Good Morning Ch. 01

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Heathers tongue slid up Stephie’s pussy, from the asshole all the way up to the clit and down again. Stephie moaned, gyrating her hips, almost trying to devour Heathers mouth with her cunt. Heather thrust her tongue in and out of the slit, the circled it up to her clit, massaging the tiny nub. She nibbled on it slightly with her teeth, making Stephie cry out in pleasure, then sucked it hard. Stephie was going crazy now, her hips moving frantically, and Heather could tell by the flow of fluids that Stephie was nearing her orgasm. With a loud cry, Stephie came, a gush of warm sweet juice flowing in to Heathers open mouth. Heather lapped it up, bringing her hand up towards the pussy. First one, then two, three, and finally four fingers pushed up inside the tight hole, while her mouth didn’t let up on the clit. Thrusting her hand in and out, Heather continued to lap at the clit, until Stephie collapsed into another series of bed shaking orgasms.

“Oh my God Heather!” She cried, spasms shaking her body.

Heather smiled into the sweet pussy, and with a last couple of kisses let herself sit up.

“Had enough, sweetie?” Heather asked the other girl. Stephie was too weak to do anything but moan, a long, long moan.

“I bursa otele gelen escort think that was a good way to start out the morning,” smiled Heather.

She and Stephie rolled out of the queen-sized bed and made their way into the bathroom, where Stephie started the shower. When it was warm, the two girls stepped under the flow together.

Stephie took the bar of soap and lathered up her hands, until there was a good deal of soap on them. She caressed Heathers body with the lathered hands, rubbing Heathers gorgeous perky breasts until they were slick and covered with the white froth.

Down Heathers belly Stephie went, circling around the belly button, and soaping up the bright red pubic hair. Then her hands delved between Heathers legs, into her warm slit, still wet with her own fluids from the excitement caused by Stephie’s treat earlier. Stephie lingered at the clit, coaxing it out of its little hood, rubbing the soft pad of her finger about that little nub of flesh where so many pleasures started. Heather moaned in pleasure, reaching up with her arms to grip the curtain rod.

Stephie kneeled down, resting on her knees, her hands still moving underneath escort bayan Heather. One of her fingers found its way inside Heathers warm cunt, and Stephie’s head moved closer to the taller girl. Sticking out her tongue, she started to bathe Heathers sweet warm flesh. She followed the same path she had with the soap, around the belly button, over the trimmed pubic mound, and on down to the pussy lips.

Thrusting her finger in and out of Heathers pussy, Stephie placed her mouth on the clit and started caressing it with her warm tongue. She petted the clit with her tongue, sticking her tongue all the way out and dragging it towards her mouth, lapping. Stephie sucked the clit in, and started lightly rolling it between her teeth, while easing a second finger inside the other girl’s cunt.

Heather moaned, and started to move her hips in time to Stephie’s thrusts. It took no time at all for her to reach her own shaking orgasms.

Standing back up, Stephie finished washing Heather, lathering her hands up again and moving to Heathers back. She ran her hands down Heathers back, over her shoulders, and then across her pert buttocks. Stephie ran her soapy hand between the buttocks, lightly fingering mudanya escort the puckered opening there. Heather, still recovering from her orgasm, moaned again. Stephie stuck her middle finger into Heathers smaller, sensitive hole, wriggling it a little bit. Heather tightened around even so small an invasion and, reaching down with her own hand to caress her own clit, achieved another orgasm.

Stephie cleaned her fingers off in the water and rubbed Heather down again, rinsing her of all remaining soap.

Heather took the soap and rubbed Stephie’s body with the entire bar. She followed the curve of Stephie’s breasts, circling around them and running it over the sensitive nipples. She ran the bar through the crevice between the breasts, down the belly, down the legs, and then up the back. She paused at Stephie’s bottom, and gave Stephie a small kiss on the left cheek. Then she moved up and ran the bar over her back.

Reaching forward with her mouth she caught Stephie on the neck in a sloppy kiss. Stephie turned around, grabbed Heather around the waist, and pulled Heather towards her lips. Their lips embraced while Stephie inched her tongue in to Heathers mouth. Heather accepted it and caressed it with her own tongue.

At the end of their kiss, the two girls smiled, and stepped out of the shower.

“I’d better get going,” Heather sighed, spotting the clock. “Your boyfriend will be home soon. Can’t let him know about last night.”

Stephie winked.

“I’ll call you later, Heather. Goodbye.”

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