GT the PT 4 – was feeling optimistic

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GT the PT was feeling very optimistic!

It was a year since Tracey was last in the mood for being used as a sex doll – the time in between had seen her very depressed and very confused as to what she was and what she really wanted. Now she knew.

She wanted to be used as a sex doll!!

OK – where to from here?? Simple – go to the local bar dressed to kill, she thought. Someone will be interested.

Little did she know just HOW interested they would be!

Bobby Bright was now the local gang boss. No-one did anything in tbhis area without his OK.

When Tracey shimmied into the very bar where Bobby had stopped for a drink that Tuesday night, dressed in a black leather mini-skirt, braless halter top, Bobby nearly swallowed his ample tongue.

“Who the fuck is that?” he enquired of his lieutenant, Browny, the guy who knew every girl in the area.

“Err. I’ll go find out, Boss,” he said embarrassed.

He grabbed Tracey by the arm and dragged her over to BB’s private booth.

“Let go of me, you black cunt,” said Tracey, suddenly realising that she was surrounded by black people.

“Well,” said BB, “what have we got here – a white bitch with attitude! Strip her!!” he commanded.

Several sets of hands had her naked in less than 10 seconds, standing in front of BB.

“Nice tits. Nice shaved cunt. Turn her around.” He commanded.

She was turned back to him and forced to bend over.

“Nice arsehole,” said BB, “Sit her on my cock.”

“Get fucked you black fuckbrain,” said Tracey defiantly.

“Such racial prejudice,” replied BB, “We must be all together sister as one,” he said smirking.

BB pulled out his 12” night fighter and stroked it to make it hard. Tracey was grabbed by the arms, lifted in the air, and slowly lowered above his impressive prick.

“Make her wet hunny,” he told a girl next to him,”I don’t like dry pussy.”

Mart-Lou obliged – it was easy izmir escort bayan as the two guys had her legs well apart, held up in the air. She moved into position, grabbed Tracey’s inner thighs, and pushed her tongue into the open slit. It was not long before the slut in Tracey had her wet, juicing Mary-Lou’s lips with her cum. Mary-Lou couldn’t resist and rammed 2 fingers into Tracey’s arse, making her gasp and cum again.

“She likes it all, Boss,” exclaimed Mary-Lou.

“Bring her to me,” commanded BB.

The 2 guys who acted as cranes, lifted Tracey high above BB, holding her legs wide apart.

“Ready Boss?” asked one of them.

BB reached up to grab Tracey’s waist, then slowly forced her down onto his massive, rock hard prick. The head entered her pussy spreading her lips.

Tracey knew that she’d never had anything this big fuck her before, and she panicked and struggled to be free.

“Wriggle my little one,” encouraged BB, “ but it will do you no good. You are MINE!”

With that, he gripped her waist tight and rammed her onto his waiting prick.

She screamed and wriggled, but to no avail – he cock was inside her up to his balls, all 12 inches.

She struggled for breath; he squeezed her nipples as hard as he could; she screamed again; he slapped her hard across the face; she fell forward onto his chest; he smacked her arse cheeks as hard as he could.

Both were actually enjoying the experience!

“You cunt!” she said. “I CAN!” he retorted.

“You, slut, are my slave from now on. I can do whatever I want with you. Fuck you, kill you, sell you – whatever I choose. In fact, to prove my power over you, I will now allow six of my men, and four of my whores, to do whatever they want to you. THEN you will surrender to my every wish.”

“Please no,” she pleaded, “ Make me your special woman and I will make you so happy.”

“Take her,” he instructed to his lieutenant.

She buca escort was dragged away screaming and pleading.

The room she was taken to was huge and had rugs and mattresses, sofas and benches everywhere.

She was spreadeagled across a bench by 4 women. They hungrily made her naked and while 2 sucked her nipples, one sucked her pussy, whilst the fourth inserted 2 fingers into her anus, making her first scream, then cum loudly.

They took turns at sucking, fingering, licking and fisting her orifices and brutally squeezing her nipples. They made her scream with pain, with pleasure, made her cum, made her plead, especially when one fisted her cunt whilst another fisted her anus at the same time! This made her cum for many minutes and she squirted her cum everywhere, much to her own surprise, given the pain inflicted on her.

“She’s ready, Boss,” said the main female to BB.

“Good. Good.” Was all he said.

After a few thoughtful minutes, he said, “I don’t want you any more. You’re too easy. You’re a sexual animal, bitch. I have animals you will relate to.” With that he motioned to one of his men, who grabbed her and laid her across what looked like a padded bench. Her arse was stuck up in the air, with her pussy fully exposed and her anus winking for all to see.

“No fucking way, you motherfucker, “ she screamed.

Tracey knew she was helpless and her future looked grim. “Please Boss.” She pleaded. “I can be special for you.”

“Oh you’ll earn me enough to be a special slut,” he snickered.

She heard many excited voices; saw many faces moving around the room; heard some growls. Oh No! A VERY large German Shepherd dog was paraded around the room to the delight of the now 40 odd crowd of people.

Bruno was lead to her rear end. He soon sensed her pussy and began to lick in between her cheeks and into her arse. She whimpered, as his long, rough tongue entered her soft pussy lips, touching her izmir escort clitty, making her cum immediately. The crowd sensed the action, as did Bruno, who mounted her back, his now uncased 9” hard dick luching forward towards its target. It touched her pussy lips, making her shriek, but not as much as when he missed and found her anal passage! To Bruno, it was all the same.

So he thrust forward, entering her anus with a ‘plop’, the thrusting in and out like a steam train, for several minutes, making Tracey scream, groan, moan and cum several times. She suddenly didn’t care – it felt fantastic!

That was until he shot his load, then forced his huge knot inside her, at which she passed out!

She came to with a male cock fucking her arse. “Suck this,” said another, pushing his hard dick into her mouth. Tracey was only just conscious realising she was NOT in control of her destiny any longer.

She was being used as a cheap whore – a situation she had fantasised that she would enjoy, but the reality was horribly different!

The guys both cum at the same time and were replaced by 2 more hungry sex driven men.

She was used and abused for four days, by at least twenty men and seven lesbian women, when she was dragged before BB, the “Boss”.

“You have been taught a lesson,” he said. “Your husband paid me ten thousand dollars for this service, because he knew that you were sex hungry. If you EVER are unfaithful to him, you belong to ME and I will whore you to the dirtiest, AIDS infected scumbags on this earth. Do you understand?” he asked her.

She said nothing and was slapped by BB’s lieutenant hard across the face.

“Yes!” she screamed, falling to the floor.

Some clothes were thrown on the floor in front of her; she was told to get dressed.

“Now fuck off – and fuck only your husband!” commanded the now echo of a voice.

She was pushed out of a door onto a side alley, actually feeling that she had escaped a worse fate.

“Hi Baby,” said a familiar voice. “ Ready to come home and be a good girl?”

… how good? Only time will tell! ….

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