Hi, I’m Angel

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Thanks go to my editor Althefish. You’re the best.

This is Monday, the day before Valentine’s Day. It’s 4 o’clock and I’m on my way to the hotel. I left an envelope with six $50 bills in it and a note that says to call me lying on the kitchen table. Mike usually gets home between 5:30 and 6:00, so I have some time to get ready. After registering at the hotel, I grab my overnight bag, and Mike’s, and a few groceries and head for my room.

Once in the room, I put the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in the mini-fridge. I strip off my work clothes and pull out the outfit I’m going to wear tonight. I have chosen a black layered skirt with silver accents, a black and emerald green corset, and a half-jacket. The corset dips fairly low in front, and I feel more comfortable with my shoulders covered. I also have a silky new pair of emerald green panties and, of course, my black boots with the 3 inch heels.

I am taller than Mike by a few inches, but he loves the boots. So on special occasions I like to indulge him. The skirt ends a few inches above my knees, but it’s very sensual the way the material swirls around when I move. I wasn’t sure about the corset when I bought it, but WOW, it works wonders. I have a nice pair of perky C cups normally, but when the corset pushes them up and in, even I’m impressed with the cleavage. The emerald green color brings out the green in my eyes, and contrasts nicely with my shoulder length red hair.

I have some time before Mike calls, so I slip into the Jacuzzi for a while. Yes, I splurged on a room with a Jacuzzi overlooking the lake. It’s a beautiful view, even in winter. I relax and soak for about a half an hour, before it’s time to get ready.

My timing is almost perfect, as I’m finished with my make-up and hair and starting to get dressed when Mike calls. After a bit of chit-chat, he asks about the $300. I tell him I’m waiting for him in the bar of the Highland Hotel, and that he should bring the money with him. I try to be as elusive as possible, but tease him enough to get him to hurry.

It will take him about 30 minutes to get here. So I finish getting dressed, double-check myself in the mirror, grab my purse and head down to the bar. Even on a Monday, there are about two dozen people in the bar, so it’s not too crowded, but not empty either. It’s perfect. I find a spot at the bar and order a citrus martini.

A few minutes later a man sits next to me, and starts up a conversation. We talk about work and weather and sports for a while. I spot Mike entering the bar and give him a quick smile. He walks up to the bar next to me and does a double take. I ask if there’s a problem, and he says ‘No.’ He asks if I would like another drink, which I agree to. While he’s dealing with the bartender, I keep talking to the guy next to me.

Mike slides my martini over to me and has a beer for himself. I thank him and introduce myself as ‘Angel,’ which isn’t my name. We shake hands and he keeps staring at my cleavage.

“It’s not polite to stare.” I tease him.

“They’re spectacular! It’s hard not to stare.” He shoots back.

“They are flawless, aren’t they?” I ask him as I run my finger down along my breasts.

Mike doesn’t answer; he just takes another drink of his beer.

I lean forward, closer to him. “It would be possible to get a better look at them, if you were interested.”

Mike cocks his head a little, and says “That would be very nice. What were you thinking exactly?”

I take a little breath, as the other man is still there and listening intently to our conversation. I smile up at Mike, and in my sultry, sexy voice I say: “Well, oral would cost you $50, missionary would be $100, but for $300, I’m yours for an hour.”

I hear the man beside me make a noise, but Mike looks like he’s actually thinking it over, like he’s doing the math. Dork! Finally he nods his head, and says he could work with that. He asks where, and I tell him I have a room upstairs. He finishes his beer, and I take a sip of the martini, saying good bye to the guy on the other side of me. He looks shocked, maybe a tad bit disappointed too. I take Mike’s hand and he helps me off the barstool as I lead him to the elevators.

His hands are on me as soon as the elevator doors close, running over my ass and along my ample display of cleavage. The elevator chimes on the fourth floor, and I take him to my room. He pounces on me as soon as we get in the hotel room. I fend him off quickly.

“Business first! Do you want oral, plain Jane, or the full hour?” I slip off the half jacket and drop it to the floor.

“I want the full hour.” His voice is deeper, almost a growl.

“$300 for an hour. Cash up front.”

Mike reaches into his pocket, and pulls out the $50s and hands them to me. He wraps his hands around pendik escort my waist and pulls me to him. I notice there are only five $50s in my hand, and I push him off.

“This isn’t enough! This is only $250. No money, no kinky, no exceptions.”

Mike looks at the bills for a second before he realizes he used one of them to buy drinks. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the change from the bar, $35.

“Getting closer, buddy, but $285 just doesn’t cut it.”

He looks frustrated now, it’s kind of funny. He pulls out his wallet and gives me a twenty. I put the money in my purse and drop it in the dresser drawer.

“That wasn’t so hard, now was it? So what do you want, daddy? Tell me and I can make it all better.”

He pulls me back toward him, his face in my cleavage. He’s licking and biting and sucking my breasts. His hands are on my waist, pulling us together. He stands back and starts undressing, then tells me to take off the skirt. I twirl around for a bit, before I unzip the skirt and let it drop to the floor. Standing naked in front of me, he looks me over. From the cleavage inducing corset, to the matching green panties, down my long legs to the black boots. “Get on your knees.”

I run my hand over his chest and down his stomach as I lower myself in front of him. His cock is almost hard, standing out in front of me. He grabs a fistful of my hair, and runs his cock over my face. I lick him when he gets close to my mouth. “Suck my cock, whore.”

Mike usually doesn’t use dirty names, so I wasn’t expecting him to use them today, but somehow it seems appropriate. It makes me feel slutty. Mike also usually lets me be in control for blowjobs, but that wasn’t happening today either. He uses my hair to pull me onto his cock, until he hits the back of my throat. I’m trying to control my gag reflex and my breathing, but Mike wants more. “I said suck it, slut. Don’t just sit there, suck it.”

I take as deep a breath as I can manage, and start sucking on his cock, my tongue flowing over every inch. I can hear him moaning above me as he keeps thrusting into my soft, warm mouth. One of my hands starts rolling and tugging his balls. I can feel his pace picking up. I glance up at him, his eyes are closed and his lips are pressed together.

A few minutes later I can feel Mike tensing up, like a good girl, I start sucking him harder. He pulls out of my mouth, and stands there, trying to keep himself from cumming too soon. I try to take him back in my mouth, but he has a firm hold on my hair, and keeps me away.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” My hands are running up and down his thighs, looking up at him. “Was I a bad girl?”

“Such a little slut. Get up.” Mike helps me up and pushes me against the dresser. His hands are roaming over my chest as he starts kissing me. His body is pressing mine up against the dresser. I can feel how hard he is. His mouth moves to my breasts, nibbling, sucking, and licking them. His hands run down to my ass, pulling on the material of my panties.

Quickly, he spins me around and bends me over the dresser. His fingers slip inside the waistband of the panties and slide them down my long, smooth legs. Kneeling down behind me, he slaps my ankles and I step out of them.

His hands start gliding over my legs, and he starts biting my thighs and ass. A few minutes of this and he spreads my legs farther apart. He stands up and bends over me, pressing me down on the dresser. His hands run between my legs, feeling how slick I am.

“You’re dripping wet, you little whore. You’re loving this, aren’t you?” He slaps my ass as he emphasizes that last question. He slams a finger into my tunnel as he growls in my ear: “Answer me.”

“Yes. Yes, I love it.” I’m panting. The corset is making it hard to take a full breath. I’m so horny right now.

He starts driving a few fingers inside of me, I’m not sure how many. I just know how it makes me feel. I can feel my orgasm building. He starts jamming his thumb over my clit, as he continues to finger fuck me.

“Oh, fuck!” I arch up off the dresser as I explode. It’s a long few seconds before I collapse back down onto the dresser. I’m having trouble catching my breath.

Mike must have seen the ‘travel toy bag’ because when I regain my senses he’s riffling through it. I’m still trying to catch my breath as I watch him pull out a tube of lubricant. He moves behind me again, and I lose sight of him.

SWACK I cry out as the first blow lands across my ass. SWACK SWACK I’m grabbing the edge of the dresser as Mike presses down on the small of my back, holding me down.

His other hand rests on my burning ass, spreading my ass cheeks apart. The next thing I feel is a hard cock pressing against my anus. I gasp as I realize what he’s doing. I try to relax as much as I can as Mike maltepe escort starts pressing forward. Groaning softly as the head finally pops in, Mike stops there as he slaps my ass a few more times.

“Oh god, a tight fucking whore!” Mike growls as he starts slowly pressing farther inside me. Dropping my head against the coolness of the dresser, I’m still trying to relax as I feel Mike’s cock stretching me. I can feel the pressure all the way into my stomach.

Both of his hands move to my waist as he slowly starts pulling out. I look up and into the mirror. Mike is totally focused on my ass. I can see his posture change as he begins pressing forward again. He looks up when I groan softly. Ours eyes lock for a few minutes as I get used to him filling my ass. I finally drop my head back down to the dresser as Mike starts getting into a rhythm.

The pain from the initial stretching is going away, but the heat and pressure keeps building. My legs are starting to shake from being in this bent over position. Mike’s thrusts are getting stronger and faster. I need to hurry him up.

I squeeze him as I start egging him on. “Come on, daddy. Fuck your little whore.” I start shifting my weight, wiggling my ass a bit. “Get every penny worth. Cum in my ass, daddy. Cum in my ass.”

I hear Mike growling behind me, as he is slamming into my ass. “Fucking slut.” I know he’s close, so I squeeze hard around his cock. It hurts a little bit more, but the effect is almost instant as Mike start cumming hard. I can feel his cock jerking inside me.

Mike stands above me for a bit, before he pulls out. SWACK SWACK “Come on slut, squeeze my cum out. Squeeze it out.” SWACK I start trying to squeeze, I can feel some start to slide down the inside of my thigh. SWACK SWACK He starts wiggling my ass, helping some of the cum to drip out.

After a minute or two, Mike heads into the bathroom. I try to relieve the pressure on my legs by closing them. I must be sore, because it hurts a bit to move. Mike returns and he starts cleaning me up with a warm wash cloth. Wiping the cum and lubricant from my ass and legs.

He tosses the wash cloth into the bathroom and helps me stand again. He holds me in his arms and kisses me a few times. He asks if I’m OK, and I tell him I’m sore, but OK.

His eyes move back to my cleavage, and he frowns a bit. He asks how to get the corset off. I show him the clasps in the front, and he quickly figures it out. The corset soon joins the rest of the discarded clothes on the floor. I finally take a few deep breaths. Mike laughs a little and leads me toward the king size bed and tosses me onto it. I let out a small cry as I unexpectedly drop down onto the bed.

Mike grabs my legs and slides me to the edge of the bed. He quickly kneels down between my spread legs. His hand runs through my folds a few times. I watch him at first, but then my tiredness and soreness catches up with me, and I drop my head down and just enjoy the feeling.

WHACK WHACK I give a short cry as he slaps my pussy a few times. His mouth is on my clit almost instantly after that. I can feel his tongue sliding over my clit as he sucks it into his mouth. He starts working on it, sucking, biting, licking; everything he can think of.

It doesn’t take long for the tightness in my stomach to start. I can feel it building quickly. The sluttiness of the money exchange and the name calling made me extremely horny. Mike isn’t holding back at all, his mouth on my clit is driving me insane. I start gasping for breath as he pulls another orgasm out of me.

Mike is licking and sucking every drop of me. I’m just starting to come down, when Mike slams 2 fingers inside of me. Oh fuck! His mouth returns to my over sensitized nub. Oh fuck! I start rolling onto my side, which I tend to do for some reason. Mike just presses a hand against my chest and pushes me back down. I can hear his hand slapping furiously against my pussy.

“Dirty whore. Cum for me again. I bought you, slut. Fuckin’ cum for me!”

My fists are grabbing at the bedding and my back arches up off the bed. My stomach feels like it’s cramping as another orgasm explodes from me. I let out a cry as Mike starts lapping up my juices.

I collapse back down onto the bed, trying to catch my breath. When my world starts to come back into focus, I realize Mike is pushing my knees up toward my chest. Confused, or disorientated, I don’t understand why. Then I see how hard his cock is and where it’s pointed.

Mike usually doesn’t get hard a second time, at least not this quickly. I have trouble trying to figure out how long it has been. My stomach still feels like it’s cramping from the multiple orgasms. This might not be a good idea.

“Wait. Wait. Wait. Ahhh” Too late. Mike slams himself deep inside my pussy. My kartal escort pussy is swollen, tender, wet, and slick and Mike looks like he’s ready to explode from the first thrust. I can hear the sounds of sex: the hard slapping together of bodies, the heaving breathing and the bed moving and squeaking. My pussy feels like its on fire, and my stomach is contracting, getting ready to cum again. Oh fuck!

I’m the one who cums first, still riding the high from the previous ones. Mikes pace quickens as I clamp down on his cock, milking him. It doesn’t take him much longer before he’s cumming deep inside me.

He collapses on the bed next to me as my legs straighten and drop to the floor. We lay like this for a long time, both too exhausted to move.

Eventually I’m the first one who moves. Getting up very gingerly, everything is tender. I try and pull Mike up, but he’s not interested in moving. I prod him a bit before I can get him up. Leading him to the Jacuzzi, I go to the mini fridge and get the champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and 2 glasses. I put the stuff down near the edge and slip into the hot, relaxing bath.

We sit in the bath for almost an hour, drinking champagne, nibbling the chocolates, looking out over the moonlit lake, and talking. The hot water and jets make my throbbing body feel wonderful. My fingers are starting to wrinkle, so I slip out of the water first. I take a quick shower and Mike heads in after me. While he’s in there I order dinner from the hotel restaurant. The meal shows up after he’s done with the shower, and we share a schnitzel and spaetzle with lemon caper sauce. It’s the house specialty, and as delicious as everyone said it was.

I’ve been fucked to exhaustion, soaked in a Jacuzzi, and eaten delicious food. I am completely sated. Eventually we climb back into the bed; Mike is spooned along my back, stroking my hips and thighs. I fall asleep watching the moon climb into the sky.


The next morning, I wake up a little after 5 AM. Partly because that’s my usual wake-up time, and partly because we didn’t close the drapes on the wall sized windows with eastern exposure. It is going to get very bright very quickly. I sneak out of bed and close the window drapes as quietly as possible. I take a quick shower and get ready for work.

After the shower, I pack up my stuff and leave Mike’s overnight bag on the dresser where he’ll see it. I look over, and he’s lying on his back in the middle of the bed. I walk to the edge of the bed and slowly pull the cover off him. He looks so cute when he’s sleeping.

I lightly run my fingers up his thigh, and I’m rewarded with a twitch. There’s life there between his legs. I gently climb onto the bed. I run a finger along the side of his cock. Another twitch. I encircle him with a hand and slowly, gently pull him toward me.

That seems to work. In addition to getting a bit firm, I also get a soft moan from above. I give a few more covert pulls before Mike tenses up.

“Good morning, sleepy head.” I smile up at him as I give his hardening cock a long slow lick from the base to the tip. Mike mumbles something that might have been ‘Oh god’ and drops his head back onto the pillow. His cock is growing much faster now.

I lick the tip a few times before I take him into my mouth. More moaning from above. I start a slow and easy morning blowjob. His hips start thrusting up into my mouth. I look up and he’s watching again. I quicken the pace and start sucking harder. My hand wraps around the base and I begin to jack him off. It doesn’t take long for Mike to cum. I can feel his body tensing up, and the deep growl lets me know when he’s close. Soon I’m rewarded with his tangy salty cum. I get most of it, but some I have to lick up off his cock.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” I climb off the bed, cover him up again and kiss him good morning.

“It’s almost 6, so you have two more hours to sleep. I’ll go take care of the room, just drop off the key when you leave. I packed you clothes for today, but I couldn’t find your underwear. So I packed the royal blue, silky boxer briefs for you.” I’m smiling down at him as he processes the information. He scowls when he hears his ugly grey underwear are nowhere to be found. I kiss him again.

“Oh yeah. One more thing. I want you to dress to the left today.” When he asks why, I tell him I want him to be aware of his cock all day long. Between the unusual position and the feel of the silky boxer briefs, he shouldn’t be able to not be aware.

“I just want you to be ready for all the wonderful little things I’m going to do to your cock tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Like what?” he asks. He’s like a kid waiting to open presents.

“That depends on what I get for Valentine’s Day! You better think fast.” He’s a total procrastinator when it comes to holidays. I’m 95% certain he hasn’t even thought about a gift yet. This will give him some incentive. I’m smiling as I head out of the hotel room.

I’ll just have to wait and see what happens tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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