Her New Voice

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Close Up

She is finally leading me into fantasy and now I’m afraid to follow.

I’ve seen glimpses of what’s waiting ahead and want to turn away, but am too eager to witness the fascinating changes I keep discovering in her. I must know how far my gritty resolve and stubborness will wear away at her touch.

The lone bystander to a rising Goddess, I watch in awe with no courage to follow, for we are never the same when muses keep changing.

I only wanted to visit this place on adventurous weekends, not what feels like forever.

We’ve plunged headlong into a world that was only a game in the beginning. I didn’t take the time to consider she may crave this as a daily reality and now someone that only existed on the fringes of my imagination is blooming before my eyes.

I know it’s only a head game, but I can’t get her new voice out of there. I couldn’t if I tried. I want to hear more of it. I cringe at, but crave the words that are becoming commands.

When did this become real? Why does she smile and say “Shhhhhh, baby, it’s Ok.” when she makes me cum with her hand while I’m begging to be inside her?

I always long for that pussy’s warm embrace. I miss it. I’m beginning to forget what it feels like, and I worry that’s how things may stay.

I need it to feel like the man I am, or the man I thought I was. I wonder what kind of man she thinks I am now? Does she still look up to me as her husband if I’m only allowed to look up at her?

“No, baby. It’s OK for now. Shhhhhh.” she’ll whisper with a giggle, staring down at me with that seductive smile letting me know when she’s in control.

I miss fucking my wife with wild abandon. The slipping, sliding and rolling with laughter was simple. The heat and love we expressed was real. It was ours to share. I know, I was there. I felt the heat between her legs.

It’s burned into my memory, the countless times she was spread out beneath me with her legs wrapped around me, gripping my ass cheeks and screaming “Harder, HARDER!” “Fuck me! Oh God! baby!,” and “There, YES!, yes baby, Ohhh Yes!” while I pounded her into mindless orgasm.

Oblivious to our surroundings we poured into each other night after night. We had glorious unbridled primal sex pleasing each other to feel alive and free.

I want that tonight more than last night, and more than the night before. I need to fill up that pussy and hear her moan “Yes, baby! Yes! Fuck me!” I want to hear how much she’s needed me. I need to take back what is mine.

But I can’t for now. When I try, all I hear is the simple word “No” not harsh, but gently, like an apology. The word has become a riddle I can’t unravle. I’ve become lost in it still trying to fathom how it affects me. Does she really want things to stay like this? She probably had this in store for me years ago.

So I pretend she’s only doing it for me.

I tell myself that because yes, I did suggest this. When I brought up the subject she emphatically told me no, laughing at the idea, because she could never deny or treat me that way. She also could never harm a soul before I toyed with what really slept deep inside of her.

It may be something all women already understand but refuse to exploit because they are born with a nurturing touch. The deeper meaning behind using the word ‘No’ is for her alone to possess and wield as she sees fit. Whether it’s to conquer, to control, or to love, she knows when to use it.

My needs used to be simple. Fuck and cum. Now I only get what she wants, but what she needs remains a mystery I’m waiting for her solve because I’m simply addicted to witnessing her true nature gently grow, no matter the anguish I suffer.

At bedtime my gaze wanders around the ceiling, searching for ways to out of this situation I’ve constructed. But as usual, if she joins me before I drift off, I simply spread my arm out and she cuddles into my chest, rubbing my tummy in peaceful circular motions as I just lay there. Her hand wanders playfully around, dancing. She gives me what I need while never offering what I want.

I’m just glad she’s here. I wonder what’s next but never ask. To hear it aloud would set it in stone. Our secret wishes are enough for now. Just to feel her soft warmth against me is enough of a comforting torture.

I never know when it may happen.

She’ll point to her dresser across the room. I smile and wordlessly retrieve the toys from a drawer. She’s been instructing me on what she really likes. I never dreamed I would earn a sense of pride by bringing my wife to orgasm with latex, rubber, and batteries, but I adore seeing her truly satisfied. I love to watch her enjoy the toys I buy for her, the very toys I’m starting to envy. They are starting to get more pussy than I do.

When she is done with us, I rinse and dry the toys then return them to where they will always wait. I lay back down on my side of our bed cuddling her while I wait. I try to keep my foot from jittering.

There was a time we used to cum together. We were Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort different people then. We were wrapped up in each other. For years we discovered new sensations everyday. I’ve convinced myself it’s better this way. Easier.

Even now I still hope she will wave a magic wand and change us into what we were when we were free.

She could if she wanted, but I’m learning that there is no return once you’ve gotten a taste of what you really like, and her appetite is growing.

I’ve fantasized of her totally controlling me. I could never imagine her being that strong, but I’ve been seeing flashes of it. She only gives me samples of what she can really do. It’s that fire in her eyes that could force me to my knees if she demanded.

One day I may eventually reside completely within her shadow, powerless to resist nor refuse for even a moment whatever she wants. Where is there left to go after that? Would the game be over? How do you start over after taking it that far?

It’s easier to learn than to guess, so over time I’ve developed patience.

Some nights I fall asleep reading and she sets my eyeglasses on the headboard. Some nights we laugh at the TV and tickle one another crying in laughter. Other nights I massage her neck and back and dwell upon all the times and places I’ve had her bent over doggie fucking her like a whore. She would do anything I wanted or give me anything that I demanded.

That’s gone for now and it’s those dangerous words that haunt my fantasies and dreams. I can imagine her soft voice beckoning me forward, saying ‘It’s ok for now baby’ because yes, she will be my whore again.

She’ll open her legs wide, needing me deep inside of her. Breathless and sweaty she will serve me again. She cannot go this many weeks without a man inside of her, or has it been months? I’m losing all sense of time, and it’s felt like a lifetime. The doubts I’ve planted in my mind grow more intense. Will she ever need me to fuck her again?

Some nights she dozes off while rubbing my chest. But some nights, it happens. It’s when my hands quickly assume the position if her gently swirling hand glides down over my cock.

I’m always waiting for that touch. The touch that starts as rubbing then speeds up slowly. I never know when I’ll feel it again so I live within every second of it. I’ve learned to focus on her stroking hand. It is my heaven that feels like hell, because I just want more and more.

Her hand strokes faster and my dick gets harder. She senses when it’s time to start sucking on my nipple. This makes me even hornier and my toes begin to curl. She squeezes my cock harder as she pumps faster. It feels like a tight pussy I wanna push my finger into…

“No” she whispers when my finger slides down into her pubic hair. My hand returns where it belongs, behind my head. I smile. I love how she teases me. Her hand begins stroking my cock again while she hums a tuneless happy song, like a person performing a simple chore.

I try to relax, because it requires all of my willpower to not roll her over and force her to surrender. I want to listen to her beg of how she needs me, but I don’t want to break this spell.

I remember gripping her ass cheeks and spreading them far apart as I squeezed handprints into her soft skin. I would cum deep inside her as she cried in orgasmic bliss. I would demand what position I wanted her in and which sexy outfit to wear. I could get sucked off when we drove home. I would grab her hair and…

“No” she whispers. My hand was balled up in her hair pushing her head down towards my cock. Old habits die hard, and I am very hard. My straying hand returns to its place and I relax my body again. Be calm, be still. I close my eyes breathing deep.

Her hand continues, becoming a rhythmic machine pumping the same speed and pressure. She quietly hums her peaceful happy song.

I’m never sure how long it goes on because I always get lost in our memories. She pumps until I start writhing in the anticipation of cumming then slows to a stop. After my breathing slows she begins pumping again with a giggle. It’s a beautiful pain.

I remember pouring lube on her tits and shoving my dick between slippery softness as she pressed them tight together. With each stroke I would push my cock into her mouth while she looked me straight in the eye. I loved watching her tongue dart around and listening to the sloppy sucking sounds she made. It drove me insane with pleasure until I came in her mouth or all over her…

“No” she whispers. My hand was slipping around the curve of a boob trying to cup that place we all love. I was trying to find it on my wife, or when she was my wife.

My hand jumps off of her but stops in midair trembling, fighting the desire to pull her legs apart so I could ram my cock into her. It finally gives up, slowly falling back down behind my head in defeat. I do not understand what is happening to me. I want her so bad.

She is becoming something and I do not want to say what it is. She’s almost something I thought I understood. It sounded fun and innocent, just something different I thought we should try.

Last weekend after having a few drinks she indifferently announced when she is ready for me to do so, I’ll be calling her by a different name. I was shocked by the seriousness of her tone, but instantly aroused. She was cool and distant and payed little attention to me the rest of the night. I only wanted her more.

Is she getting closer? It’ll be the day when she expects me to listen and obey without glancing at me, the day she isn’t playing anymore.

A few months ago she would always ask for things.

“Honey, could you bring me a drink?”

“Babe, will you take out the garbage please?”

“Sweety, would you pick up a few things at the store for me?”

That seems like another person now. This ritual has changed her. It’s taken time but she’s embracing it. The price I pay to be in Her presence is worth the effort.

Now at times she commands me without a second thought.

“Bring me another glass of wine.”

“Rub my feet while I watch my favorite show.”

“This weekend we are going to that new coffee shop I’ve been wanting to try.”

She keeps testing my limits without realising it’s training. If she does know, at least she’s been gentle so far.

She is becoming confident within the confines of our bedroom, now Her realm. It has become the first place in our lives that I no longer have any say in.

My stretches of freedom are distant memories defined by milestones she sees but I can’t recognize, and as my dream of her nears, I want to wake up.

She is getting too sexy for me to control and can no longer be denied. She is learning how to twist me and I cannot stop her. I love it too much.

I fear for my future. It’s a fear of never feeling her body again because I knew it well, every inch, every curve. It was my playground. It’s the same body but now new and exotic, just out of reach. But, I hold on to hope because she always whispers “Maybe a little later, baby, OK?”

Then she hums and giggles again.

I remember our younger wilder days and going out with only one goal in mind. Forget the movies, the dinners, the dances, or the flowers we endured. We were waiting till the ritual was over to be alone licking, grabbing, clawing, and pushing. Fucking.

One night after we left a party I wanted her so bad I sped my truck down old familiar gravel roads, fishtailing wildly around curves, laughing at her screams, begging me to slow down. There was nothing behind us except clouds of rolling dust.

I wouldn’t wait until we got home. I plummeted off the road onto a field where over a hill was one of my secret fishing spots and whipped into a spin across the dewey field. It felt like we were out of control, circling forever. I didn’t care if we barreled over the edge and into oblivion.

All I wanted was her.

Before my tires dug into the dirt just inches from the water I had already pulled her to me. My headlights washed over the water. It was an ocean I didn’t recognize when she was in my arms.

“Yes, baby!” she demanded. I fumbled under her dress and ripped her panties straight up and off of her body, destroying them.

“Oh God baby fuck me!” she begged. I fucked her hard and fast and forever in the wickedness of night.

Her high heels clattered on the door behind me. We were the only people on Earth in those moments. Nothing else existed. Everything fell away and the only sounds I heard came from her. Time stopped and we moved within it.

Ravaged panties were tossed out the window, forgotten beside the pond and the high heels she now hints about wearing mean something different. She said we will shop for them soon. I’m always hoping it’s tomorrow. I want to…

“No!” she said a bit loudly, jerking my mind back to the moment. Her hand stopped pumping. I’ve never heard this before. My hand is frozen pulling on the strap of her panties. The silk is slipping in my hand.

“No!” she yelled, smacking my cock. I wince more in suprise than pain. I’ve never felt this before. I’m stunned and amazed. I stare blankly at the round lamp reflection on the ceiling. I’m afraid to look at her. I can’t remember why she sounds angry.

“No!” she yelled sharply again and smacked my cock so powerfully it bounced off of my stomach, bobbing and stinging. My hand was still clenched to the brand new sexy panties she promised she’d wear on a special occasion. I was hoping it was tonight, but now a different kind of special was happening.

“No!” she commanded, with a smack that echoed all around me. The word came from a new voice. A strong confident voice.

Gentle whispers are gone. I hear her but cannot let go, my hand refuses. My mind is on fire, torn.

“I said, No!” she shrieked in my face as her hand clutched my nutsuck jerking it upward. My ass arched up. I sucked in a breath, never imagining pain like this could exist. She released me before my nuts were ripped away. I plopped back down and shuddered. This had to be wrong, but it felt right, because I trust her.

I waited for the whispers to return. They were in her somewhere.

I cried out from the next slap. My knees slapped together, trying to protect my tender balls from another.

I tensed every muscle waiting for her next swat. I flinched when she latched onto my trembling fist peeling each finger away from her panties.

“No!, No!, No!, No!” she yelled, smacking my cock and yanking them away one by one.

She forced my hand up behind my head and held it. I didn’t know she could be so strong.

Her knee kicked my cock as she whipped a leg across to straddle me. I closed my eyes refusing to see what I’ve helped create.

She sat atop me perfectly still. I was safe beneath her for now. l felt her breath on my face, a gentle breeze before the storm.

“Open your eyes.” she whispered. I’m relieved to hear the soft voice again, but keep my eyes shut. I want only to see her smoldering ember and feared to look at this roaring flame I stoked into life.

This was the day I’ve looked forward to. It’s now become the day I’ll fear. It’s happening right in front of me and I refuse to watch.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” she whispered. My cock throbbed against warm pussy, behind silk panties. Without even moving she was controlling every fiber of my being. I was her passive prisoner. Every muscle in my body surrendered except one. My cock was hard as steel, so hard it was painful.

“Look at me!” she commanded harshly with the new voice.

My eyes snapped open instantly to a fierce penetrating gaze. It wasn’t scary or evil. Her eyes were not cold nor on fire. There was no love, passion, or desire. It was only a hunger staring down into me.

“Do not look away from my eyes” she commanded and began grinding her pussy on my cock. Fingers wove into mine and nails dug into my knuckles.

“Whatever happens do not stop looking into my eyes.” she whispered. Her face hovered inches from mine. She was beautiful.

In a moment of longing I tried bringing my lips to hers.

“Do not kiss me.” she hissed with a passing glance barely acknowledging me. It’s like I wasn’t even there. She now seen me as something else, something less.

I slumped back without losing eye contact. I felt defeat but watched in awe as she studied me and gauged my reactions. I opened my my mouth to tell her how much I wanted her.

“Do not speak to me unless I ask you a question.” she demanded a little breathlessly. My mouth snapped shut and she smiled wickedly.

The rocking quickened. She looked away from me and laughed. She started humming in time with her motions, riding me harder as I listened to her song. This tune was different. Sexier.

“Do not move your hands.” she ordered, challenging me. She released me and leaned back to pinch at her nipples, twisting them around, doing things I haven’t in a long time.

She arched back and licked her lips.

“Oh fuck yeah baby,” she cried out loudly “This feels right.”

“This is making me so hot! Fuck yeah. Ohhhhh. Ahhh Fuck baby! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK ME!!!!!” she screamed at no one.

Her pussy was grinding faster over my cock. Engorged pussy lips felt as if they might wrap around and swallow me but the panties forbid it. The smooth silk tortured me.

“Whenever I look down at you, you better be looking into my eyes!” she ordered the ceiling. She knew where I was. I was beneath her waiting.

Her grinding was relentless. The sheets began shifting beneath me.

“Oh baby, damn baby! I’m gonna need something more soon!” she gasped. Falling forward she grabbed onto the headboard.

She paused momentarily looking down at me. Her tits swung in slow circles above my watering mouth. My head rose out of my control.

“Do not touch me!” she commanded sternly with cold eyes. The body I wanted above me seemed a thousand miles away. The woman I wanted was close.

My dick was ready to explode under her tense body.

“Damn this makes me so wet baby. I know you feel it.. my pussy needs, it needs something soon.” she moaned, and began grinding and bouncing again. She worked herself into a hurried frenzy instantly.

“Soon baby, real fucking soon.” she panted.

“Oh baby I need it inside me! Oh fuck! Ohhh Fuck!” she moaned, peering down into my eyes. They were tiny slits now.

“Oh Fuuuckkk!” She rode me harder and harder as ragged breaths became short and close together.

“Ohhhhhh Fuck yes! Fucking yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed.

Her hands fell to my chest as she collapsed. I wanted to catch and hold her in my arms, but feared to anger her.

“Oh my God, Oh my God! I’m cumming!”

Her body shook uncontrollably. She pounded on my chest with hard fast fists.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried out.

Her tight punches and shaking slowed until nails dug into my chest.

She released my flesh with one long exhale and slumped across me. I cannot remember her ever cumming so hard so easly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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