Happy Ending Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 2 – New Techniques **

Two months had passed, neither of us wanting to arouse suspicion. As before I made the appointment weeks in advance and called the day before to confirm things. In that call she mentioned she had a ‘new technique’ to try; but no more details. I remembered the exquisite sensations of her rectal muscles working on my penis, and could not imagine anything more perfect than that to accompany the usual therapeutic massage. It only served to raise my anticipation.

She didn’t do many of these ‘happy ending’ appointments. After all, she wasn’t a prostitute – or didn’t want to be perceived as such. But she did have certain ‘special skills’, and she enjoyed providing extra services to men she trusted. Her hands and fingers were her bread and butter, working the muscles of her clients expertly in a strictly ‘therapeutic’ way within the confines of the chiropractic practice. Those same fingers provided additional therapy for other parts of the body in a private setting. Her special clients could also request oral ‘therapy’. But her anal skills were reserved for ‘by invitation only’ clients. In no way did she offer those special skills unless the client was indeed ‘special’. And nobody had conventional intercourse with her. That pleasure was reserved for her man – who enjoyed fellatio; but frowned upon anything to do with her bottom. In contrast, she enjoyed – even needed anal pleasure on a regular basis. It worked out well that she could choose one ‘client’ at a time to fulfill her needs.

I rolled up to her office in the country, glancing in the rear-view to watch the gate closing behind me as I pulled up to the house/office. I turned off the phone, leaving it in the car. The door opened just as I walked up, and she stood there in a thin shirt and panties with a big smile. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable. You know the drill.” she said, laughing. I did indeed ‘know the drill’ and walked into the softly-lit massage room. I left the door open knowing there wouldn’t be anything she had not seen and disrobed, climbing up onto the table in the usual ‘face down’ position. She walked in and asked the usual questions about porno the massage before beginning. In minutes I was very relaxed, turning over after the first thirty minutes or so when she was ready. As before her attention – and contact – ended up on my loins. This time she had some sort of special massage oil she worked into my organ with her fingers, even rubbing it into my balls and inserting a finger in my asshole before she took my cock in her mouth. The oil was warming, and seemed to numb my flesh as well. Hmmm….

She worked her lips and tongue over his cockhead, palming his testicles as she worked his organ into full readiness. She had already prepared herself for things before his arrival, so the sixty-nine they had enjoyed the last time wasn’t necessary. She knew the new techniques would be more pleasurable – and longer lasting – than those she had used earlier, and she wanted to save his ‘therapy’ for that. She did, however, enjoy sucking cock. Her lips nibbled at his meat, slowly working their way down his shaft until his pubic hairs tickled her nose. She knew that men loved this ‘deep throat’ thing, and had never had a problem with the gag reflex. With the head of his dick pushing at the back of her throat she slowly worked a finger up his ass, easing the digit to the hilt in his sensitive hole as her lips suckled on the entire length of his cock. His gutteral moans told her he was enjoying the therapy. Fifteen minutes of expert fellatio and it was time. She reached back to confirm that there was sufficient lube at her rear entrance then climbed up on the table to straddle him, smiling sweetly as her fingers guided his stiff member to the target.

I licked my lips, wanting to ask for a taste; but unwilling to stop her. I looked into her eyes and gave her a wink, reaching out to capture her lithe hips as she slowly lowered herself onto my organ. I felt the ring of her sphincter relaxing as my cock pushed inside her mucky little chute, then her hips eased down until my organ was well and truly buried inside her ass. “Ohhhhhhgodddd… that’s soooooooo nice…” I said hoarsely, my dick twitching in her bottom while her muscles rippled around it.

“Mmmm… just relax now… let me work it for you…” she whispered, squeezing his meat with the muscles of her butt. She knew the compound would soon begin it’s work, and her rectal chute would simply overwhelm him with a climax that would last a very long time. She consciously worked at his organ, gently sliding her ass up and down on his shaft while her muscles clenched and relaxed around it. Fifteen minutes in and she felt a spasm in her backside and he let out a low grunt in response. She lowered her hips, taking as much of his length as she could inside her bottom, and tried to keep as still as possible. She could feel her rectal channel squeezing his penis, the muscles rippling along his organ with occasional clenching spasms. It was out of her control, and she knew neither of them would last very long. She smiled down at him. “New technique” she told him.

“I… can’t… stop…” I gasped, gripping her hips as my semen began to flow.

“That’s okay… just let it go…” she told him, enjoying the warmth inside her butt. “We’ll do a two-fer this time.” she laughed. His hands began raising and lowering her hips, sliding her snug chute up and down on his dick. She let him have his climax, holding her torso up with her hands on the table next to him. A tiny orgasm overtook her, milking the remainder of his seed into her receptive rectum with little spasms. She let his breathing return to normal before she moved. His cock was beginning to soften, slipping easily from her ass. Without a word she lowered her head and took him in her mouth again, sucking gently as she slipped a finger up his butt. A few minutes of her expert fellatio and he was ready again.

“I.. um…” I stammered, gazing into her eyes as she pulled her lips from my dick.

“No worries honey. Next one is on me.” she told him with a smile. “Call it technique development if you like” she added. “But I think this will be a better position for us…” she said, turning around so her back was facing him. She straddled him and reached down to position his bulbous head at the waiting ring of her butthole, then allowed her hips to drop down. In a single stroke his cock was deeper in her ass than at any time before. “Ohhhhh yeah… much better.” she said hoarsely. The spasms began almost immediately, massaging his organ in exquisite ripples along the shaft. “Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah… try to relax…. just enjoy the massage…” she whispered, lying back on his chest.

I’d never felt anything so incredible as this. The buttery-smooth walls of her asshole moving along my penis as if it was being massaged. The orifice was tight; but that wasn’t really what made the difference. The entire length of my cock was receiving gentle clenching spasms that felt like slender fingers encased in hot velvet. I reached around her to massage a nipple with one hand while the other reached down to manipulate her pussy, focusing on her hard clit once I’d extracted sufficient juice from her cunt. Our bodies began a gentle rocking, moving in unison as her butthole massaged my cock. The two of us moved as one for more than thirty minutes before I sensed she was close again, her butthole twitching around my member.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold back, and used the strength in her legs to fuck his cock with her ass. “Let’s cum together, okay?” she said hoarsely, her butt cheeks bouncing off of his torso. “Come on… Come on…. COME ON…” she howled, slamming her backside down to capture his length inside her rear hole. Her muscles spasmed and clenched wildly around his twitching dick as she rode the waves of her climax. Then she felt him begin to unleash his semen, and worked her hips again to get him off. Her boyfriend didn’t know what he was missing…

It had gone from a gentle and erotic massage of my penis to a wild and baudy buttfucking. I slammed into her ass, pouring what felt like a quart of my semen into that opening that felt like a superheated velvet tunnel gripping my cock. New technique indeed. The massage part was a wonderful extension of the normal therapy. The subsequent energetic sodomy was just plain hot sex. I had to admit it was a worthy extension to the ‘normal’ massage therapy. Her fingers and hands were wonderful on every other part of my body. Her anus and rectum were magic on my cock. Her pooper was still convulsing around my meat, having drained every ounce of semen. I had to withdraw or I would be fucking this ass all day. I lifted her hips up and off, and she quickly made for the bathroom after confirming I was ‘okay’.

After paying for the session I scheduled the next, anxious to find out what she would add to the regimine for next time…

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