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As Shelly looks into her fathers study she sees her fathers best friend known to her as “Uncle Tye” she knows he is waiting for her father, to come home from work but her father has left a message for him that he will be late in meeting him.

As she goes in to give her “Uncle Tye” the message, she notices that he is sitting with his eyes closed he probably has another headache, she decides that she will sit in his lap in rub his neck like she did when she was little! Shelly walks up and as quiet as she can lower herself into his lap and begins to rub his tense neck.

He jumps opens his eyes “Shelly what are you doing home from school?”

“My school is out for the summer.”

“So how is my favorite college sophomore?” Hugging her.

“Better than you another headache?”

“Yeah I have one almost all the time”

“Here let me rub your neck like I use to”

As she rubs he closes his eyes running threw his mind are thoughts about how grown up Shelly is now, what a beautiful women she is now! How good she looks in her tennis outfit as his mind begins to have thoughts he should not be having about Shelly, how long her legs look, and when she hugged him how he could feel and see her hard nipples.. Oh I have to stop this what am I crazy!

As his mind fights this moral battle one side says stop it this is Shelly, the other side says she is a sexy 22 year old sitting in your lap rubbing your neck just kiss her see what happens! As he is fighting this battle the phone rings, as she leaves to answer it he is relieved she is gone he can come to his senses the way home izle as he rethinks everything he feels himself getting hard, Oh no not now!! He stands and walks around in effort to will it away, he looks down no use she will notice as soon as she gets back…he sits trying to hide it, as Shelly comes back in the room.

“Sorry Uncle Tye daddy is not going to make it at all, first he was going to be late but now he is not coming at all, so I guess its just me and you.” Oh no!! He thinks what am I going to do?

She goes to sit back in his lap, “Uncle Tye its been a long time since I sat in your lap”

“Well your all grown up now maybe you shouldn’t”

But it was too late, she was already in his lap!

He was harder than ever he couldn’t remember being this turned on at least it’s been a very long time.

As she feels how hard he is she thinks WOW, he is really turned on now is my chance!!

“You know you are not really my Uncle!”

He says nothing just sits with he eyes closed, hands to himself, thinking NO NO NO!!

She tries again, “It’s been a long time since Aunt Barb left you, have you been dating anyone?” His answer one word “NO”

“That’s to bad so no one serious?”


“Are you sleeping with someone?

He opens one eye and says “What?”

“You know fucking anyone?”

“No and don’t talk like that!”

“Well, are you?”

“No not since Barb”

“But that’s been 5 years?”

“Yes, and a very long 5 years can we change the subject I am the witcher izle getting …..”

“Hard yes I know I can feel it!!”

“No uncomfortable!!”

“Really that’s not what I feel”

“So since it’s from me can I help you with it?”

“No, there is nothing you can do but move and me and him will leave it will go away!”

“You know Uncle Tye that’s not good to do”

“Maybe you shouldn’t call me that anymore, that’s all I can do please let me up!”

“Okay but give me a good bye kiss first.”

So he leans up to peck her cheek trying to control himself so hard; his body is shaking he makes contact with her cheek she turns and presses her lips on his.

The shock if it is so intense at makes his head spin in an instant he is returning and deeping the kiss before realizing what he is going and breaks the kiss. “It’s OK” Shelly tries to kiss him again, he pulls away “No it’s not it’s been to long I can’t!”

“Is that why you haven’t been with anyone since?”

“Well, who would want a man that turned his wife to another woman?”

“Me for one, I have wanted you since I was 18, and seen you hurting it was her not you! Here let me show you.”

She continues to grind her self against him, kissing and rubbing chest to chest.

She leans even closer and he feels her nipples even harder than before, he moans and moves his hands to feel her breast. She lifts her arms and in one-second she is sitting in his lap with only white lace panties on. His mouth finds the point of her nipple he the witcher blood origin izle sucks it in and tickles it with his tongue she moans with pleasure and arches her back.

He trails hot kisses over her neck and face, as she moves down to get a better look at the hardness she has been grinding, she unzips his pants and pulls out his swollen member, with one touch he doubles in size, she begin to lick the sides and the head with every lick he groans louder and louder and then she put him in her hot mouth as far as he could go, he thought he would explode right then he pushed her away, she quickly climbed up in his lap so she could ride him.

Before she could remove her panties he reached down and ripped both sides she sat down on him slow at first then hard enough to push him in to max. Length. She just sat there for a minute just feeling the power for him in her!

The heat of her was almost too much as she begin to rock on him slowly, and with each groan she moved a little faster, calling her name “Oh Shelly as he kissed licked and sucked her breast. Until she couldn’t take it anymore she lifted herself up and off kneeling she put his member between her breast that give him such tingles his whole body shook she know he was close. He picked her up and went to the desk pushing everything off but her tennis bag, and laid her down he wanted to lick her until she cum, teasing her clit and lips more.

What was endless passion right at her breaking point she pushes him away, and reaches into her tennis bag and bought out the vibrator, she keeps at school puts it against her clit and tells him to enter now, he did as she said and felt the heat as well as the shaking and together they climbed as high as they could go! I t was the greatest sex experience of his life!

She kisses him and asks “How’s the headache Uncle Tye?”

“Gone! And don’t call me that!”

“Can we go again Shelly?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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