Grace in Disgrace 2

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This is the sequel to “Grace in disgrace 1”
It will make more sense if you have read that first.

The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday was a continued torture. Grace’s naked body turned me on every time that I looked at her, yet I was not going to fuck her until I knew that she was clean. Grace continued to masturbate me whenever she saw that I needed relief, and it was certainly erotic watching her taking another load of my cum into her mouth; it was very nearly a blow job.

I had coped with the three months during which she had refused me any sex, better than I was coping with these few days when I could have fucked her, but there was a risk of an STD which I did not want.

“John. I’m finding this waiting as hard as you are. You suggested yesterday that I should buy a few very sexy outfits, suitable for my new role as a courtesan. Maybe it would ease the strain if we went shopping now. I know that I said that I would pay for them out of the money that I ‘earned’ but could you lend me the money until I can get my money out of the bank?”

“Sure. I’ll just use my credit card. If you pay me before the end of the month it wont cost me anything. We’ll go as soon as you are dressed.”

Grace disappeared into our spare room, because that was where I had put her things when I was most upset about her being a whore. While I was alone my mind drifted. I was thinking about how I had been ready to divorce her two nights ago, yet now we were going out together to buy sexy clothes so that she could seduce other men for me. Maybe that was the difference, she would be fucking other men for me, NOT for David Brown. I didn’t mind her fucking others if it was for me.

“These are the sexiest clothes that I could find. Will they do for shopping?”

“I didn’t know that you had such a short skirt.”

“I didn’t. I cut about 3” off the bottom just now, and left the edge raw.”

“By the shape of your nipples pressing against your blouse, I can see that you’re not wearing a bra. Panties?”


“Good. Let’s go.”

We spent a couple of hours with Grace trying on all sorts of outfits before we found one really great one. It was a little black dress which clung to her curves beautifully. It left her back, shoulders, and arms bare, apart from a thin strap around the back of her neck. The front was split all the way down to her navel, showing her considerable cleavage plus the swell of her breasts. The skirt was very short, almost indecent.

“What do you think?”

“Grace. It’s perfect. I can just see me walking into a posh restaurant with you on my arm. You’ll turn heads all around the room. Whoever we are meeting will be stunned.”

Grace grinned happily. Apparently being seen, almost naked, in public, was no problem for her.

“I’ll need new shoes to wear with it.”

“Of course. As high as you can, to show off those shapely legs, but not so high that you cannot walk elegantly.”

At my suggestion, she kept the new dress on and carried a shopping bag containing her skirt and blouse, and headed for a shoe shop that she knew.

I was amused to see the young man who measured her feet, then brought out shoes in her size for her to try. He kept looking up at her except that his eyes never got any higher than her pussy, which I knew he could see from his position at her feet. Grace knew what he was looking at and made no effort to discourage him.

Unfortunately for our shop assistant Grace liked the third pair that she tried on and we were quickly out of there, with Grace wearing her new shoes and carrying the old ones.

As soon as we were away from the shop, Grace started giggling uncontrollably. Eventually she was able to talk again.

“Did you see the look on his face. He seemed to like antalya escort bayan the fact that I’m not wearing panties.”

I steered Grace into a posh restaurant that I wanted to try.

“Wow! I like the look of this place. Can we afford it?”

“Yes, Grace. I think that this could be a good place for a courtesan to meet new clients. At the very least it will be a good test of your new clothes.”

The maitre d’ met us, assured us that we could have a table soon and suggested that we have a drink at the bar while we waited. There was one other couple in the bar, who looked pretty rich. They were about our ages, and the woman was dressed almost as sexily as Grace. We introduced ourselves:

“Hi. I’m John and this is my wife Grace.”

“Hi, Grace, John. I’m Pete and this is my girlfriend Valerie.”

We fell into easy conversation which everyone seemed to enjoy. The maitre d’ came back and told Pete that a table for 4 was free, which they could share with us if they liked. Pete nodded and we followed the maitre d’ into the restaurant. Waiters appeared, seated us, placed napkins on our laps and gave us all menus and Pete the wine list.

“John? Do you mind if I chose a wine for all of us?”

“Go ahead Pete.”

I was horrified when I heard Pete order a bottle of Grange Hermitage from the sommelier.

“Hell! Pete! I can’t afford to drink $1000 bottles of wine.”

“Relax. John. This one’s on me. Have you ever tasted Grange?”

“Yes. Once. It was very good, of course. Although I’m told that it needs to have been matured for about 10 years before it is any good.”

“Well. I can promise you that you will enjoy this one. It’s 12 years old.”

Over dinner, which was excellent, the conversation drifted from banal to outright bawdy. Towards the end Pete was flirting outrageously with Grace and Valerie equally outrageously with me. When they invited us back to their room in the hotel attached to the restaurant I was distressed. These people might or might not be future clients for Grace as a courtesan, but they could introduce us to potential clients, rich people like them, BUT I could not risk the terribly bad publicity if Grace were to give Pete an STD.

“Look Pete, as much as we would love to come back with you, we both have a very big day ahead tomorrow. We really need to get to bed early tonight.”

Pete and Valerie looked as disappointed as I felt.

“On the other hand, if you’re still in town on Friday night, we would be thrilled to party with you. We don’t have to do anything on Saturday, or on Sunday for that matter.”

They looked happier now.

“OK. John. Let’s meet here on Friday night. Is 7 too early for you?”

“That will be fine. Grace, you’ll have to skip your night out with the girls. OK?”

“Sure. Pete and Valerie promise to be much more fun.”

On Monday morning we went to our GP first. She was surprised when we asked to be checked for STDs but accepted my story when I said that Grace had been cheating on me and we just wanted to be safe. She examined us both carefully and found no visual signs of any problem. Then she took blood samples and promised to phone us on Thursday when she expected to have our pathology results.

It took us a while to tell our story, in much more detail, to our new lawyer. After questioning Grace closely for maybe half an hour she concluded.

“Grace. I’m sure that you realise how embarrassing it will be to give evidence against David. Everything that you have done with him and for him will have to come out in public. It is salacious enough that it is likely to be picked up by the newspapers, TV even. Everyone will know that you have been a whore. Are you sure that you can give evidence in open court, because escort bayan the whole case collapses without your evidence?”

“Yes. John and I have already discussed that. He has made it a condition of our remaining married that I give evidence. I know that my mother and my sisters will spurn me when they hear about my whoring, but John is more important to me than them. So, yes, I’m keen to testify against David.”

“Good. I’ll take your case and I’m optimistic that David will go to gaol for a significant spell.”

Before we left her, our lawyer explained her fee structure and had us sign various papers including an undertaking to pay her fees.

On Thursday evening, when I got home, Grace was already home and naked. She had a big smile on her face as she welcomed me with a warm embrace and a loving kiss.

“You look happy. What’s up?”

“The doctor just rang to say that we are both free of any STD. I’m happy because that means that you can fuck me and I really want it.”

Grace helped me to undress and as soon as I was naked she turned away from me and leant over a chair.

“You’ve never fucked my arse. I want you to fuck me there first. I’ve already put lots of lube in there and stretched myself, so you should be able to just push into me.”

By now I knew that the new Grace was very different from the old Grace, but I was still surprised by this request – pleasantly surprised, that is. I didn’t hesitate however and surprisingly easily I slid into her arsehole. As I slid my cock in and out of her anus I gave little grunts of pleasure. All too soon I was cumming deep inside her.

“So? I think that you like fucking my arsehole, don’t you?”

“After the 3-month drought that I have endured, I would enjoy fucking you in any hole, but I have to admit that I particularly like fucking your arsehole. Do you enjoy it as much as in your cunt?”

“I’ve come to love every aspect of sex. What I really crave is having two or three cocks fuck me at the same time.”

“Maybe Pete and I will fuck you tomorrow night. How does that sound?”

A big smile on her face was all the answer that I got.

Over a quick dinner we discussed what she should wear the following night. Pete and Valerie had already seen her in her sexy black dress so we decided to go shopping for something similar but clearly different. But first we both wanted another fuck, in her cunt this time. Then we took a shower together.

“Well Grace! It’s sure wonderful to have you back as my wife. In fact I really like the new Grace better than the old Grace because you are so much more adventurous than before you came under David Brown’s spell.”

“And I’m so glad that you found out about me and broke that spell, although I would not be ‘so much more adventurous’, as you put it, if I had not been under that spell for long enough to break down all my inhibitions and preconceptions.”

We dressed and headed out to the shops before they shut. Grace had on the short skirt and blouse that she had worn shopping before. I could see that she wore no bra; I assumed no panties. We went back to the shop where we had found her little black dress and quickly found another, very similar, dress except that this one was bright red.

“Wow! Grace! You look even better in that dress than in the black one.”

“You don’t think that it’s too much?”

“It needs to be too much. It needs to announce to the world ‘I’m ready to fuck.’.”

So we bought it and she wore it the next night for our dinner with Pete and Valerie.

“Wow! Grace!”, Pete said when we arrived in the bar of the restaurant, “Valerie dressed to kill tonight but you are smoking hot.”

“I’m very proud of how hot Grace looks, but Valerie does too. I’d like to propose antalya escort a toast to the two most stunning women here tonight.”

Valerie looked gratefully at me when I proposed this toast. She really was every bit as sexy as Grace. For the rest of our dinner, Valerie concentrated her flirtation on me, and I loved it. Meanwhile Pete and Grace were getting very friendly too.

At the end of the meal we were all in a great mood. Pete called for the bill and signed for it, charging it to his room.

“Can’t I pay my share, Pete?”, I asked.

“No, John, all I want from you is that you bring your hot wife up to our room. OK?”

Pete took Grace’s hand and led her to the lift. I grabbed Valerie’s hand and followed them. In the lift Grace somehow ended up standing close to Pete, with her back to him. Pete had his hands inside her dress and was spending most of his time playing with her nipples.

Valerie looked at them and then she reached to the back of her neck and tugged at something. Her dress slid down her body and puddled around her feet. She stepped out of her dress, towards me.

I pulled her now-naked body against me (like Grace, she wore no bra or panties or stockings) and I proceeded to explore her beautiful smooth skin and her sexy curves and bumps. I was really enjoying myself and Valerie’s responses told me that she was too. Nowhere near an orgasm for either of us, yet, but building towards one for both of us.

I looked at Pete and Grace and realised that Grace’s dress was now on the floor around her feet, and Pete’s hands were now exploring her mound and her cunt lips, in fact Grace seemed to be very close to her first orgasm of the night.

I wondered what would happen if someone else got in the lift with us, but no one did. When the lift stopped at their floor I picked up the two discarded dresses and carried them in my left hand while my right arm was wrapped around Valerie’s waist. We got to their room without incident.

Pete opened a bottle of Bollinger champagne, poured 4 glasses, and passed them around.

“So, Grace, how do you want to be fucked tonight?”

“Well, Pete, what I would really like is to have John fuck my arse while you fuck my cunt. Do you think that we could do that?”

“But that would leave Valerie out of all the fun. I was thinking that I would fuck you while John fucked Valerie.”

“Surely,”, Valerie cut in, “you two guys can get it up twice in one evening. I’ve never had a DP but I’d really like to experience one. I’ll watch while you two DP Grace and then she can watch while you both do me.”

“That works for me.”, said Grace.

“And me.”, I said.

Then Valerie helped me to undress. When I looked at Pete and Grace he was already naked and Grace was kneeling in front of him sucking an impressively thick dick. Valerie gave my dick a few strokes with her hand because it was already ready for action. Valerie produced some lube and rubbed a good dollop on my dick before passing the tube to Grace who stood up and poked some lube into her own arsehole.

“OK, Pete,”, Grace took control, “you lie on your back on the bed, I’ll get on top of you and then John can stand behind me and fuck my arse.”

As I slipped my dick into Grace’s arse Pete said, “Wow! I can feel John’s cock rubbing against mine.”

Because I was on top, I did most of the fucking. Pete kept lifting his hips off the bed to meet me each time I thrust into Grace. It was pretty erotic. I had never experienced anything like it. I knew that Grace had been fucked this way often. Thinking these thoughts as I stroked in and out affected me so much that, within only a few minutes, I was cumming inside Grace.

“John’s cumming inside me.”

“I know. I can feel his cock pulsing. Ahhh! I’m cumming too.”

“So am I. Ahhh!”

“That was amazing to watch. I can’t wait for my turn.”

To be continued in “Grace in disgrace 3”

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