t decide if it was less likely that this guy had ever seen a gym or a pussy.

At least I could fix one of those.

“Very nice!” I said encouragingly. He wasn’t my type maybe, but everyone deserves to love themselves, right?

“Uh-th-thanks. Should I keep going?” He rested his hands near the belt that held up his ugly gray slacks.

“I’d say it’s my turn first,” I responded, unclasping the skirt and letting it drop. My heels clicked when I stepped out of it; now I was truly down to just underwear and shoes before him.

“Oh wow,” he said, voice cracking mightily.

“Just think, it cost XXO Incorporated a quarter of a million dollars to get me in this little clothing and you’re getting it for free.”

He whimpered a silent pray to every god that there ever was I think, then simply said, “Thank you.”

“So what’s your name, hon?”

“Eddie,” he squeaked.

“Eddie, you need to relax, I won’t bite. Just think back to the first time you made love and focus on that.”

Eddie closed his eyes and flushed even deeper. I studied him carefully, “Is it helping?”

He opened his eyes a little and shook his head. He spoke so quietly then if we hadn’t been sharing a tiny elevator I’d have never heard him, “I haven’t had a first time yet.”

My jaw dropped, “Well Eddie… we have time to kill, and you know what?”

“What?” he asked, blinking.

“There’s a first time for everything. You’ve never made love to a woman, and I’ve never made love on an elevator, so we’re both virgins here.”

“WE’RE MAKING LOVE!?” he was loud and in total shock, so much so that I cringed slightly.

“Yes! It will be good for me to work out some tension before I have to meet with the marketing assholes.”

He snickered a little, “Oh I know, right? Those guys are the fucking worst!”

I moved close and lazily started to unclasp his belt for him, “Why don’t you like them?” I asked.

“I thought I’d left the bullies back in high school, but every time one of those pricks needs me to look at his computer or something they do this nasal impression of my voice, ask me if I play dungeons and dragons, shit like that.”

“I’m not surprised, I think it takes a real sociopath to work in that career.”

“What really hurts is that I do. Play it I mean.”

I giggled a little, finally getting the pesky belt undone and started attacking the button of his fly, “Nothing to be ashamed of, hon. Don’t let them make you feel like it is.”

“Just once I’d like to have something over on them.”

I grabbed his chin, tilting his face up from self-pity and into eye-contact with me.

“Eddie baby, look at me. You want something on them? Justine Thorsendottir is about to suck your cock. Feel ashamed now?”

His jaw dropped as I dropped to my knees, taking his pants down with me. He really was a nerd, right down to the underwear, which was a pair of cotton tightie whities. Still, poor fashion choice aside, the basket of his crotch looked quite amply stuffed full and I lifted an eyebrow.

“Oh my!” my hand went to cup the heaviness bundled there; it was all him, a semi-soft coil of cock with a meaty pair of fat nuts beneath. “Eddie! I bet you have more penis here than any two of those idiots put together!” I wasn’t just flattering him for the sake of his confidence; the guy just had a pretty big dick. Huge by most standards really, though my experience has brought me so many men of extraordinary size and beyond that I couldn’t put him quite in my top ten. Still, he was the number one with a bullet in this elevator!

I reached back to unclasp my pesky bra and let the O-cups drops and sway free. The look on his face was priceless, a whole mind shattered and rebuilt just from one glance at my humongous naked tits. I arched my back a bit to make them sway, loving the way his eyeballs followed along.

“Your turn!” I said.

Sheepishly, his hands went to his waistband and he began to peel the briefs down.

“Ah ah! With CONFIDENCE now! You’ve got a huge fat cock you’re showing off to me for the first time! You should be proud of it!”

He blushed, but changed his grip to a single hand in the middle of the garment, YANKING It right down so that the big semi-soft dick could properly bounce free. I wrapped a hand right around that meat and gave it a firm, friendly squeeze.

“Not hard? Honey, there are boys in Holland half a world away looking at me in a magazine spread and beating off to it! Why are you still soft?”

He blushed deeper, and might have even wilted a little in my hand, “No, you’re the hottest woman on earth, of course, I just…I’m so nervous. Also I find that when I let these dreams get to the good part I end up having to clean my sheets.”

I smirked gümüldür escort and shook my head, he was a tough one to be sure.

“Nothing to be nervous about, this is just you and me. I just want to have some fun because being stuck in an elevator is boring. There’s no pressure to perform, here. More importantly, this is not a dream. Wanna see something neat?”

“Uh, sure?” he said, noticeably no less tense.

I leaned forward and give one of his big balls a lick as I held the cock above clear. He groaned in shock and closed his eyes as I moved to give the second a lick as well. Then I opened wide and sucked both big boys into my big mouth, rolling them around together, tongue-lashing them, working my jaw to bobble and bounce them in my hot slobber. I was rewarded for my efforts, feeling the soft dick in my hand start to fatten up a little. I pulled back to give each ball some more individual looking, slurping nastily on them when the impulse struck me.

I looked up at him, “You just had your balls in Justine Thorsendottir’s mouth. How does that make you feel?”

“Good,” he confessed.

“That’s an experience you had. You get to have had it for the rest of your life. The next time anyone gives you shit about anything, you know what I want you to stop and remember?”

“That I’ve had my balls in Justine Thorsendottir’s mouth?” His voice cracked a little, it was cute.

“Yes. ‘and then she sucked my big cock and let me cum all over those world-famous tits’.”

“Wait, she did?” He blinked.

Then I had his dick in mouth, Lips pulling and tugging at different parts of his anatomy as I worked diligently to keep the growth streak going. It wasn’t hard (well it was after a bit of work) and I toyed with him in as many ways I could think with, my tongue flapping up and down on his head or swirling around it, my lips chewing on the base of his shaft, my hands smooshing his nutsack up against my chin and cheeks as I drooled all over them, my tits grinding against his thighs.

Finally he got hard enough to be the smallest of challenges and I pulled back to admire my handiwork.

“Ooo, Eddie! You’re a shower AND a grower! Look at this thing!” I seized it by the base and thumped its bulk against my left tit a few times, leaving streaks of slobber across the huge melon. By my estimate he was just a hair over nine inches with a prominent fat, cockhead and the thing was as girthy as a beer bottle’s base.

“I’m sure it’s nothing special,” he groaned as I pumped it in a fist to cut him off.

“You’re dead wrong, Eddie. There are women who would kill to get a cuntful of this!”

“You don’t have to kill anyone!” he groaned as I bent my head back down to take his cock back inside. Now at it’s full hardness I was conscious of the extra effort I had to make to hold my jaws wide enough to take him all the way. I let my famous tongue roll out of my mouth then, slithering around his shaft like a snake climbing a tree, the tip flicking across his balls with surprising strength for how far it was extended, I could see the pair sway in their sack with every affectionate lap at them.

Meanwhile I worked that cock into my throat, gurgling just a tiny bit as he hit my throat. A younger me might have had trouble with such a fat one, but I had a lot of experience by now and I swallowed him down with minimal trouble, my fat lips chasing my long tongue down to where it was juggling his testes.

“OH GOD!” he cried in obviously overwhelmed pleasure, his hands coming to rest gently on my head. I reached up and palmed his slobbery sack, pushing his big nuts up against my lips and tongue as I bobbed just a little, working only a couple of inches in and out over and over.

“Oh no! Careful Justine, I might…I..I—!”

I pulled back so just his cockhead was in my mouth, expertly kneading his nutsack as it bucked and pumped wad after wad of sweet cream onto my tongue.

“Oh no, oh I’m so, sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

I kept jerking on him with a hand until his orgasm had subsided, then I looked up at him with a wink and opened to show him the whole of his load gathered there. His mouth opened too in some sort of lust-filled shock, then I closed up and swallowed with a loud gulp, licking my lips and grinning.

“Delicious, dearie. Think you have more?”

“I… I don’t know, honestly. That was amazing.”

“Well, let’s find out. First let me get you cleaned up!” He slid down into a sitting position against the door, totally unsure what to make of me as I crawled on my hands and knees, horny ass swaying in the air as my tits swept the floor, lowing my head into his lap. This time I let my tongue do all the work, lavishly cleaning every drop of his spunk from his semi-soft dick and big balls, the latter still a bit tight in their sack from the orgasm. By the time I was done polishing them and had given his cock another round of the same it was slowly growing again and that sack had loosened right up.

Then güzelbahçe escort I arched my back up, putting the huge tits right in front of him, “Now then, while we’re waiting for beast to be ready to rejoin the party, why don’t you devour my tits?”

It wasn’t really a question, which he clearly got since he just dived right in. Oh in some ways it was awful! He had no sense of timing or sensuality, just a carnivorous hungry NEED that he was fulfilling by lewdly smacking his lips and tongue all over my famous rack. There was no rhyme or reason to when he would attack a nipple or switch which breast he was working on, only hungry wolf-like smacks of his mouth as he went.

But even though the technical skill wasn’t there, there was something glorious about just how enthusiastic he was. He wasn’t really trying to impress me, he clearly just worshipped my boobs and wanted to lavish all the attention on them he could while I was letting him; there was something really refreshing about it. I wrapped the huge pair around his head before he was done and just sort of crushed his cheeks with them, letting him experience the fully glory of warm softness that I could offer.

When I finally pulled back so he could breathe and admire the slobbery sheen he’d left all over my mammoral mountains, I could see that he was rock hard again.

“There we go!” I gave his cock a single fond tug before dropping down to wrap my boobs around it. My tits are so big, even a man his size could simply fuck them straight on. Of course this deprived me of the pleasure of getting to lick at his head, but he clearly didn’t care, at least not judging from the way he pumped his hips and brought his face close to mine.

Silly boy! He was bashful about kissing me even after I’d sucked his beefy cock and drank a ballsack-full of his cum! I leaned in and kissed him possessively, really nibbling his lips and spearing his mouth with my tongue. He melted into it, only thrusting faster and faster between my boobs. Once the kiss hand broken I pulled back and turned to roll on my back, forcing my tits together for him to fuck from the top now.

He attacked them no less eagerly than he had before, shoving that big brutal beef-pole down between them, the new angle making his dangling orbs dance all over my face, smacking gently against the bridge of nose as he thrust in and dragging along my jaw and lips on the way back. Of course I angled my head and parted my lips, licking and sucking at them wherever I could, savoring the manly flavor as I worshipped away.

Then I decided to blow his mind with the impossible like only I could. As he porked my pillows I slithered out my endless tongue, gliding them across those balls one last time before letting them coil around his cock, literally jacking him with my tongue even as he fucked my tits. My hands were not idle and I reached down to play with myself as he pumped and bucked, flicking fingers expertly across my clit in time to his strokes, loving the horny whimpers that escaped his lips with every stroke.

I let my tongue retreat so I could speak, “Do like I told you before…” I said, “Unleash that jizz all over my famous titties.”

He didn’t need any more encouragement than that and pulled back, not even needing to jerk himself as he spewed forth with shot after shot of boiling white seed. I was impressed that he seemed to put out even more this time than the first, his seed doing a pretty impressive job working towards the impossible task of truly coating my tits.

“Oh Eddie! You are really something!” I cooed, pushing my boobs together and rubbing them around a little, really soaking in his payload.

He gasped for breath, sitting again a bit quickly, “Justine, I, I don’t know I what to say!”

“You don’t have to say anything. Just look at me! Look what your big cum-cannon did all over my boobs! Savor it! Remember this!”

He opened his eyes wide and nodded, mentally locking in every visual morsel.

“Anything left in the tanks?” I asked.

“I…I don’t know.” he shrugged, clearly wanting to go on, but inconfident that he could. I considered rimming him out, but realized that this was already an overwhelming experience and that would probably blow his poor virginal mind.

I decided to go for a less orthodox tactic instead, once again crawling towards him, not caring where my tits dribbled his load, seizing his semi in a palm.

“I’m going to do something a bit demeaning to myself,” I warned him, “It’s not a submissive thing, I’ve just found that impact can be a useful way to wake a dick up after a prolonged session.”

Of course this session was not really prolonged in my book; he was young and a bit overcome so I’d finished him off quickly both times, but I planned to enjoy this next round as long as whoever would be trying to save us could allow for.

“Impact?” he asked, confused.

But then I was slapping myself with his cock, just really wailing away with the heavy, soft organ, letting it explode wetly against my cheeks, over and over, spanking it against my forehead, giving my jaw a little of the same treatment. Then I slapped it against my tits, not gently like before, big hearty smacks that really knocked the big girls around.

“Holy fuck!” he gasped, clearly loving the sensation of it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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