His Buddy’s Mom

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Shelley had just settled into bed with a book. She was a divorced forty-five-year-old lady with a full-grown son still living at home. She had been struggling with single status life for over two years and had only recently started to date again and had thoroughly enjoyed her first sex in several years.

She answered the bedroom telephone to hear a familiar voice. “Hi Mark,” she said, “What’s up?” She managed to keep her tone casual despite the sudden rise in her blood flow. She was excited; this young man was the one responsible for igniting her erotic pilot light a few moths previous. Only problem was that he was her son’s best friend from college and twenty years younger than she.

“Hi Shelley,” Mark replied, “Sorry to disturb you, I thought that I would get Kent on this line. May I speak with him?”

“Oh, didn’t you know?” she replied, “He is off to Mexico with his girl friend for two weeks, just left this morning.”

“Oh damn,” Mark said, “I should have called ahead. I knew that he was going away but it didn’t click that it was this week. I’ve been driving for five hours and am only an hour from you right now. Oh well, might still be time to get a motel, just passing through and figured I might get to spend some time with Kent. We haven’t seen each other for several months.”

Shelley saw the opening but hesitated before finally saying, “You can overnight here as you always do, what’s different about tonight?”

Mark said, “I would love to stay but what about your neighbors? They might think it a little strange to see a different car parked in your driveway in the morning.”

Shelley said, “Oh, no worries, you can park behind Kent’s car, he took a cab to the airport. And I don’t really care about the neighbors and what they might think anyway.”

Mark said, “Good, I always enjoy seeing you on my visits. I will be on my way early tomorrow morning and won’t be of much bother.” There was a pause as the decision had led both of them to more intimate thoughts. Mark continued, “I am suddenly thinking about the last time I saw you.”

It was Shelley’s turn to pause before laughing and replying, “That was a great New Year’s party wasn’t it. I had never been at a party where everyone else was younger than I. It was fun, maybe too much alcohol, but fun.” The party had been organized by her son Kent for his group of twenty-something friends including Mark. Shelly had been the acting hostess and provider of snacks.

“I was thinking of the party of course,” he replied, “but more about how you and I said ‘good night’.” Another pause and then he continued, “You do remember don’t you Shelley. I think of little else since that night”

Shelley said, “Of course I remember, but I am sure that our ‘good night’ was the result of too much booze on both our parts.” Another pause as the drift of the conversation was becoming more intimate. She said, “Why did you bring that up Mark? Is it because you will be spending the night here? I don’t know what to say.” She laughed a little to establish the trend of her own thinking.

Mark replied, “You know why I raised it, I can tell it in your voice. You are thinking of how we left it that night as much as I am.” And then he said, “Are you in bed? What are you wearing?”

Shelly laughed and replied, “Yes I am in bed and I will leave the side door open for you in case I fall asleep before you arrive. You can stay in our spare room as you always do. And as for what I am wearing, just a white bathrobe.”

“Hmm,” Mark murmured, “just a white robe is it? Do you sleep in that or do you wear pajamas?”

“Now Mark,” she replied coyly, “where are you going with all of this?” Shelley well knew where he was going because her mind was on the same track. “Anyway, yes I do sleep in pajamas, tonight they are sort of a Baby Doll style. Pale yellow netting if you can imagine that.”

Her last statement jarred Mark out of his teasing and testing mode as he groaned, “Oh God Shelley, why did you stop me that night? You wanted to make love as much as I did.”

Shelley said, “You know why I stopped you. You are half my age and my son was still in the house. It was too risky.” Shelley’s nipples hardened at the memory of his lips on them. She continued, “But yes I was very tempted, and have thought about it more than I should have.”

Mark said, “We can do something about that tonight then.”

Shelley laughed softly and replied, “You are bad Mark, but don’t you count on too much for tonight. You are still half my age.”

Mark thought back over how this situation had evolved. He had known Shelley for several years prior to a visit one day to their home. He and Kent went for a swim to find Shelley and a lady friend spread out on lounge chairs wearing small bikinis beside the pool. This was shortly after her divorce.

She had a quiet attractive face although her body was not in the category that would normally attract attention. In fact she was quite angular, almost gaunt with wide shoulders and hips, small breasts, flat belly and gangly legs. Ankara travesti She looked like a marathon runner. She had a thigh gap at which Mark could not stop staring. He was mesmerized; she aroused him more than any woman had to that point in his life.

He had fantasized about her ever since, possibly because he suddenly considered her available but more likely because of the physical attraction. Some issue had quickly changed his thoughts from friendly to carnal.

And then came the New Year’s party where they had engaged in kisses and body feels to the degree that sex had seemed imminent. He was fully aware that Kent would be away at this time and had started out on this trip solely for the purpose of being alone with Shelley. He had fantasized about both previous meetings with her to the point that he could now almost feel his cock entering her pussy right in the middle of that damn thigh gap, his target for tonight!

Shelley brought her thoughts together before calling her close friend and mentor concerning all personal and sexual matters. Isabel had been instrumental in bringing Shelley back to life after her divorce. At first just by talking about her issues and then leading her a bit back to living a normal life, getting out of the house, lunches and teas and talking about sex. They had pretty well told each other all of their life stories and had left little to the imagination. A bond developed and blossomed, their goodbye embraces and kisses were becoming more and more intimate.

Isabel answered her cell phone with a question, “What’s wrong? Late night calls from you are unusual.”

Shelley laughed and said, ” There is nothing wrong and you are always up until midnight anyway. But there is something sort of exciting I wanted to tell you about.”

“Oh, oh,” said Isabel, “must be something about sex. Are you watching another porn video? I shouldn’t have started you on those.”

Shelley said, “No, not at all, I haven’t watched a video in weeks. But it is something along those lines. Do you remember Kent’s college friend Mark? I think you saw him once at our pool last year.”

Isabel answered, “Yes I do remember him. He was a real hunk and I could not get his attention at all. Despite my best efforts he only had eyes for you. So what about Mark?”

“Well,” said Shelley, “he is on his way here right now. He called me from his car and will be here within an hour and is staying overnight.”

Isabel said, “What’s the big deal? Oh I see, Kent is away and you and Mark will be alone together. And you are thinking, or hoping, that he might end up in your bed. You naughty gal, I’m jealous. From the way he looked at you last year I suspect that he is thinking the same thing. You are obviously horny so if he doesn’t make it can I join you?” They both giggled.

Shelley said, “There is a little more to it than that. I have never told you about he and I at Kent’s New Years Eve party have I? We became a little adventurous after a few drinks.”

“You witch,” cried Isabel, “you are supposed to keep me up on all matters erotic. I recall you hosting the party that night, but you have never hinted at any dramatic happenings. Messing around with a younger man is relevant you know.”

Shelley laughed and said, “Well I was not very proud of it quite frankly. I mean fooling around with a man half of my age while my Son is in the house with all his other friends is not something to advertise, but I do apologize. And I admit that I loved every minute and no we did not have sex.”

“I will forgive you if you provide me a complete and detailed story of that night,” said Isabel.

Shelley was excited and aroused, suddenly desperate to tell Isabel about the past and immediate future of her budding May December relationship.

She said, “You recall that it was a group of Kent’s young friends at the party. I was twenty years older than any of them and spent most of my night preparing and serving goodies and drinks. Mark was there of course; he had come up to spend the holiday with Kent. He started following me around, a glass of booze in his hand and gazing at me like a puppy. Apparently he had not brought a date.

I was in the kitchen preparing some treats when he came up behind me and grabbed my by the hips and leaned in over my shoulder to kiss me on my cheek. He said, ‘Sorry but I have been wanting to do that all night.’ I turned around and kissed him with a light peck on his lips and said, ‘no problem, it is New Year’s after all’. He pulled me closer and kissed me full on the lips. I could feel his erection. I smiled and pushed him away and said, ‘Not so fast young man, people wouldn’t understand’.

He continued pursuing me and no matter where I went he would soon be there. It became a game of sorts and I do admit feeling very good about myself. I could tell that he was looking for more. And he did get more as the kissing and touching became more intimate with each short encounter. He caught me coming out of the bathroom on one occasion and pressed Konya travesti his knee between mine and clamped his hand on my pussy through my skirt as I ran my tongue into his mouth.

The New Years’ countdown and midnight kiss was special. He was on me like a leech with roaming hands and a wild kiss. I had to push him away again before others noticed.

I decided that I had better cool this down and retired to bed while the party rolled on and I had just entered my bedroom when Mark knocked on the door. I was a little surprised; I thought I had ended matters when I said good night to everyone. I opened the door and he pushed in and moved me back against the door as it shut and we started kissing again.”

Isabel said, “Whew. You’re getting me horny. And you are telling me that you did not get laid that night?”

Shelley took a deep breath, she was surprised that she had told this much but it was too late to back down.

She said, “No, I didn’t get laid as you call it but I came damn close.” She laughed and said, “I wish that I had.”

Isabel asked, “So did he get his hands on anything bare? God I’m horny, tell me all baby. My pussy is damp and clenching.”

Shelley said reluctantly, “Oh yes, he had my blouse unbuttoned, my bra unhooked and was nuzzling between my breasts with his nose and mouth. Then he removed my panties and stuffed them in his pocket. He still has them.”

Isabel choked out, “Oh baby, did he take it out?”

Shelley was stoked knowing that she had Isabel writhing in anticipation. She said, “He asked me to take it out and when I did he slipped it between my legs.”

“Was it big? And you still claim that you did not get laid?” Isabel said.

Shelley said, “It was quite big and yes, that’s when I stopped it. Actually he started to push me to the bed. I said, ‘please Mark, not here not now’. He pulled away from me and said, ‘I’ll have you one day’.”

“C’mon,” Isabel groaned, “surely he did not use those words.”

Shelley giggled and said, “Well no, not exactly those words.”

They were both breathing quickly and Isabel said, “Baby, he’s coming to make good on his word, no matter what words he used. But play it slow, drag it out, keep him in suspense as long as you can before you give in.”

Shelley said, “I’ll try, but this little chat with you will make it difficult for me to slow him down, if he came in the door right now I’d have him on the floor. In fact Mark is likely the reason that Dan got lucky last week!”

Isabel replied, “Wow do you think so? From what you told me Dan deserved what he got, he was that good. Well, have fun and I’ll call you in the morning. I’m going to seduce my hubby right now and if not successful my neighbor old Bob is going to have some pussy in the morning.”

“Old Bob?” said Shelley, “God he is even older than we are. Are you serious?”

Isabel had often spoken about her neighbor, an older man that she had been teasing for a number of years. She would take her coffee out in the morning to sit on her elevated back verandah. Bob would be working in his garden and come over to the fence to chat, looking up at her from a short distance away. Isabel in her bathrobe and usually without undergarments teased him mercilessly by allowing the robe to open just enough for Bob to know what she was not wearing.

She now said, “Since you have revealed a hidden secret of your own, I will tell you about last week with Bob. My hubby was just off to work when Bob knocked on my back door. He had a small basket of ripe tomatoes for me. I opened the door and he carried them in and set them down. I was thanking him when my robe, not fully tightened, slipped open as I reached to help and a good part of one boob slipped out. His eyes fastened on it in a millisecond and I let it hang out there for a bit before slipping it back under cover. He looked hurt and I am sure it was because he wanted a better look.

I just stood there more or less daring him to make a move, and finally he did, pushing his hand through the robe opening to bring the tit back out. If felt nice, his hand was soft, he was trembling so I thought why not and tugged the robe open. He seized the other tit while bending down to kiss and suck on the first nipple. He pushed up to my side and I could feel his cock, hardening by the second. He started humping my hip while continuing to suck on my nipples. Didn’t even kiss me; he just kept humping and sucking. It was kind of fun but I finally pushed him back, pulled my robe tight and gave him a light kiss and said, ‘Another time maybe Bob’. He looked quite happy backing out of the door in a bent forward stance.”

Shelley laughed and said, “You are a bad lady, I shouldn’t be friends with you, and I’m about to prove why tonight!”

Isabel said, “Do have fun babe. These chances will come less frequently as we grow older. Seize the moment and just do it.”

Shelley had lied a little to Mark about what she was wearing and now dug out her skimpy pajamas and white robe. She opted to meet İzmir travesti him at the door.

By the time he arrived, both of them had cooled down a little and their first hug and kiss were fairly conventional. Shelley stepped back from him and said, “Can I get you a coffee or a drink of some sort? You must be tired after the long drive.”

Mark said, “Oh no, I am up to my ears in coffee, must have stopped 5 times along the way. I would like a shower right away.” He hefted his handbag and followed Shelley up the stairs to his room. He could barely keep himself from running his hand up under her robe and between her legs as they climbed.

Shelley stood in the doorway of his room as he put a few things away and dug out his travel kit. She said, “Shower in my bedroom ensuite, it is much more comfortable.”

Mark smiled and kissed her and said, “Is their room for two in it?”

She giggled and replied, “I have just finished showering and don’t want to be crinkling my skin. We can chat when you are finished.”

She rushed to bed, removed her robe and settled down sitting up against the backboard with a light sheet covering her from the hips down. Her nipples showed quite nicely through the thin cloth of her pajamas. She picked up her book and tried to compose herself.

The shower stopped and she heard him begin to towel down. Oh God, what had she got herself into. Would he come out naked? Would he get cold feet? Could she go through with it? The adrenalin was coursing through her body as Mark came out with a towel wrapped around his waist as he continued to dry his hair. He was wonderfully built, a taut long muscled upper body and lithe muscular thighs and calves. Her eyes dropped to his hips and groin area. He was hard! Shelley pressed her butt down further into the mattress as if protecting her pussy.

He sat beside her and leaned over to kiss her. He whispered, “Hi there, my dreams are coming true.” He sat back up and tugged the towel off, baring his cock before slowly pulling the top of her pajamas open to expose her breasts and pushing the sheet down to her ankles.

She whispered, “What are you doing? This is supposed to be a chat.”

He focused on her eyes as his fingers first touched and squeezed each nipple. He bent and kissed them. Shelley felt otherworldly, lying there quietly as he explored her face and body with eyes and hands. She rotated her hips as he pressed his groin and cock against her butt.

He said, “You are so beautiful, I can’t believe this is happening. Touch me Shelley, give me your hand.”

She said, “You can’t tell anyone about this you know.” He guided her hand down behind her butt until her fingers encircled his thick cock.

He returned to her breasts aggressively tonguing and sucking her hard nipples. She began to stroke and rub his cock, pressing the knob against her cheeks. He arose again and tugged her flimsy panties down her legs, she shifting her cheeks to assist. She shrugged off her top. When they settled down again, he moved one knee between her legs from behind and lowered his body to better position himself. Shelley grasped his cock again and stroked it slowly.

Shelley moaned, “Is this right Mark? Should we be doing this?” While whining about her predicament she was pushing the knob of his cock down to rub and touch on the bottom of her slit. “You can’t tell anybody you know.” She stroked him more urgently, the knob and cock growing larger in her hand. She moaned, “It feels so good.” She pushed the knob back down between her cheeks as Mark lifted her leg to spread her. Her legs were bent in a sitting position but she was on her side exposing her entire butt and pussy. He nestled in behind her again.

Mark moved his hand down her belly to her bush and then slid a finger along her slit. She was wet and slippery. He could feel her hand clutching his cock as the knob teased her pussy. He began to pump her slowly, sliding his cock back and forth in her fist. She allowed a little more cock to emerge from her fist with each stroke and the knob was now just parting her pussy lips.

He groaned, “Baby, baby, do you remember my last words to you on New Years?”

“Yes I do. Why?” she whispered.

Mark was poised to thrust ahead, his heart pounding in expectation of her response. She had reacted passionately when he had first said the words and he hoped she would repeat it now. “Say them,” he said.

Shelley’s answer, “You told me that your were ‘going to fuck me one day’.”

Shelley pulled her hand away and thrust her hips backwards just as Mark arched his body forward, sliding his cock several inches into her pussy. They both cried out at the sensation, a first thrust can often be the best one. Mark controlled his urge to go hard at her but kept sliding it in and out.

He pulled out suddenly and rolled her to her back. He gazed at her totally naked body, her soft face and neck, small breasts with reddened swollen nipples, a flat belly and trimmed bush and the enticing thigh gap. She raised and spread her legs tilting her pussy up in expectation. He settled on his knees and moved his knob to the red gash of her pussy. Her inner pussy lips quivered and trembled as they formed a perfect ‘O’. She reached down and pulled him closer, his knob slowly working its way back into her.

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