Hanmer Springs Ch. 01

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(Hanmer Springs is a tourist/convention village with hot springs in the South Island of New Zealand)

Day One

As the room lightened, David stirred conscious that something was different about the light. Then he remembered that he wasn’t in his usual bed but in a top floor motel room with — he gently put a hand out and sure enough, lightly touched naked skin next to him, so it wasn’t a dream — yes he was lying there with Jenny who was breathing quietly beside him.

It had happened at last; they had finally managed to organise his board meeting in Hanmer Springs with her seemingly unrelated trip to check out a tourist attraction for a potential tour party in that area, and here they were in bed together, tired after travelling most of the previous day, up late for separate evening meetings – not to mention a fair bit of time spent kissing and cuddling when they finally got to bed.

But this was morning and an exciting free day was ahead until the meetings began again tomorrow. He rolled over ever so slowly so that the movement of the bed would not disturb her and lightly moved his fingers to circle the nearest nipple of those beautiful breasts. The nipple responded and she arched her body slightly as if the touch reminded her of something. He glanced at the clock — 6.00am, so plenty of time to go back to sleep — afterwards. He wriggled around gently so that his lips would be directly against hers, wet his lips and slowly touched hers as the tip of his tongue passed between them.

Jenny didn’t jump with surprise, since moist lips against hers was a quite familiar sensation, but her eyes slowly opened as she struggled from a deep sleep, to stare straight into his. She felt a warm hand on her breast and the gentle tingling that it evoked. Oh bliss to be woken with a loving kiss and felicitous fingers working their magic — how many years had passed since the same thing had happened at the West Plaza Hotel? All thoughts of history departed from her mind as the kiss became more insistent and sent her hand down to stroke his growing dick. Their tongues interlocked and jousted as the long kiss turned on all the sensory switches. As if by ESP, the kiss suddenly became an urgent writhing of naked bodies pressing demandingly against each other as sheets were thrust aside.

David could scarcely contain himself as he reached for the KY, hoping that he could calm himself a little. Jenny did nothing to foster calmness as, unbidden, she cupped her hands behind her knees and raised her hips in the most irresistible expression of love. That act alone almost sent David over the top — that was the culmination of all his dreams when Jenny would take charge and drive him to fulfilment. He took a deep breath, steadied himself and placed his dick at the entrance of the slippery sleeve. The warm juices there mingled with the KY and drew him on like a magnet. Screwing up his eyes in concentration, he struggled to blank his mind as the magnitude of the sensory pleasure threatened to engulf him, but he slipped in, millimetre by millimetre, fighting the very sensually exciting gasps from Jenny as she too, fought to hold back all her natural instincts. After what seemed like an eternity, David realised that they had achieved full pelvic engagement and paused to exert even more control so that Jenny could slowly lower her legs and wrap them around his. Whew, it had been years since David could recall such built-up tension that threatened to erupt at the slightest provocation. He leant forward and risked putting all his weight on her pelvis as he placed his lips on hers.

Jenny by now was at the pinnacle of her desire — each millimetre intrusion, sent repetitive shock waves like the initial plunge, with the culminating affect of waves crashing relentlessly on a beach and removing all obstacles in its path.

But she had taken charge and it was to be the expression of her symphony of love and affection. She released the restraints on the vaginal muscles and they began to move in time with her symphony, imposing a rhythmic beat on David. She sensed his body tension rising and reinforced her assault with strong thrusts against the weight of his pelvis, the pressure triggering her own major climax. The first wave made her gasp — her body went rigid as all nerve endings overloaded with the stimulation, then a second wave engulfed her as she felt David violently thrust hard into her and discharge his life giving juices into her welcoming womb — finalising her emotional and spiritual gift to him completely.

For David, the stimulation was overpowering – both the idea and the reality now took charge sending an avalanche of glorious electrical tingles from the centre of his being to the central nervous system. The sensation felt like a volcanic eruption, both explosive and fluid as convulsions sent him rigid with loud cries. What a glorious moment of response to her loving gift.

Neither could move as they lay gasping in a humid embrace — all tension abating and being replaced by a loving embrace of tenderness and fulfilment. They paralled their legs and David rolled sideways without breaking the embrace. It was 6.15 which Gaziantep Grup Escort gave them at least another hour or so before having to think about breakfast, so in total relaxation they both went into a sound sleep.

As if like clockwork, they both woke around 7.30 and found themselves still facing one another although David had slipped from the velvet sleeve. What greater joy could there be to wake for a second time and find that they were still together, almost literally. Jenny touched David and waited for the Cheshire smile which earned a long contented kiss, minus the urgency of the previous encounter.

They supposed that they had better get up since they were still sticky from their previous exertions. Oddly, they had never had a shower together but the device in the bathroom was sort of large enough for two so David got it running at the right temperature and invited Jenny to join him. With some difficulty in the confined space, they soaped one another paying particular attention to certain partsbut enjoying the freedom of hand explorations and massage. One by one they stepped out and dried and returned naked to the bedroom. As always the sight of her beautiful breasts excited him and a long hug and tender kiss began as they stood in front of the window appreciating the early morning view of the distant mountains.

David led Jenny to the corner of the bed and had her straddle it as she lay back. He knelt before her and gently placed her legs on his shoulders. He parted her folds, still moist from the shower, and began to circle her magic spot with his tongue. Her response was immediate and she began to moan and gasp as the sensual tingles spread throughout her pelvic area. Still sensitive from earlier lovemaking, she switched to high alert when David changed from a circling motion to full oral massage alternating with plunging his tongue into her delicious depths.. Her cries rose and fell as she shifted her head around and aimlessly thrashed her arms about, alternately pushing and pushing him. In a final frenzy she clamped her legs against his ears and arched her back with a loud cry. David shifted his concentration to massaging those lovely nipples while she lost the ‘stunned’ look and got her breath back. When she had recovered sufficiently, he lifted her legs and gently eased his dick into her once again — but only so that it would not feel left out!

For her part Jenny, enjoyed their first shower together, the warmth of the water, the intimacy, the feel of his fingers on her nipples and skin wherever he touched. She too, loved the feel of his bottom and was happy to massage his dick so that it returned to some sense of normalcy. But when he led her to the corner of the bed, she felt a fresh surge of excitement in anticipation of what he referred to as an ‘oral booster shot’. Never too sure that she liked the idea of its delivery, there was no ambiguity about liking the effect that began when she felt her legs raised to his shoulders.

The ripples and tingles started immediately she felt his fingers touch her folds and she jumped when his tongue first lightly touched her magic spot, sending waves of electricity to all parts. The tempo increased along with the plunging activity of his tongue, while his arms stretched and fingers began to tease her already responsive nipples simultaneously. The waves of pleasure battered all her motor sensors, and movements of body, head and hands seemed to be under alien control until one final crashing wave blanked out everything in a blinding white flash. She shook her head, trying to clear a path back to reality to see the grinning Cheshire look on David’s face that she adored. “Whew…whew” was all she managed to get out before she once again sucked in her breath as she felt the slow insertion of his dick into her well lubricated slippery sleeve. She felt wonderfully relaxed as their pelvises meshed together, as if that was the most natural position she could possibly be in, and to cap it off, this was only the beginning of the day!!

It was a sublime moment and they remained completely still, each basking in that wonderful sensation of being joined in nature’s intended way and enjoying the tactile sensation generated through each of the components of their bodies that either belonged to or complemented the other. There was an unspoken reluctance to end that moment of quiet love and tenderness, but the knowledge that there were going to be opportunities for quiet togetherness throughout the day, made separation less painful.

Breakfast — most certainly — to compensate for all the energy just used and to sustain what might be required. The weather promised a warm sunny day and the beautiful walks beckoned so David’s bacon, eggs, toast and coffee were a prerequisite for him as was breakfast serial and an egg and toast for Jenny.

Since they had breakfasted together before, they were able to appear in the dining room as an old married couple, going about the process of feeding themselves as if they did this together every day. Restored in body, they returned to their room, cleaned their teeth and packed a few items into David’s sports bag that had a shoulder strap — things that might come in handy like a box of tissues, KY jellyKY, insect repellent, a bottle of water, sun glasses, floppy hats, Jenny’s emergency ‘quick-dress’, spare jerseys, towel, one cell phone in case help needed, and camera. The air was still cool at 9.00 but going to be hotter so they went dressed for that, Jenny in a blouse and shorts with track shoes and David in shorts and short sleeved shirt.

They set out purposefully towards the bush remnant and soon found it meandering at various distances from the stream that cut through the valley. As they progressed into the bush where nobody was likely to observe them, they entwined their hands together and walked side by side where the track permitted, gradually getting into areas of taller trees and denser undergrowth. The sun was getting high enough to send shafts of light through the trees and to warm the humid air floating up from the damp decaying vegetation. Bird life twittered and insects hummed against the background noise of gently rustling leaves, but it was the absence of urban noise that was so lovely as they sauntered through the bush hand in hand, and gently bumping hips occasionally. They chatted about where they were at and about life in general, content just to be with one another without having to solve the problems of the world.

They came to a minor fork in the track and paused to consider where the minor one might lead. David felt deprived that he hadn’t had a kiss for at least an hour and drew Jenny closer to him. Their lips touched, tentatively at first to be followed by a more intense kiss as their bodies met in a tight embrace. — her breasts firm against his chest and his dick making itself felt against her pelvis. David, true to form, lamented the presence of her bra, the existence of which she defended as a necessity when walking!

Contact satisfied for the moment, they again considered whether it might be fun to explore the minor track that seemed to go deeper into the older forest, and so they did. The surface of the track deteriorated after 50 metres as did its width, requiring attention to what you were likely to trip over as well as the odd trunk that had crashed across the path. They were discussing the point of going on much further as the ground wasn’t rising so there was little likelihood of a view, when they glimpsed a shaft of sunlight off to one side, and decided to make for it. They clambered over the cause of the break in the forest canopy — a Rimu that had been uprooted at some time and from which the surrounding undergrowth had not yet moved to fill the small clearing that was created. Instead, the room-sized area was littered with fine vegetative debris beginning to be coated with moss. They paused and marvelled at the height of the surrounding trees and the glorious smells and sounds of this magical area.

Jenny looked gorgeous just standing there with her arm raised shading her eyes. David was quick to notice how taut the blouse had become against her breast and arousal was never far away in these circumstances of total relaxation and in the rare company of Jenny. He slung the bag off his shoulder and moved towards her with arms outstretched. She responded immediately with a warm kiss a she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled his thighs against hers. David used the opportunity to pull her blouse out so that he could caress her skin. Not to be outdone, Jenny slipped her hands under his shirt and pushed it up over his head until it dropped on the ground. He did the same to her.

The air on their bare skin was exciting so they both quickly shed the rest of their clothes but Jenny retrieved her quick-dress and laid it on the tree trunk — just in case. The joy of that kiss, with their naked skins pressed together in that wonderful setting, was spell binding. The kiss went on without a break as their hands roamed across the backs of each other — may it never stop.

However, the odd insects made their presence felt and spoilt the moment. David rummaged in the bag and draped the towel over the tree trunk and helped Jenny to sit on it. She looked so appealing to him so artistically posed, leaning back along the tree that he begged her to allow one photograph to be deleted as soon as she had seen it, just so she could see how beautiful she was. He framed the shot with the dense bush behind her contrasting with her fair skin, and had her lean back with her arms behind her so that her body was parallel to her lower legs, then turned her head towards the bush so that her features were not visible. Head back, chest out, tummy in and click. It is a great shot and she might actually want to keep it — for the view of the bush, he mused, rather than as a reminder of the occasion?

David helped her down feeling her full body pressing against him as she stood upright. His dick was beginning to show signs of recovery from its morning exercise, aided by the wonderful long kiss that followed and the application of her felicitous fingers to it. Jenny felt so wonderfully free and happy. Having spent so many hours in the past, she was beginning to love being naked with David in the right circumstances and when the air was at the right temperature. Indeed the air was getting warmer by the minute as was their passion. David had frequently joked about her fantasy to make love in a sunny glen one day, and he was determined to ensure that it happened as he mentally reviewed options. He draped the towel over the end of a fallen tree that had had the top part removed leaving a short length of trunk sticking out just under a metre off the ground and settled himself on the end with his feet touching the ground. He lay down on it and invited Jenny to apply some KY.

Jenny quickly cottoned on to this scenario and spent sometime stroking and massaging a generous amount onto his dick — to help it get in the right frame of mind she declared — the trunk, not being any wider than his body, she was able to walk herself over him until she was positioned directly above him. David had been worried that he might not have fully recovered his capacity from the early morning lovemaking, but the sight of her standing over him and the sensation of being able to touch her breasts, assured him that it might not be a total disaster after all! Once again Jenny, was in charge but extremely excited by the setting of her fantasy, the position of David and the pleasure she had stroking his silky smoothness, but even more so by the anticipation of what she knew she was going to do. She was going to place his dick in the opening to her slippery sleeve, then ever so slowly lower herself onto him, letting the waves of pleasure from the initial plunge repeat themselves as she slipped lower and lower onto him until finally, gasping from the sensual tingles that were coursing through her system about to trigger her first climax. She leant forward and placed her hands on his shoulders, inviting his hands to cup her breasts while this new position locked their pelvises together and applied more pressure to her magic spot. Her vaginal muscles worked overtime, doing what she had always had to refrain from doing in the past and a second wave of an explosion convulsed her body and she fell forward full length onto David as his own eruption caused his love juices to flood into her once again. They lay there gathering their breath, poised precariously on the tree trunk as David hugged her to stop her rolling them both off it.

A dragonfly hovered overhead observing this strange activity, but otherwise seemed unperturbed. For Jenny, the feeling of being locked together in this wonderful embrace transcended all the sensual expectations of her fantasy and it was very reluctantly that she worried about how David was getting on in the somewhat odd position he was in. For his part, David was unconscious of the rough tree bark nudging through the towel until Jenny raised herself back onto arms length, but David suggested that they both try to stand up together so that they remained coupled. They slowly adjusted their feet and then straightened up to find that they were indeed still in the loving embrace — albeit still straddling the log — but were able to have a long kiss that expressed all their love and tenderness for one another.

David had slipped out of her as they tried to move off the tree, allowing some love juice and KY to trickle down her leg. It all felt so wonderful that Jenny wished there were gallons of it to flood her innermost corners, but since it might cause speculation, she wiped herself dry and began to dress again for the trek out. David made himself presentable again and tested his wobbly legs as he packed the bag.

Hand in hand, they slowly picked their way towards the main track, stopping to kiss and hug every few metres in their post coital joy. They joked and laughed somewhat obscenely about how they might be seen when they reached the main track — Jenny with bow legs and David with wobbly legs and shagger’s back!! They found it interesting how uninhibited-intimacy allowed comments and expressions that, anywhere else, would not have been thought of in the first place, let alone expressed. Then as an act of unconventional defiance, they passionately kissed once more when they were on the main track and noted how wonderfully unrestrained and relaxed they both felt!

They wandered further along the track and companionable silence, bare arms touching and sending little sexy signals as reminders of where they were and what might follow. The track dipped down to border a lovely little stream with small deeper ponds amongst the rocky bed every so often. David put a finger in the water but thought it a bit too cold for a swim. Jenny was aghast at the idea — far too public for her to risk, even in her currently liberated mood, but she quite liked the idea and thought the hot pools later would be great. As it rose higher and cleared the tree tops, the sun blazed down directly so that hats had to worn, but the symphony of sound increased dramatically from the birds and cicadas, complemented by the musical tinkle of the stream. Their friend, the dragonfly, was hovering near by obviously curious to see whether these strange objects would become entwined again on another log. This had to be the moment, to be enjoyed to the full even as the temperature rose reminding them of how even nicer it would be back in the little clearing, naked once again.

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