Hairy Godmother Ch. 02

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I was satiated having fucked the hirsute Maria but I still had not got to first base with my “Hairy Godmother”. Aunt Susan had finished her swim and had gone up to her room to have a bath and await the return of Uncle Bob. My cock was still semi hard though the dense thicket in Maria’s bushy armpits had tasted my sperm but I had still a lot of jism in my balls. I had to empty them inside my hirsute godmother.

I was anxiously trying to work out a method in showing my unusually big penis to Aunt Susan maybe that would give me an opportunity to fuck her hairy cunt. I dreamt of licking the coarse dark tufty hair in her luxuriant armpits. The spectacle at the pool was still fresh as I thought of Aunt Susan languidly stretched out and her armpits spilling out long coarse hair. The thicket in her unshaven pits was a sight o behold. I was shaken of my reverie by Maria who was holding a glass of milk in her hand as she squeezed my engorged prick. “Thinking of Madam’s bushy armpits or my hairy underarms dear,” she said as I smiled at her. “Only you Maria I get a hard on thinking of your lush pubes and your armpit forests. When can a sample it again – I will come to your room tonight” I said all excited.

“No not tonight Master comes to me at night to fuck he cant do it with Madam but you can watch if you want” Maria said. I needed no second invitation and after a quick dinner I went off to my room and later made my way to Maria’s small room. I hid behind a box and there was a small opening from where I had a clear view of the bed. Shortly afterwards Maria came into the room. She switched off the main light and whispered to me that Uncle Bob would be coming at any time and that I should remain quiet. Sure enough Uncle Bob tiptoed in close to midnight.

He quickly kissed her and said, “the bitch is asleep and I have locked the door from the outside”. My cock was stiffening as I watched Uncle Bob’s hands reach around Maria’s body Ümraniye Escort and open her bra. He pulled the flimsy garment off. Maria was busily rubbing the huge bulge in Uncle’s trousers, before she roughly opened his fly and reached inside. She struggled briefly and then brought out his cock. Not yet fully hard, Maria couldn’t get her hand all the way round it as she moved her fingers up and down its length. Uncle murmured around her lips, “Suck me. Suck my big cock.”

She moved quickly down and engulfed the head of his hardness in her mouth. He was really large as far as I could see from behind the boxes and she had great difficulty getting more than the first two or three inches in her mouth as her tongue licked and lashed at his meat as she gradually slid more and more of it between her lips moaning as she worked. Uncle Bob started to groan as Maria continued her frenzied worship of his massive prick.

“Take off your clothes you whore I want to see your unshaven underarms. You are not as hairy as Susan but she no longer wants me she only has her eyes on that brat of her godson” Uncle Bob rants as I almost jump up in shock. Aunt Susan wants me was a complete shocker. I am trapped and I watch Maria stand up and take off her dress. Her arms are above her head and as I can see her sweaty hairy armpits so can Uncle Bob whose eyes are affixed and staring at the enormous quantity of rich hair in her bushy underarms She slowly pushed the dress down her legs as I see once again her mons which is covered with jet-black hair from her navel down her thighs running literally up her ass. She stepped out of her dress and posed in front of him. She put a leg up on the couch and let him look at her bushy pussy. But I think she wants to frustrate me, as I am helpless behind the box. Uncle Bob however has his eyes only on the thick mat of underarm hair.

Maria once again gets down on her knees in between his legs. Anadolu yakası Escort His monster dick was now standing straight up. She wrapped her hand around it. She pointed it down a little and licked under the head. Not only was it long, it was thicker as she licked the length a few times and she started to take it in. She shudders I think from an orgasm. His hands moved into the thick forest in her matted underarms. Beads of perspiration had made her long underarm hair moist as his hands played with the profuse hair in her jet-black bushy armpits. She was getting comfortable with it and soon she was taking all 10 inches of him as she stroked his huge prick. She takes his shaft again in her hot mouth as Uncle Bob moaned his eyes fixed at her bushy armpits.

Uncle Bob now pushes her away somewhat roughly, so she lay sprawled on the sofa, legs akimbo and stood up. He quickly started stripping off his remaining clothing. I now get a proper view of Uncle Bob’s erect cock. It was about 10 inches long and very thick, two massive balls hung below a thatch of thick, black pubic hair. His chest is covered with a thick rug of matted hair. Her legs are spread and I can see her hairy pussy. She brought her knees up to her chest, grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as she could, then Uncle Bob started fucking her with long hard strokes and I could hear their bodies slapping together and the sloppy sounds of her overly wet hairy pussy as it gripped his cock like a hot wet hand.

She pushes him down and then she climbs up on him and rubbed up and down his length with hairy her pussy and ass. Uncle Bob’s hands were instantly on her tits and he started to lightly pinch her nipples and then puts his fingers into the long matted hair in her luscious hairy pits. “Aaaaaahhhhh I love the coarse long hair in your armpits. Its sooooooooo long and thick” he says as he bent down and took a handful and then lowered İstanbul Escort his mouth to lick at the untrimmed hedges in her tufty underarms. Maria reaches behind her and lined up his dick with her hole. She started to sit on it and started to take a little at a time. Soon she was taking seven inches. She would slide all the way up and then slowly back down. Her pace picked up. She went down his cock and then back up….faster and faster. She was soon taking his whole cock and bouncing right back. Maria’s eyes are screwed tightly shut and a deep, guttural groan escaped her clenched teeth as Uncle Bob’s huge cock invades her soaking hairy pussy.

He caressed her big breasts as she started to rock back and forth. The rocking soon became a faster bouncing. He grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him as she rode his big cock. I can see her moist hairy armpits dripping with perspiration. They kissed deeply as Uncle Bob rolled over on top of Maria mother so he could be in control. Maria locked her legs around Uncle Bob’s back and held on for the ride. They lay together still for a moment and then Uncle Bob began to thrust in and out.

I look at the wild Maria with the flowing Jet-black hair in her bushy armpits and pubes. Her eyebrows are also strangely very bushy. The overpowering smell of her moist and sweaty armpits is intoxicating as I long to lick the coarse hair of her unshaven underarms. I even want to put my member into her unshaven underarms and wonder if Uncle Bob likes fucking her bushy armpits. My mind turns to the lonely aunt Susan as my raging hard on is sticking out like a pole in my shorts. I lower my shorts and start jerking my huge phallus.

Uncle Bob starts shouting “I am cuuuuuuummmmmmiiinnnnggggg” as his fingers twirl the long luscious hair in Maria’s sweaty armpits. “Ahhhhhhh I am cuming” he shouts again as she shoots loads of jism into Maria’s wanton shaking hirsute body. He then gets up his raging tool in his hand still spurting semen shoves it finally into her luxuriant armpits.

I start pumping semen into my hand, as I think of Aunt Susan alone in her bed. Soon Uncle Bob is snoring as I get up wink at Maria and tiptoe across the room upstairs towards Aunt Susan’s bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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