Hippie Sex

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The 1960’s were a wild time of changes and freedom. The opening up of sexual freedom for a generation, really nothing that went on was that new, but now it was out in the open.

My story starts with one of my best friends, he was married very young to a really nice lady, just before they got out of high school. She was kind of a plain looking young lady but built very well. He had told me a few stories about their sex life over a few beers and by his stories she was up to try most anything.

He was a wild child of the time, in fact in the local community not well liked, a big guy with long brown hair and a short temper. In fact the temper came from having to fend for himself much of his younger life. The thing is, we were all from the 60’s and drugs rock and roll was the order of the day.

Often we partied out in the local national forest where streams had been dammed up to make nice pools.

One year during the summer we had gathered with a number of couples at one of our best party pools. As usual there was lots of alcohol, pot and LSD and most were tripping. The group all started getting naked and swimming and enjoying the summer sun. Breaking up into groups, talking about the world, sex the draft, there was no restrictions.

I was a little more self conscious than most and found myself a nice spot in the water to sit and watch. I was not comfortable sitting in a group with a hard on. Sitting on a rock near me was Debbie my friends wife, this was the first time I had seen her here and most of all naked. She was stretched out on the rock after a swim and I could understand why he got married so young, she stood out among the others.

Her husband was over talking with a group that was into a very intense conversation about group sex and it was not long before things heated up. Her hubby was a subject of some of the conversation, bursa escort he is hung well and had a raging hard on and one of the girls offered to take care of it for him. Debbie was watching and listening. This big titted blond leaned over to him and started stroking him, he looked over at Debbie and she smiled and nodded her approval.

As she wrapped her mouth around his dick, Debbie slipped back into the water and came over by me, she said I think things are about to get wild and she was not into group sex. She and I sat there watching the group start to intermingle in various sex acts and I could hear her breathing get deeper as we watched. Then she did something I never thought she would do, she reached over and grabbed on to my hard on and started stroking. We were both neck deep in the water so when he looked over she would just smile, I think he had no idea what was going on, even if he did he was real busy at that moment, that blond was on her knees and sucking for all she was worth. He had grabbed her by the head and was helping her out.

Debbie said very softly to me, enjoy, you get to return the favor when I’m done, she took my hand and placed it between her legs then said look at him, he is about to put a load in her mouth. Sure enough, he was and held the blond on his dick making her swallow as much as possible. Debbie said, I wish I could do that to you right now, which was all I needed to explode, as I came she slowly kept stroking me till I was done and gave me one last squeeze and said your turn.

I slipped two fingers into her pussy and started working her over, she grabbed my hand and placed it a little higher and said slow down a little. She said look at him now, I looked up and he was between the blonds legs giving her a good licking and some other guy had given her another dick to suck, Debbie just moaned. As bursa escort bayan she got close to an orgasm she stopped me and said put a finger in my ass, I had never at that point even thought about such a thing. I was fumbling around and she reached back to help me fill her ass, now slowly go in and out. She reached down and took over the work on her pussy, it did not take long for her to cum. She let out a low moan and arched her back a little and let out a deep breath. I pulled my hand back and she reached over and held on to it.

She said she really needed that and directed me to check out her husband again, the blond was on her knees and he was reaming her from behind, she was crying and moaning and kept saying oh, that’s big, more, he grabbed her hips and pushed in as far as he could go, the blond yelled oh my god, I’m cumming don’t stop. Debbie smiled and said he is mine next, just not here in front of everyone. She grinned and giggled and told me some day when we are alone, I want to fuck your brains out. Then she swam away back to her rock in the sun. Later as the sun was setting we started a camp fire and everyone was sitting around it passing a joint or two and some wine, she sat next to her hubby slowly playing with his dick, but kept looking over at me and smiling.

After the sun went down things started over, once more people started teaming up in a group sex party. Debbie took her hubby off into the woods to get out of view. I watched as they disappeared and just had to go see, guess it’s the voyeur in me. I found them behind a big tree, she was leaning on the tree face forward and hubby was taking her from behind, slamming into her to the point he was lifting her off the ground some times. She had this glazed look on her face and at some point saw me, she just gave me a smile. As he was about to cum, she stopped him, turned escort bursa around and dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth and with just a few strokes had a mouthful. I could see her face from my vantage point and started stroking myself as she swallowed and let some of the cum drool out of her mouth. At that point I’m sure she was putting on a show for me, she backed off and took the next shot on her face and started squeezing the remaining cum out of him and licking the head like a Popsicle. That was all I could take and exploded myself standing there watching, I made a very quite exit from the area.

I made my way back to the group, there was so much going on I would have been walking around with a major hard on but for the fact I had just unloaded. People started to settle into sleeping bags and on large blankets that been put out and there was a lot of sex acts I had never seen going on. I had only read about girl on girl and never seen it, there was some of that happening and a lot of pot smoking going on. Suddenly Debbie tapped me on the shoulder, where did you come from? She just pointed to her hubby who was now curled up in a sleeping bag, dead to the world. She smiled and and point out to where he and her had been and disappeared into the darkness. I knew what it meant but was a little unsure about this, but got up and went anyway.

She was waiting and reminded me about fucking my brains out, wait my best friends wife? Did I really want to do this? hell yes. It took her no time at all to bring my limp dick back up, she threw a blanket on the ground and said lay down on your back.

She climbed on to my hard on facing away from me and rode me till I came. When I did she climbed off, turned around and licked me clean, she put her finger to her lips to make sure I was quite and got up and left. That was all I could take that night and rolled up in the blanket and went to sleep. The next morning everyone started leaving and Debbie and her hubby were already gone. We have been friends for over 40 years and never spoke about this to this day, good memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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