Greased-balls Ch. 01

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Candy was more than a little excited. The day had seemed to drag on forever but now in the crisp autumnal night air, smoking a cigarette whilst waiting for a taxi to pull up, she felt positively raunchy. She had just enough time to get home and ready before Hank was expecting her round his place. Hank – she’d only met him a few days earlier but she was determined that tonight would be his lucky night. She didn’t care how slutty she’d have to act; she wanted some of those wet-fingered fantasies she’d recently been having more and more to finally come to fruition. A sly smirk graced her face in the glare of the taxi’s lights. In the backseat of the cab she sent Hank a text saying she was probably going to be running a little late; there was no harm in building the expectation and Candy wanted time to get fully made up.

Hank read Candy’s text standing naked in his room drying his hair with a small hand towel. The engine oil which indelibly characterised his hands was visible as he scrolled down her text: “work was a real bitch and I’m running late…need to shower and change my panties etc…” Hank felt an immediate twinge in his cock and pulled at it hardening its impressive girth until its length swelled flopping in his hand. Ever since he’d met Candy he’d wanted nothing more than to relieve her of her panties and drive his dick deep bostancı escort bayan into her ripe wet cunt. He jacked his cock harder for a few moments more wondering what her pussy must look like before regaining control over himself, temporarily at least. He checked himself in the mirror – 6’2 muscular, tanned with smouldering dark eyes – he had no complaints. He eased into his jeans, threw on a t-shirt, opened the wine and smoked a cigarette.

Candy stepped out of the shower. She had the perfect outfit in mind. She wrapped her thick long blonde hair and taking a razor she placed one elegant leg on the bath rim and began tidying her pussy hair. One finger dipped satisfyingly against her clit as she shaved up along both sides of her cunt, leaving it pristine, and, as she thought, very very naughty. She debated taking everything off pornstar style but decided instead to just shave back her sexy tuft a tiny bit. Besides, she liked looking at cock going into her pussy and especially got off seeing her pussy juices glistening on her pubic hair as a nice big hard cock slipped into her pink slit. Candy took her time moisturising her cunt, moaning in whispers as the wet fingers of both hands slipped effortlessly across and into her eager pussy.

In her bedroom she chose a pair of tight pink lace trimmed panties ümraniye escort and then attached a pair of black seamed stockings with garter belt. She was rushing now, putting on lipstick and eye shadow, unable to resist the urge of touching at the sticky wetness gathering rapidly in her knickers. Having satisfied herself that her make up was suitably provocative Candy glided her long supple legs into a loose pleated bright red skirt and finally topped it all off with a black low slung tight top which accentuated her pert round firm breasts. Moments later her black patent leather 4″ heels were clip clap clacking their way down her driveway. A taxi broke hard and reversed to give her a lift. From the dashboard she saw that she was three quarters of an hour late. “I’ll have to think of some way to make it up to him” she thought.

Hank had finished half a bottle of wine, had unhooked his jeans and was casually stroking his cock wondering where the fuck Candy had gotten to when the doorbell rang. He hurriedly stuffed his cock away and crossed the hall to the door. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Candy stepped inside putting down her purse and gripping his belt rung in her right hand pulling him into her lithe sexy body. She kissed his neck and Hank’s hand dropped automatically across her ass; he instantly felt the strain kartal escort of her garter belts framing her magnificent ass. He smiled lifting her skirt and moaned his appreciation when he glimpsed the lace tops of Candy’s stockings. Hank took a step backwards and led her into his apartment by the hand taking his time running his eyes up and down her sexy body. Candy twirled seductively and Hank tossed her skirt, earning himself a scintillating flash of pink panties.

Hank couldn’t take it any more. He pulled Candy towards him and pushed her up hard against a full length mirror. Candy responded energetically kissing him deeply and sighing heavily as his hands ran under her skirt lifting it up past her hips. Hank glanced down and nearly came in his pants when he saw her damp wet pussy gyrating against thin air begging to be fucked. He thrust his hand deep in her panties and clasped her head on his shoulder as she brought herself off pushing her hips against his firm grip. With Hank’s pussy drenched fingers wickedly exploring her cunt Candy raised her top and moaned in delight as Hank licked and suckled them. The energy between them was hypnotising and Hank casually turned Candy around and pressing her face to the side hard against the wall he lifted her skirt and began massaging her ass and cunt. “Spread your legs slut” ….and Candy obliged while Hank pulled her panties down off her ass, ‘fucking hell’ Hank thought to himself and dropped to one knee licking Candy’s hot pussy juice as it streamed down her inner thighs, the scent of her cunt brimming in his nostrils.

(To be continued…up to you)

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