His Birthday Wish

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Big Dicks

It was his thirty fifth birthday and for two years he had joked about wanted to experience a threesome. It had been his greatest dream to have to women in his bed. To be in control of the action. It would be the best gift he could be given.

Having never experienced any thing but sex with a man, the thought seemed to be intriguing. So needing to see if there was that desire the search of the videos began. One evening home alone, all the tapes came out and one by one, were placed in the machine to see what was on them. On the fourth try, there it was. Two girls in bed. One lying on her back while the other licked and sucked and teased. The recipient seemed to be getting more and more excited. Unsure if there had ever been that kind of excitement, the viewing continued. The long the tape rolled the more the excitement built. “What would it be like? Would a woman do it better or different. What would they do?”

The longer the video played the more answers seemed to be reveled. And the wetter the viewer became. It was possible; there was a chance that this could be the perfect gift. Now all that had to be done was finding someone that everyone would be comfortable with.

That took all of a couple of minutes. There was only one person that could be trusted to share this and knowing that she had already had experienced sex with another woman made it that much easier to approach her.

Three days before his birthday, the plans had been made and the anticipation had begun to build. The night of his birthday the house was empty and we sat watching a movie and talking. The three of us did this often. Feigning tiredness she went upstairs to get ready to go home. I followed her up a few minutes later. The plan was we would go to the bedroom strip down and wait for him to figure out that we hadn’t come back.

We stood there one with a ribbon covering her breasts the other covering her nether region. When he walked in the room his eyes almost popped from their sockets. The room was lit with candles and the video camera on its tripod.

“Happy Birthday honey, I know this is something you’ve wanted for a long time and well I got the nerve so here we are. You are in control. You tell us what to do and we’ll do it.”

“Are you serious? Anything?”

“Anything. This is your present from us.”

It didn’t take anytime at all before we were instructed to get on the bed on our knees facing each other. His instructions were simple. Kiss each other and see what happened. Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort

The first kiss was a little tentative, but with each try it seemed to get more intense. Before long the desire was building. It was then that a hand covered my breast. IT was soft and kneaded it. It felt good and I moaned my approval. Then the fingers were on my nipple, teasing it and pulling till it pebbled. When the kiss broke I was disappointed, but it was short lived as her mouth soon started teasing my nipple. It was clear, she was experienced and I allowed her to lead me.

Before long she had pushed me onto my back and was licking first one and then other nipple. She sucked and bit and sometimes it hurt, but then she would soothe the pain away with her tongue. It was delicious and I wanted more.

My hands instinctively went to her head to encourage her. She took my hint and made her way lower. Using her tongue to draw a line down my stomach. It felt dirty and so exciting. Opening my eyes, I looked over to see my husband had stripped off his clothes and had taken the camera from the tripod. He was moving in closer to the action. I looked at him and he smiled.

“Move lower, and eat her pussy. I know she wants it. I can see it in her eyes. Tell her tell her you want her to lick you.”

“Yes, I want it I want to feel her tongue inside of me. I want her to lick me until I cum.”

Before I knew it, I felt her tongue make contact with my clit and I thought I would go mad. It was so hot, to see my husband watching me get eaten by another woman. She was good at what she was doing and before long I felt myself humping her face.

“That’s it babe, fuck her face. Rub your pussy all over her.”

I didn’t think it would feel different than when a man did it, but it did. She knew each and every spot to touch to get the maximum reaction. Now when I cum, I’m a bit of a squirted. Depending on how excited I am will determine the amount. On this night I filled her mouth and she moaned her approval.

I needed to catch my breath, but I heard the instructions and I didn’t hesitate, it was my turn. It would be different; it would be my first taste of anyone but myself.

As I lowered myself, I could smell her musky scent and found it inviting. It didn’t take me anytime at all before I was giving what I had been given.

“Babe, you don’t know how hot it is to see your faced buried between her legs.”

“Oh yeah, it feels so good, for a beginner you’re driving me crazy. I gonna cum, I can feel it building. Yes just like that, oh yes don’t stop.”

Within seconds she came hard and I lapped up all her juice. It was sweet and I liked the taste on my tongue. Making his way around the room, he had found the bag of sexual toys we had. Picking it up, he turned the bag over and dumped out its contents. Inside he found her most prized possession. Her twenty-nine inch long two and half thick double headed dildo. I gasp with surprise. This was my first time seeing it. He smiled at us and throwing it to the middle of the bed along with some lube.

“I want to see some magic, make it disappear.”

I wanted to protest, but couldn’t deny I was excited at the prospect of seeing it disappear. I didn’t think we could do it. The biggest dick I had ever had was thirteen inches and about 3″ thick. It had felt good, but I was full. This challenge didn’t seem to faze my friend. She smiled at him and then at me. Instead of picking up the lube, she laid down on the bed, in the opposite direction and kept moving closer, scissoring my legs.

Within seconds I could feel her wet pussy touching mine. Then we were clit to clit and it was like a lightening bolt had shot through it. We began rubbing clit to clit, and our moans were getting louder and louder. When I looked over to my husband he had put the camera back on the tripod and had sat down in the chair. His hand was on his cock and he was rubbing is slowly. His eyes intent on the action.

When we both came, she reached over and took one end of the dildo at my opening and began working it slowly inside of me. It felt awesome. I watched her slide the other end inside of her and we linked hands and began working our hips to take more and more inside of us. I could hear him talking again. But my mind was buzzing with this new thrill.

“Take more I want to see it disappear. You’re both such sluts, this is so fucking hot. If you want make that thing disappear and touch clits, I’ll kiss both your asses.”

We began working our hips working more and more inside. Our moans getting louder and the big dick disappearing inside us. We were getting closer and closer to making it disappear. To my surprise, she moved so that she was straddling me. She began working her hips forward and back and seemed to be pushing more and more into me. I thought I was going to explode. My orgasms had come one of the other. The cum was running out of me. It couldn’t stop it and she was doing the same, I could feel her cum as our pussy rubbed each other from time to time.

“That’s it girls there’s only and inch left. An inch and a half and you’ll be clit to clit.”

When we were full and our clits touched, we both exploded with an orgasm. Our bodies shook with it and our screams filled the room.

She fell back on the bed, the dildo still inside of us. But neither of us had the strength to remove it. It was his turn, but after over and hour of us doing each other we weren’t sure we had enough left for him.

Hearing a moan from the corner we turned to watch as he got closer to his own orgasm. Without hesitation, I slide the big cock out of myself, amazed at how much had been inside of me and I got on my knees between his legs. I watch him rub his shaft and did nothing to help. Except look him in the eyes. When I licked my lips he shot his load into my mouth and all over my chest. Before long she was there to lick his cum from my tits. But neither of us was ready yet for another round.

Deciding we need a break, we both put on one of his shirts, he put on a pair of shorts and we went downstairs with the camera. It was time for something to eat and drink. We had been forbidden to take a shower. He wanted to know that we were walking around wet with what had just happened.

We sat around the table and enjoyed our dinner and conversation. We were relaxed with each other and always had been. After dinner was cleaned up we had decided to move into the living room to watch the video we had made. All of us were excited too see what we had produced.

Before we could turn the camera on there was a knock on the door. We weren’t going to answer it, but since we could see him standing there chances are he could see us too.

It was his best friend. We knew we needed to get rid of him, but it would be hard since he was walking in to us girls sitting on the sofa with t-shirts on and him in a pair of shorts.

He had always bragged to his best friend that I gave good head, and he had been trying for years to get me to give him head. But this birthday wasn’t about him. So knowing that I could get rid of him with one promise I did what I had to do.

I offered him a chance to watch the video, but afterward he had to leave. When he came back the next time, I would suck his dick. He looked at my husband and seeing that he was agreeable he readily agreed. He sat in stunned silence and watched the video. When it was over, he excused himself. Before long he walked though house and out the front door.

Laughing we made our way back to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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