Hard Day’s Work

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It had been a long day at college and I couldn’t wait to get home and out of this outfit. I was opening my dorm door when my neighbour Karen opened her door.

“Hey Rachel!” She smiled.

“Oh hey Karen,” I replied, looking to my right, seeing her and doing a double take; she was naked. I took in the sight of her hot body, focusing on her 36DD tits. I licked my lips slowly before her voice brought me back to earth.

“There was a package delivered this morning for you,” she informed me moving back into her room and coming back with a brown box.

“Oh thanks for signing for it. I’ve been waiting for this forever.” I smiled, taking it from her.

She gave me a knowing smile and disappeared down the hall to the shower room. I stared after her and looked down at the box.

I walked into my room and locked the door, throwing my keys onto my desk. I sat down on the bed. I tore open the non-descript brown packaging with my name and address on it and dropped it on the floor. Underneath the brown paper there was a lovely long pink box filled with a dildo I had bought two weeks ago from an online store. I ripped open travesti porno the box and let the dildo fall into my awaiting hand….8 inches in size, 2 inches in girth, god it looked good.

Under my shorts my panties were drenched and my nipples were hard from anticipation. Letting the pink box join the brown paper on the floor, I looked at the dildo in my hand. Running my fingers up and down it, feeling its hard length, taking the tip into my mouth and sucking it slowly. I was so turned on by these simple actions.

I set the dildo down on my nightstand before I became too horny and forgot what I came home for. I moved over to my wardrobe and pulled out some fresh clothes but my eyes kept going back to the dildo on my nightstand. I shook myself and concentrated on picking out some clothes. I picked out my favourite shirt and a clean skirt and threw them onto the chair.

I slowly reached my hands up and unbuttoned my blouse pulling it away from my chest, grazing my rock hard nipples and turning me on more. I pinched my nipples for a second before pulling myself back to the present and alt yazılı porno that I was supposed to be getting dressed and leaving in an hour to meet a girlfriend for some drinks.

I groaned and slid my hands down my body to find the zip on my shorts, sliding them down along with my panties off and stepping out of them. I caught sight of myself in the mirror over my vanity, smiling letting my hands wander again…over my hard nipples, down my smooth stomach and over my smooth hairless pussy.

My breath hitched as I touched my lips. I parted my legs slightly, exposing my clit. I gave myself a devilish smile in the mirror and sat slowly onto my bed, spreading my legs wider…feeling my wetness.

Touching my swollen clit a shiver ran down my spine, heightening my excitement. My nipples tightened painfully begging for attention. I moaned softly running my left hand back up to my nipple to pinching it hard, rolling my clit between my thumb and forefinger.

Looking up at the mirror and smiled, my pussy was soaked and begging for my fingers. Biting my lip I slid my hand üvey baba porno down the length of my pussy and rubbed it slowly before bringing two fingers back up to my mouth and licking my own juices off them.

I moaned and pinched my nipple harder, licking all my juice off my fingers before plunging them into my cunt all the way down to the knuckle.

“Oh god,” I mumbled, fucking myself harder, making my juices flow over my hand and onto the bed.

As I fucked myself hard, my mind wandered to my next door neighbour — Karen- and how her hot body looked out of the tight clothes she usually wore…my fingers moved faster as I rubbed my clit, thinking of Karen’s 36DD with those large round nipples just begging to be sucked by my eager mouth.

“Karen,” I whispered, inserting another finger into my already stuffed hole. “Karen,” I whispered again, feeling the warm tingly feeling I get when I’m about to cum.

I spread my legs further apart as my pussy spasmed lightly….I was close…my fingers flying in and out my stretched hole faster and faster….rubbing my clit with my thumb…my moaning getting louder and louder as my climax neared.

“MY GOD!”I screamed as my orgasm finally hit, practically making me see stars. I slumped back onto the bed, my pussy still spasming round my three fingers, my breathing laboured and my heart pounding.

Rubbing my clit in a slow lazy circle…I looked to my left and smiled at my new toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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