Higher Education Ch. 08-09

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Chapter Eight : When In Doubt

{NOTE TO READERS: There is no actual full blown sex in these two chapters, but if you are reading this book these two chapters are very important to the story line, and the next chapters won’t make much sense if you skip these. And come on, we all know everyone reading this could use a little rest about now. If you know what I mean? lol }

I awoke early Wednesday morning, I at first thought I was back in Medford and had had a wonderfully strange dream for I felt the warmth of a slender body against my side and my hand was resting on a firm, taunt, smooth ass. I thought I was at home waking up with Tina, but once I opened my eyes I realized where I was. Jake was cuddled up next to me under the covers in my bed of our dorm room. I was a little shocked at first, having mistaken Jakes smooth ass for Tina’s, but mostly I was shocked at having actually slept with another guy. My life was just becoming a world filled with new firsts, and now I could add to the list, having shared a bed with another guy for an entire night. I admit I was somewhat panicked at first but after a few seconds I calmed down and actually felt happy, it just felt natural to actually sleep with Jake last night, and it felt good to awake to the feel of his warm naked body next to mine. I softly rubbed his bare ass under the covers and he stirred a little and made an almost purring sound, I softly laughed.

I turned my head and looked at Jake. He looked so peaceful and happy laying there asleep. I reached my hand to his head and gently ran my fingers through his hair and down around his ear and across his cheek. His skin was so smooth and silky. I ran my fingers down his neck and over his shoulder and back up to his face where I circled his large, moist, soft lips. I stroked his hair and kissed his forehead and quietly and gently rolled myself out of my bed and headed off to the bathroom.

I stood in front of one of the mirrors in the bathroom and stared at the image looking back at me. ‘Who are you?’ I asked myself. I had been your normal nineteen year old small town boy just three days ago, and now, I didn’t even recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror.

I turned on the faucets and splashed some water on my face. I watched in the mirror as the water flowed off my face and dripped into the sink. ‘Who are you?’ I asked myself again.

I looked over to the bathroom door and just stared at it for a few minutes. I didn’t know why or what I expected to have happen with the door, but I just stared at it. In some way I was hoping it would magically turn into the bathroom door back home and all of what had happened the past two nights would be a dream. But then I also hoped that Jake would walk through that door and we would have wild crazy sex all day long.

I turned back and splashed more water unto my face. I stood staring down into the sink, shaking my head, rubbing warm water unto my face. Was this to be who I was? Was I to become a person of duality, who when at home would be that normal small town boy with a girlfriend and nothing to worry or care about, but when I was away from all I knew, in the big city, at college, I would be a Master to others and have awesome, crazy gay sex? I splashed more water on my face and grabbed a towel and buried my face in it. I breathed in deeply and held my breath for a few seconds before exhaling into the towel. I looked back into the mirror.

“Well, you are what you are.” I told the image looking back at me. “You might as well enjoy it as long as you enjoy it.”

I smiled at myself in the mirror. ‘So that’s it?’ I asked the image in the mirror. I decided to let this play out at least until after Tina came to visit this weekend, then depending on what I did, and what she did, I would have to make the biggest decision in my life. ‘You know something,’ I said to my image in the mirror. ‘You’re either the luckiest bastard in the world, or the craziest.’ I dropped the towel on the counter and walked back into my dorm room.

Jake was still asleep in my bed, he looked so content and comfortable I hated to disturb him. I quietly walked over and picked up my camera and began snapping some photos. I reached down and gently pulled the covers off of him and took some more photos as Jake lay there naked. Jake stirred in the bed and rolled over unto his back and blinked his eyes open.

“Good morning.” I whispered as I kept taking pictures.

“Morning,” he sighed as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked up at me taking pictures of him. “I see you’re up early.”

“Yeah, I’ve been awake for a little while now.” I zoomed in and snapped a few close up photos of his face.

“No,” He raised his hands to shield his face. “I must look a mess just waking up.” He laughed.

“Yeah you do,” I laughed. “But such a beautiful mess you are.”

I clicked a couple more pictures and sat down on the foot of my bed. Jake stretched and yawned and sat up in the bed, propping a pillow behind his back.

“You like taking pictures, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Bahçeşehir Escort I replied looking down at the camera and then raised it up and snapped a shot of his face. “It’s what I’m going to school for actually.”

“So you want to be a photographer?”

“Photos and film actually,” I said smiling at him. “I want to make movies someday.”

“Oh,” Jake cooed as he leaned closer to me and gently let his fingers run up and down my arm. “Can I star in one of them?”

“Only one?” I asked laughing. “I think I could do a lot of films starring you.” I lifted his hand up and kissed his fingers. “I could do an entire series with you my friend.”

“Cool.” He whispered.

Jake leaned back on the pillow and looked around the room and then back to me.

“So what’s on your agenda for today?”

“Absolutely nothing,” I replied. “And you?”

“About the same I guess,” he answered glancing over to the clock. “It’s only seven thirty?”

“Yeah, I usually get up early.” I laughed.

“And stay up late.” Jake laughed as he lifted his foot and placed it between my legs and wiggled his toes against my cock.

“Well it’s you who keeps me up all night.” We both laughed.

“So what should we do?” Jake asked still wiggling his toes in my crotch. I reached down and lifted his foot from my crotch.

“Well, first off I think he needs a couple hours of rest yet,” I winked at Jake as I ran my hand up his smooth leg. “As does he I presume.” I said as my hand reached his soft cock.

“Yeah I think they could both use a few more hours of rest.”

I got up from the bed, when I did Jake pushed me with his foot on my ass. I stumbled a little and walked over and picked up my phone.

“Who are you calling?” Jake inquired.

“I thought I’d give Brody a little early morning surprise,” I laughed. “You know, just to get his reaction. Now where did he leave it?”

“Awesome,” Jake said climbing out of bed. “He wrote his number down over here.” Jake walked over to his dresser and handed me the piece of paper with Brody’s number on it. I dialed the number and after setting my phone in speaker mode, set the phone on my desk and waited. After four rings the call was answered.

“Hello.” A voice said softly.

“Hi,” I answered. “Is this Brody?”

“Yeah,” The voice said in almost a whisper. “Who’s this?”

“Your new friends from last night Brody,” I answered. “Do you remember us?”

There was about a thirty second pause of silence on the other end of the phone, followed my some ruffling noise and movement.

“Yes, yes I remember,” Brody said softly. “I will never forget you two.”

“Cool, I’m glad to here that,” I said as I poked Jake in the side.

“Hi Brody, its Jake,” Jake chimed in. “How are you this morning?”

“Hi Jake,” Brody answered. “I’m doing great, how about you?”

“I’m doing awesome…” Jake replied but I interrupted him.

“Brody,” I scolded. “What gives? You say hi to Jake but not to me?”

Again there was a moment of silence on Brody’s end.

“I’m sorry,” He said softly. “Good morning Master Toby.”

Jake covered his mouth to silence his giggling.

“That’s better slave Brody.” I answered trying hard not to laugh myself. “So what are you doing?’

“I’m still in bed.”

“Well Jake and I were going to go out for breakfast and we were just wondering if you would care to join us?”

“Ah, yeah sure,” Brody stammered. “When?”

“Well how long will it take you to shower and get ready?” I asked.

“I can be ready in like a half hour or so.”

“Cool,” I replied. “Since we don’t know where you live, how about you meet us out front of our dorm building?”

“Okay, I can be there in like less than an hour, if that’s okay?”

“Perfect, see you then Brody.”

“Bye for now Brody.” Jake chimed in.

“See you in about an hour then,” Brody answered and after a few seconds pause added. “Bye for now Master Toby and Jake.”

“Bye.” We both said and I flipped my phone shut ending the call.

“That was awesome,” Jake shouted. “I’m surprised he answered.”

“I really wasn’t,” I said. “He seemed rather eager last night to see us again. Well to see you anyway and be controlled by me I think.”

“Yeah, you might be right there.”

“Well we better get ready too.” I said. It was then that we both realized we had been naked the whole time. I looked at Jake and then at myself and back to Jake. “Well it seems we have gotten quite comfortable with each other.”

“Yeah,” Jake replied, looking at me and down at his own nakedness. “I didn’t even realize I was naked.”

“Me neither,” I laughed. “Well let’s get in a quick shower and go wait for Brody out front. “I stepped towards the bathroom but stopped and looked at Jake. “But only a shower for now, okay?”

“Ha-ha,” Jake laughed. “Yeah save the fun for later.”

“Yup.” I answered and gently slapped Jake’s ass as we headed to the bathroom.

Jake and I had been sitting out front of our Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan dorms for about ten minutes when a silver Buick pulled into the parking lot and drove over by us and parked. Brody stepped out of the car and walked over to us as we got up off the bench.

“Hi Brody.” I greeted him.

“Hi,” He paused for a few seconds and then added in almost a whisper. “Ah do I call you Master Toby all the time?”

“Only when we are alone or I tell you you have too.” I replied.

“So,” Brody looked at me.

“Oh yeah,” I said looking around. “Well I don’t see anyone else here, do you?”

“No I don’t Master Toby.”

“Oh I love the sound of that.” I laughed.

“Hi Brody.” Jake piped up.

“Hi Jake.” Brody smiled and blushed a little. I could tell he was really happy to see Jake again, more so than he was to see me, but I also sensed he was happy to be back in front of the guy making him call him Master.

“So do you know of a good place around here for breakfast?” I asked Brody.

“Yeah,” Brody said. “Actually there is a great little diner just a couple blocks away from here down Washington Avenue.”

“Sounds great,” I said. “Shall we just walk then? You can leave your car here.”

“Sure, just let me lock it and get my wallet.” Brody said as he stepped back to his car and retrieved his wallet and locked the doors.

“Well lead the way my friend,” I waved my hand out. “Oh hold on a second,” I said and looked around and seeing no one, I reached down and placed my hand on his crotch and then looked at him. “Dude, you’re hard.”

Brody blushed beet red.

“I’m sorry Master Toby.” He whispered.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said. “Just show it to me.”

“Here?” He asked nervously as he looked around.

“Yeah,” I ordered. “Unzip and show Jake your hard cock.”

Brody looked around the parking lot again and then nervously unzipped his pants and fumbled around as he twisted his body until he was able to pull his hard cock out through the zipper hole. I reached down and stroked it a couple of times. Jake came over and grabbed Brody’s hard cock and squeezed it and stroked it as Brody blushed, but smiled. Jake let go of Brody’s hard cock and as soon as he did, I slapped my hand down hard on the top side of Brody’s hard cock. Brody winced and let out a little yelp as he bent forward a little.

“Now put that thing away you naughty little cock sucker.” I ordered.

“Yes Master Toby.” He obediently replied and worked at getting his hard cock tucked back inside his pants.

“So will that stay hard all through breakfast?” I asked.

“It all depends, I guess,” Brody said. “As to what we do or talk about at breakfast.” He said as he finally got his hard cock situated in his pants and zipped them back up.

“Well maybe we should help you get rid of that before breakfast then.” I told him and looked over to Jake who nodded in agreement.

“Whatever you say Master Toby.”

“Let’s go for a ride then.” I said walking towards Brody’s car.

“Yes Master Toby.” Brody replied and walked over and unlocked his car and we all got in, Brody in the drivers seat, Jake in the front passenger seat and I got in the back and slid over to be in the center of the back seat. “Where do you want me to go?”

“Just drive around for a little bit.”

Higher Education

Chapter Nine : Master Finds His Domain

We headed out of the parking lot and drove around with no particular destination. After about twenty minutes I spotted an old house that had a for rent sign out front. I don’t know why, but it drew my interest and I told Brody to pull into the driveway. I sat in the back seat and looked at the house; it was the only house on the entire block. The house looked so lonely sitting there by itself; it was as if all the other houses on the block had left it to be by all alone. A high fence surrounded the house on all sides except for the front. I pulled out my cell phone and added the number on the sign to my contacts list, naming it just simply ‘House’.

“Okay drive on.” I commanded from the back seat, but as Brody was backing out into the street I got a glimpse through a partly open gate in the ten foot high fence that ran along side the driveway, I noticed a large patch of trees off to one side. “What’s that down there?”

“There use to be an old factory here, but they tore it down like fifteen years ago, now it’s just an empty piece of land except for the old building that used to house the water pumps down by the river in that patch of trees.” Brody said, sounding like he was giving a tour for the city.

“Are people allowed to go down there?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Brody shrugged. “I believe the land belongs to the same people as the house. But if there aren’t any ‘No Trespassing’ signs, I don’t think it would be illegal or anything.”

“Cool, you guys want to go down there?”

Brody shut off the engine and we all climbed out and walked through the partially open Escort Bahçeşehir gate and started walking towards the woods. I was looking around as we walked.

“This place would be excellent for getting some pictures, or even some film.”

“What?” Brody asked.

“That’s what I’m going to school for, film and photography.”

“Oh,” Brody let out a sigh of relief. I think he thought I was talking about taking pictures of him. And although at first I wasn’t, I now was looking around the place in other terms as well.

We walked across the open field and into the woods. After a few minutes of trudging through the thick underbrush we came across the old building. It was a concrete building with a solid steel door. There were no windows and it looked to be about twenty feet by forty feet with walls about ten feet high. Brody pushed the big steel door open and we walked in. Inside was dark and dirty. There were still the large pumps set along the back wall that we could see from the light coming in through the door. I looked around and admired the unique style of the inside and the size of the building and the items I could readily see.

“We should come back here with some lights to get a better view of the place,” I commented. “I could take some awesome photos in here.” I wasn’t thinking anything sexual at this time; I just wanted to get some photos of this old building. The building seemed to be alive, screaming out to be photographed, and I felt that I needed to be the one to capture its life on film, or digital film anyway.

“After breakfast will you give me a ride to a store to buy a couple lights and bring me back here with my cameras?”

“Sure,” Brody responded. “I’d be more than happy to.”

“What are you thinking Toby?” Jake asked.

“This building is just calling out to me. It’s like its begging me to take pictures of it.”

“Really,” Jake asked. “It looks like a dirty old abandoned building to me.” He laughed.

“I’m sure it does to most people,” I replied. “But there’s just something about it and the way its set in this little patch of woods, it’s special, it has a story to tell, and I think I can tell that story in pictures.” I continued as I walked back outside.

“Do you want to see the river?” Brody asked smiling; he seemed pleased to have been able to show me this little gem and seemed eager to show me more.

“Yes, lead the way.” I replied.

Brody led Jake and I through the woods about fifty yards until we came upon a small clearing in the trees. There was a slight, gradual, angled drop off of about twenty feet down to a small river.

“Come down here,” Brody beamed anticipating my reaction. “There’s a tunnel that leads all the way back to the building where they use to drain out the extra water they pumped up for the factory.”

We followed Brody down the slope and stood in front of a steel and concrete tunnel about eight feet in diameter. Brody unhooked a rusty hook and pushed one of the two steel doors open to reveal the inside of the tunnel. The floor was flat and looked like poured concrete, but was covered in dirt and leaves and such from not being used over the years. I stepped up and peeked inside.

“This goes all the way back to the building?”

“Yeah, as far as I know.”

“So there must be an entrance to it inside the building?” I was really getting to like this little side excursion Brody had led us on.

“Yeah, there must me.” Brody said.

“We diffidently are coming back here after breakfast with some lights and stuff.” I said excitedly.

“So you really like this place?” Jake asked.

“Yes, I love it.” I yelled into the tunnel, my voice echoing down the tunnel.

“I’m glad I was able to show it to you.” Brody said.

“Yes thank you Brody, this place is awesome.”

“I don’t know what you see in it, but whatever flips your boat.” Jake laughed and shrugged as we walked back up the slope, Brody leading the way.

I tapped Jake on the shoulder and when he stopped I whispered in his ear. He looked at me and smiled and then nodded. We walked back up to the building.

“I love this place.”

We walked back to the car; I was looking all around the big open lot, seeing different areas come to life in my mind as to what they could be. The fence surrounding the lot was stone but vine covered from years of neglect, giving it an eerie yet lovely appearance. By the time we got back to the car, I knew what I was going to do.

I was finished with breakfast; while Jake and Brody were still eating, so I got up and went outside and called the number I had in my phone for the house for rent. A nice sounding lady answered and we talked for a little while and then agreed to meet at the house in an hour. I went back inside and sat down beside Brody in the booth.

“So do you work today?”

“No, I’m off today and tomorrow but then I work the whole weekend, noon to eight Friday through Sunday.”

“Cool,” I said. “I’ll be busy this weekend anyway, so we have today and tomorrow to get to know each other, unless of course you had other plans?”

“No, no I didn’t have any plans.” Brody smiled. I could tell what he was thinking just by the eager, glowing look on his face.

“None that you wouldn’t have eagerly change even if you did,” Jake said looking at Brody. “Right Brody?”

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