Hannah and Bryson Sext – Messenger Sex 02

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Both Hannah and John are consenting 18y olds.


John: Hey Hannah, just an fyi, I can see the bottom edge of your 🐱 lips in your 4th picture

Hannah: you can?

Hannah: omfg ur right 🤣🤣

Hannah: Woops

John: your welcome

John: looks like I have the upper hand lol

Hannah: rip you do

Hannah: lol, I still like the pic 🤣

Hannah: like you can just barely see anything

John: I really like it. The pic makes me all hot and bothered and want to pin you down and do crazy things to you

Hannah: Ew

John: So sorry, dont hate me lol. I just wanted to be truthful

Hannah: I guess lol

Hannah: what’s better between my last two pics btw?

John: Definitely the close up pic with your eyes looking up and your tongue sticking out.

Hannah: dang, guys really do love kawaii/hentai faces lol

Hannah: at first I didn’t believe it 🤣🤣

John: What’s your favorite picture of me

Hannah: imma be real, I don’t really like the pic of you with a bow.

Hannah: but I bet it does well in Pennsylvania lol

John: You should try it some time. It’s actually really relaxing shooting at targets on a warm day. I could show you sometime

Hannah: no, I’m probs too weak to pull it back 🤣

Hannah: did my last two pics update to the black dresses btw?

John: No, not yet.

Hannah: dang, my app sux ballz

Hannah: but to answer your question, your most attractive pictures are the ones of you in a suit, and you with your dog on your lap

John: Really? I thought the dog pic was kinda basic?

Hannah: it’s basic because it works lol

Hannah: imma be really honest, I don’t think we’d ever hang irl, so I don’t want to waste your time

Hannah: but thanks for telling me that you can see my 🐱

Hannah: I just think ghosting is fucked up lol

John: Why do you say that you would never be down to hang irl?

Hannah: Idk, I think you’re just not my type, but I bet some girl would dig you

John: What’s your type?

Hannah: It’s kinda specific

Hannah: I just want some super skinny e pretty boy to fuck lol

John: You’re right, I’m not that. Tell me more?

Hannah: Irl I’m super shy and Kartal Escort way way submissive

John: I bet I could help you to feel submissive. Even though I’m not some pretty e boy lol.

Hannah: I just want to be a sub to some pretty e boy lol

Hannah: Is that too much to ask for

Hannah: Like we don’t have to date lol, I just want some pretty feminine boy to own me lol

Hannah: sorry to vent

John: do you know who —– is?

Hannah: Omfg 😍

Hannah: I’d let him do anything to me lol

Hannah: Sploosh 💦

John: What else are you into? Maybe we could still be friends?

Hannah: I feel like I’d really like to be tied up lol

Hannah: but I’ve never tried it

John: In college I dated this girl named Emily and she was super into being tied up. When we kissed / had sex, I would tie her hands behind her back and her ankles together with climbing rope. I could then kiss and tease Emily relentlessly.

Hannah: 😥

Hannah: that’s hot 🥵

Hannah: you should tie a girl up and then just use a vibrator on her 🥵

John: Yeah, Emily had one of those Magic Wand things. I would tie her up and vibrate her while we watched porn together. And then after an hour or so of watching porn, I would pin Emily down to the bed fuck the shit out of her.

Hannah: that’s fire 🔥

Hannah: I want some girly e boy to do that to me so bad 🥵

Hannah: I pray to baby jesus for this every night lol 💦

John: she was also really into spanking. So, I would alternate between rubbing her clit and spanking her until her cheeks and the insides of her thighs were crazy red.

John: and then when we fucked she would be crazy wet and horny and hump the shit out of me

Hannah: I feel like that’s a thing that’s super hot in porn.

Hannah: but idk about real life

Hannah: but I’d be down to try it.

Hannah: my biggest kink by far is fooling around in public lol

John: have you ever seen those videos of couples having sex in changing rooms on Pornhub?

Hannah: omfg those are the best 😰

Hannah: I saw one where a girl gave a guy head on a train and I think about it everyday

John: I feel like if a girl gave me head Tuzla Escort in public, I would have such a crazy orgasm. Like the fear of being seen with the girls mouth on my cock would drive me crazy.

John: low key, it would be hot getting caught too.

Hannah: dang, ur the guy who gets caught fucking in public lol

Hannah: but I know what you mean

Hannah: that would be hot

John: Would you ever upload sex videos to the internet?

Hannah: I feel like being super dirty on the internet, and then walking around all day, wondering if people have masturbated to you, would turn me on like crazy

Hannah: I’d be perpetually super horny 🤣🤣

John: What if a friend / coworker told you that they had seen your porn and had masturbated to you?

Hannah: I guess it depends on the person

Hannah: If it’s some creeper than nah, but people that I work with would make me horny as fuck

Hannah: I’d probably send them nudes lol 🤣

John: Damn Hannah, you are so wild.

John: Are you sure you don’t want to meet up irl? I want you to be mine. I know I’m not some skinny pretty boy, but I promise you that I could be a good master, and tie you up, and make you feel however you wanted to feel.

John: Think about it, be my little slutty pet Hannah. Just for fun, no strings attached. I want to own you. Make you my little girl.

Hannah: oof

Hannah: what if I was with you, and just started sending other guys nudes to tease them.

John: NGL, that’s kinda fucked up and would make me super angry.

Hannah: That’s the point lol.

Hannah: I feel like if I edged you on we could have crazy sex

John: That would work lol. I would be super jealous and angry and rough with you.

Hannah: then i would be a slut for sure 😈

Hannah: I would just sext with guys all day and show you the messages at night

John: Then, I would show you your place physically. I would make you pay for being such a slutty girl with all the other boys. I would muscle you around and fuck you into submission. I would tie you up and teach you a lesson. I would fuck you and lick you until you were sore.

Hannah: fuck.

Hannah: can I tell you a secret daddy?

John: Anadolu Yakası Escort Shoot?

Hannah: I want to sit on a guys lap wearing a short dress, and see if I can grind on him till he cums in his pants

Hannah: I feel like it would be super funny and hot at the same time 🥵

Hannah: I swear I’ve had this fetish for so long too.

John: You can try it on me if you want.

Hannah: Here, I’m going to send you two pics of me in short dresses that I could wear.

Hannah: which dress do you like better?

John: The short black satin one. It compliments your tiny figure better.

John: Would you ever fool around with a guy under the table on a fancy dinner date?

Hannah: Ooooo, I’ve always wanted to go on a fancy dinner date with a guy in a suit

Hannah: And I’d just wear a super slutty short dress and heels �

John: If you wore that black satin dress on a date with me, there is no way I would be able to keep my hands off you.

Hannah: that’s the goal ☺️

Hannah: aight imma 👻 now

Hannah: and I’m probs going to delete this convo so it’s not just sitting on my phone lol

John: Sounds good. Here is my phone number if you change your mind (number).

John: I’ll make you feel like the slut you want to be. I’ll touch you, I’ll lick you, I’ll choke you, I’ll spank you.

John: I’ll tie you up and do naughty things to you.

John: You would be such a horny little sub for me Hannah.

Hannah: 🥵

Hannah: sounds good 👍. I’ll think about it

Hannah: thanks for looking at my pussy

John: You are welcome lol.

John: Like I said, it got me all hot and bothered and I think you should keep it on your profile so I can look at it and think about you.

Hannah: yes please

Hannah: and I can masturbate thinking about you masturbating to my picture lol

John: Please meet me tonight. We could go on a dinner date. We could go on a train ride. We could find ourselves a changing room. Anything.

Hannah: nah, but I’ll send you a nude if you pinky promise not to share it lol

Hannah: I took the most fire nude of all time the other day

Hannah: one sec, I don’t have any social media so I need to download snap lol

Hannah: you can screenshot it if you want lol

Hannah: it’s kinda sexy having one random nude floating around in the world lol

Hannah: (sends John a picture of her breasts and pussy).

Hannah: and then I can masturbate to thinking about you masturbating to me.

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