Good Cop / Bad cop Ch. 01

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He looked up a bit, blushing at the officer at his window. He knew he had been speeding and he knew that this time he was going to be in serious trouble since it was his third stop this week. He was surprised to see a new officer at the window, a beautiful buxom blonde. He stammered slightly as he spoke, “Good morning, officer.”

The officer glared at him, “Good morning, indeed. Do you know how fast you were going?”

He inhaled deeply, debating internally whether to lie or not. He opened his mouth to speak, and tried to deny that he did but instead, “Yes, officer, I was going 80. And yes I am aware that the speed limit is still 60 along this stretch.”

She looked at him, really looked at him, and thought about just how long it had been since she had been with a man. She loved her girlfriend, but she still loved a ggood stiff cock once in a while and it had been far too long since she had been with a man. She suddenly snapped out of her slight trance as her radio Yalova Escort crackled in her ear with a report of how many times David Johnson had been stopped that week alone for speeding. She looked at him again to find that he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, making her wonder just how long she was lost in her thoughts of cock.

“Alright, David, it seems like you’ve had a bit of a lead foot this week. In a hurry to get home before your wife finds out you’ve been out all night? Or in a hurry to get to a girlfriend?”

“Neither, Officer, I just got this car and don’t realize how fast I’m going until it’s too late.” He spoke the truth, or at least mostly the truth. The whole truth was that most of the time he was thinking about his ex-girlfriend. She had decided that, no matter how good the relationship was, she didn’t love me any more. He sighed and looked up at the officer who was lost in her own thoughts again. He sort of wondered what she was Yalova Escort Bayan thinking, then he caught where her gaze was.. right on his crotch.

She smiled and got the most wicked idea, she was lost in her thoughts again. She jumped as he cleared his throat. “Are you going to ticket me, Officer? I am late for work.”

She smirked and looked at him again, “No, but you are going to step from the vehicle. You need to put your hands on the roof and spread your feet so that I can check for weapons. Three strikes, David, I will have to take you in for prints and such. You will have to be arraigned and most likely lose your license.”

David sighed and unbuckled his seatbelt, opening his door to step from the car. He closed the door and turned, putting his hands on the roof of the car, his feet shoulder width apart as he leaned his head against the car. She frisked him slowly, back first, then chest, her own chest pressing against his back Escort Yalova so that she could feel his shirt pockets, then down his waist, pressing firmly against him as she slid down his body. She paused for a moment before dropping her hands to his ankles, bringing her hands slowly up his legs, feeling along his inner thighs, then pausing with her hands on his crotch.

He groaned as she frisked him, she was quite thorough, and quite friendly. She was pressed against his back, the feel of her tits against his back making his cock harden in his jeans. She rubbed up his legs and then stopped with her hands right over the bulge of his cock. She squeezed down on the bulge and turned him around, looking up at him, “The report said nothing of you being armed and dangerous.”

He groaned and blinked as she turned him around. “No Officer, I was not aware I needed to.” His cock hardened more under her hand as she squeezed him again. He moaned softly as she squeezed him again before standing up.

“Turn around, I need to take you in.” He complied and she cuffed his wrists, guiding him into the back of the car. She got into the front seat and pulled easily onto the road and drove off towards the jail and towards his destiny…whatever it may be…

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