Good Neighbors Behind the Scenes

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( Hello all. This story is written from the point of view of my neighbor. It’s kind of a Behind the Scenes type of story to talk about some of the thoughts behind what I typed. I have an agreement with my wonderful muse to write these as if she is the neighbor and answering the questions. Please message me for any questions you would like me to ask her. Of course as all these stories are, this one is dedicated to her for without her I would not be sharing these ideas. )

For those who have been reading Leo’s narrative about our relationship, thank you so much. If this is your first time reading this series, I welcome you to check out Leo’s stories about our relationship called “Good Neighbors.”

So, the main drive of this series is the relationship between a middle-aged entrepreneur widower and his widow neighbor. It wasn’t always this way dealing with Leo. There was a time for a few years before he and his wife moved into the house next door when my husband and I rarely dealt with our neighbors. But that’s a story for another time. For this first time of me trying to set the record straight, I thought it best to answer questions first. It seemed eskişehir escort like the right thing to do since Leo told me last night that he almost wrote one hundred chapters. So, let’s get on with the questions:

Why doesn’t Leo ever call you by your real name? This has to be the biggest question I have been asked. There’s a simple reason behind it. To be honest, he calls me by his pet names so much that he rarely, if ever, calls me by my real name. I kinda do the same thing myself to be honest. Leo is actually not his real name. He chooses to use it as a pseudonym because he doesn’t need employees or partners discovering him writing about his experiences. He chose to never use my real name for a similar reason. I don’t mind, actually. I am just glad he writes such wonderful things about me.

What prompted you to seduce Leo in the first chapter? I blushed when I read that first chapter. Mostly because he described it so much better than it actually happened. I really don’t know what possessed me to tease myself on the pool deck like that. It felt so good having the sun touch my skin like that. I just remembering eskişehir escort bayan touching myself in what I thought was privacy until I saw him walking towards me. Leo is really a cute guy and the idea of getting him turned on was not as much my intention as he wrote. But I did ask him if he was interested and everything else in the story happened the way he wrote it. I am glad he didn’t talk about what happened in his bedroom later. The fact that he made me scream that day for the first time still drives me crazy.

How would you characterize Leo as a dominant? First of all, I wouldn’t call him a full dominant. He is more of a guy who has dominant tendencies at times. Leo, first and foremost, is my friend. He’s been there the whole time since my husband passed and everything beyond that is a bonus. I had plenty of conversations with his wife about what they did just because I was interested. She always seemed so happy, and I wanted what she had in a way. The thing was, I was not willing to lose my relationship with my own husband to try it. My husband was, how do you say, pure vanilla in the bedroom. But once escort eskişehir both of them were having their health issues, I didn’t think of anything but taking care of him. I will tell you during that time, Leo was right there. Even though he was more apt to hide in his house and not show his face, he was very brave in helping me with Mitchell before his passing.

So, is he a dominant? I would say a little. The thing is I never had an experience before him to draw from. Still, he is my Master and I wear his collar whenever he asks me to.

What do you see for your future with Leo? I’m starting to blush with this question. The thing is I was married to Mitchell for so many years. The thought of making Leo put a ring on it was never my intention. I mean, we still have our separate houses. Even though we spend so much time together, the thought of marriage never came up. In my heart, I do love Leo. It’s not just the lust of shagging a younger man or anything, but there’s genuine feelings there because he treats me so well as a friend and as everything else.

What is one thing we don’t know about Leo that you don’t mind sharing? He’s prevalently a hugger. He gives the best hugs and cuddles. Talk about what a woman like me wants.

That’s all for now gentle readers. I will start writing for a bit about more from behind the scenes as much as I am able. If you have any questions, feel free to let Leo know. I’m sure he won’t mind sharing your questions with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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