Happy Birthday, Baby New Year

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Kristen had been one of the first girls of her age to develop and at first it had bothered her when she heard the boys teasing her about her breasts and being immature about it. Now that she was a senior in high school she appreciated her mature body found that most boys would rather try and get a look at it than make fun of it these days. She particularly received a lot of attention from older men. She loved it; she would tease them and when they gave her attention it made her feel sexy. There were rumors over the years that she’d lost her virginity very young but little did they all know that her hymen was still very much in tact. At 17, she was one of the few virgins left among her circle of friends. The high school boys that she dated all wanted to get a piece of her but she hadn’t felt that any of them were worthy. She had her eyes on an older man; her geometry teacher.

Ben Reed was a handsome, 35 year old softball coach and geometry teacher at the high school. He had never crossed the line with a student before and had never even been tempted. Girls in his class often had a crush on him and he would find it amusing but never looked at them the same way they saw him. That was until this year when he had a sexy little senior in his class named Kristen. She was beautiful; dazzling green eyes offset by hair so black it almost looked purple in the right light. Her figure was outstanding; she was a tiny girl at only 5’2″ weighing no more than 115 lbs. She wasn’t a showoff about her body, not wearing trampy clothes like some of her peers but he knew that her breasts were incredible. They would often stretch the material of her t-shirts and draw his eye right to them. Her legs were toned and tanned as was the rest of her body, but not that obnoxious orange tan that some females were sporting. She looked like a girl who spent a bit of time in the sun and had a healthy glow to prove it. He resisted every urge to come onto her because she was a student and she was under age. But he still delighted in looking at her in his classroom.

Kristen knew that Mr. Reed had noticed her finally. She’d had a crush on him the entire year but she knew that he wasn’t looking to fall for one of his students. He loved his job too much, mainly the coaching but that meant he had to teach too and she knew he wouldn’t risk his job. Still though, she had made it her mission to get his attention and give it a try anyway. Once she knew he’d taken notice of her in a sexual way she formed a plan. Her geometry class was the last of the day and she waited until the other students filed out. She began to whimper and move in her chair a bit acting irritated by something. Mr. Reed turned to look at her with concern, “What’s wrong Kristen?”

“The screw on the chair, I think it cut me. It hurts but I’m afraid to look.” She sounded so sincere and he looked concerned.

“Come up here and I’ll take a look, I may have a band aid in my first aid kit here too.” He pulled open his drawer and brought the small white box out. Kristen got up and walked to his desk, she took it upon herself to sit on top of his desk while holding her hand against her upper thigh where the screw would have caught her. “Where is it, Kristen?”

She pulled her skirt up slowly on one side, keeping her charade going she did it carefully and pretended to try and hide her panties. “My thigh, up here.” She pointed to the general area and turned her head away pretending she couldn’t look. He ran his hand over the area very gently, very caring and then he frowned.

“I don’t see anything Kristen, it doesn’t look like it left a mark. Does it hurt when I touch here?” He ran his hand down her thigh again and shook her head.

“No, that feels nice. You have soft hands for a man.” She looked him, eyes shining with innocence. Her knees parted and he could see the little pink cotton material Ankara Escort of her panties. He blinked his eyes a few times and pulled his hand away.

“I think you’re going to survive. I’m sorry the chair got you.” He sat back in his chair and smiled. “You better get going on you’ll be late getting home.” She hopped down and thanked him and then headed out.

This was the beginning of what lasted until Christmas break. They both felt the attraction between them but both knew it couldn’t happen for several reasons. They flirted in and out of class, she would leave him little love notes and they even set up tutoring after school so that she had a reason to stay late alone with him. She was good at geometry though so they didn’t spend any time talking about class. They talked about real things. Life, his job, her friends and family. By the second week of tutoring she had built up the courage to start sexual talk with him. She asked him about his first experience and told him she was a virgin. She sat in her desk as he told her the story of his first time; she squirmed in her chair and slid her hands up under her shirt. He watched her and became incredibly turned on, so much so that he had to stay behind his desk to hide his growing erection.

They spent several afternoons doing this with the door closed. Telling each other tales that would get the other one off. No touching, just talk at this point. He brought up the idea of meeting outside of school the following weekend and she was thrilled to say yes. They met on a Sunday when her family was at church and she drove to an empty baseball filed at the municipal park. They sat in the dugout and chatted about the usual things. This time though, because they were away from school they both felt more bold and when she put her hand on his thigh he didn’t move it away. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and held her close to him. There was even a moment where she could swear his lips brushed her ear as he was talking. Her hand moved up his leg and across his crotch just hoping to feel him react. He did, she felt the bulge seem to jump toward her hand. She quickly pulled it away before he could tell her no. Instead of saying anything he put his hand to her chin and cupped her face up toward him. He placed a gentle kiss to her mouth and sighed, wanting so much more but knowing it was off limits.

The second time they met off campus it was at a movie theater. They’d arrived separately and met in the back of the dark room once the movie started. She’d picked one that none of her friends would be seeing and they even went so far as driving to the next town over just in case. For the first half of the movie they just held hands and occasionally he would lean over and whisper something to her just as an excuse to brush his lips over her ear or neck. Once they felt comfortable enough she looked at him and smirked as she moved the armrest between them out of the way. She moved herself quickly to straddle his lap. Her arms went around his neck and she looked at him. The theater wasn’t crowded and no one had sat anywhere near them, thankfully. She spoke softly and close to his face, “I turn 18 on January 1st. I’m saving myself for you.” He smiled and touched her face before kissing her gently. This was exciting news for him. He wanted to fuck her so badly but her wouldn’t cross the moral boundary in his head concerning her age. The fact that he was her teacher was starting to matter less and less the more time they spent together. She reached down for his hand and moved it under her skirt, just barely allowing his fingertips to touch her bare skin, she leaned into his ear and whispered, “No panties.” She kissed his neck. “I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.” It was almost too much for him and he gripped her hips to move her Balgat Escort over to seat next to him. If he wasn’t careful, he wouldn’t be able to wait the two more weeks until she could be his. Before she left that afternoon she winked at her soon-to-be lover and asked, “So you’ll spend New Years with me?” Mr. Reed just nodded and smiled before getting in his car and watching to make sure she got into hers safely.

Two more weeks of secret meetings and flirtation went by without crossing the line and Kristen had managed to convince her friends that she had a good reason for not spending the New Years holiday with them. She told her parents that she was going to a party and she headed out to meet Mr. Reed at his house. She parked in the garage as planned so no one would notice her car. They hadn’t been able to sneak a visit since two days before Christmas and she was itching to see him. When she knocked on the door she felt nervous but as soon as he opened it she felt relieved and happy. She threw her arms around his neck, for Kristen this was more than her teacher, more than her crush- she loved him. She knew that he probably didn’t feel the same but that didn’t matter to her now. He led her inside and gave her a mini tour of his small home.

When they got to the living room he pointed to the box on the table; it was a gift for her. “I wanted to give this to you for Christmas but we couldn’t see each other.” He set the box in her lap and she smiled then opened it. It was a red silk baby doll style negligee. “I wanted you to have something as pretty as you for tonight.

“I love it. Thank you.” She was touched by his sweet gesture and moved the box to the table so that she could slide over and kiss him as a proper thank you. She licked the seem of his lips and pressed hers against his. They’d still never even used tongues when kissing because of her age. He was scared of crossing that line. She was nervous that they would soon be able to cross it. It was after 11:30 already and her birthday was just minutes away. She excused herself to go change into the new nightie and when she reappeared he looked her over and ginned.

“You look so beautiful.” And she did. Her breasts looked amazing in the low-cut garment. The material was thin enough that it showed her aroused nipples and that made him smile too. He got up and scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bedroom. From the bedroom they could hear the noise of the TV in the living room, it would provide the countdown to midnight for them. He laid her in the middle of the bed and ran his hands softly over her entire body, pressing kisses to her shoulder and arm and down to her hand. The clock ticked as he moved his mouth to her legs and spent time appreciating them. He moved up to her stomach, pushing the nightie up a bit and revealing the cute panties she’d worn underneath. He blew hot air on her stomach and then licked a circle around her belly button. Her skin tasted sweet and clean and knowing it had never been touched turned him on even more.

The chanting started as the ball was dropping on the last minute before she was legal. He stood up to undress himself and she pulled her panties off so they would both be ready. He moved over her small frame and held himself up while staring into her sparkling eyes. “Are you really sure? It might hurt a bit the first time.” She nodded at him and cupped his face to bring him to her lips where finally she slipped her tongue past his lips. She moaned softly into the kiss as his hand moved down between her legs just as the time changed and he deepened the kiss. “Happy Birthday, baby.”

She smiled up at him, “Happy New Year Year, Ben.” Her legs parted for his hand and took the cue and slipped one finger inside. She was tighter than anything he’d felt before. Çankaya Escort He continued to kiss her deeply as his finger probed and played with her clit too. When he would touch her clit she would moan and wiggle with excitement. Her muscles tensed up around his intruding finger and she loved it. Nobody had fingered her before and it felt amazing. Ben broke their kiss and cupped her breasts as he slid down her body pushing the material up as he went. Once it was high enough she pulled the nightie over her head and tossed it. He flicked her nipple and then sucked a mouthful of tit into his mouth. She moaned with pleasure and pushed her fingers into his hair. “Oh God. Ben, I’ve never felt like this.” Her body was writhing under him and he started to move down between her legs.

She pulled her knees up and held onto them as Ben delicately took her clit into his mouth and sucked gently. He was trying to be careful with his little virgin lover. She was making sexy pleasure sounds as he continued to flick his tongue over her clit. Finally he slid his tongue down into the opening of her pussy and she cried out. He fucked her with his tongue until her felt she was about to reach her climax then he slid his finger in once again. He had to feel her close up around his finger. Her back arched and her toes curled as he first real orgasm washed over her entirely. She stared at him afterward and licked her lips, “Please. Please! I want you inside of me.”

Ben didn’t need to hear more than that. He moved up into position, the head of his cock pressing against her opening. He looked at her as he slid just the tip into her pussy. She was so tight but the wetness was helping a lot. He could feel her insides begging him to continue but he was nervous about popping her cherry and hurting her. She gripped his arms and kept her eyes on him as he moved in a bit more and kept going until he felt the resistance. “It’s okay. I want it. I’m ready.” She nodded and gritted her teeth waiting. Ben pulled back slightly and pushed again with more force as he felt the barrier tear. He didn’t stop, he knew it would hurt more if he stopped right there so he kept going until he was completely inside his student.

Kristen yelped when her teacher took her virginity. It hurt but not more than she was expecting. Within moments he was burring so deep in her pussy and just holding still to let her adjust. The stinging started to give way to throbbing and she felt his penis pulsing inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at him, giving him the go-ahead to move again. He started fucking her at a slow pace but soon she was so turned on and into it she was asking for me. “Fuck me! Fuck me Mr. Reed. It feels so good.” Her hips were bucking up at him and proving her body wanted more. He happily obliged and moved at a faster pace, his balls slapping her ass now with each thrust.

She hadn’t thought about condoms until it was time for him cum. She tried not to think about it and let him make the decision on what to do. She chose to go back into her blissful state and enjoy every stroke he was making in and out of her pussy. He was grunting and she moaning in step with his thrusts, getting faster and faster until she came a second time. Her pussy walls clamped down around his cock and she screamed his name. He lingered inside her as her orgasm continued but then he couldn’t wait any more and he had to pull out. “Kristen… oh shit. I’m gonna cum on your stomach okay?” She nodded and backed up a bit sitting up on her elbows to watch him. Her grabbed his dick and stroked it to the impending orgasm. His load shot right onto her stomach the first time. He also managed to his her breast and right above her belly button. She laid back down, spent . He looked at her and smiled. “Are you okay?”

“I feel amazing, that was the best feeling in the world.” She looked right at him, “Thank you for being my first. We’ll have to rest up and try that again. I think I’ll get better with practice.” She smirked. He got some tissues to clean her up with and nodded in agreement with her.

Their affair continued until she graduated and moved away to college but she will always remember Mr. Reed as her first… everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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