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Public Sex

She’d seen him before. Caught his eye a few times. He was nice… nice and… clean-looking. Kinda fresh. Like someone who looked after themselves – conscious of how he looked and smelled, but not vain.

With three vodkas down her neck, she approached. He was alone, waiting for his friend to come back from the restroom. He didn’t see her coming till the last second when she was before him. He seemed shocked she was there.

“Hi, do you have the time?” she asked with one of her cutest smiles. What a line. He looked at wrist where a black leather strap was wrapped. No watch. “Eh…” he said looking at her face, with her smooth skin and dimple on one side. “Yeah,” he said reaching into his back pocket to pull out a Nokia. “Ten twenty.”

“My friend’s late,” she frowned flirtily. “I’ve been standing over there for ages, do you mind if I wait with you? Guys keep trying to chat me up and I’m not in the mood.”

She liked using this story. In a few words, she had explained why she was alone, outlined that other men were attracted to her and asked if he would protect her. It made them feel special. And they didn’t feel intimidated by her approach.

He noticed she had no drink and offered to buy her one. She first refused but then gave in, as she always did. When his friend came back, he introduced her, hardly believing his luck that she was in his company. He was stunned by her.

After some drinks, jokes and lots of innuendo, she finally turned to him when his friend was at the bar and told him her real reason she had come over. bostancı escort Sex. Now. Outside.

His mouth opened as she left the bar, her tight trousers stretched across her rounded buttocks, her strut the kind that filled his dreams. He didn’t explain to his mate but quickly followed her, terrified he would lose her, terrified she was lying… and terrified she was telling the truth.

She was waiting outside for him. Arms folded, glaring. She didn’t say a word but marched away from the bar, turning down a dark side street. His heart beat picked up as he quickened to catch her and as his eyes adjusted to the light he realised he had lost her. He walked up and down the street, uttering ‘Hello!’ into the darkness. Where had she gone? Why had he let her get away?

He looked down an alleyway leading off the street and thought he saw her. At the end, a shadow. Was it her?? He ran. And stopped. She was standing with both hands against a car, legs outspread, her pert ass like a beacon to him.

He ran his hand along her buttocks, cupping their roundness with his palm. She didn’t look round and he was amazed by her coolness. Undoing the top button he pulled down the fly, his fingers feeling their way through her strip until he hit her clit, which was already wet.

She let out a soft moan as he tickled it with the tip, before burrowing further to find her opening. He placed a finger each side of her lips and pried them apart. As he pulled down her trousers she felt a gust of air rush inside her and she pushed ümraniye escort bayan back into him and felt his hardness.

“Is this want you want?” he asked into her neck. “Yes,” she whispered eyes closed. With his fingers still pulling her lips apart he yanked her thong aside and plunged two fingers deep in to her.

He pushed them in and out feeling her wetness cascade down his hand. She began a soft moan and widened her step to pull him deeper into her. After feeling the toughness of her g-spot inside he removed his fingers and licked them, smelling her, wanting to eat her.

He turned her round and looked at her pretty face, which was half contorted in pleasure. He removed her thong fully, pulling it down, sinking down on his hunkers as he did so. She clasped the back of his head as he pushed his tongue into her pinkness, in and out. Pushing against his mouth, she moaned louder, moving his head up and down.

She loved this. This was probably her favourite part. Standing over him, his eyes meeting hers, licking, licking, gulping her down. Feeling close to orgasm, she pulled his head away from her and helped him up. They kissed for the first time, his mouth covered in her fluid. She licked herself from his face, before finding his tongue.

They began to sway as they kissed and she felt him press his hardness against her, pushing against her with such force, it almost hurt. Fumbling at his waistband, she managed to open the top button of his pants and he helped her, quickly undoing the fly and yanking the trousers kartal escort down.

A wet patch had appeared at the front of his boxers and after feeling it with her fingers she bent down and licked at it hungrily. Unable to stand anymore, he tore at his underwear, ripped his erection out and shoved it into her mouth. He groaned as she pleasured him, up and down, sucking, nibbling, tickling, biting.

When she sensed he was about to cum, she stood up and told him to fuck her. Hard. The car she had chosen to spreadeagle herself on was parked beside a terraced house and a window ledge offered the perfect leverage.

Placing her buttocks on the cold ledge, she opened her legs and leaned back, offering herself to him. He couldn’t resist giving her a final lick, but she urged angrily at him to fuck her. He entered her slowly, taking his dick back out and going into her again.

She loved it, wailing as he plunged. He gripped her legs against his shoulders and pushed up higher into her. As his tip hit her cervix, she cried out even louder and he grew even harder, knowing he would come. She beat him to it, waves of pleasure flowing through her body, gripping him tighter as her insides shivered. With a grunt, he blew his load, silently coming, thrusting hard. As they panted, a light came on behind her and her flushed face was illuminated by a yellow glow. He pulled out of her quickly, taking a step back, alarmed. She didn’t move, but stayed with her legs wide open, feeling him flow out of her.

The door of the house opened and a man’s head appeared, his eyes locking on the fading erection.

“Mary, not again,” he said hoarsely, stepping into the street in a dressing gown, looking at his wife, with her legs flung wide.

“Darling, this is Jack,” she said. “He’s very good. You’d like him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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