Gone in 60 Minutes

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A quickie that came to mind over the weekend. As always, voting and comments are much appreciated!



One hour. Sixty minutes. Thirty-six-hundred seconds.

Not nearly long enough. But that’s all we had, and I would take it.

It was my lunch period. She was only passing through town on her way down south for her latest assignment. Being a flex truck driver, she could be relocated at will. And she had last night. It was just a reminder that everything about us seemed to happen by chance.

We’d met four months ago. A freak coincidence through an anonymous Email exchange. The more we’d talked, the more we’d opened up…grown attracted to each other. Pictures were eventually shared. Real names. Phone numbers. Daily emails had turned into constant texting…real-time messaging. Phone calls. Video chats.

The online flirting had started as a trickle. An innuendo here or there. Then one day, we were having in-depth discussions of what we would do in person. Hopes that someday we’d actually meet if the planets aligned just right. And then a month ago, they had.

She’d checked on my plans for the weekend, which I’d been used to. The meshing of schedules for even a phone call when you had a long-distance relationship was part of the struggle. She’d casually double-checked that I would still want to be surprised if the fates allowed our paths to cross on a more personal level. When I’d confirmed, she’d made a brief comment about something trivial she’d wanted to bring with her but didn’t currently have in her possession.

I’d not picked up on her subtlety and pushed the issue to know why she couldn’t just order whatever it was to be delivered to my address so it would be here when—never “if,” according to her—she came to town. Reluctantly, she let me in on the reason for her skirting around the subject: she couldn’t order said item because she was driving through the area the very next day and would be here for the weekend. The whole, fucking weekend.

As a result of my persistence and ignorance, I’d ruined that surprise. But in hindsight, it had been the best decision to know. I’d had time to prepare myself mentally. To get over the shock that after months of pining for one another through cyberspace and Ma Bell, we were actually going to be face to face. We could finally touch. And so much more.

What a weekend it had turned out to be. I’d learned so much. And yet, I could have spent days just staring into her eyes while she talked and we lay cocooned on my bed but still not have known more than a fraction of who she really was. Watching her leave that Monday was the hardest thing I’d had to do in a very long time. Especially, not knowing when “next time” would happen. If it would even happen, because I was a pessimist. Despite our mutual desire to be together, life had a way of not caring about what we wanted.

For the next four weeks, we’d continued to chat…talk…have the occasional night where we could see our faces live on video. The emotions were always high. The nostalgia kicking in for either one of us at any given moment. To say it was rough didn’t even begin to scratch the surface. And the fact that she was even further away from me now than she had been before we’d shared that weekend together made it even harder.

But I’d finally gotten that surprise visit today.

It had been a busy weekend. And I’d barely slept last night. All I could think about was that today—Monday—was one month to the day since I’d last seen her.

Those hazel eyes like mine, hers a little more golden than mine were green. How they would stare down, as though searching through my soul while she made love to me. Her silvery hair buzzed short on the sides and back but long on top, perfect to lightly scratch my nails across her scalp or run my fingers through before gripping onto. Her toned arms and legs that flexed and contracted while they wrapped around my naked body, held me to the bed or the wall, or supported her body over mine. Her slightly-gruff voice that made me tremble with a simple, “Hello,” and had, time and again, taken me to a level of ecstasy I’d only thought possible in my dreams.

I had her photos, most reflecting the handsome face I adored and her butch tastes in style. I had a bottle of the men’s body spray she used and kept a T-shirt of mine dusted in it so I could smell her while we talked late into the night. When I slept, I kept two “remember me” gifts from her nearby. Her necklace was around my neck, and her T-shirt was tucked under my head. My only regret was, the natural scent of her had recently started to fade from the fabric.

The morning had been hectic with the phone ringing off the hook. So I’d not paid attention to the customer who walked in the front door of the building. Lots of customers passed through those doors daily. But most did not head toward my office. This one did…and stopped in the doorway.

At first, all I saw were two thighs wrapped in weathered jeans, the corner of my desk hiding everything from the knees down, including the wearer’s porno shoes. But the moment I lifted my head, I knew they’d be the light-brown work boots in the picture on my phone. I had never been more glad I was sitting down.

There she stood, her lean form resting against my doorframe, her hands in her front pockets. Her graphic T-shirt was stretched across her mostly-flat chest. A crooked smile and crinkled, sparkling eyes decorated her face beneath the bill of the worn baseball cap.

A rapid succession of memories flashed in my head, in case I’d forgotten what lie beneath that thin layer of cotton. Or how it had felt to run my fingers through the hair hidden by her hat. To kiss those lips. My tongue darted out to lick my own before I captured my lower lip between my teeth.

“Hiya, gorgeous.”

I whimpered at those two simple words. Her gravelly voice with a southern accent only intensified the sexiness factor.

“About ready for your lunch, isn’t it?” she said, visibly shifting her weight to her other leg.

I just nodded. Blinked a few times. Remembered I could swallow.

The corner of her mouth twitched as she smiled softly. She knew how her presence was affecting me. Especially the fact that my pussy was clenching.

There was a weird, cosmic connection between us that we both said we couldn’t explain. And that also allowed us to somehow know what the other was thinking…feeling. You want to talk about two people having chemistry? We didn’t set off fireworks when we were together. We launched a space shuttle.

“I have to be in Texas by tomorrow night.” My sudden disappointment that we wouldn’t have this evening reflected in her eyes. She stood upright and sighed. “I just found out this morning. I’m sorry. You know I’m limited to how many hours I can be on the road. But I’m here, now.”

I took a deep breath and managed to tear my eyes away from her long enough to turn back to my computer and clock out. My legs were shaking when I stood. I almost walked out of my office without my purse…my keys. Both of which I’d need to drive us back to my place since we obviously couldn’t take her semi.

She followed me out into the lobby. My peripheral vision showed she still had her hands in her pockets. I smirked at that. She’d once told me that if she ever surprised me at work, it would be close to impossible to control the urge to keep her hands to herself. But she would somehow manage because she swore to respect me here…mostly because everyone I knew thought I was straight. I’d gone gay…but only for her.

“I’ll pick you up around front.” How my voice didn’t crack is beyond me. Or how I didn’t stumble while I proceeded to cross the lobby to go out the back door to the employee parking lot. But my hand shook when I unlocked and started my car. I had to take several deep breaths before I could shift the car into gear and back out of my space.

She was waiting with hands still in pockets when I pulled around. Neither one of us spoke when she got in and buckled her seatbelt. We remained silent on the short ride to my place, though she placed her hand on my right thigh and squeezed slightly every few seconds.

My eyes darted from the road to the clock on the dash. Noticed how we’d wasted five minutes. Shit. I could be a little late getting back.

Not soon enough, we were walking up the stairs to my apartment. She’d taken my right hand when I automatically reached back to her, my left on the handrail, but there were still no words. We knew we didn’t need them. Our bodies would do the talking in short order.

Unfortunately, I had to disconnect to unlock my door. Once we were inside, I heard her deposit her hat and keys somewhere behind me. I started down the hall toward my bedroom, but she grabbed my hand again and spun me around.

“Mine!” she growled before cupping my face and kissing me soundly.

I moaned, stumbling while she walked me backwards, still kissing me. I gripped her arms, whimpering. At my room, I was given a chance to catch my breath and mumbled, “Yours.”

The door slammed shut behind us. When I went to return her kiss, she held me at arm’s length, her smile now a smirk. She licked her lips then slid her hands down my sides to my waist, stroking my hips through my pants before moving inward and undoing my belt, button, and zipper. I watched her tug off my khakis then my panties, leaving me naked from the waist down.

Still kneeling at my feet, she stared up at me.

The look of hunger in her eyes made my breath catch. A low growl rose in the back of my throat. Especially when she leaned towards my legs.

For a moment, I thought she was going to dive in and eat my pussy. But she merely sniffed—and moaned—before she stood. Her hands skated up the outsides of my calves then my thighs, sending shivers racing throughout my body. She paused on my hips just under the hem of my shirt.

I choked on my next breath. I’d almost forgotten how her hands felt on my smoother skin. They were rough from work, but she was gentle, her palms japon porno warm against me when they slid upwards. Caressing my sides and then underneath my bra before crossing my abdomen back down to my hips.

My hands were shaking when I lifted them and cupped her shoulders just before she brushed her lips over mine. On the next pass, I squeezed gently. Extended my neck towards her, encouraging her to continue kissing me.

She did, but it wasn’t long enough. And when she stepped forward, I backed into the wall. I stared at up at her, panting while she lifted one hand and caressed my cheek with the back of her fingers. They slid down my neck and grazed over my shoulder. Just like last time, her eyes locked with mine and seemed to search my soul. Her mouth had a lazy smile, her tongue darting out occasionally to wet her lips.

For the longest time, we just stood there, staring. Listening to each other’s heavy breathing. Enjoying being only inches instead of miles apart.

She suddenly spun me around and shoved me face-first against the wall. I gasped but didn’t resist. Not even when she smacked my right butt cheek, ripping a cry from my throat. But I quickly bit my lip at the “Shh!” hissed in my ear. Though I was able to muffle my response at the smack on my left cheek, it was still loud. The same was true with the next four smacks.

We’d found out last time that I liked to be spanked. Not hard, though. It was part of the foreplay, and the act raised the arousal level for what else may come.

I giggled, knowing that it was I who would be coming. Soon. Very soon.

“Mine!” she growled, stroking my stinging skin, making me whimper…my knees buckle. She quickly turned me with ease and took both of my wrists in one hand, holding them to the wall above my head. “All mine!”

I was trying to regain my balance when she kissed me again. Hard. Then I squeaked because she shoved her free hand between my legs. Two fingers searched then pushed up inside me, leaving me trembling between her and the wall while she fingered me roughly.

“And what do you say?”

I had to wet my lips at least three times before I could answer. “I’m yours!”

“Good girl.”

Just when I was on the brink of coming, she removed her fingers and dragged me over to the bed where she pushed me down. I landed on my back, my right leg hanging off the side. The heat of her lingered over me. Still catching my breath and whimpering from the void between my legs—inside me—I looked up to see those hazel eyes regarding me. The tip of her pink tongue darting out and licking her lips.

My fingers itched to touch her skin, but she was still clothed. So I reached for her hair, my fingertips tingling as they brushed across the buzz cut on the sides of her head. I stroked her there lightly then slid up into the thicker layer. I gripped the locks and moaned in delight just before she leaned down further and pressed her lips to mine, dropping from flanking my head with her hands to her forearms. One knee rested on the bed between my splayed legs, inching forward as her kiss deepened.

“Tease,” I breathed, arching against her jeans. The hair on my pussy was still short from where she’d shaved me on our first night together. I had always been sensitive there, but even more so since that encounter. I gasped loudly when her thigh finally touched my bared pussy. It pressed then backed off. Repeatedly. Just as the heel of her hand had only minutes ago. “Please…”

She took advantage of my plea and slid her tongue into my mouth. One of her hands slowly caressed my face. But she did press harder below, mumbling, “Is that what you wanted, baby?”

I moaned in the affirmative, arching my hips.

“That’s it, hump my leg. Good girl.”

The firmness of her thigh bone—the texture of her jeans—felt so good rubbing my clit. And then her hand was in my hair, lifting my head slightly, holding it to hers. I whimpered and sighed when her lips touched mine.

“Come for me,” she growled, tugging on my lower lip with her teeth.

“Uh huh,” I gasped, mentally demanding that any energy left in my body gather between my hips. Then I was humping her harder. Faster. All while she continued to kiss me passionately.

My first in-person orgasm with her in weeks came up on me suddenly. It wasn’t enough. But it was a good start. I was shaking and mumbling, squirming on the bed. Absently reaching for her clothes, though she kept batting my hands away.

“I need to touch you,” I managed, finally snagging her shirt, but I was unable to tug it out of her pants.

“We don’t have time, baby. You’ve got to be back at work in forty minutes, and you haven’t eaten anything.” But at my continued soft cries, she said, “Fuck it!”

She lifted herself off me and pulled my shirt over my head. Undid my bra. I blinked rapidly and saw her removing her own shirt. Her sports bra.

We both sighed when she settled her weight back on me once more. Skin on skin, four breasts nestled together. My right leg still draped lezbiyen porno over the side of the bed. Her knee resumed its place nudged up to my bared pussy. I let out a soft growl when I arched against her rough jeans.

“Marking me with your cum, are you, baby?”

I just grinned and wrapped my arms around her neck, holding her to me while we kissed leisurely. My hands eventually roamed down her backside. Making her shiver before I slid into her back pockets and squeezed her ass, trying to pull her closer still.

She did that half-growl/half-chuckle I loved and deepened the kiss. A slight shift to the side gave her room to cup my left breast. Stroke my nipple. That made me gasp and jerk my mouth away from hers. She didn’t seem to mind, licking behind my ear instead.

I heard her soft moan before the sensations of her tugging on my earlobe and nipple at the same time registered. I almost bucked her off me, the jolt of combined pleasure and slight discomfort hitting me out of nowhere. She just moaned into my ear and continued the torture.

Beneath her, I couldn’t stop squirming. My fingers trying unsuccessfully to undo her belt. That earned me another low growl. She reached back and brought my right hand above my head, holding it there with our fingers laced together.

“No, baby. I want this to be all about you. I’ve neglected you for too long.”

Despite my disappointment, I lay mostly still when she returned to teasing my nipple, squeezing her hand above us instead…biting my lip.

“I had every intention of just cuddling with you on the couch,” she moaned in my ear. I felt her tongue graze my skin when she licked her lips. “But seeing you? Feeling you?”

I nodded, swallowing hard.

She buried her face on my neck and inhaled deeply. “God. Smelling you? I had to have you.”

My free hand trembled when I lifted it from the bed and stroked her hair.

Her mouth joined mine, luring my tongue out to play.

The longer we kissed, the more I felt my pussy throb…weep. Surely, her pants must be soaked through by now. Her heart pounded just as rapidly on top as mine did beneath my chest. A yearning deep inside called for more than the pressure of her thigh between my legs. I needed her magical fingers. The ones that had revealed to us both that I was multi-orgasmic.

At my next whimper, she shushed me softly. I felt her other hand moving over my mound. Parting my folds. Gently circling my clit. My fingers moved to claw the back of her shoulder.

“That’s it, baby,” she cooed when I gasped and arched my hips. Her deft fingers glided into place, two pressing up into me while her thumb continued to stroke my sensitive bud. Then her fingers curled upwards inside me, making my eyes roll back. Close.

Everything but us and absolute pleasure ceased to exist in that moment.

I heard her heavy breaths against my ear. Felt her thigh wedging back between mine behind her hand. Smelled the combination of her body spray and sweat when she rose over me, resting her cheek on my forehead before nuzzling my neck.

I alternated between clutching at her hair and arm, moaning and shaking beneath her. The sensations building until she pushed me over the cliff. And unlike the men I’d been with, she continued to caress me inside and out, prolonging my release. Carrying me into a second. Then a third, the fourth total of the day. Holding me when I unfortunately started to come down from my high.

“Shh, shh.” The whispered words caressed my ear when I cried out because she’d removed her hand.

She moaned before I felt something firm and wet at my lips. I opened my mouth only to moan along with her, tasting my cum on her fingertips. When she didn’t pull back, I sucked them deeper into my mouth, cleaning them. Nipping lightly.

“Tease,” she growled, moving her hand back and forth, fucking my mouth now. Slowly. Deliberately. Making her own sounds of delight while my tongue swirled around and between her fingers.

We kept that up for another minute or two before she replaced her digits with her tongue. Her fingers—wet with my saliva—caressed and tweaked my right nipple. I hissed, cringing.

“Still sensitive, hmm, baby?”

I opened my eyes to see her staring down at me. Her hand above my head was now stroking my hair. The corner of her mouth twitched while she caressed my breast, hefting the weight of it…squeezing occasionally. I nodded and bit my lip when she tweaked the nipple again, not as hard but still enough to make me cry out. She murmured an apology and smoothed her palm over my hardened tip.

My hands realized they were both free. They skated up her sides, causing her to shiver under my touch…to moan. I cupped and caressed her breasts in turn. Stroking my thumbs over her thick nipples. That got me a couple of ragged gasps from her. A reciprocal caress on my own nipples.

She shifted. This time, down my body.

I held my breath when she stopped at my right breast. Our eyes locked. She gave me a silent nod at my head shake. Moved to my left breast instead, although, she still cupped my right breast in her hand. Then her mouth descended, gently licking, sucking, and biting all over my swollen globe. On the other side, it was a constant massage moving right to left then up and down before repeating.

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