Harriet, My Sexy Mature Neighbor

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I was having a cup of coffee at a local diner in my area, I had woke up early and was too lazy to make my own, as I read the morning Daily News, I had the strange feeling someone was watching me. I looked in the mirror behind the counter and notice this older woman watching me, as I returned her stare, I realized I had seen her in my building before, as she caught my return stare she smiled softly at me and I smiled also. She was a very sexy lady, I mean she was up there in age but still beautiful and very well put together. There was something about her that held my attention and since she continued to watch me, I motioned with my cup asking her did she want some company, she nodded shyly so I got up and brought my coffee and paper to her table. I had seen her around the my apartment building and had made a mental note to find out a little more about her, she was sometimes with a younger woman, anyway she was a fine and well kept Black woman.

“Hi I’m Albert, I think we live in the same building” I said while extending my hand, she took my hand and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Harriet, I have seen you around the building, you live in apartment 4M , right” she replied.

“Yes I do, may I sit with you” I added.

“Sure” she said. We sat and chatted for awhile she told me she lived with her granddaughter and that her husband had recently passed away. She asked if I lived alone or was I married and did I have any children living with me, I said no to both questions, telling her I lived alone. She came right out and asked me my age and I told her I was 55yrs young, she smiled and asked me to guess her age, I said around fifty, she replied she was 64yrs young and smiled. We continued to chat and flirt, I was taking in all her loveliness, she spoke very proper which is very attractive to me. Finally she said I’ve heard about you and leaned in closer to me, “I overheard my grand daughter talking to her friend, Darlene, this young woman was talking about nice you gave to her and her friend, Jocelyn.”

Before I could say anything , she put up her hands, “I’m not here to judge you, the young woman is definitely old enough to know what she wants, but she did say how big your private parts were” she said with a twinkle in her eye, as she looked me directly in my eyes and licked her lips.

“What exactly are you asking me Harriet, you can be direct, just to let you know I find you extremely attractive, I think you can tell my the way I look at you” I said, holding şişli escort eye contact with her.

“My dead husband was very blessed in his private area, he spoiled me for other men, I was thinking maybe you can help me scratch a little itch I have” she said with a blush, looking down.

I took her hand and said “would you like to see my place?”

She answered ” I would feel more comfortable in my place, my grand daughter is going to be out of town for a couple of days ,so I could use the company, is that good with you?”

” Lead the way sexy lady” I said with a smile or was it a leer.

As soon as she opened her apartment door and we entered her place, I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the lips, she melted into my arms, we kissed for a few minutes and she said come into the bedroom and lets get comfortable, my dick was starting to stir.

She asked me if I wanted something to drink, some wine perhaps, I told her I did not drink alcohol but maybe some water, she looked at me shyly and said she would be right back. I looked around her bedroom, very neat and clean, she had a king sized bed, I sat on the edge of bed, mattress felt very firm. She returned a give me a bottle of water and sat her glass of wine on the end table.

“I’m going to freshen up and get a little more comfortable, if you don’t mind” she said, shaking her sexy rear as she headed for the bathroom. “Please make yourself at home” she said before closing the door. I took my shoes off and laid back on the bed, propping up the pillows. I turned on her radio, she had it on my favorite old school R&B station. On her dresser I saw pictures of her and a handsome gentleman, as well as her and assorted people. As I laid there, I rubbed by dick through my pants, thinking how much I was going to enjoy making love to this sexy, mature woman. As if on clue I heard the door open and out stepped this a sexy tigress, she had let her hair come down over her back, she was wearing a red satin robe, that highlighted her dark skin perfectly, she sashayed into the room and spun around, “you like” she asked. My answer was to reach out and pulled her into my arms and continue where we had left off with my tongue deep into her mouth.

“How long as it been?” I whispered to her as I held her close, kissing her neck and feeling her breast.

“Too long” was her reply. I wanted to make love to this sexy lady, give her something that she would not soon forget. She began to rub my chest, unbuttoning çapa escort my shirt and taking it off, she kissed my chest, working on my nipples just the way I like, she gently pushed me back and kissed down my belly, unbuttoning my pants and sliding them and my boxer off my body, I heard her let out a sigh at the sight of my dick, which was extreme rigid by now. I looked down and she looked in my eyes with such passion as she started to suck my dick, she let out a deep breath and sucked me as if she was in a hurry, I whispered to her to take it easy, I wanted in to last. She licked my dick from my balls to the tip, she sucked and licked my dick for about 30minutes exquisitely, I asked her to take of her robe so I could see her sexy body and I was rewarded with the site of her sexy full breast with thick nipples and surprisingly nice and firm, she was also wearing a red thong, she blushed when I let out a low whistle, she said my grand daughter talk me into the thong, I smiled and just thought lucky me. I laid her down and laid on top of her kissing her from her lips, down her neck, spending sometime on those two delectable globes, her nipples were dark and thick I sucked them hard, licking a circle around them, I let my hands slipped down her legs massaging her hips and letting the rest between her legs, when my hand touched her pussy she moaned lustfully and open her legs for me, “yes Albert, please touch me there”, she moaned through clenched teeth, “yesssss” she moaned.

I took my time kissing down her belly, all the time fingering her now juicy pussy, I was surprised at how wet she was, at her age, I mean I had never been with a woman her age, but I was pleasantly surprised. As I kissed her lower belly, she moaned and I felt her whole body convulse as she was overtaken by an orgasm, that caused her to roll from to side to side, I allowed her to continue cumming, moving my hands away for a minute but keeping them on the outside of her thighs, as soon as she started to ease down, I went back to her pussy, this time with my tongue, I think she came again immediately because I could feel her juices all over my tongue, I drank like a thirsty man, until I could feel the stickiness on my lower lip and chin. All she said was “oh my God”.

I continued to lick her pussy and stick my finger in her until she begged me to stop. I stood watching as she hungrily eyed my hard dick, my dick was at maximum attention, I desired this woman and now I was going to fuck her good. fındıkzade escort I rubbed her juices all over her pussy and some on my dick head, I looked into her eyes and asked “are you ready for me Harriet?”, she smiled and pulled her legs back over her head showing me her wide opened wet pussy, she was more than ready. I eased a pillow under her and lowered my dick into her sexy dripping pussy, hearing her moan deeply and exhale sharply as I plunged my all 9 inches deep into her, she took it like a champ, you could tell she had been fucked with a big dick before because she just put her arms around me and pulled me deeper into her. I got up on my knees and began to thrust in and out of this sexy lady, fucking her deep then pulling all the way out except for the head and plunging back in. Harriet was about 5’8″ so she was able to lick my chest as I leaned in deep, I could feel a big cum building up, but not yet we still had some fucking to do.

” Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me hard, damn shove that big dick right thru me” she screamed, I had to smile at hearing this prim and proper lady, yelling and using profanity, very eloquently though I must say. “Oh Albert, you are fucking me so good, oh God fuck me” she continued as I felt her wetting my dick up with another squirting orgasm. I put my big hands under her ass and pulled her in to me, I let my finger find her asshole which was also wet with her pussy juice.

“Yes finger my ass, take me, do what you want Albert, fuck me” she screamed, that was about it I know I could last much longer so I pulled her to the edge of the bed and got on my feet and got lost in this sweet pussy lady, I had my hands on her hips and was pulling in to each thrust.

“Cum in my Albert, fill me baby, fill me” she cried. I couldn’t hold back any longer I plunged into her and held her still has a shot gobs and gobs of cum deep into her, I could feel it coming out soaking my balls, I continue to violently fuck this woman, I could no longer help myself, I just kept thrusting. Finally, I felt drained, I looked down at her and she looked at me with the most passionate face I have seen, I leaned in a kissed her she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me there, finally I eased out of her dripping pussy, my dick was still dripping also. I laid down next to her and she laid her head on my chest, “you don’t have to leave yet, my grand daughter won’t be back for a couple of days. She whispered in my ear, just as I started to dose off.

I awakened with Harriet sucking on my dick, she smiles, “just wanted to wake you up, I am making you a meal to get your strength back, you’re going to need” she giggled. I laughed to myself, wow what a building I live in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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