Good Vibrations

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Female Ejaculation

Good vibrations

My wife’s younger sister lived, with her husband, some twenty miles from us. Now that we were all partly retired or working from home, we saw them regularly for lunches, occasional overnights in each other’s houses or for short holidays together. Although we got on well, nothing untoward ever happened or was even suggested.

I will forever remember the day that changed.

My wife Jo had been at her sister Maggie’s for lunch and gossip and when she came home told me that it had been a very interesting day. It had just been the two of them in the house and they had been discussing women’s magazines.

My wife Jo told her sister that she read Good Housekeeping each month and that I referred to it as Good Vibrations, because of the adverts for vibrators that appeared in each edition.

Maggie asked my wife if she used a vibrator; Jo told her that she had never tried or owned one. Maggie told her that she had three and that they were used regularly in her sex sessions with Ray, her husband. Maggie told her that it had all started when she was living with Clive, with whom she had shacked up for over ten years.

We had known Clive, a great and talented writer with a severe drink problem. Maggie explained that she grew so tired of Clive either falling asleep, pissed off his head, when she wanted sex, or not being able to stay hard, that she bought her first vibrator and had since added to her collection, being very clear with Jo that while her current husband did not suffer from any of Clive’s erection issues, they still used the vibrators to add to the fun in bed. She offered to show them to my wife and, of course, natural curiosity took over.

“Why do you need three?” asked Jo.

Maggie explained that they did different things; one was clearly longer and fatter than the others and Maggie told her that was the original purchase, that she used when she just wanted to be filled.

“You won’t know this, but Clive was very big down there and I’d got used to Ankara travesti feeling all of that inside me, so I went out and bought the nearest thing to his cock that I could find.”

I remembered that when Maggie and Clive had stayed with us years ago, Jo had once bumped into Clive as he was going from the toilet into their bedroom stark naked and had commented to me just how well-endowed he was and wondered how her sister managed to fit it inside her.

I told her then that she was just jealous. Jo had the perfect answer for me. “Given that he’s just seen me in this nightie, he may be the one who’s jealous – of you!” Given that the nightdress Jo was then wearing was completely see-through, she probably made a good point.

Maggie’s other two vibrators were slimmer and shorter, according to Jo. Maggie told Jo that they were used either to get her going or to supplement the feel of her husband Ray’s prick inside her.

“Do you want to have a try?” she asked Jo.

My wife told me that the whole atmosphere had changed, both from what was normal between the two sisters and from how things had been just thirty minutes earlier.

“How changed?” I asked her.

“It was bloody weird – I hadn’t had a thing to drink, yet I felt almost woozy; I was conscious that I was feeling randy – my nipples were hard and I was sure I was wet down below.”

“So what happened?”

My wife said that Maggie took over and said that if Jo wanted, she would do a demonstration.

“I didn’t know what to do; in one way I wanted to know more, but I was self-conscious about doing anything in front of my sister” she told me. “Maggie didn’t wait for any go-ahead; she took off her jeans, sat on the bed, switched on and started rubbing one of the smaller vibrators against her pants.”

By now I was entranced; what a story this was. Even though I didn’t want to interrupt the narrative, I had to ask, “What then?”.

“She said that doing it with pants on was worse than riding a cock in a johnny – her Antalya travesti words exactly – so she pulled her pants to one side and rubbed the vibrator against her exposed pussy. And just like that, I wanted to try it too, so I did. I took my jeans off and took the other smaller thing, got Maggie to show me how to switch it on and change speeds and started to play with it against my knickers. Maggie told me to try it against my bare pussy, like she was doing, and she was right, it was much better.”

“So now the two of you are there, with vibrators up against your holes?”

“You do have a charming way of expressing things, but the best was yet to come. Maggie told me to try the big one and actually started to put it into me, before I stopped her and did it myself. It slid in all the way up and do you know what the cheeky tart said to me? She told me that if I could take something that size up me so easily and had never used a vibrator or dildo before, I must be getting a regular dose of big cock. Then she put hers down and used the small one on my clit while I still had the whopper in me – and I have to admit I came, there and then.”

She tried to look shame-faced but failed badly; she could not hide the wicked smile that convinced me that every word of her story was true.

She said “And do you know what I fancy now? A big cock in my mouth while you suck me off – and if you come in my mouth, I’ll share it all with you.”

I am sure that day was the first time ever that she had been made to come by two different people. I guess she must have thought about exactly that while we were sucking each other, because she suddenly flooded my face with a whole lot of delicious cunt juice, as I exploded on her tongue. She came out of the 69 position and put her face a couple of inches above mine then opened her mouth to let my spunk drip out.

“Catch it and eat it” she told me.

And I did just that.

Jo had not yet reached a climax and I didn’t know if that was due to her earlier İstanbul travesti exertions with Maggie. I was put in my place immediately.

“Now you can eat me while you think about Maggie and me playing with ourselves this afternoon.”

She lay back and opened her legs wide.

“Are you shocked at the idea of my own sister seeing me like this and actually pushing her sex toys into me?”

I was already sucking her so carried on doing that instead of stopping to talk. That did not deter Jo; she was in the mood to try to tease me with images of how she had spent her time with Maggie.

“I think we should get some toys” she murmured “one of those vibrators advertised in Good Housekeeping and some others as well.”

Now I had to stop and find out where she was going with this. “The vibrator I understand” I said, “but what do you want other things for?”

“I might like something nice and slim up the back while you’re sucking me – it would be fantastic if you were sliding it in and out of my bum while you worked on my pussy. And….it would help get me prepared for when I find the right man to fuck me up there. I know I’d need a very considerate husband to do that for me…but you wouldn’t mind, would you darling, especially if I then let you watch him fuck me up there?”

I had known for years that Jo had a side to her nature that was a mixture of filth and kinks, which she kept under tight control, buried so deep that nobody would have imagined it of her. Those occasions where the bad streak overwhelmed her natural caution were memorable but more infrequent than I would have liked. I sensed that the games she had played earlier that day with her sister had awakened her slutty side and anything was possible.

I slapped her open cunt. She squirmed but did not tell me to stop. I slapped it again, then again, faster and faster, as she muttered “Fuck, fuck, fuck”.

I slid my fingers into her and then worked in and out of her until I could see her juice leaking out around my hand. A few more strokes then I pulled my hand out of her and at once she squirted, long and hard.

“You bastard” she said to me “you dirty fucking bastard doing that to me. For doing that, you can get your tongue back down there and make me come.”

Mission accomplished.

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