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Author’s Note: All characters are at least eighteen.


Hannah Gratz awoke to see her roommate Tiffany Fitzgerald masturbating on her twin bed only a few feet from Hannah’s own. Tiffany was eighteen, the same age Hannah was, and her nude body glistened with sweat as she writhed sensuously back and forth on top of her flowered Victorian comforter. Tiffany’s left hand caressed her huge breasts, the nipples already as hard as diamonds by this point, while her right hand lightly tickled her swollen outer lips until they opened like a flower, revealing the damp crimson inner labia within. As she watched Tiffany play with herself, Hannah noted with a sudden jolt of horniness that Tiffany was definitely a natural redhead.

Hannah glanced down at her own body. Her curly hair was mouse-brown, and her breasts were so small she could barely see them beneath her white cotton nightgown, but Hannah’s nipples were already as hard as Tiffany’s. They poked against her nightgown like two little buttons, just waiting to be pushed. Because she always masturbated at least once a night, Hannah never wore panties to bed. In fact, Hannah thought her best feature was definitely her pubic hair—it was black as midnight and soft as a kitten’s fur—but no one but herself had ever touched her best feature.

As Tiffany slipped her middle finger inside her pussy and used just the tip of her index finger to tease her clit, Hannah thought about Sylaire Blackwood, the girl who was the subject of Hannah’s own silent masturbation sessions. Rumored to be descended on her mother’s side from French aristocracy, Sylaire was by far the most popular girl at South Harbor Academy, one of the premiere girls’ boarding schools on the East Coast. Sylaire’s long golden hair and ice-blue eyes made her look like a fairy-tale princess, assuming a princess could reduce her victims to quivering mounds of lust with just a few quick licks of her long pink tongue.

Although all three girls were seniors at South Harbor, Sylaire was a year older than Hannah and şişli bayan escort Tiffany. Sylaire had been expelled for a year after the headmistress caught her giving her history teacher a slow, cockteasing blowjob in the faculty restroom. When the headmistress had demanded that Sylaire grant her the same favor right there on the spot, Sylaire had brought her right to the edge with her lips and tongue, then just got up and left, leaving the poor headmistress so horny she’d had no choice but to make herself come right there on the toilet. At any rate, Sylaire was back, and her year abroad in Europe had only made her an even more vicious tease than ever.

As Hannah’s hand slipped inside her nightgown to rub her nipples, she imagined herself kneeling in front of Sylaire. Sylaire would be standing naked with her legs spread and a look of icy disdain on her beautiful face. Hannah would lick Sylaire’s pussy, shyly at first, then faster and faster as Sylaire got wetter and wetter. Finally, Sylaire would come, grinding her soaking-wet pussy all over Hannah’s face. Then Sylaire would pull Hannah to her feet and kiss her tenderly, and Hannah’s life would be complete.

Hannah had just hiked her nightgown above her waist and begun diddling her sensitive little clit when Tiffany shrieked as she came. “Go, Tiff!” Shelly Harmon shouted from somewhere down the hall. Shelly had been the biggest homophobe on campus until Sylaire tied her down and proved that she’d beg for anything, even another girl’s tongue, if it meant a chance to come after hours of torment. Since the dorm was restricted to eighteen year-olds, Shelly’s torture session took place right out in the commons room, and all the other girls—even meek little Hannah—took turns masturbating right in front of Shelly’s face while Sylaire teased her mercilessly with a remote-controlled butterfly vibrator.

Still completely nude, Tiffany rolled over to go to sleep, her hand clutched tightly between her legs. Hannah smiled, secure in the knowledge that she could really work on şişli escort making herself come without worrying that Tiffany might catch her. Hannah knew the other girls would tease and torment her relentlessly if they knew she played with herself, so she kept herself shielded behind her good girl image. Some good girl, Hannah thought with a laugh as her fingers strummed furiously across her clit and a drop of wetness slid slowly down her inner thigh.

Hannah was like a guy in some ways, and one of those ways was that she could make herself come really quickly if she set her mind to it. She was way too horny tonight to bother with teasing herself the way she sometimes did. Biting down on her tongue to keep from screaming in ecstasy like Tiffany had, Hannah came fast and hard as thoughts of Tiffany’s tongue licking her wet pussy raced through her head. Her fingers were soaked by the time she stopped rubbing herself.

“Having fun again, Hannah?” Tiffany asked softly just as Hannah’s pussy finally stopped throbbing. Hannah froze, hoping against hope that Tiffany hadn’t seen everything.

Tiffany stood up, her gloriously naked body still turning Hannah on even though she’d just come even harder than usual, and crouched beside Hannah’s bed. “Don’t worry,” Tiffany breathed. “I know you do it every night, and I always come just from rubbing my thighs together while I watch you. But tonight I put on a whole show just for you, and you still didn’t join in!” Tiffany pouted, licking her lips lasciviously. Her hand pushed Hannah’s nightgown back up and cupped her exposed mound. Before Hannah could say anything, Tiffany slid two fingers smoothly inside Hannah’s pussy. Swiftly and surely, Tiffany’s fingers found Hannah’s G-spot and led her down the slippery slope toward yet another orgasm.

Hannah bucked against Tiffany’s hand as Tiffany fingered her faster and faster. Just as Hannah was about to come, Tiffany yanked her fingers away. Hannah stared blankly at her, not sure what had just happened, and instinctively lowered her hand mecidiyeköy escort to her crotch to finish herself off.

“Don’t!” Tiffany warned sternly, catching Hannah’s hand in a viselike grip before it could make contact with her desperate pussy. “I’ll make you a deal, Hannah. If you can hold off from coming all night, I’ll make you come harder than you ever have in your life, I promise. I’ll take you to the special bathroom tomorrow morning, you know, the one where all the girls go when they get horny and they’re too shy to play with themselves right in class?” Tiffany chuckled fondly. “Of course you know, you’re like the queen masturbator of South Harbor.” Hannah blushed.

Tiffany lowered her head and kissed Hannah lightly on the lips, then continued telling Hannah exactly what she was going to do to her tomorrow morning. “Once I get you in the bathroom, I’m going to pin you against the wall, stick my hand up your skirt and make you come right through your favorite blue cotton panties. And this time everyone will hear you, believe me.” Tiffany climbed into bed with Hannah and snuggled up next to her. “Then once you’re satisfied—and I’ll make sure you’re satisfied at least three times, if you know what I mean—I’ll take those nice wet panties and show them to all the girls in school, so they know you’re mine and only mine.” Tiffany paused. “And I’m yours,” she added quietly, but Hannah heard her loud and clear.

“Is that okay?” Tiffany asked almost shyly when Hannah didn’t say anything.

“Of course it’s okay,” Hannah assured Tiffany as she squeezed her hand. Sylaire’s face was already receding from Hannah’s mind like a distantly-remembered dream as she admired her new girlfriend. Tiffany pillowed her head against Hannah’s breasts, and in a few minutes she was asleep for real this time.

It occurred to Hannah, who had masturbated for years in near-total silence, that she could probably finger herself to one more orgasm without Tiffany ever knowing. Hannah considered this tempting possibility, then shook her head firmly. Not disappointing Tiffany was more important than satisfying her immediate physical needs. With a contented sigh, Hannah closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of what would happen in the bathroom the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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