Grandpa’s Surprise Visit

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This story takes place in a sleepy town in upstate New York.


Chapter One: Busted.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life; and that’s saying something when I think back at the many humiliations I suffered through as a teenager. When having your own mother catch her boyfriend in the midst of taking you anally comes in second, the winner must be something special.

It was, probably because of the fact that I wasn’t a “victim” but an aggressor. There was no other way to describe what I was doing in my bedroom that sunny August afternoon when my grandfather walked into the room. Clearly I was enjoying what I was doing, and was so engrossed in my efforts that I never heard Grandpa enter the house.

Mike didn’t either, although he had an excuse. He was too busy relaxing on my bed naked while I knelt beside him giving him the most passionate and sensuous hand job I could, which was merely a preamble to my going down on him to finish him off.

It sure wasn’t love, but more an act of boredom that led us to my bed, and while it wasn’t the first time, it was going to be the last since summer was winding down and I would be going to college soon.

Mike was a casual acquaintance who had beaten my ass in one-on-one basketball one day a couple of weeks ago, and somehow ended up at my house afterward. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was sucking his cock.

Like I said, it wasn’t love, because Mike wasn’t all that great of a guy. He enjoyed using his superior height and weight to beat me rather handily at hoop, and he liked to rub my nose in it as well.

As for me, that was probably the appeal of it all. Having Mike dominate me at basketball – getting to bump and grind against his muscular hirsute body while he reveled in his considerable physical and athletic superiority – probably got him as hot as it did me.

“I ain’t queer,” he had told me that first day, after asking me if the rumor he had heard about me being gay was true. “I love girls.”

“I do too,” I had told him, and while it was true that I found girls as attractive as guys, the simple fact was that while I might indeed have “loved girls”, I wasn’t actually doing it with any of them, and was having much better luck with men. Usually older men, but any port in a storm, and Mike was better than nothing.

So our ritual was that after Mike would bang me around on the court, we would retire to my house for a soda, to be followed by Mike getting his clothes off and resting on the bed and letting me jerk him off and suck his cock for a while.

Afterward, depending on his mood, he might get me off as well. Despite his firm declaration that he “wasn’t queer”, he would masturbate me. The last time he had even put my dick in his mouth for a few seconds.

“Wanted to see what it was like,” he said, reassuring me that it wasn’t like he was homosexual. “I’d never do it to a man built like myself though. Yours is different, on account of how your dick is so little. I was just curious.”

“I know,” I replied, knowing that pretty soon Mike would be gobbling my tiny dick as eagerly as I was his.

“I get a kick out of looking at your dick,” was his other justification.

“I get that a lot,” was my reply.

“It’s what mine used to look like when I was a kid,” he felt necessary to add, even though we were both 19, and I was even a couple of months older than he was.

His nonchalant mocking of my manhood rolled off of me like water off a duck’s back, because it was something I was used to, having lived through more than my share of taunts from schoolmates and double takes from lovers. Luckily for me, the insults never came from people that really mattered.

So it was that on that afternoon, with my lubricated hands busy spinning up and down on Mike’s thick 7″ manhood and preparing to lean over and start using my mouth instead, that I suddenly looked up and saw my kindly widowed grandfather in the doorway with a shocked expression on his face.


Chapter Two: Well?

“Who was that?” Mike asked after my grandfather apologized and went back down the hall, and when I explained who it was, Mike was clearly concerned.

“Well? Gonna finish me off?” Mike wanted to know, waving his still erect cock around and unfazed by what had just transpired, apparently proving the old adage that a stiff dick has no conscience.

His indifference was understandable, and while I was obviously shaken, there was no sense letting his cock go to waste. After all, the damage was done, so proving that I was a hopelessly horny teenager, I sucked him dry.

“Want me to… you know? Get you off?” Mike asked before getting up.

I declined, and watched Mike put on his clothes and leave as that sinking feeling in my stomach returned.

I sprawled onto the bed and buried my face in the pillow, wondering about all the possibilities that could result from Grandpa’s Antep Escort Bayan visit, and while I thought I had covered them all, I learned that I had missed one.


Chapter Three: Grandpa returns.

Returns is not an accurate term, because while Grandpa had left the house, he had only gone into the back yard and puttered around in ways that only senior citizen men do, and after Mike had left he came back into the house and found me still in my room.

“Timmy? You okay?”

The sound of Grandpa’s voice filled me with dread, but at least I wouldn’t have long to wait to find out what was going to happen, so resignedly I rolled over onto my side and propped myself up on my elbow to face the music.

“About as good as can be expected,” I said.

“Timmy, I’m so sorry,” he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and patting my shoulder. “I should have rung the bell before coming in.”

Apparently Mom had asked him to check on the house while she was out of town that week, and that was an indication as to what she thought of the level of her son’s dedication to his responsibilities.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m sure you weren’t expecting to see something like that to ruin your day.”

“No, that’s true that it wasn’t what I expected, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it ruined anything,” Grandpa said. “Just two young fellas expressing love and affection for each other, as least as far as I could see. That is, until I barged in and put the kibosh on everything.”

Grandpa’s gentle hand on my shoulder had turned into a kneading of sorts as I tried to get a handle on what he was saying.

“Well, it wasn’t love,” I finally said, and my grandfather chuckled at that.

“Sure wasn’t checkers,” he replied. “Can’t say as I blame you though, Timmy. That friend of yours sure had a build on him. If I was your age again I would have loved to have been in your place.”

“Or his,” he added slowly, his eyes fixed on mine. “You know, when I was your age – let’s just say that you might be surprised at some of the things I used to do.”

At this stage of my life, I had fantasized about having sex with just about every person that I ran into in the course of a day, but never my grandfather. It wasn’t that he was horribly unattractive or anything, but after all, he was my grandfather.

So when he said what he said to me, and looked at me the way he did, it would have floored me if I hadn’t already been on my bed. I couldn’t think of anything to say, and even if I could have, I’m not sure that my voice would have worked.

“Hot in here,” Grandpa said. “Why don’t you let me make you a little more comfortable?”

Could my grandfather actually be taking my t-shirt off, and was I actually raising my arms to let him do it? It was so out of my wildest imagination that it didn’t even seem like it was happening to me, but more like I was an observer.

My t-shirt came off and I was being eased back down on the bed, and now Grandpa was pulling my shorts down, leaving me with just my underwear remaining.

“You’ve really become a well-developed young man,” Grandpa said as he ran his hands over my chest and down my legs, which like the rest of me were moist with perspiration. “Lost that baby fat and put on some muscle. You’re nice and smooth too.”

Grandpa’s weathered hands moved over my hairless chest and long my virtually hairless legs, avoiding my underwear, and while what he was doing felt wonderful, my dick was trying to crawl into my body like a turtle.

He hadn’t touched me there, but I noticed his eyes inspecting the tight white cotton briefs, and I was sure that he was wondering why there was no massive bulge to be found there in his “well developed” grandson’s underwear.

His curiosity must have gotten the best of him, because the hand that had been sliding along my legs went a little higher, reaching up and looking for my dick through the cotton. The embarrassment of someone having to search for my dick was always there at first, and this was no exception.

The look on Grandpa’s face showed that he was shocked when he finally located the sad little tube, but he recovered quickly and smiled as he pulled on my dick.

“Mind if I take these off for you?” he said, and I lifted my butt off the bed to let Grandpa tug my underwear off, his eyes fixed on the little limp stem resting on my wrinkled hairless sac, which contained my cherry-tomato sized balls.

“Not exactly what you expected,” I finally said, my voice garbled because of my dry throat.

“You’ve got a lovely body, Timmy,” Grandpa said as he took my dick between his thumb and index finger and started to slowly stretch it. “No need to be ashamed of yourself.”

I tried to think of something – anything to make myself get hard, but I was so nervous all I could do was lie there as Grandpa patiently tugged on my flaccid dick in an effort to bring it to life.

“Maybe,” I croaked. “Maybe if you took your clothes off.”

“Be glad too, although I’m not much to look at,” Grandpa said as he stood up and began to unbutton his shirt. “Hot in here anyway.”

Grandpa was about my height, 5’9″ or so, but was slender. His body was trim for a senior citizen, and I noted the patch of white hair which covered his chest like a cloud. I saw that his legs were pale and hairless, and when he got down to just his boxer shorts he hesitated for just a second before dropping them and stepping out of them.


Chapter Four: Seeing my Grandpa naked.

Grandpa slid back down and sat next to me, not making much of a show about it, and started to turn his attention back to me, but I would have none of that and asked him to stand up for a second.

“Are we really related?” I asked as I stared at the long hose that dangled between his legs, and I shook my head at the sight.

His wrinkled, flaccid cock was way bigger than I would have imagined, and as I gazed in wide-eyed wonder at the uncircumcised cock that had to be six inches long soft, I wondered how big the thing would get had it been aroused.

“Just a dead dick,” Grandpa said with a shrug of his shoulders, giving the hose a tug as he sat there and let me inspect him.

His foreskin was long, and I could clearly see the shape of his glans underneath the shroud which made his manhood look like a cocoon.

“Let’s get back to you,” Grandpa said. “Seems like you aren’t quite as nervous now.”

His hand went to my dick, which was standing upright, and Grandpa’s finger and thumb slid down the shaft of my swollen manhood, all four inches of it. As soon as he touched me, I knew what was going to happen and was helpless to do anything but watch as my dick began spurting cum all over my chest and stomach.

While this startled my grandfather, he continued to stroke my dick until it went limp again, shrinking back into the shape of the tiny mushroom he had first seen.

“Didn’t mean for that to happen so fast,” Grandpa said as he rested my dick back onto the wisp of pubic hair above it and spread the seed around my chest with his hand. “Quite a cannon you’ve got there.”

“I have a problem with that,” I said with some embarrassment. “Not very good at self-control – at least at first.”

“Well, that’s a problem that I could live with,” he said with a twinge of sadness. “I haven’t gotten an erection in so long…”

“Can I touch you, Grandpa?”

He seemed shocked at my saying that, but considering that he was rubbing my cum-drenched chest after creating the mess, I didn’t think that I was out of line.

“Gee Timmy, I don’t – I mean I shouldn’t even have – or be doing…”

“I’m not a kid anymore,” I said, getting up on my knees and motioning for Grandpa to take my place on his back.

“Nothing is going to happen,” Grandpa told me and he reclined and relaxed on the bed with his hands behind his head.

“You never know,” I told him while kneeling next to his hip and trying to get the courage to do what I wanted to do.

I had touched plenty of cocks in my 19 years, yet I approached this one with trepidation because after all, he was my grandfather. His long and wrinkled manhood hung to the side, resting on his right hip, while between his legs hung a most impressive pair of balls that rested in a very elongated sac.

When I first took his flaccid member in my hand, I was stunned to feel exactly how soft it was. The rubbery hose was so squishy that it was impossible to hold upright, so I started by gently pulling on it, marvelling at the stretching capability it had.

“Even though nothing going to happen, it does feel good to have somebody touch it again,” Grandpa said.

“What I wouldn’t give to have something like this between my legs,” I said as I tried to pull the long foreskin down, finally succeeding after a bit of work, exposing a long conical glans with a large opening at the tip.

Grandpa moaned as I bowed my head and let my tongue dance along the opening before my lips slid down the crown. I felt Grandpa’s hand on the back of my thigh, gripping hard as I licked the head of his dick before stuffing the spongy organ into my mouth.

“Timmy,” Grandpa groaned. “This way.”

Chapter Four: His way.

My grandfather maneuvered me so that I was straddling his face with my crotch, and before I went back down on him I peeked down between my legs just as Grandpa’s mouth was taking my balls in his mouth.

His lips easily wrapped around my whole sac, and when I felt him sucking on my nuts, churning the little orbs around in his mouth like it was a washing machine, my dick became hard again right away.

I tried to concentrate on the beautiful cock which was laying on his stomach, but what he was doing to me was feeling way too good to do it justice. I feared that if Grandpa kept doing what he was doing I was going to cum again real soon.

His mouth did let go of my balls, but what followed did nothing for my self control, because when I felt his hand pull my dick down into his mouth I lost it. My dick started spurting almost right away, and Grandpa didn’t miss a beat, hungrily siphoning every drop of cum he could until I was limp as he was.

“Oh, your cum is so sweet,” Grandpa gasped after letting my cock slip out of his mouth. “Been so long since I’ve done that.”

Spent, I was finally able to concentrate on the pale manhood in front of me. I licked the underside of his member all the way to the edge of his crinkled foreskin, letting my tongue dip inside the long shield to toy with the opening again before taking the rubbery cock into my mouth.

My hand worked his wrinkled pouch as I sucked on him, and down at the other end of the bed, I felt Grandpa’s hands on my hips, shifting my body over his face until I felt his tongue licking the ridge between the bottom of my nuts and my anus.

When his tongue kept going, I was stunned but kept trying to concentrate on sucking Grandpa’s cock. Easier said than done, especially when his hands spread my ass cheeks apart and he started licking my anus.

“So beautiful,” I heard Grandpa mumble just before his tongue worked inside my puckered ring, and once he started, he became almost ravenous.

While I squirmed above his face, Grandpa gave me a lesson in analingus that sent shivers down my spine. In addition, I felt his cock getting hard. Not a full erection, but getting close.

Grandpa’s cock didn’t get longer as it stiffened, staying about the same length and thickness, but given the size it had been limp that was just as well. The increasing firmness did make it easier to suck, however, and I fed off my grandfather’s carnivorous assault on my balloon knot, going down on his manhood with a ferocity that even surprised me.

Skinned back, my lips and tongue worked over the sensitive glans in between my taking him all the way into my mouth and throat until my chin was in his silver grey pubes.

Grandpa’s hands were locked onto my hips, and his fingers felt like iron as they dug into my flesh. The next day, bruises they left would serve as proof of his strength, but I felt no pain at the time. He was breathing heavier every second as he slobbered over my anus, making peculiar sounds that led me to believe he was going to cum, and when I felt his cock pulsate in my mouth I knew it was true.

When he did, his cum didn’t blast down my throat but I did feel a little spray as he cried out. His cum soon flowed, oozing out of the corners of my mouth as my lips went up and down his cock, which went flaccid almost immediately after he came, but that was enough.

“Timmy,” I heard my grandfather say softly.

He was sobbing, and when I realized that, I crawled around to face him.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered. “Forgive me.”

“Forgive you? For what?” I asked. “That was great.”

Somehow during my efforts to make my grandfather cum, I had another orgasm myself, as I saw strings of my seed all over his neck and chest hair. No doubt a result of his amazing oral efforts, but I didn’t even remember getting hard again and he hadn’t even touched my dick either.

“I never thought I would ever have an orgasm again,” Grandpa said, wiping the tears from the corners of his face. “It was so good to feel like a man again. When I saw your – you know, bottom – it looked so beautiful that it brought back memories of a childhood friend that I experienced so much with. Guess I lost control.”

“It was amazing for me too,” I assured him, settling next to him on the bed and cuddling close.

I think we both nodded off right after that, but I awoke with a very pleasurable sensation; the feeling of my dick in my grandfather’s mouth. His lips were clamped around the base of my little stem and remained there when his mouth and throat did all the sucking and his hand jiggled my balls.

I came again somehow, filling Grandpa’s mouth with what he called the “sweetest nectar I’ve ever enjoyed”. He explained later that I had woke him up with my boner poking into him and he didn’t want to see it go to waste.

“When you get to my age, you’ll appreciate every erection you get,” he told me.

“Well, that means I have to coax another one out of you,” I informed Grandpa, grabbing his rubbery cock and giving it a couple of long pulls.

“It will never happen,” he assured me.

“That’s what you said earlier,” I reminded him as I playfully nibbled on the foreskin that I had become fascinated with. “You don’t mind if I give it a try though, do you?”

Grandpa smiled and shook his head, linking his hands behind his neck and looking down as I began to lavish my affection on his magnificently aged member.

“Love watching you work,” Grandpa sighed as I took him into my mouth, and while I enjoyed him watching me, he was a bit wrong there, because it wasn’t work. It was a labor of love.


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