Her Name was Lucifer Ch. 02

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Inspiration from the one and only Bettie Page.


San Francisco, October 31st. 1941.


Just when it seemed that the night had been a waste of time, HE walked into the club. The hour was close to midnight as Lucy stubbed out her seventh cigarette of the evening and put her holder away in her clutch. He had a handsome enough face and looked to be about two hundred pounds, give or take. She had studied all the single men who had come and gone for the last three hours, and had specially checked out their backsides. Some were too skinny. Some were too flabby. What she desired was hard and muscled, smooth and tight.


Lucy craned her neck to look and from her vantage point decided he was perfectly suitable for her needs. Patience was the key she always told herself as she picked out her prey, and for the most part patience paid off. She made eye contact as he sat down across from her and made sure to cross her sleek black nylon covered legs at the same time. Her left sat high across her right knee and her left brow lifted just enough to be noticed by the curious male. His eyes followed her every tiny move and he decided to join her.

“Buy you a drink?”

He said in an assured voice as he approached her table.

“Excuse me?” She answered in a voice that dripped honey.

“Too nice of a night to drink alone.”

Her hand strayed to her empty glass and she nodded and then motioned for a waiter to take her order.


“Bloody Mary.”

“Very well, and for the gentleman?”

“Give him a whiskey. Neat.”

The waiter vanished as the stranger sat down beside her and took out a silver cigarette case. He offered the open case filled with Marlboro cigarettes but she declined with a wave of her black glove.

“Why is a good looking dame like yourself drinking alone?”

He was, without question, the kind of man that was acutely aware of his sexual magnetism. His face was square with an angled chin which had a slight show of stubble. His sandy hair was cut short and his clear blue eyes glinted under the electric lights. She guessed his age to be around thirty, and therefore at the peak of his sexual prowess. Just a tad under six feet, his chest was well defined and his upper arms strained under the blue jacket.

“Waiting for you, obviously.”

“That a fact?”

Close to six feet tall the slender woman raised her glass to her crimson lips and peered back at him over the rim with piercing green eyes. Her lustrous and shiny black hair fell in straight lines to her collarbones and her extra short bangs contrasted her creamy face. Her figure was curvy and voluptuous, small of waist and ample of bust. She was dressed in an elegant black dress with a fully lined bodice, short sleeved, gloves and a two inch leather belt. The material of the dress seemed to adhere to her lush curves like paper. It was hot in the club, not only a physical heat but the air was hot with a sexual tension.

“Come here often?”

The Hotel Utah and Saloon on 4th Street attracted many from the local area including politicians, actors and sports stars. He didn’t seem to fit into any of the above. She asked the question but imagined he was quite the regular as he sought vulnerable females who were out looking for male company. Women like that had it coming thought Lucy as she pictured disappointed faces as this scumbag fucked and ran.

“Yeah, most days. Never seen you here before. Names Charlie. Charlie Jameson. You got a name?”

“Lucy. You from California?”

“Sacramento. Down here on business. Frisco gets to be a bit lonely during the evenings.”

Silence again as the brunette sipped her drink. Charlie didn’t know whether to feel challenged by this dame or annoyed or aroused.


It had been quite a Summer for the thirty five year old but now she was thinking about hooking up with another, fresher model.

“What are you doing after this place closes?”

“Why, I’m heading home. I live in Pacific Heights. Know it?”

Charlie drowned his drink, stared directly into her eyes and shook his head.

“Care to tag along?” She asked in a matter of fact voice.

“You want to take me for a ride? Sure thing.”


There was satisfaction in her expression as she got up and headed for the doors. They made their way out of the club and the big doors closed behind them. The night chill hit them as she led him to her two door 1940 Packard Convertible. As they sat side by side up front he slid his hand to her knee and pressed his lips to hers. Lucy supressed a shudder and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Slow down, lover. We have all the night.”

“Whatever you say kid. Whatever you say.”

Charlie sat kuşadası escort back as Lucy turned the engine over and drove off.


A short while later, after passing numerous old Victorian homes and other mansions, they pulled up outside an impressive looking house with the Mission Revival style design. Once through the enclosed courtyard Lucy parked and tottered off through an exterior arch to the main entrance. It was ironic that the innocuous exterior would house such a bizarre secret.

“Follow me.”

They walked through the wide front door and entered a large foyer with recessed lighting and an odd smell of incense. A caged bird, a raven he guessed, fluttered excitedly when he saw his mistress.

“Ah! Oliver my sweet. Have you been a good boy while mama was out?”

She picked up a piece of stale rye bread and fed it through the metal bars of the cage. Charlie came up behind her, grasped her waist and pressed his body against her backside. As his arms tightened around her he nuzzled her pale neck. He was now hers.

“Take a seat while I go change.”

Charlie sat back in a plush chair and watched her take the stairs as he lit another Marlboro. The broad must be loaded he mused as he eyed the antique furniture and many oil paintings. His gaze rested on the large portrait that hung over the fire place. An icy sensation came over him as the lights flickered for a moment. He thought he heard a scratching noise and then the tell tale sound of a door being locked. He turned sharply at a big grandfather clock struck one. Charlie nearly jumped out of the chair as he realised that Lucy had returned and his big toe shot up in his shoe. He hadn’t heard her feet nor her breathing as she seemed to just appear there.

“So, we’re finally alone. Nervous?” She gave him a devious smile.

Stunned into silence he looked at her with wide eyes. She had a traditional Nun’s black habit, full length and with a wide white collar. A black and white headpiece covered her hair so that only her pale face appeared from under the costume.

“Oh, yeah. Right. It’s Halloween, I get it.”

“Oh, it’s not for a costume party. No. This is one of the most important dates for Devil worshippers, and this is the witching hour. My late husband Oliver, that’s his portrait over the mantle, loved this special night. He knew the implications of the dark power of this occasion. We would sleep all that day and then after midnight we would fornicate and indulge in orgy’s with our fellow worshippers.”

Charlie squirmed in his seat as Lucy circled his chair, sometimes leaning over his shoulder for dramatic effect as she spoke.

“Oh, we didn’t sacrifice anyone. It was pretty much all about the sex. That could get quite wild mind you. Oliver especially liked to whip brown skinned women just around midnight. I began to get a wicked passion for sadism myself at that time. I used to laugh at his red bishop robe with the silver inverted cross on the front and I got to dressing like a nun. He took to calling me Lucifer then.” Lucy finally stopped speaking and stood in front the speechless Charlie.

“From this moment on I shall call you Oliver. Now, take off your pants.” She spoke to him as she raised an eyebrow.

“You first.” He answered, a little bolder than he really felt.

Lucy nodded and removed her habit but kept the wimple on over her head. Charlie looked at her naked form agog. Her enormous, buoyant breasts jutted out from her chest like two torpedo’s, their enormity emphasized by her small waist. His heart rate accelerated as a panic set in. The dame was crazy, it was the only explanation.

“What the fuck is that!”

From her waist he saw a black rubber false cock that curved upward to an unnerving nine inches in length. The detachable toy was held in an O ring centre and the strap on had a harness that fit around her body just below her hip bones. He noted her ripe cunt that pouted from between alabaster upper thighs and the tiny curls of pubic hair that were as dark as midnight.

“On your knees!” She commanded and Charlie visibly shook as he stood.

“Look lady, I don’t know what Halloween game this is but I am out of here.”

He stepped toward the door briskly intending to scram, and that was when she brought out a .38 Colt Special and pointed it at his groin. The awe inspiring, big busted female had taken on a more sinister demeanour as her ass wiggled from side to side in her attack stance.

“I won’t ask you a second time. Do you value your balls by any chance?”

The glare in her eyes told him the bitch meant business and he dropped to his knees.

“Good, now we’re getting somewhere. Remove your jacket and shirt.”

As Charlie rocked on his toes and kuşadası escort bayan knees he complied. Lucy took in his broad chest and biceps as he knelt before her, naked from the waist up.

“Put your hands behind your back and take care to do so very slowly.”

“What crazy game you got in mind? He asked as she came behind him and put a pair of Police cuffs on his wrists. The dildo poked in his back as she busied herself with securing him to her satisfaction. He yelped as he was forced onto his feet and his head was wrenched back by the hair. The gun was pressed against his spine as Lucy whispered into his ear.

“You belong to me now, Oliver. I have a few games that I wish to play with you. I so enjoy submissive men.”

“I’m not submissive.”

“Give it time.”

Behind his back he felt busy hands unbuckle his belt and undo the buttons of his fly, one by one with an unsettling slowness. Then his pants were tugged down to his shoes, quickly followed by his boxers. His cock, which was now semi hard, swayed in front of him and he gasped as it was quickly held in Lucy’s right fist. She came around in front of him and led him by his cock upstairs to her play room.

“This way, little slave.”

Once inside Charlie looked around the candle lit room which had a bed, a table adorned with various implements, and an odd looking metal contraption.

“Face the wall. Do it.”

Charlie made two fists behind his back as his cuffed wrists rested on the top of his ass. He stood butt naked with his face to the wall, and his pale butt stared at her, tightly clenched and dimpled. The ravishing dominatrix had mixed emotions as her eyes fixed on the virile looking fellow. But she knew she was still unable to get sexual satisfaction without that exquisite darker side that simmered in her bosom. Charlie began to perspire freely as he trembled on the cold floor.

“Do I turn you on, Oliver?”

Again with the stupid name. She stood behind him as she spoke and dropped her right hand to his upper thigh. He stiffened and gulped as his cock rose to full erection.

“I have my answer. Is it my big tits that you like? Or my long legs, perhaps? Or do you desire the big dildo up your backside?”

Hidden from his point of view Lucy stood with her chin up and both hands on the crest of her flared hips.

“Lady, please! Surely you’re not gonna stick that thing up my ass!”

“That is precisely what I intend to do. A parasite like you deserves to be punished. Just relax and accept it. Why, you may even enjoy yourself.”

Lucy pushed the hulking male forwards onto his face and belly and grabbed both his feet while he was still disorientated. Charlie had no time to struggle as his legs were lifted up into the air by about four feet and his ankles secured by two iron rings to a suspended spreader bar. His legs were widened as Lucy turned a handle and he was held up in a sort of wheel barrow position. Lucy released his cuffs and Charlie was forced to support himself on the palms of his hands with his legs splayed out and fixed three feet apart.. Despite his hands being free he had no choice but to stay in this precarious stance to maintain some sort of balance. He was acutely aware of his vulnerable position as the air in the room wafted over his wedding tackle.

“This is insane!”

Lucy smiled as she circled the immobilized male and admired her handicraft. He still admired her nakedness as he stared at her. The jutting hips, sleek legs and buoyant tits were captivating despite his ridiculous suspension. She squeezed his balls in her fist and laughed.

“Perhaps you speak some truth,” she said as she unfurled a whip and wiggled in front of the quivering Charlie.

As she positioned herself behind him he pleaded and begged all of which fell on deaf ears. She continued to jiggle the whip in his face and he saw the vicious pointed thongs along the length. Then it happened and the first stinging blow made contact with his inner thighs, just at the base of his scrotum. Charlie could only grunt as Lucy used all her might to deliver three more attacks on his private parts. The pain seared through him and his scream was so high pitched that it didn’t actually register in his ears.

“You certainly have a large ball sack. Can’t rightly miss it!”

Moisture trickled down his ass crack and sweat dappled his body as Charlie fought desperately to remain balanced on his hands. With his rump high in the air he was easy meat for the sadistic bitch.

“You fucking witch” The words nearly stuck in his throat as he cursed her.

“Correct, young man.”

Lucy gritted her teeth and raised the whip up high and brought it crashing down on his buttocks and the backs of his thighs. She escort kuşadası was ever the consummate expert as she snapped her wrist for more power in her ministrations. It was as if the devil himself was channeling her wanton destruction of his nether regions. She was in her element as the smell of fear and sweat and sex filled her nostrils. Unable to offer any resistance Charlie felt tears roll down his face as he reluctantly accepted the reprimand. In fact deep down he was surprised that the pain of the whipping had manifested into a guilty erotic acceptance as his erect cock bobbed under his body.

“That’s the spirit. Good show.”

“I’ll fucking kill you bitch!”

“Is that so?”

As she continued to whip his balls his ears were inundated with a stream of insults and verbal abuse that would have made a sailor blush. As the whip sank deep into his skin elongated drops of blood spattered the vicious tool and hit the floor. Charlie’s butt resembled a ripe tomato with long streaks of claret on what was once snow white flesh.


“Hail Satan!” Lucy cried as she landed frightful blows on his sweat smeared thighs.

Her huge tits bounced wildly as she slashed out with her whip leaving long and interlocked welts that seeped the red stuff. Then the whip coiled around his right thigh and Lucy took a breather and stood erect, gloating over the pathetic sight of her latest victim.

“Most exhilarating, I must say.”

Lucy lit a cigarette and stood in front of a beaten Charlie who whimpered like a little boy. She blew blue smoke into his eyes as she peered into his sorry looking face.

“How about some anal sex now.”

Scared out of his wits Charlie shook his head anxiously from side to side.

“No, anything but that, please.”

She smacked him across the left cheek and then stubbed her smoke out on his nose.

“You pitiful wretch. Fucking is almost too good for you.”

Even in this state she thought he still remained quite the strong and virile hunk. The stark naked buxom beauty ran her hand over his broad back as she approached him from behind. Lucy probed his anus with her middle finger and Charlie winced. More in embarrassment than pain. Then she spat on his upturned crack and she watched intently as the saliva ran down in a slow moving single line, only stopping at his big balls.

“Ever been fucked in the ass before, Oliver?”

“Fuck you!”

“No lover, fuck YOU!”

She gave his reddened cheeks a hefty slap and positioned the bulbous head of the dildo at his puckered asshole. With her feet planted wide she increased the pressure against his unyielding anus until she made a pelvic thrust that brought forth an ear piercing scream. She maintained a generous push forwards as the sex toy inched its way inside his tight sphincter.

“Just relax. Enjoy!”

Charlie inhaled deeply as his asshole gradually gave way to the invading cock and he gasped as Lucy rocked her hips from left to right as she drove up to the hilt. He felt her hands grasp his buttocks and her nails dig into the already tender flesh as the raven haired dominatrix delighted in his subjugation.

“There, why be such a big cry baby. Wasn’t all bad, was it?”

She withdrew the cock almost all the way out and then rose up on tiptoes and plunged back in. He cried out as he was fucked hard and deep as the sex crazed witch ravaged his ass. His vision was beginning to blur and the muscles in his arms screamed from the intense exertion of keeping himself upright. Lucy bit her lower lip as her tits jiggled and her nipples tingled from her own arousal. With her legs spread out she felt her cunt drip honey as the insurmountable lust filled her very soul. She flung her head back and her wimple became loose so she discarded it and let it fall to the floor.

“It’s too delightful.” Purred Lucy as she began a wicked corkscrew penetration into his anus.

Even with the numerous lash marks and red blood stains on his muscular butt Lucy still took pleasure in his masculine physique. Her breath became ragged and she shook from her adrenaline rush as she leaned over his back and rubbed against his balls and thighs with her fingers. As she twisted and he quivered his cock became rigid in her hand and she wanked and jerked his knob until he ejaculated onto the floor.

“Hoy shit!” He gasped as finally the dildo was pulled out of his ass and his tormentor fell across his back.

He closed his eyes and tried to blot out the savage pain in his rectum. A puddle of semen was on the floor beneath his suspended body and he felt nothing but shame and humiliation. His battered body bore testament to the fact that despite his rugged outer inside she had turned him into a spineless, disgusting worm.

“Happy Halloween, Oliver.”

Lucy patted him on the head like a dutiful puppy and let her pendulous tits dance in his face. Charlie could only croak as he failed to understand that with all the excruciating punishment meted out to him he had a raging, and quite impressive erection!


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