Granddad – Party Time and Beyond

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It’s Party Time! Girl’s Nite

To those of you that have not read the previous parts this will make much more sense if you start back at the beginning. Comments always welcum.


We were late, predictably. Despite being assured that she was probably less than half the age of any of the other attendees, Anja seemed to be obsessed with ‘will I do?’ and ‘what should I wear?’ It seemed she had totally forgotten what she had decided on only a very few hours earlier.

How many times did I remind her? “Sweetheart, it’s an orgy we’re going to not a dinner party. If you’re wearing anything that gets in the way of whatever it’s in the way of, it’ll be removed. If it isn’t it will stay on. How about a belt and a big smile?” I’d suggested and received a playfully scornful look for my efforts.

“OK,” I tried again, “The little item you showed me earlier was perfect, then. What’s changed? You feel you might be a tad overdressed? I haven’t found anywhere where you don’t like to be touched. If there is anywhere just cover that and put your high heels and that new dangly skirt thingy we got for you this afternoon. That doesn’t cover anything and enhances everything!”

“Yes, I like that. You said it made me look a bit tarty, and I rather like the idea of looking tarty for a party and you, sometimes. But is it a bit too tarty for a party with all your friends?”

“Umm,” I ventured tentatively, not wanting to state the bleeding obvious but being forced, by circumstances, to do just that. “It’s an orgy, remember? You will be having sex in one form or another with everyone present. All the women will be dressed to attract despite the fact that just being there is attraction enough. If you’ve got it, and you certainly have, flaunt it. Alternatively make it plain that it’s available but nearly hide it. If you catch my drift? Dare I point it out yet again, tarty is perfect. Slutty goes the right way too. A placard hung round your neck proclaiming ‘I’m here to be fucked!’ wouldn’t go amiss either.”

She considered my words for a few moments.

“Granddad, you’re a genius!” she agreed, “I’ll just wear my heels. D’you think they’ll be enough?” she grinned.


### ### ###

At Girl’s Nite parties the intention is that, at the end of the party, every girl is totally fucked. Shagged out. Unable to take another inch, tongue, finger or mouth. Then she gets some more, just to be certain.

Boy’s Nite parties, on the other hand, require that the Boys end the night totally useless, so, not much difference really. You think you can exhaust six lusty maidens without getting shattered yourself? You’d better cum to one of our parties, one day.

We, Anja and I, were the last to arrive, late, as I said. James was duly waiting for her as the only guy left and Betty welcomed me. The wide TV screen was showing film from one of our earlier orgies and Sheila was getting spit roasted front and back. Rose was laying beneath stroking her clit while having her own clitty sucked on by Toni. I think it set the tone of our parties quite well, really. Betty had clearly been responsible for the editing because the next session was of her swallowing James’s cock, whole.

She’d cum a long way since meeting Toni. She’d told me that Toni’s was the first cock she allowed anywhere near her mouth and even then she’d had to have a couple of goes before actually taking it further in than her lips. As for pleasing other women? It had never even crossed her mind, she’d told me, until…

I watched Anja looking at Betty deep throating James on the screen. She waited until the clip ended then went down on James herself, taking his full length in one magnificent start. She didn’t gag, she’d had a lot of practice with my cock, she chortled. James closed his eyes and enjoyed. I knew exactly what he was experiencing. The ripples of her throat muscles throbbed up the length of cock buried down her throat causing the most exquisite feelings. It’s a pity Anja was busy because the next series of clips showed girls in the fucking chair all being pleasured by more than one party goer. The series ended with Betty, again, on her knees between Muriel’s parted thighs and eating her out to a tremendous climax. I was dragged away from the scene by the feeling of a hand on my cock.

“Your Anja still happy to try out the fucking chair?” I heard Betty ask.

“Let’s put it this way,” I offered, “apart from worrying about what to wear she’s spoken of nothing else, so, probably, yes.” I grinned down at Betty, “she was horrified and delighted when I told her she’d be blindfolded all the time she was on any of the equipment.”

“Great!” she replied, “cos we all had a bit of a chat before you arrived. I’m going straight down on her. Jim and James are going for her tits and Rose her clitty,” she swallowed my cock a few times then continued, “we’re going for hard and fast. Does she cum quick? Toni’s going to fuck her straight after, Gillian’s having both her tits while Gerald goes in for Ankara travesti her clit. Think she’ll be OK?”

I grinned, happily.

“I think she’ll be in heaven. She’s had a bit of girl on girl when she went off men for a while. She’s not off men now, as you can see but I’m pretty sure she won’t have forgotten her Sapphic fun either.”

“You gonna fuck ‘er?”

“I am. I told her I wouldn’t but she looks too sexy to ignore.”

“She’ll know it’s you fucking her. We all know your cock John.” she reminded me.

“Betty, Darling, you know all the owners of the cocks you play with while blindfolded. If it’s in your hand, mouth, in your cunt or up your arse, you’ll know within very few strokes. I’ll still fuck ‘er and hard. You know me, never could ignore a willing cunt.”

There was another fifteen minutes of cinema verity during which time Betty made my cock nice and stiff and I licked her pussy and nibbled her clit, just to get her prepared for the main course. Betty then circulated advising everyone that the party would soon begin and to ensure that the night’s star attraction was made very welCUMed. It wasn’t a Freudian slip.

“I think Betty’s going to eat my cunt!” whispered Anja as she and James slid passed me on the way to the drinks.

“Everybody’s going to eat your cunt tonight Sweetheart, enjoy!” I whispered back as she and James passed by with large G&T’s. Mostly tonic’s if I knew James. He preferred to remember that he enjoyed himself and likes his woman of the knight to remember that she enjoyed herself also.

Anja was helped into the Fucking Chair, made comfortable and secure. Then she was blindfolded. Nothing happened! We just stood and looked at her, secure and expectant, in position for us all to enjoy her body and bring her to orgasm as many times as possible. She began to fidget impatiently but made no sound. Betty grinned to everybody and stepped forward. Taking the smaller of the two bottles of lube from the tray she squeezed a dollop onto the end of her finger, replaced the bottle and knelt between Anja’s parted legs. She focused totally on her target, Anja’s wet, swollen cunt.

Betty’s head suddenly jerked forward. Her open mouth fully encompassed Anja’s cunt. Anja started in surprise and moaned deliciously as Betty started to work her magic. With her head bobbing up and down we could all hear her slurping up Anja’s juices.

Rose stepped forward, slid her hand between Anja’s flat belly and Betty’s face and started to torment my Sweetheart’s clitty. Jim and James joined in taking a nipple each. James worked his gently between finger and thumb. Jim was much more aggressive, rubbing much harder and squeezing harder as well. Anja loves hard and rough and she also enjoys soft and tender but together? She started to jerk and wriggle. Her breathing became ragged as her first orgasm of the night started to build. Betty swiftly and unceremoniously pushed her lubricated finger tip into Anja’s anus and pushed her tongue into her cunt. Anja came, loudly, noisily and energetically. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stepped back.

Toni then stepped forward. Betty turned on her knees to face him and silently used her mouth to ensure his hard cock was nicely lubed. Anja’s first new cock fuck of the whole holiday!

Betty moved aside, Toni took up position and adjusted the height of the chair to align Anja’s cunt perfectly with his cock. He paused briefly then thrust forward, hard and precisely. One moment Anja’s cunt was empty and she had no idea what was going to happen next. A second later she was full to the brim with an unknown cock. Toni’s cock was buried to the root. Anja yelped like a scalded cat then let out a long, slow moan of pleasure as Toni set about fucking her with steady deep strokes. Toni quickly settled into a rhythm and Anja tried to follow suit, attempting to raise her hips up to welcome and encourage him.

As soon as she started to respond Gillian stepped forward. Placing the length of a finger each side of Anja’s erect nipples she started to roll them back and forth. Anja pushed her tits up encouragingly. Gillian laughed and rolled her nipples harder. Gerald leaned in to reach her clit and Muriel lubed her finger and crouched beneath the Fucking Chair. When Toni’s cock reached the end of its out stroke and began it’s thrust forward Muriel pushed her finger into the unsuspecting cunt along with the rampant cock. Anja gasped. Gillian swapped a nipple for a full hand of tit and squeezed hard just as she bent to kiss Anja fully on the mouth. Anja’s scream, as she swiftly climaxed again, was muffled by Gillian’s tongue trying to assault her tonsils. When she peaked everyone stopped, again and she was allowed to recover a little. As Toni’s cock found its way back into Betty’s mouth Mary stepped forward. In her hand she held a small, soft, butt plug. She looked at me. I nodded and smiled.

Soundlessly Mary covered the plug with lube and knelt between Anja’s legs. She tilted the back and seat slightly Konya travesti so that her subject, (victim?) was laying back more with her pelvis raised a little. Leaning forward she tenderly kissed the swollen outer lips that were so beautifully presented. Anja let out a soft, satisfied sigh, seemingly pleased that the frantic assaults on her erogenous areas had diminished. Mary licked between the folds of her wet, throbbing pussy while Anja continued to appreciate the tender attention. Mary stroked around Anja’s thighs, upwards to her perfect arse and down her crack. She paused at the anus, circling it with a delicate finger, probing gently she very carefully pushed against the puckered flesh. Anja visibly relaxed. The finger pushed a little harder. Anja moaned contentedly and the probing finger moved away. Anja sighed her disappointment. Mary kissed her clitty and moved her hand back towards Anja’s anus. The hand held the butt plug. It touched against her anus with the delicacy of a loving finger. Once more Anja sighed with contentment.

Mary thrust the butt plug hard into Anja’s arse whilst simultaneously pushing two stiff fingers into her wet cunt. Anja groaned with pleasure and as the fingers pumped in and out of her cunt, rubbing hard against the butt plug buried in her arse, she came once more.

When Anja had finished her climax Mary stood, removed her fingers carefully for Anja’s cunt, put them into her mouth and sucked them clean. She left the little butt plug still in Anja’s arse.

Gerald stepped forward, his hard cock glistening with Gillian’s saliva. He left Anja laying back as Mary had left her but lowered the seat until Anja’s cunt lined up perfectly with his balls. To increase the angle still further Gerald rose to his toes. He pushed his cock head downwards, beyond the horizontal such that when it penetrated Anja’s cunt it would be forced against the rear wall of her vagina. He didn’t need to tease his cock between Anja’s pussy lips. Her pussy was open. Her cunt was gaping. Her hole totally visible to all. Gerald rested his cock head right on the vestibule and swung his hips forward gracefully. As his cock penetrated the corona on the top of his cock head forced the lower glans to drive along the knobbles on the butt plug. Anja jerked urgently. Her jaw dropped and her mouth emitted a long slow sigh as the very breath seemed to be driven from her.

“Oh yesssss! FUCK!” she shouted, “Fuck me, hard!”

The first intelligible words she had uttered since being put into the fucking chair. Gerald fucked her as demanded until she reached the biggest climax so far.

Time for a little tenderness.

Gillian licked and kissed her lovingly. She spent at least five minutes teasing and kissing her inner thighs and pussy before using just one finger in her poor, abused cunt and sucking carefully on her clitoris. Anja came with a soft, contented sigh.

James was equally tender, his long slim cock probed deeper than the other cocks that night and penetrating further than she had probably been penetrated before. She smiled when she came that time and whispered a happy ‘thank you James’ as he withdrew.

Muriel moved to take up position between Anja’s thighs. Peter stood beside Anja, his hands poised over Anja’s tits. Muriel was Peter’s wife. The pair of them had run an appreciation club to pay their way through University. The young, female, University students fully appreciated the stiff hard cocks of the male members (alternatively, the Male Members’ members). Membership was paid by the hour and Muriel and Peter received part of the Membership fees. Every body was happy!

Muriel started in a loving manner, building Anja up to another gentle climax until Peter started to enjoy her tits. He started as tenderly as his wife had but soon he was holding her by the handful with more of her big, beautiful breasts still outside his grasp. He moved his hands around them urgently, as if trying to round up recalcitrant sheep. The sheep dog knelt between her thighs. Peter made a grab for her nipples, taking a firm grip he pulled hard raising my Sweetheart’s orbs into large, delicious cones. With her tits at full stretch Anja gasped excitedly. Exactly on cue Muriel pushed three fingers into her cunt, feeling for the butt plug. She withdrew as rapidly then pushed four fingers inside Anja’s cunt. With four fingers buried up to the knuckles I watched as she clenched her hand into a fist. Murial’s thumb rubbed frantically against Anja’s clit. Anja, taken completely by surprise by the sudden switch from soft and loving to hard and demanding went straight into sensory overload and climaxed with an urgent ‘Oh God!’ It was over, almost before it had begun but Anja laid back in the Fucking Chair totally exhausted.

Rose picked up the bottle of lube while waiting for Anja to collect herself. It took a few moments.

“How many more?” she asked quietly.

“Some,” James told her, “unless you’ve had enough?”

“No, I’m good,” she said after a moment İzmir travesti or two, “I think,” she added with a laugh.

“Oh you’re good,” Betty told her, “isn’t she girls?”

Which got a chorus of agreement, female and male.

“You ready, Darling?” asked Betty.

“Yes” came the reply.

Rose pushed a finger into her cunt. Removed it and used two fingers. These she worked around, exploring and pushing onto the still present butt plug. Two fingers out and three back in rapidly followed by a fourth. Rose rolled her knuckles rather than keep her hand flat as Muriel had. She twisted it slightly left and right, from ten minutes to to ten minutes past while with each movement her thumb rubbed against the clitoris. Anja was loving it, every single movement. She started to push up against it encouraging more of the same. Rose responded to her unspoken demands by easing her four fingers out, reshaping her hand to form a gentle point with her thumb pushing against the pads of her first two fingers. She spread more lubricant over her entire hand and moved it down to the gaping entrance of Anja’s cunt. Pushing the fingers in alongside her thumb Rose twisted her hand left and right.

Carefully she worked her fingers deeper and deeper into Anja’s cunt until she was knuckles deep again. Again she changed the shape of her hand until the knuckles were at an angle and not meeting her cunt full square. She twisted the new shape again. Her fist eased further in until she was passed the swelling of the hands’ knuckles. The complete hand slid smoothly into Anja’s cunt accompanied by a surprisingly satisfied sigh from Anja. She’d taken her first fist without major problem.

Rose allowed her to gather her thoughts then started to fist fuck her. Gently at first, just a gentle in and out action as if being fucked by a big, fat cock. As Anja squealed and moaned with pleasure so Rose fisted her harder and faster. As the climax approached Rose dipped her head and took Anja’s clitty between her teeth and chewed tenderly. Anja jerked, shuddered and begged for mercy. Rose brought her down lovingly and kissed her throbbing pussy goodbye for the time being.

Jim, his cock shiny after Betty had ensured he was up to working temperature stepped up to the plate and waited patiently while Anja relaxed.

“Ready?” asked Betty.

“Yes,” came Anja’s response.

Jim, taking his thick cock in hand, adjusted the Chair’s position then shoved the throbbing tool firmly into Anja’s well lubricated cunt. She gasped in pleasure. Her mouth took on a thoughtful look, if a face can express thoughts and feeling when the eyes and top of the face are hidden behind a mask? She clearly came to some sort of decision because she smiled and relaxed. Jim pounded her cunt mercilessly with long, hard thrusts. Anja took each one with delight. As the pounding continued she thrust her hips up to meet the cock as if demanding more. Jim gave her more. Harder and faster without either mercy or finesse. As she neared her climax he grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed. Anja screamed with pain and her climax hit hard. Jim enjoyed rough sex and it seemed that my Sweetheart wasn’t totally adverse to it. She flopped, utterly spent.

I let her recover, passing the few moments ensuring my cock was very well lubricated. She wriggled seductively when she felt the touch of a hand on her inner thigh.

“Please…” she murmured without any idea of who was waiting to please her.

I adjusted her position, lined up my cock and pushed forward steadily.

“Hello, Grandad,” she said clearly before I was even halfway home, “thought you said you wouldn’t fuck me until we got back to the apartment?”

There was a hoot of mirth from behind me.

“There!” exclaimed Betty, delightedly, “I told you we all knew your cock instantly.”

“Well,” I admitted, “you look so fuckable, all nicely presented on the chair that I just couldn’t resist.”

“You gonna break another rule and pump me full of spunk then, pretty please?” she replied.

“Nope! We’ve had a discussion and you’ve done so well for a first time we’re going to make you the raffle prize. I’ll make love with you when we get back to the apartment. Now stop talking and start concentrating, you’ve got a very busy night ahead of you one way and another.”

Her mouth grinned wickedly and I just knew that under her blindfold her eyes were sparkling delightedly. She tensed her pussy muscles, holding my cock tight.

“Better?” she suggested.

“Much” I responded pulling back against her tight cunt walls.

I didn’t withdraw completely but stopped just on the edge, paused for a heart beat then pushed forward. Like a tender hammer drill I pushed a little, withdrew a little then pushed again against her powerful pelvic floor muscles. We made love while, to all intents and purposes, we fucked. She was determined to milk me of my seed and I was determined to hold onto it but still bring her to climax. I had to resort to dirty tricks. With one hand I approached her clitty while the other crept up on a nipple. When both were in position I wet in for the kill. Not a hard grab as had Jim but a tender stroke, flicking rapidly back and forth. Within a minute she was going over the top urgently and noisily.

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