Hanson House Ch. 08

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The students were split into larger groups than usual. The instructors were happy for titfucking to be a very public activity. The challenge for the staff had been ensuring enough cocks were on hand. After enlisting some of the third year boys they managed to provide two cocks for each of the young women.

The decision about two cocks was based on long experience. The young men wouldn’t be able to hold off their ejaculations, not all of them. There was no problem with the second year females being splattered with semen. The problem was they needed to learn and practice the several different techniques for performing a titfuck. So they needed a fresh supply of hard cocks when the young men started to lose control.

The women students all stripped naked. Those who felt humiliated took comfort from the fact the male students couldn’t decide which one to ogle the most.

Then the males all removed their trousers and stood in front of the young women. Each of them was presented with a pair of proud cocks and the eyes of the young women were bulging. Some of the women gazed at the third year boys. After all, most of them had raging hard-ons. Others, though, preferred to stare at the attendants, older men with meaty cocks hanging between their legs.

Jasminda didn’t know where to look. The young Filipina had come from a very conservative family. Before Hanson House she’d barely been kissed. Sexual activity, even masturbation, was something she’d been taught was reserved for after her wedding day. Although Jas had known, deep down, that there was much more to sex than that, she’d regularly been challenged by the open attitudes at Hanson House. Standing naked, surrounded by horny men and their erect cocks, young Jas was almost beside herself with excitement.

The women had, of course, been warned not to be too loud with their gasps of lust and their “oohs and aahs”. It was only proper for prospective submissives to admire dominant male cocks. On the other hand, as submissives they would be expected to be somewhat demure and to wait until they were given permission.

The class required physical contact with those gorgeous cocks but the women were not permitted to hold them. Likewise, unless instructed they were not to lick or suck any cocks. Those were privileges these young submissives had not earned yet. The instructors were well aware that some of them had previously behaved like ‘common whores’ with their boyfriends. That no longer mattered. As second year students they would be taught correctly, and soon enough, how to properly serve men with their mouths and how to receive their cum.

Even Elissa, the young lesbian student, was required to attend these classes. Submission, it had been explained, was a totality. What would she do if given to a female dominant who wanted Elissa to pleasure one of her male friends? She shouldn’t discount, either, the possibility one day she might find herself in service to a male. Even an avowed lesbian was required to complete the full training at Hanson House.

First up, the women were shown the simplest method for a titfuck. They were required to lie back and allow a male, either an attendant or a third year boy, to climb on top of them. It was simple enough, though most of the young women began to pant and to moisten their cunts as soon as this was mentioned. They were young people after all and the sexual instruction at Hanson House had driven most of them to near desperation levels of lust.

They were taught how to invite a titfuck by correctly holding and caressing their tits. Even though a male dominant would that he wanted to fuck their breasts, a young submissive should learn how make herself look enticing and invite him to use her in that way.

The boys and the attendants all licked the cleavage of their selected student and spread their saliva across the inside of those heaving teenage breasts. Judging by the pants and groans heard from most of the women students it seemed possible some might cum just from having their tits touched.

Cocks were put into place and tits clasped tight around them. Even now, some of the young women were shy around the male appendage. Others were plainly excited at being allowed to touch, and be touched by, males and their stiff, swollen weapons.

The instructors stressed the importance of the woman trying to keep the cock wedged low down in her cleavage. This would ensure the best sensations were given to the male above them. It also reduced the risk of those annoying “escapes” by slippery cocks that would interrupt a dominant’s pleasure.

Those women who were less well-endowed were shown how to close their fingers across the top of the cock. In this way they could encase the male appendage using their hands and their busts and thus compensate for having less breast tissue. The instructors assured everyone that this would still result in a very satisfying experience for the man and his cock.

Finally the male participants were görükle escort permitted to start thrusting their cocks between the tits of the young women students. The instructors and remaining attendants moved about the room giving tips and correcting technique. This was almost as important for the third year boys as for the young women.

The males added their moans of pleasure to those from the young women. The students were excited to be so close to so many erect male organs. All felt the honour of being able to see and watch the rampant male cock in its glory. The males, on the other hand, had the privilege of stroking their stiff cocks between the tits of a bunch of young women.

After a few minutes the women were ordered to open their mouths. “This is not a cocksucking class,” they were told. “However, there is no reason why the male cannot push his cock far enough to insert the head between your lips. Or to rub it across your tongue.”

The vocal response from the women students told how thrilled they were. Some of them were desperate to be fucked or made to orgasm in some way. The males with cocks in cleavage already knew what was required. They all shifted their weight so that a full thrust between the waiting tits would bring the tip of their cock to the woman’s lips. Some of the third year boys knew they were getting dangerously close to shooting their loads all over their partners’ faces.

One or two of the young women screwed up their faces when their respective cocks started to bump against their mouths. There was a silvery fluid to contend with. Amanda, too, noticed the leakage from the tip of the cock thrusting through her cleavage.

“You may see some clear fluid from the piss hole at the end of the cock,” called out one of the female instructors. “There is no need to be concerned. This is pre-cum. Its a natural issue from the male cock. It reassures you that you are performing the technique correctly for the dominant male. Its also quite natural and healthy for you to taste and to swallow it.”

Amanda was grateful to be permitted to a small taste of a man’s ejaculate. Ever since Lis had mentioned swallowing her boyfriend’s cum, Amanda had been thinking about how that might feel and taste.

She became bold enough to extend her tongue just a little. She wanted to catch a taste of the boy’s cock and, especially, the wonderful fluid that must have been produced way down in his balls. Amanda found the mild taste very much to her liking.

In fact, the sensation of a cock head rubbing on the end of her tongue was a revelation for Amanda. She’d wanted to do it for so long. That boy in highschool had tried to force her. Being so young, Amanda had wondered whether she would revolt at such demands. Now she realised a quick lick on the tip was not enough. Amanda wanted more, to receive all of a man’s erection into her mouth.

Soon after that everyone was made to swap positions. It was time to try the more difficult technique of the woman being on top. In this position the submissive could be required to do more of the work for the titfuck. Everyone could see this was the more erotic position, when the submissive would truly serve and give some worship to the cock of her dominant. The fact it made it easier for him to play with her tits was part of the explanation for that.

Then the males swapped places and those who had waited took up their places. If the women hadn’t been so turned-on they might have thought it shallow to be exchanged like that. Lisbeth, for one, thought it a natural thing to expected to serve like that.

Everyone was reminded of the need to apply more lube or saliva to the woman’s tits. Though Jasminda, to her surprise, discovered that her smooth silky skin and a little perspiration was quite adequate.

With their new partners the women practiced titfucking while sitting or kneeling in front of the male. The students soon discovered the reason for special classes on titfucking. It would take some practice to know how to automatically adjust for things like the difference in height between man and submissive.

“This is more like I expected,” muttered one of the students. Everyone agreed. It felt wonderfully submissive to be “lying back and thinking of England”. When kneeling, however, the young women all felt they were being given a chance to really experience the life of a submissive.

Kneeling before a cock also gave a better opportunity to study and assess it. The young women now had a chance to ponder what kind of cock they liked best and could hope for in the future. None of them wanted something too small but most were afraid that their dominant might prove to have too much “prowess”.

Soon the instructors gave control of the class to the male students and the attendants. Their role as instructors was one of observing and providing advice to both sexes as they tried to master the art of titfucking.

What that meant, also, was that the men görükle escort bayan could decide who took a turn and which position they wanted the young women to assume before plunging their cocks in. The women were just eager to comply and happy to go along with the direction of the class.

“Now ladies,” said an instructor. “This is not a class on oral and its not a class on cock worshipping or swallowing cum.” She paused and waited for those words to sink into the young minds. “But you may as well start to learn now, today, that service to a man includes receiving his cum.”

That sent another stir through the young students. There was so much sticky pre-cum on their skin already that everyone wanted to experience the real thing. They’d guessed correctly and everyone was to receive the prize of squirting semen.

“We will not expect these men, including these young ones, to have given you so much practice and then to not relieve themselves. That is not proper behaviour for promising young women such as yourselves. After tifucking you, the males will be permitted to unload themselves and they will no doubt shoot their cum onto you.

“It may land on your chest and your breasts, it may land on your neck and even your face.” Nearly thirty young women giggled and gasped at the very thought of it. “You will take their cum with proper respect. You will not pull a face or protest or complain. Some of you may even like to smile and thank them for their gift. But don’t worry, you’ll learn all about that in your later classes.”

With that the young women became even more eager to provide the most pleasure they could. Their heightened arousal was obvious to the men wielding their cocks and it was true the males hardly needed encouragement to enjoy the young cleavage provided for them. They thrust their hips harder at the young women, giving them an insight into the power and force they could expect when a man was truly aroused.

A couple of the female instructors chose to increase the levels of arousal even further. Pamela was one of those, moving around the room and softly tweaking the nipples of the female students. Of course that hardened those young teats and the sight made the men even more horny than before.

Naturally one of the third year boys was first to cum. He gave a loud cry as he finally lost his battle and his semen spewed over the young woman sitting in front of him. She cried out herself, more in delight at being the first to receive the experience. Some of the women students tried to watch and they were amazed at the power of the blasts the young man gave out. Thick white strands of man cum splashed against her chin and her ample breasts. Some of it even went high over her head and landed in her hair.

No-one wanted to be left out of such pleasures. The males and females redoubled their efforts. It was only the male attendants who were prepared to take their time. They’d experienced this many times before, of course, and they knew they’d get plenty more strokes between those young tits before they needed to fire their sticky cream over the waiting students.

It didn’t take much longer, however, before all the young women were wearing the results of their titfucking. Amanda took her first load from one of the third year boys. She was on her back, holding her tits dutifully. He smiled and said “nice tits” to her before his cock spewed out his semen. He had aimed carefully and his load spurted out onto Amanda’s chin and her neck.

She rejoiced in the sensation of that magical semen splashing and coating her skin. Now, with these older and males, she suddenly found herself excited at the thought and the sensation of semen spraying onto her. It made the whole idea of sexual service seem so complete.

In a flash another of the male students had pulled her onto her knees in front of his swollen phallus. After only a few thrusts his load was shooting out as well. He came with several long, thick streams that felt sensational as they landed on her chin and even her face.

Amanda didn’t protest. She was far too excited for that. She didn’t even realise that she was smiling as dollops of cum splattered onto her. The sticky white stuff covered her neck and she could feel it drooling down her skin. She had waited so long for this experience.

All around her were the moans and the laboured breathing of the third year boys who’d given their cum to the young women. Many of them were equally amazed at the efficacy of a titfuck and the ability to bring themselves to climax by using the tits of a slutty young woman.

There were giggles and laughs from the women students as, one after another, the males unloaded their balls over the eager pupils. To receive cum from a dominant man – well, it was disgusting when a high school boyfriend tried it but it seemed so “right” when the cum was delivered by the right kind of male.

Elissa, too, managed a smile and a measure of satisfaction bursa escort that she’s drawn the magical white stuff from her assigned cocks. “Service”, after all, was still service.

Too soon, however, the lesson was drawing to a close. “Right,” called out an instructor. “We need to finish up for tonight so the young ones can get some study done. Those of the men who have not unloaded on a pair of tits should do so now.” The males were groaning and the women were giggling, young and excited to have achieved what was previously forbidden, wearing man cum on their skin.

Amanda saw that Master Stephen, the reputed sadist, had taken Lisbeth for her final cum blasts. He had forced her to kneel in front of him and he thrust his cock between her tits with great force. Lis was struggling to contain him in her cleavage. When Master Stephen was ready he put one hand on the back of Lis’ head, forcing her to bend it forward and down. When he erupted between her tits, Amanda saw that he shot his cum straight into Lis’ face. Some of it even landed in her hair. More importantly, some of the Master’s cum had shot into Lis’ open, waiting mouth.

Once released, Lis gave Master Stephen a big smile. Unlike some of her peers, the young Dane had already experienced receiving a load of semen in her mouth and swallowing it. She had traded that humiliation for the thrill of a teenage spanking. Compared to that, being “facialed” by Master Stephen was an honour and a joy.

Some of the young women picked up their clothes, at the same time moving to wipe off the cum. “No no,” shouted an instructor. “That is male cum. Unless given permission you leave it there to dry nicely on your skin as a mark of your submission.”

With that everyone was sent, still stark naked, back through the hallways to their rooms. The cum they had received was still drying on their skin. The students wore it proudly although a couple of them were less impressed to have globs of semen stuck in their hair. All of them would need to shower before dinner.

The conversation that night was about the many different cocks each of them had seen and felt. Even Lisbeth, who’d seen more cocks than her roommates, was excited to recount her experiences and what she’d felt when being tifucked. The students compared the various places where they had received cum from the males. Those who’d been lucky enough to taste cock juice were especially satisfied. Most had gotten some in their hair. They all remembered what they’d been told, however, and not one of them complained.

The instructors had intended that the young women would return to their academic work after dinner. Most of them did make a real effort. Unfortunately, many more found ways to masturbate until their young cunts couldn’t take any more. Grace was so horny and excited she insisted on masturbating in full view of the roommates.

Two nights later the exercise was repeated. First one of the instructors explained their error from the previous class. “Many of you have not done cock worship and facials yet. But let me remind you now that when your dominant, or any man, puts his cum on your skin, especially on your face, he means for you to wear it for him. By doing so you will honour your dominant. So no wiping until you are given permission.”

Then the class began. The women students were so much more confident this time and some managed to vocalise their thoughts. Even Elissa, the confirmed lesbian, couldn’t help herself tell one of the third year boys that “I love the way your hard cock feels between my boobs”. For her efforts she later received a massive load of his cum on her chin and neck.

Little brown Jas was apologetic to her boys. “My bust is so small. I’m sorry its not as fun to use me as the other girls.” But both the third years reassured little Jas of just how good she was. “No way,” said one. “You have totally gorgeous tits. I’m ready to cover them with my cum.”

Amanda was lucky enough on the second night to have two of the male attendants for her to service. She enjoyed the older men and their quiet confidence. The staff were chosen in part for their larger cocks and, moreover, they wielded them differently to the boys. This was the best of her classes to date as she concentrated on serving two older, experienced men. She was grateful that both were large enough they could stick the head of their cocks into her mouth at the end of each thrust. When they came, both men were kind enough to aim a few drops of their precious fluid onto Amanda’s lips. She greedily licked and swallowed the sticky stuff.

Even on this second part of the class, however, the staff noted that a couple of pupils didn’t react so well to the sensation of flying cum landing on their skin. Several instructors exchanged knowing looks. Those two had not smiled and appreciated the gift they received. Nor properly thanked the males who’d provided it. Even then, some of the staff noted the names of those young women and began to plan some remedial “instruction”.

Later, Amanda returned to her room to find a message. She was to report immediately to the office of Mistress Rose. The student quickly pulled some clothes over her body, with the almost dried man juice sticking nicely to the material.

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