Her Girlfriend’s Father Pt. 07

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Welcome to the 7th part of my ongoing story. This part picks up where the last one left off. If you haven’t read the other 6 parts, then I suggest you start there.

As you might already be aware of, there is some slight touching on some incest, but it’s not much of anything.


Also there is some straight sex.


Claire froze as Fawn’s words registered with her. Was that really what she wanted?

“Claire? Baby? Say something. Are you ok?” Fawn asked.

“I need to sit up.” Claire stated.

Fawn slid off from on top of her girlfriend and moved so that Claire could sit up. Claire tucked her body into the corner of the couch, pulled her thighs up against her chest, and wrapped her arms around her shins. She stared off into the space ahead of her as Fawn’s words repeated in her head.

“Talk to me, baby… please.” Fawn pleaded as she sat next to Claire.

Claire took a deep breath, “What about your dad?”

“I know. I just…” Fawn started to say.

“Because that would be your mom cheating on your dad…with me!” Claire said.

“I cheated on you, with your dad, and you forgave me. Shit, you gave me your blessing to continue.” Fawn replied.

“That’s true. It’s just…it sounds different.” Claire said.

“Listen to me, baby. I know it sounds crazy. I know that it’s technically wrong, but life has been far from “normal” for us since the start of summer break. I’d rather my mom got to experience the beauty of sex with another woman with you, as opposed to some random woman she meets online or wherever. She has lived with this curiosity and desire for so long…I just want her to have the chance to experience that magnificent moment safely.” Fawn explained.

“I don’t know, baby. I hate going behind your dad’s back. I’d also hate for him to find out. What if things between your mom and I get weird afterwards? What if things between us get weird? I could never live with that.” Claire said as she began crying.

“I understand your concerns. I want you to be totally comfortable with everything. If you need time to think about it, then that’s cool too.” Fawn said.

“Ok. So, how are you? How is your mom?” Claire asked.

“I’m fine and she’s fine as well. I’m glad that I know how she feels and I’m sorry that she kissed you. She feels terrible.” Fawn explained.

“It caught me totally by surprise!” Claire said.

“I’m sure it did! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.” Fawn replied.

“How was your night?” Claire asked.

“It was good. I missed waking up to you though. I’m not sure I can spend the night there again.” Fawn said.

“It was strange not having you in bed. I definitely want you to keep having fun though.” Claire assured her.

Fawn leaned against Claire and the two girls sat silently for several minutes. Fawn was the one to break the quiet.

“Do you want to go get something to eat? I’m starving and just really want to get out and spend some time with you.” She said.

“I’d love to, but…I need some kisses first!” Claire replied, smiling.

“Mmmm, you can have those anytime!” Fawn replied.

Fawn brought her lips to her girlfriend’s and in that moment, it felt as if all the problems in the world vanished. Soft, warm lips parted to make way for delicious, wet tongues. Claire shifted her body to face Fawn without breaking their kiss. Fawn took the opportunity to move even closer to Claire, pressing her body against the other woman’s and forcing her legs farther apart.

As they kissed, Fawn’s fingers teased the soft skin on the inside of Claire’s thigh. Each time her hand stroked down her leg, her fingers moved closer and closer to her treasure. Claire was instantly drenched from the kissing and teasing.

Fawn broke their kiss and brought her lips to Claire’s neck. She kissed and nibbled her way up to Claire’s ear, where she could whisper her desires.

“I want to eat your pussy, baby? Can I? Please? Can I eat your little pussy, pretty please?” Fawn begged.

“Oh fuck…yes!” Claire gasped as Fawn’s fingers slid below the hem of her shorts and brushed against her panty covered slit.

Claire’s panties were already starting to soak through. Her breathing was ragged and her heart was beating heavily in her chest.

Fawn smiled as she once again pressed her lips against Claire’s. Her fingers found the waistband of Claire’s tiny shorts and tugged on them. Claire lifted her ass off the couch and Fawn pulled both the shorts and panties over her girlfriend’s shapely backside. The aroma of Claire’s excitement quickly invaded Fawn’s senses and she couldn’t get Claire’s clothes off fast enough.

Claire assisted her lover and soon she was naked from the waist down. She spread her legs and displayed her wet lips to her girlfriend. Fawn moaned at the sight and stretched her body out on the couch, bringing her face close to Claire’s dripping honey pot.

Fawn wasted no time in burying her face between Claire’s spread thighs. Firm swipes of her tongue altyazılı porno caused her lover to cry out in ecstasy. Claire placed a hand on top of Fawn’s head as the girl slithered her tongue into the depths of her beautiful entrance. Fawn was relentless as she devoured Claire’s pussy.

Once she had her fill of Claire’s delicious pussy juice, it was time to make her cum. Fawn flicked her tongue over Claire swollen clit, occasionally sucking the tiny bud between her lips. Claire pressed her lovers head firmly against her pussy as she thrust her hips forward. It was only a matter of moments until her orgasm exploded within her, sending her to fantastic heights of pleasure as Fawn continued licking her.

Claire placed her hands on Fawn’s cheeks and guided her to a kiss, tasting her own cum on the lips of her girlfriend.

“I love you so much!” Claire announced. “Now, get naked and ride my face.”

Fawn stood and peeled her tight shorts from her body. She didn’t have panties on underneath, which made Claire smile. Her skimpy top came off next and she tugged on each of her nipples, which were stiff in anticipation of what was about to happen. Claire reached out and lightly ran her fingers up the inside of Fawn’s thigh.

“Come here, beautiful.” She said as she scooted down flat onto her back.

Fawn lifted her leg and swung it over Claire’s head as she climbed onto the couch. Her fingers slid across her hips and onto her smooth mound. The two girls locked eyes as Fawn rubbed her fingers through her damp pussy lips.

Claire lifted her head and kissed Fawn’s fingers as they worked at her aching slit. Fawn removed her fingers and lowered her pussy to Claire’s waiting mouth. Claire swiped her tongue along the length of Fawn’s entrance, sending shivers up her spine. Eagerly, she licked and sucked the delicate folds, bathing every inch with her skilled mouth.

Fawn was moaning and grinding her wet center against her lover’s face, smearing her juices across Claire’s soft skin.

“I’m so close already!” Fawn gasped. “Please, baby…I want to cum on your face…make me cum!”

Claire attacked Fawn’s clit and she allowed the sweet release that she craved.

“Oh fuck, baby!” She squealed as her orgasm ripped through her like lightning.

Fawn gripped the arm of the couch in front of her as she rode Claire’s mouth. Her legs trembled and her arms felt weak. In a matter of moments, the feeling had subsided and she began to come down from her high.

“Are you ok?” She heard from underneath her.

“Y, yes…holy shit. That was crazy intense.” Fawn replied.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” She asked Claire.

“Nope. That was awesome though! You came so fast and hard.” Claire replied.

Fawn lifted her spent body from atop her girlfriend’s face and collapsed back into the opposite end of the couch.

“I just needed you so bad. When I woke up without you, in a strange bed…I just felt incomplete. It was a struggle to stop at my parent’s house first. Then after talking to mom, I just had to have you that much more.” Fawn explained.

“I loved it! I’m going to be wet and horny all day just thinking about it.” Claire admitted.

“My pussy is kind of sore after last night and what we just did, but I’d love to lick yours the rest of the day!” Fawn replied.

“What about being hungry and wanting to go eat and spend time together?” Claire asked.

“I definitely worked up an appetite. Let’s shower, eat, and then see what happens?” Fawn suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Claire said as she pulled off her top and tossed it onto the floor with the rest of their clothes.

Claire reached out for Fawn’s hand and led her back to their shower.

After about 30 minutes, and an orgasm each, the girls were clean. By the time they dried off and got ready, it was after 12:00 pm. Luckily, their favorite restaurant served breakfast all day. The girls ate and chatted about work, life, and their return to school. After their late breakfast, they visited a few stores and just enjoyed each other’s company. It felt wonderful being able to walk around holding hands and sharing kisses out in public.

After a few hours, the couple returned home and found themselves stretched out on the couch. Claire was on one end and Fawn was on the other. Their legs met in the middle and the tv held their attention. Well, it held Claire’s attention anyway. The blonde glanced at her girlfriend and saw that she was asleep.

Claire couldn’t pull her eyes away from the sleeping beauty. She looked so peaceful with her arms curled up by her head, her chest slowly rising and falling as she breathed. Claire loved her so much, and took this time to appreciate how lucky she felt to have her in her life. While her heart was filled with love, there was another feeling that was rising elsewhere in her body.

Claire could feel the wetness seeping into her panties. Her girlfriend was such a lovely sight to behold, and no matter how many times she had her, the feeling mobil porno always returned as strong as ever. Claire casually reached under her shirt and bra to tug on her nipple. Her other hand soon found its way into her shorts. Her fingers slid effortlessly between her slick folds.

She threw her left leg up onto the back of the couch, which provided better access to her wet pussy, plus she loved the feeling of having her legs spread. Her eyes remained focused on Fawn as her fingers worked in and out of her damp entrance. As she laid pleasuring herself, her thoughts drifted to Fawn’s mom, Amanda.

Amanda was almost a twin to her daughter, and was surely a look at how kind the future would be to Fawn’s beauty. Claire began to wonder if the rest of Amanda’s body was as similar to her daughter’s?

Her daydreaming was interrupted by Fawn’s eyes opening. A smile spread across Fawn’s face as her eyes met Claire’s. She glanced between Claire’s legs, biting her lower lip as she watched the hand moving inside her shorts.

Fawn didn’t move. She just laid there, watching her lover finger herself. It was such a lovely and erotic sight to see. As the moment went on, Claire’s breathing became more ragged, a sign that her orgasm was building.

As the heat began to rise inside of Claire, the anticipation of witnessing her lover’s release was building inside of Fawn. Fawn had considered playing with her nipples or reaching a hand into her own shorts, but decided that she was enjoying the show too much.

Then, like a lightning strike, Claire’s orgasm fired off. A sharp gasp sounded as pleasure surged through her body. It wasn’t the biggest, or most power orgasm by any means, but at that particular point in time, it was exactly what she needed.

Fawn bolted up from her end of the couch and dove onto Claire, their lips crashing together.

“Sorry that I woke you.” Claire spoke in between kisses.

“Don’t be. That was one of the hottest things I’ve seen.” Fawn replied.

“You’re so fucking incredible. I love you so much.” Fawn added.

“I’ll do it.” Claire said.

Fawn paused. “You’ll do it?” She asked.

Claire looked up at her as the words bounced around inside of her head.

“Do what, baby…oh? Oh! Really?!” Fawn said.

“If you’re truly ok with it, and you think everything will be ok?” Claire inquired.

“I am and I do.” Fawn stated.

“Ok. I guess the only thing left to do is figure out how to get your mom into bed with me?” Claire said.

“I don’t think that will be a problem. Right now though, I’m feeling rather turned on by what I just watched. Let’s get naked and go to bed!” Fawn exclaimed.

“But it’s only 4 in the afternoon. Let’s go out in the backyard and lay out for a while.” Claire suggested.

“Can we be naked out there?” Fawn asked.

“Of course!” Claire said.

“Do we have to behave?” Fawn asked seductively.

“I’d be very disappointed if you did.” Claire replied.


On Monday, Fawn had talked to her mom and during the conversation, Amanda had mentioned that Adam had a business meeting to attend over the weekend. Fawn couldn’t believe that it would actually be this easy to set Claire and Amanda up, but it was looking to be that way.

On Thursday, Claire called Amanda and invited her over for dinner on Friday night. The story was that Fawn was going out with the group of interns that night. In reality, she’d be at Mark’s house getting her pussy stuffed with his thick cock. Neither girl was ready to reveal that little bit of info to Fawn’s mother though. Amanda sounded unsure at first, but after some talking, she happily accepted the offer.

Clair was a nervous wreck on Friday. As the clock inched closer to quitting time, the more nervous she became. Could she really go through with this? It wasn’t like she was going to be with a stranger. She had know Amanda for most of her life, but only as a motherly figure. This new vision of her was a completely different perspective. She cared deeply about the relationship they had built after all these years, and the thought of doing anything to jeopardize that was troubling her.

It was now 4:30 pm, which meant it was time to pick up Fawn from work and head home to prepare for the evening’s festivities.

“How was your day, baby?” Fawn asked as she settled in to the passenger seat.

“Long. But I guess it was fine.” Claire replied.

Fawn leaned over and gave Claire a kiss.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” Fawn inquired.

“Is it that obvious?” Claire asked.

“Only because I know you so well. Trust me, it’s going to be fine.” Fawn assured her.

“I hope so. I mean, I’m excited and honored to be her first, but I’m scared that she won’t like it or will freak when she realizes what’s happening. Maybe we should have been up front about all of this to her?” Fawn worried.

“Baby, she would never agree to something like this, but given the right little bit of persuasion…besides, sex izle who could resist you?” Fawn said, reaching over to rub her hand underneath the edge of Claire’s skirt.

Once they arrived at home, the couple stripped and showered together. They lovingly washed each other’s body and kissed passionately under the falling water. As Claire began to prepare for her evening with Amanda, Fawn readied herself for a night with Mark.

Claire walked Fawn to the door.

“You’re going to have a wonderful night, my love. Trust me.” Fawn said.

“Thank you. Tell my dad hi and take good care of him.” Claire grinned, knowing exactly how well he was going to be taken care of.

“I will. I love you.” Fawn said, squeezing Claire’s hand.

“I love you, too.” Claire replied, squeezing back.

They shared a kiss then Fawn exited through the door. It was time to get this started.

Soft music played through the speakers as Claire prepared the meal for the evening. There were bottles of wine chilled in the fridge as well as a selection of hard liquor. Things were going very well when the door bell chimed.

Claire hurried to the door and opened it.

“Hi! Come in.” Claire greeted her guest.

“Hello! Wow, it smells wonderful!” Amanda said.

“Thank you! Would you like a drink?” Claire asked.

“I’d love one! What do you have?” Amanda asked.

Claire explained the various choices and they decided to begin with wine. As they drank and chatted, Claire could feel herself becoming more comfortable with having Amanda over. She hoped that Amanda was feeling relaxed as well.

Dinner was delicious and now the two ladies were relaxing on the couch. They began reminiscing about earlier times when the girls were growing up and several funny moments that Claire had forgotten about.

“I just can’t believe that my two favorite little girls are now such beautiful women.” Amanda stated.

“Sometimes I think it would be easier to stay little.” Claire said.

“At times, yes, it would be nice. I’d feel like less of an old lady.” Amanda said.

“More wine? Or would you like something with a bit more kick?” Claire asked.

“Surprise me!” Amanda exclaimed.

Claire went to the kitchen and poured a delicious concoction that was sure to help both women loosen up a bit more.

“Ok, I’ve got to rewind back to that absolute bullshit statement you made.” Claire said, handing Amanda her drink.

“Which one would that be?” Amanda inquired.

“The old lady comment.” Claire said.

“Oh, well, it’s true. Look at you! You’re such a beautiful young woman. My prime has come and gone. My skin is starting to wrinkle and sag.” Amanda replied.

“Again, I call bullshit. You have a wonderful figure, your hair is gorgeous, and you could pass as Fawn’s older sister.” Claire said admiringly.

“Thank you, my dear, but I’m not seeing what you are seeing.” Amanda replied.

“I bet you still get Adam all worked up, don’t you? No kids at home now, so you can get freaky all over the house!” Claire said slyly.

“Oh, Claire, how I wish that was the case. We uhm…we haven’t been ‘freaky’ in a long long time.” Amanda confessed, changing the tone of the conversation.

“What? I’m so sorry to hear that? What’s his problem?” Claire asked.

“I don’t know…I’m old. He’d rather just play golf with his buddies. Maybe he’s got a girlfriend he goes to all these meetings with? Whatever the case may be, he sure doesn’t want me that way anymore.” She admitted while concentrating on the fluid in her glass.

“Well, he’s crazy.” Claire stated.

Claire set her drink on the coffee table and embraced Amanda.

“I think you’re beautiful.” She whispered into Amanda’s ear.

“Thank you, but you don’t have to say that.” Amanda whispered back, her voice sounding on the verge of tears.

“I mean it.” Claire whispered again, this time placing a gentle kiss on her neck.

“Claire…” Amanda began to protest until another, more sensual, kiss was placed on her neck.

“Shh.” Claire insisted, rubbing her cheek against Amanda’s.

Claire brought her hand up to Amanda’s face and gently placed it against her skin. Claire touched her lips to Amanda’s, softly at first, then slowly building in intensity.

Claire could feel Amanda slowly melt into their kiss. She felt so similar to Fawn, which only helped her confidence. Claire began to press her body into Amanda’s, nudging her backwards.

“Claire…we shouldn’t…I’m…” Amanda began again.

“Amanda, it’s ok. Don’t you want this?” Claire said softly.

“I, I do, but…” she was interrupted.

“Good. Then this night will only go as far as you want it to. Tonight, I want you to be the sexy fucking woman you know you are.” Claire whispered.

“Oh, god! Claire…I…” Amanda gasped.

“Aren’t you tired of being curious? Haven’t you always wanted this?” Claire asked.

“Yes… yes, terribly. I want this.” Amanda admitted.

Claire grinned then pressed her lips to Amanda’s. Amanda wrapped her arms behind Claire’s neck and pulled her body down on top of her. After several minutes, Claire stood and reached out for Amanda’s hand. Amanda accepted and Claire led her to the bedroom.

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