Happy Ending Ch. 07

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 7 – Growth Prospects Abound **

Michele had been expecting the call. She had responded to a letter from the Grant Writers at APT, asking a number of progress-related questions about the LSRT project. She had answered the questions as completely as she could, and checked the box inquiring about future grant opportunities. Jill Rosenbloom, who’s title was Director of Therapy Grants and Funding, had sent her an e-mail letting her know she would be calling to setup a project review, and that the Association was interested in further funding of her project. The day came, Jill called, and they had an appointment to do the review. Now she waited nervously for their arrival.

At nine o’clock sharp, the rental Chevy rolled into the lot, and two women emerged. Michele stood behind the reception desk as they came through the door. “Good morning ladies. I’m Michele Hollenbeck.” she announced, coming out from behind the desk to greet them.

“And I’m Jill Rosenbloom, this is my assistant Kathy Grayson. Nice to meet you Michele.” Jill said with a smile. “Where shall we convene for the review? We will need a small table I would think.” she asked.

“We can do that in my office, right over there.” Michele replied, motioning to the door. “I have a small conference table I think will work.” she added, leading them into her office. The ladies set their cases on the table and opened them as if working from a script, pulling out two or three files and a notepad each before closing the cases and setting them on the floor. Michele took her seat and waited to be grilled.

The review questions covered topics they had not addressed in the initial screening for the grant. Things like sterlization procedures and controls, STD prevention, body cavity cleansing, and client screening were all discussed in depth, and records were reviewed where applicable. Michele took them into the lab and showed them the high-tech tools they were using, and showed them data collected during the testing phases. Three hours after they arrived, the files were closed, notes completed, cases repacked, and the ladies were preparing to depart. Ms. Rosebloom looked Michele in the eye. “Ms. Hollenbeck, I am surprised and impressed at your project and progress. I can tell you I will be recommending approval for the next phase of grant funding; but it is likely you will have another visitor in a few weeks. I will call you or otherwise get information to you about who to expect and when. Thank you for your time today, and congratulations on your success to date. Most impressive indeed.” Then she and her assistant rose and aimed for the door without another word.

Phew! Michele thought. Glancing at the clock she picked up the phone and dialed Raina. When her protege answered she was beside herself. “Next round is in the bag!” she said excitedly.

“Excellent!” Raina replied. “Tell me everything!”

“Oh… not over the phone I’m afraid; but whenever you have time just stop by.” Michele suggested.

Michele ended the call and called up her calendar. Nothing the rest of the day; but Gil Cyrus was coming in tomorrow morning for another LSRT session. That gave her plenty of time to refine the data analysis, one of the items on the APT ‘areas for improvement’ list. She went to the house, fixed a quick wrap, and came back to work on the analysis. The smile never left her face the remainder of the day.

Michele prepared for a second session with the Chiropractor, making a few notes about questions to ask him before she proceded. While he seemed to have appreciated the first session for the right reasons, she didn’t want this to turn into something other than a clinical relationship. He had treated her a bit differently at the Wellness Center, leading to a small but non-trivial suspicion about his intentions. He arrived on time and she called him into her office.

“Doctor Cyrus, I just wanted to make certain you’re pursuing the LSR therapy for clinical reasons.” Michele began. “How are things with your wife these days?” she asked.

“About the same really.” Gil replied. “Until I can address my personal failings in that area I don’t expect any changes. We’ve been a little more romantic lately; but nothing physical really.” he offered.

“Mmmm… that does sound like you’re trying, and that’s a good thing.” Michele responded. “Does she seem interested at all? I mean, does she respond to your touch?”

“Uh… that’s a bit difficult to say. She doesn’t push me away, I guess that’s something.” Gil replied.

“So you’re thinking if you could achieve an erection – o-on your own – that she would respond to a physical encounter?” Michele pursued.

“Yes, I think she would.” Gil replied. “That’s why I believe the therapy will help.” he added.

“Alright.” Michele said. “Let’s get to it then. Go ahead, and I’ll be with you when you’re ready.” she added, getting up from her desk to head back to the reception area.

Gil watched almanbahis her bouncy little rear as she walked away. It was almost enough for him to get a hardon, just watching that taut derriere. He went into the therapy room, stripped naked, and crawled under the sheet to wait. The usual knock came at the door, the he heard her come in. “Ready Gil?” she asked softly. He mumbled and nodded, then felt the pressure of her hands as she began the massage.

Michele worked the tightness out of his muscles, performing her usual magic with her skilled hands. By the time Gil Cyrus rolled onto his back she could see the small tent created by his partially erect member. Things are improving! she thought, working his legs and feet until she was once again at the cusp of ‘normal’ and ‘LSR’ massage. She let her fingers roam up his thigh to grasp his partially-erect organ, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Hmmm… This is encouraging.” she said softly, lifting the sheet. “Just relax now Gil.” she said, lowering her head to flick her tongue at his cockhead. An immediate twitch was even more promising, and she wrapped her lips around his penis, her fingers massaging his testicles. Another twitch and his organ grew to near full size. She suckled at the smooth flesh, swirling her tongue around the crown as she sensed his level of stimulation. A few minutes later he was ready, and she slowly lifted her head as her fingers wrapped around his shaft. She reached down and pulled up the lube, coating his dick before wiping her hands and removing her plug. “Ready?” she asked, not waiting for any response.

Gil had been impressed with her oral prowess before; but had forgotten about it after the anal session. She was really quite good at arousing his organ that way. He opened his eyes and watched as Michele Hollenbeck climbed up to straddle his loins, then lowered her hips to press that amazing little pucker against him. “ohhhhhhhmmmm…” he groaned softly, fighting the urge to thrust his hips upward. Moments later he felt the velvety tissues of her rectal channel engulfing his manhood, enveloping his dick in her smooth heat. His loins let loose an involuntary spasm, and her muscles relaxed completely. This was going to be wonderful… he thought, relaxing as much as he could…

Michele sensed his spasm – nearly a level 2 – and her reflexes correctly responded by relaxing all of the muscles in her bottom. Her hips remained where they were, with about three-quarters of his shaft inside her. “Not yet Gil. We need to extend…” she whispered. “Reeeelaxxxxxx” she added, gently easing her anal channel all the way down onto his meat. She held still for several minutes in that position, then gently clenched her outer ring around his root and slowly lifted her hips until she felt the ridge of his crown. “Mmm… feel good Gil?” she asked, not really expecting a response. After a few moments she relaxed her sphincter and eased her hips down as his penis found its way into her ass again. She felt a smaller – level 1 – twitch, and began to give him the penile massage with all of the muscles in her butthole, not really clenching, just gently squeezing at his sensitive dick. “That’s good Gil… easy now… let me work out the kinks…” she whispered. As if on autopilot, her hips began to rise and fall. Very slowly at first and without any muscle action, then gradually picking up the pace and adding a bit of muscle tension. A twitch. Then a spasm followed by another spasm. She relaxed her muscles; but continued the strokes, sliding her chute up and down on his penis.

“ohgawd… easy…” Gil mumbled as his therapist worked his cock. Then the pressure eased; but he still felt the heat moving up and down his member. He tried to focus on that sensoral input, to understand what she was doing; but it all too much to take in under the circumstances. Then all motion stopped, his full length seemingly encased in heated velvet. “ahhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned.

The twitches of Gil’s organ had begun to cluster in groups of four and five. It was not something she’d experienced nor expected. Michele eased her hips all the way down and relaxed her muscles completely. “Okay Gil?” she asked. “Okay if I go on?” she clarified.

“Uh…. yes… soon…” Gil replied hoarsely.

Michele gripped his penis with her rectum. “REEELEEEASE…” she whispered, willing her muscles to convulse around his organ. She felt his convulsions begin, sensed the flow of his semen into her bottom as he climaxed. “Yesssssssssss” she said softly, her hips beginning to rise and fall as his cock spasmed and spurted his seed into her rear. Once the twitching subsided she relaxed her chute, letting his penis soften until it slipped free. Then she climbed down, grabbing a towlette to clean herself then another to clean up Gil’s genitals. She retrieved her shorts and pulled them on, then found her prep tool. “Okay Gil. I’ll see you when you’re ready. No rush.” she said softly, covering his loins with the sheet before quietly leaving the room.

Gil Cyrus was spent. He lay on his back under the sheet almanbahis yeni giriş for ten minutes before finally pulling himself up. She is right. We need to discuss this therapy. he thought, pulling on his clothes before heading out to the lobby. He nodded to Michele as he pulled out his wallet, counting out a hundred and fifty to hand it to the therapist. “I – uh – will call you. Thank you sweetie.” he said, turning to walk out.

“Gil” Michele called, waiting for him to stop. “We really do need to talk seriously about the syndrome and how the therapy can help you get beyond this.” she told him. “I know the release is pleasurable for you; but we can’t just operate on that basis.” she added.

“I know” Gil said, without turning to face her. “Thanks again, and we’ll talk.”

“Before your next session Gil.” Michele let him know the rules.

Bill Lyons looked down at the little wrinkle of his girlfriend’s ass, working his thumb past the clenched muscle to slide inside. He could feel his digit on the other side of the membrane separating her holes, where his cock enjoyed the wetness of her sweet pussy. He pushed his thickest digit as far as it would go up her butthole, feeling the thrusts of his dick and the clenching of her muscles. He had to admit it felt nice in there, and would surely be very tight. He wondered…

Raina had hoped Bill would get the message, letting him finger her rear like this while he fucked her. She didn’t want to have to ask him for sodomy. It just seemed so nasty to talk to him about that subject. She had avoided telling him about ‘the therapy’, other than in general terms; but after having several rather intense climaxes …that way… she was hoping to enjoy it with her lover. “B-Bill…” she stammered.

“What is it baby?” he asked, holding his hips still.

“W-want to try… you know… my butt?” she asked him.

“Uh… I uh… won’t it hurt?” he asked her.

“Oh… no I got this special… stuff we can use…” she replied, hoping he wouldn’t ask where she got it. The bottle wasn’t labeled. She wriggled her hips free and went to the bathroom, emerging with the small bottle. She sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for him to stand next to her. “C’mere baby…” she said.

Bill swung his legs over and stood up facing her, watching as she lowered her head to take his cock into her mouth. As cute as she was normally, she was gorgeous this way – her lips distended around his organ as she worked the length of his meat. Then her mouth was gone and she flipped open the applicator on the tube of ‘stuff’, squeezing a bead along the length of his penis and spreading it with her hand until he was coated fully. He felt the tingling. “W-wha…” he stammered.

“Oh it’s a special formula that will make it last longer baby.” Raina said with a giggle. She swung herself around, pointing her sweet booty at him as she handed him the bottle. “Okay babe, lube up my bottom now.” she suggested. “Just stick the applicator in there and squeeze, then use a finger to spread it around.” she instructed.

Bill took the bottle, his gaze going back to her beautiful rear as he gently pushed the applicator nozzle into the tiny opening. As she’d instructed he gave the bottle a healthy squeeze, then eased his pinky into her hole. FUCK it feels good in there! he thought, his cock twitching as he sawed the digit in and out of her ass. He coated his middle finger with the stuff, replacing his pinky with the much thicker digit, sliding it deep in her velvety hole. “You sure you want my dick in here?” he asked her. “Sure feels tight.” he added, worming his finger around in her most private opening.

“Yeah baby… I want to t-try it…” Raina told him. She moved her knees closer to the edge of the bed and arched her back, pressing her firm boobies against the sheet. “Come on honey. Let’s try it.” she said, reaching back to spread her cheeks.

What the heck! Bill thought, if she wanted to try it he was not going to let her down. “Okay baby… I’ll try it.” he told her, putting the head of his cock against the tight little opening. “O-okay… okay…” he mumbled, pushing with his hips while watching the point of penetration. “OHHHGHHHH” he grunted as his crown forced her sphincter wide. Raina squealed and he stopped pushing. “You okay?” he asked.

Raina squeezed the head of his penis with her outer ring. “Yes baby… yes… oh gawd YESSSS…” she hissed. “Put it in… nice and slow…” She relaxed her sphincter and let out a long sigh as she felt his shaft easing deep into her asshole. “ohhhhhhyessssssss… so big in my ass baby… fuck me nice and slow” she pleaded with her man.

Bill couldn’t believe he had his entire cock inside Raina’s tight asshole. The sensations were so different from her mouth or her pussy, like a buttery-smooth furnace. He eased his shaft out, looking down to watch as the pink inner flesh of her anus clung to his meat. “Soooo fucking hot baby… so tight…” he growled, easing his organ in and out of her beautiful behind. This almanbahis giriş is so nasty! he thought, watching his thick meat stretching the tight little hole between those perfect cheeks.

She didn’t want to give away too much, didn’t want him to suspect she had been ‘training’ to use her rear this way. Raina reached under her belly, finding her wet clit to begin manipulating her sex. Bill’s cock felt great in her ass, as she knew it would. “ohh… oh… oh… yeahbaby.. fuck my butt…” she mumbled, wriggling her hips as he sodomized her. She felt a twitch from his cock, her muscles relaxing as they’d been conditioned to do. She heard his low moan as he resumed his thrusts, the felt a spasm of her own as her fingers worked her pussy. “ohyeahbaby… yeahbaby… YEAHbaby… FUCK MY ASS…” she squealed, her peak arriving suddenly.

“OHHHFUCK” Bill growled as Raina’s snug chute began convulsing around his cock. He grabbed her soft flesh, his hips slamming against hers as he fucked her nasty little pooper. “yeeeAHHHH… OHSHIT… OHGAWDDD…” he howled, pounding into her spasming butthole as his semen spurted deep into her bowels. Deep thrust followed deep thrust, her clenching channel milking him dry in a climax more intense than any he could recall. This is just too incredibly hot! he thought, shoving his dick all the way into his girl’s butt to let her finish draining his balls. Then Raina collapsed on the bed, her clenched ass dragging him down on top of her. “Ohhh babe… ohhhhhhfuck…” he whispered hoarsely, his penis still twitching in her gripping rear. His lips nibbled at her ear as his organ softened inside her. “Oh Raina… baby…” Then his member slipped out of her, his juices oozing from her bottom.

“Mmmmmm…. like it Bill?” Raina asked, wriggling her cheeks against his belly.

“Oh gawd Raina… I never thought… I mean… WOW” he stammered, rolling off of her back. “How…”

Raina rolled to her side, reaching over to let her fingers brush lightly over his damp skin. “I don’t know honey. It felt good when you put your fingers in there…” she said, looking as demure as she could.

“Where did … I mean… the lube…” Bill stammered.

“Oh that.” Raina began, her mind racing. “A girlfriend gave it to me. She said it was good for regular sex, and… other things…” she giggled. “I guess she was right.” She wasn’t really lying, after all Michele was a ‘girlfriend’.

“So… I guess it was pretty good for you, too?” Bill suggested

“MmmHmmm… I think we can do it again… If you want to.” Raina told him.

“Okay.” he replied. The lovers curled up in each others arms, caressing and cooing until sleep overcame them.

Michele had received a note from Jill Rosenbloom introducing a young woman who had studied LSS as a part of her Master’s program, and contacted the APT asking for information on where she might apply her skills as a massage therapist in this specialized field. While there were alternatives, it was Michele’s program that seemed to fit best. Michele contacted the young woman, who went by ‘Ami’ Park, conducted a telephone interview, and had met her in person later. She was impressed with the girl’s knowledge, and even more impressed with her interest in LSR Therapy. With funding of her program assured, Michele offered Ami a position which she had subsequently accepted. She had completed her household move to a place only a few miles away, and would be starting the following week.

Ami (real name was Mitsu) Park had essentially been on her own since the age of 14, when her mother and father dissolved their marriage and departed America for their respective home countries. He was Korean, she was Japanese. They left their daughter Ami in the ‘care’ of his brother and family; but they treated the girl more as a servant/slave than a member of their family, and had her ‘working’ to fill the coffers by the time she was sixteen. Ami ran away at seventeen, found real employment, and paid her way through college and massage therapy school as a waitress and hostess at a very upscale Korean restaurant. While in the MS program she discovered the LSS research, and was immediately interested in pursuing a career treating men who suffered. She was excited to begin that career with Michele Hollenbeck in the LSRT project!

Monday morning arrived and Michele was her usual early-bird self, getting in her three miles, shower, tea and toast before eight. Today Ami Park would be reporting for her first day, and Raina was coming in at ten to meet their new therapist-in-training. Michele recalled the brief meeting she’d had with Ami, remembering the young lady’s professional look, pulled back hair, and librarian glasses that looked so appropriate with her business suit. She hoped Ami would adjust to the much more relaxed environment here.

Ami had driven past Michele’s place over the weekend, mostly to make sure she knew how to get there. The ‘Foothill Therapy’ sign made it obvious. This time she turned into the drive, ringing the ‘bell’ at the closed gate. Moments later the gate swung open and she drove her Camry up to the ’employee parking’ area. She turned the car off, unfastened her belts, removed her sunglasses and took a deep breath. This is it! she thought, grabbing her shoulder bag and opening the door.

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