Helen’s Desire Pt. 02

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Chapter 3 Beyond Spanking

Helen didn’t need spanking every night. Sometimes she’d go a week before the craving came. We had a ceremony for those days. In a woven basket we’d bought at a market in Martinique on vacation several years ago, Helen would present me with one of her ‘wife sets’. When she did this I knew she needed disciplining before bed. On those days I chose the rest of her wardrobe.

It was February. Helen presented me with her white velvet set shortly after breakfast. I chose her red lace open nipple bra, her turquoise soft angora turtle neck, and her blue calf length skirt.

Mid morning I hooked her chain leash to her collar and led her to the foyer where I put her into her red fox fur coat, fur muff, and fur hat. On her feet I put her soft tan leather high heel boots. After doing up Helen’s seat belt I blind folded her with the lining of her hat, then spread her fur coat aside and pulled up the hem of her skirt so I could tease her pussy as I drove us out of the city.

Mine was the only car in the parking lot, so I pulled up with the passenger’s door facing the entrance of the saddle and tack store.

I took off Helen’s hat, smoothed her long silver hair down, folded the blindfold back up into the hat then replaced it on her head. “God you’re beautiful” I said as I smoothed her skirt back down.

The lady in the store’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped when she realized the elegant fur clad lady who’d just come into her shop was being led on a chain leash. “Hello, I was looking on your web site and I see you sell riding crops. I need one for my wife.”

“Well, um, ur, ah well, they’re, um, right over here, ah, sir.”

Helen just smiled as I checked out the selection. I picked one and ‘swished’ it a few times, then stroked Helen’s cheek gently with it. “What do you think Darling?”

“I think it’s a good choice, Sir.”

“I’ll take this one then” I said to the lady.

At the checkout I said to Helen “Hold this while I pay the nice lady.” Since Helen’s hands were restrained inside her fur muff, I put the riding crop in her mouth. The lady was so flustered it took several tries to ring up the sale. A younger sales lady just stood very still and watched with wide eyes. I led Helen out with our purchase still in her mouth like a dog fetching a stick.

Back in the car I took it out of her mouth and said “I hope you were smiling for the CCTV cameras. Mom and Sis are watching, shall we give them a real show?”

“Oh yes Sir.”

I held the handle görükle escort of the riding crop up and said “Lick it.” She made a good show of it, moving her head up and down as she licked. I took off her hat and made sure the ladies could see I was blindfolding Helen. Next I took the purple ball gag, and had her face the store as I did up it’s strap. Before driving away I again arranged her coat and skirt so I could finger her as we headed home.

As we drove along and I stroked and fingered her, Helen moaned. A new toy and lots of teasing. There was going to be some exciting discipline and wild sex tonight!

Chapter 4 The Party

June, the month of weddings, and wedding anniversaries. A couple of friends were having a significant one, and had rented a hall at their country club. White jacket and black tie and all that.

At first I thought her gown a bit expensive, but when I saw her in it, WOW!

It was maroon, satin, backless with a ‘peek a boo’ front that teased with tantalizing cleavage. Draped over her elbows was a long pink satin stole. Maroon stilettos adorned her beautiful feet. As for jewelry she wore her ‘obedient wife’ pearls. Our secret code.

All I could say was “Oh my beautiful queen!” Then I rushed her to the car before the urge to throw her down and rape her right then and there overcame me.

Our seating card put us with several couples our age who were old friends, and several young ‘up and coming’ couples.

The guests of honor stood and Paul said “Thank you for joining us tonight.” then handed the mic. to Monica. She said “We’re not going to do any big speeches. We’re here after all these years because we’re still madly in love. You’re here because your love and friendship means so much to us. Lets celebrate!” With that the servers brought the food.

At one point during dinner on of our lady friends said “Helen, you look great, what’s the secret?”

Now, some of the folks at the table didn’t know about Helen’s wicked sense of humor. “My secret, well my husband fucks the daylights out of me five nights a week.”

This sucked one of the young ladies into being Helen’s straight man. “What about the other three nights?”

“Well, that’s when I fuck HIS brains out.”

Laughs all around.

The evening was magic. Good friends, good food, dancing and laughing.

When it was time to leave the valet brought my car around. At the first cross road I pulled over. “What are you doing Dear?” said my lovely darling.

“Are görükle escort bayan you questioning me, Wife?”

“No Sir.”

“That just cost you a dozen. Now take off your pearls and put them in your purse.”

“Yes Sir.” I cuffed her wrists.

From the console I took the new gag I’d made. It was a hard plastic dog chew toy bone. I’d put steel rings through the holes I’d drilled in the knobs at the end of the bone, then attached straps to the rings. “A present for you my Dear. Now open up.” I put the gag in her mouth and secured the straps. “Now, lets get you home for a long slow disciplining. You’ve been looking forward to this all evening, haven’t you?”

“Grhshg” she replied nodding in agreement.

When we got home I took two more cuffs out of the foyer table and had her sit and put them on her ankles. I led her to the dressing room. The doorway into that room has no door, but does have pad eyes screwed into each corner of the opening. I cuffed her wrists to one of the top corners, then after stroking her beautiful bare unmarked back said “Wait here Dear.”

I changed into my black kimono, took out Helen’s gag, released her hands then said “Come into the bedroom and dance a striptease for me.”

She tuned the radio to a jazz station. I sat on the rocking chair. Helen blew me a kiss, then started rubbing her satin stole up and down her body. She draped it over my shoulders and began lowering the top of her gown, never breaking eye contact. When her big breasts were released from her gown she kneaded and stroked them, then held them up to me. Those three inch oval brown aureola and inch long nipples mesmerize me. Then she continues lowering her gown. When it’s down to her hips she forms a perfect “O” with her red, red lips and slides the fingers of her left hand down under the material towards her pussy. Then she smooths her hands up her body, then to her hair. She takes the pins holding her ‘do’ in place and shakes her long silver mane free. This also makes her boobs sway and jiggle so well.

Helen lowers her gown the rest of the way, steps out of it, then sashays over to me. She takes my hands and puts them in the waist band of her tiny panties and guides them as I pull them down to the floor. She steps back and gets down to her knees.

“Please Sir, will you discipline me now, Sir?”

“Do you want me to beat you?”

“Yes Sir, I deserve to be beaten harshly for my bad behavior, Sir.”

I lead her by the ring on her collar to the door way bursa escort and secure her spread eagle to the pad eyes.

I unlock the toy cabinet and take out two large alligator clips. Helen gasps as I snap them on her nipples. “What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

I select the two inch wide leather strap. “Shall we start with this?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Since this is a special occasion, as well as counting, you may scream or cry.”

“Thank you Sir.”

I smack her with moderate force across her belly. She screams then “One.”

I kiss her “You have such a lovely screaming voice Dear.”

“Thank you Sir” she sobs.

I move behind her. Smack on her shoulder. “Two.” Nice red mark. No backless fashions in public for a while. I exchange the strap for the riding crop. Snap on the back of her thighs. Scream “Three.” No shorts either. Snap on the small of her back. Scream “Four.” Those red stripes show up so well on her ivory skin. Now the paddle. Slap “Five.” Slap “Six.” Slap “Seven.” Crying. The paddle makes her tush a beautiful hot pink. I run a finger down her spine, down the crack of her ass, along her cunt lips. She’s dripping, very turned on. I lick my finger. Back to the riding crop. Eight to twelve. More beautiful red stripes on her back and shoulders. More crying.

I wrap my arms around her from behind and remove the clamps on her nipples and give Helen a good feeling up. She thanks me for disciplining her.

I diddle her pussy with one hand as I stick three fingers of the other into her mouth. Helen whimpers and moans.

Releasing her I clip her wrists together in front, then sit her on the edge of our bed. From the toy cabinet I get a condom and some lube. She knows what this means. A whimper escapes her.

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing Sir,I’m here to please you.”

“Good, now put on my ‘French safe’.”

Helen kisses and licks my member then rolls the condom onto it. I position her kneeling on the bed with her hands clipped to a ring in the middle of the foot board at mattress level. “Knees forward, get that pretty red ass up high.”

“Yes Sir.” she whimpers.

I lube her hole up, the slowly violate it. I start stroking in and out. At the same time I reach down and start masturbating Helen. As my fingers find her clit she takes off. When we’re both done I release her, and she gets a warm wet face cloth, removes my sheath, and cleans my cock and balls.

I push her unto her back and kiss my way from Helen’s forehead down to her cunt, then kiss, finger, and lick until she’s wiggling and laughing. Then I climb aboard and give her a good old ‘missionary’ banging.

As we doze off, me spooned up behind Helen, she says in a low voice “I love you so much, please keep me disciplined forever Darling.”

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