Her Confession

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I shouldn’t have come.

You’re right.

I had to though.


To get rid of the sick feeling in my stomach. I feel sick and nervous and scared. It’s the worst feeling. I can’t bare it.

You’ll have to, Chris said.

But why?

You know why.

Melissa was silent. Looking down. Her hair fell from behind her ear.

They were sitting on the wood balcony of his apartment. The night was hot and humid and hazy. She was sitting facing him. He was facing the building across the street not looking at her.

He was trying to keep it together while she sat there. Holding his ground. But she looked so good tonight. Fucking amazing was more like it. She wore tight jeans and a dark green tube top that perfectly shaped her tits. Her skin was nicely tanned and her hair was streaked blonde from the sun.

Were you out with Louis tonight?

Yeah. We finished the Lutzer job, he said as he lit a smoke and rested his arm on the small table between them.

Is there anything else you want to say? I’d like to shower.

He could see her eyes had teared up, and he became hard at the sight. The power of making her cry aroused him and made him hard. He looked away from her and picked hardened mortar off his arms.

A car with a broken muffler drove past on the street below. He looked at her again from the dark not able to keep his eyes from scanning her body – her belly, her bare tanned, shoulders, the silver rings on her fingers and toes.

You should be crying, he said. I did enough.

Yeah right.

If you only knew. What do you think I did?

Quite a mess I made.

Sure is.

What do we do?

What do mean what do we do? We do nothing. It’s un-repairable. I’ve got work to keep me busy and you have school. We’ll just forget.

Both sat quiet. Heat lightening flashed in the sky.

What if I don’t want to forget? She said. I made a mistake and I’m sorry. What do you want me to do?

Chris sat quiet. In his mind he thought of things she could do. He got up and stood in front of her. She looked up at him. I have an idea, he said. Come with me.

She stood and followed Chris into his apartment.

Sit down, he said, pointing to a brown leather chair that sat below a large framed photograph of the Chicago city skyline. Wait here.

She sat in the chair and crossed her legs and looked at the pictures on the walls. There were pictures of Las Vegas, Mexican beaches, and paintings of classic musicians mostly from the sixties. As she lit a cigarette she heard the shower come on.

Grab yourself a drink, Chris yelled from the shower. Melissa went to the fridge, grabbed herself a frosted beer, cracked the cap and took a drink. Well, he hasn’t kicked me out yet, she thought.

As she took another sip of beer Chris unbelievable izle startled her from behind, dripping wet from the shower. His hard muscled body glistening in the dim kitchen light.

You scared me.

Sit in the chair.


Chris dried off, put on a pair of jeans and sat in the chair across from her.

Let’s talk about what happened.

Are you sure you want to do that?

Oh, yes.

Melissa crossed her legs in the oversized chair, pulled her hair behind her ear and asked, where do you want me to begin?

Why do you think it happened? Chris asked.

Melissa sat and thought for a moment.

Honestly? I had been drinking. Leesha and I had been drinking and I hadn’t seen you in like, two weeks. So, we were drinking, and Jim was at the pub we were at and I knew he had a thing for me. Well, he just looked really good that night and he wasn’t his usual jerk self. He was friendly and polite, and funny, if you can believe it. Anyway, we were all hanging out having a good time and suddenly Jen walks in and Jim gets all moody. You know how it is when you see your ex. So, he gets up and just leaves, which was cool, you know, but when I left he was waiting for me at my car.

Go on.

And he didn’t even say anything. He just kissed me. I pushed him away. But he kept kissing me.

How did you feel?

Well, I was drunk. And it was all rough and drunken like and I kept saying Jim I’ll get you a cab. And he just kept coming at me you know? Kept saying Melissa, you’re the only one, I’ve loved you for so long. Melissa stopped talking.

Go on.

Do I really need to?

Yes. I want to hear it. I want to know how you went from pushing him away to fucking him in the back seat of your car.

After a long silence, Melissa’s wandering eyes focused straight onto Chris.

Well, she said. He put his hand between my legs. And it was so forceful that my knees almost gave out. It just, I just, it was like I became his when he did that. I swear to god I just lost my mind.

So what happened next?

You really want me to tell you?

Yes I do. Chris was getting hard listening to how one of his friends was having his way with his girlfriend.

So, he told me to open my car. He said open it or I’ll fuck you right here. And, I mean, I just did.

Where were his hands while you opened the door?

On my ass. And between my legs.

Were you wet?



So we got in and I suggested we go to his place. But he wasn’t listening, he was just forcing himself on me. So, I started the car to go somewhere –

Where’d you go? Chris interrupted.

It doesn’t matter.

Where’d you go?

Up by the river near Roger’s Cove.

By the rope uncoupled izle swing?


Ok. Then what?

So, we parked and he was all over me, kinda forcing himself on me again.

Was he was raping you?

No. I wouldn’t say that.

You were willing.

Yeah, I guess.

I don’t think there was any guessing going on. Keep going.

Melissa hesitated. What more do you want me to say?

Tell me everything. Did you suck his cock?


Did he cum in your mouth?


What did he do next?

Well, he kept biting me. He kept biting my neck and my nipples.

Did you like that?

Yeah, kinda. I started undoing my pants, and he took them off.

Were you wearing panties?

No. Melissa said, biting her lip. She took a long swig from her beer. You want me go on?


She leaned back in the chair. I have to admit, this is getting me going, she said.

Chris remained silent.

So, from what I can remember, we got out of the car and kissed, then we got back in.

In the back.


So I layed on the back seat and he crawled in on top of me and I grabbed him and started rubbing him between my legs. I was so wet I wasn’t sure if he had cum already or if it was me. So I’m trying to pull him into me and he’s like, no, not yet. I want to taste you.

Chris sat silent.

He went down on me, but he was drunk, so it wasn’t that great.

Did you cum?

No. Fuck. I can’t talk about this anymore.

Why not?

This is crazy!

Why did you come here tonight?

I wanted to see you. I had to see you.


I was hoping to clear the air. Maybe works things out.

Chris was silent.

But I guess that was a silly idea, Melissa said.

Yes it was. The only way we can fix this, in my mind, is for me to truly understand. And to know exactly what happened.

You know what happened.

Yes but I want to hear it from you, from your lips. And I want to know every detail.


You’ll understand when we’re done.

I love you Chris.

Chris remained silent.

Continue with your story, he said

Melissa looked at Chris for a few moments wishing he would just come over and kiss her. All she wanted was for this emotional turmoil to be gone. She knew that if he just kissed her the feeling would be gone and everything would be fine.

So anyway, we’re in the backseat and he rolls me over so I’m on my hands and knees. And I can feel his thumb going in my ass. And I’m losing my mind, I mean, I was already gone. And then he fucks me. I feel his cock slip deep into me, and I cum instantly. But he hasn’t, so he keeps fucking me and I cum again. And finally after fucking me for like twenty unpaused naya safar izle minutes I feel his cum all over my back.

So he didn’t cum in you?


So that’s it?

Well, no.

What else happened?

Well, he started up again but I was uncomfortable. So I turned around onto my back and he fucked me again. My head kept banging on the door handle so we stopped and sat up so I could fuck him. I straddled him and rode him for what seemed like hours. I’m sure he came like four times. I think I came the whole time he was fucking me.

So you were done?

Yeah. After we just layed in the back seat and watched the sun come up. And then I drove him home wishing we hadn’t done what we did.

I see.

Have you talked since that night?

No. He called me a few times but I didn’t answer.

Chris and Melissa sat across from each other. Looking into each other’s eyes.

Now, come over here.

Melissa got off the chair and walked over to where Chris was sitting.

Take down your jeans. But leave your panties on.

Looking into Chris’s eyes she took off her jeans, leaving on her pink thong panties.

Now take off your shirt.

Melissa pulled her top over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Bend down, on your knees.

She knelt between Chris’s legs.

Come here.

She moved toward him. Her bare breasts softly touching his chest. They didn’t kiss.

Ask my forgiveness.

Melissa looked up at him. Do you forgive me?

Chris slapped her full, tanned breasts.

Do I what? He said.

Do you forgive me?

Turn around.

She turned around positioning her ass directly in front of his face.

Do you deserve to be spanked?

Melissa hesitated, then, Yes. Yes I do.

Say it.

Spank me, she whispered.

Holding her hips, Chris moved Melissa away from him and forced her down over the table. He stood behind her.

Looking down at her beautifully shaped ass, he undid his pants.

Are you a slut Melissa? Are you a little whore who likes to fuck?

Yes, she said closing her eyes, feeling wetness form between her legs.

She felt the burning heat of his hand as it slapped across her ass.

Are you a little slut who loves to have cock inside her?


Another searing slap.

Do you want a cock inside you right now?


Say it.

I want your cock inside me. Her voice a trembling whisper.

Not my cock “any” cock. Chris could feel her wetness dripping down her legs.

Forcefully he slid his cock inside of her almost knocking them both over.

Oh fuck, she said.

He fucked her savagely, slamming into her, listening as there bodies slapped together. He loved the sound of his body slapping into her ass

Oh fuck Chris Oh fuck Chris I’m cumming. I’m cumming. He spanked her again, low on her ass. She grabbed and squeezed his hand as orgasm shimmered through her body.

Chris pulled out and came between her legs.

You are a little slut Melissa. My little slut. I love you. And I’ll love you forever. I forgive you.

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