His First Mouthfull

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John doesn’t mind having his daughter and son-in-law living with them, but sometimes the house is a little too small and there is little privacy. This worked to his benefit on one very special day, though. A day that changed things for the better in many ways.

John had found porn magazines hidden in the bathroom a couple of times, and new they weren’t his. He figured they were Tim’s. John did notice that they seemed to have a theme to them tough. They always were full of pictures of either cock sucking or women taking it in the ass. Hmm, he thought, Tim likes to give it to Karen in the ass. Karen is John’s daughter and he would never have thought of her as being into anal sex.

On this day, John went out early to play a few holes of golf, with a couple of buddies. He knew that Karen and her mother were going out shopping for the day. As Tim worked last night, he figured he would sleep well into the afternoon. When John got home just before noon, he caught Tim watching television in bed.

As John came in, he could hear what he recognized right away as porn playing on a television. He quietly went down the hall until he came to the source of the sound. Tim and Karen’s door was open slightly. At first he saw the Tim laying on the bed, naked and stroking his very impressive cock. It was about 9 inches and thick, with the foreskin moving back and forth as Tim stroked it. Then John noticed what was playing on the screen. There were three young guys, izmir escort with one being fed cock into his throat while being sucked by the other one. “I’ll be damned”, thought John, “he likes cock!”

John has had his share of cock, being a closet bisexual. Although he loved sucking cock, he rarely gets the chance to enjoy one, as he only picks up twinks when he is away from home on business, and even at that, not every time.

John stood there watching Tim stroke his cock, holding the foreskin back as he rubbed his thumb over the head with pre-cum seeping out. Tim tweaked and pinched at his nipples with his other hand. His tongue imitating those on screen, as they were running up and down the hard cocks. John got a smile when he watched Tim lick the pre-cum from his thumb. John knew he was never going to have abetter opportunity than this, so he stepped into the room. Tim was startled and tried to cover his cock with his hand. It was no use, those nine inches of solid flesh still poked out from under his hand.

John stepped up and said for Tim to relax, and asked if he would like a hand. With this he reached down with one hand and placed a finger to Tim’s lips, while the other reached down and started to stroke his cock. The more John ran his hand up and down the shaft of Tim’s cock, the more Tim’s body relaxed back onto the bed.

John saw the dazed look in Tim’s eyes, and he knew that Tim liked this. John moved alsancak escort and kissed the head of Tim’s cock, before he ran his tongue over it and around the head. Tim let out a very audible groan. John began to massage Tim’s large nut sack as he lowered his mouth over the length of his cock. Tim was giving John instructions like, “Oh yeah, I like that. That feels good.” and “Suck on my balls.”

John could see Tim’s abdomen begin to rise and fall rapidly, his breath coming short. He knew that Tim was not far from letting his load go. John worked his mouth and fist up and down the length of Tim’s cock. Tim’s whole body stiffened as he let out a low moan and started to pump his cream into John’s waiting mouth. John massaged as much cum as could from those large balls under Tim’s cock, sucking it all down. John ran his hand over Tim’s stomach as he finished licking the cum from the shaft of his cock.

As John stood, Tim sat up on the bed and reached to open John’s pants. Tim could see the outline of his father-in-law’s impressive cock. As he pulled the cock from its trappings, Tim gasped at how beautiful he thought it looked. It stood about eight inches or so, with a slight curve to it and a large bulbous cut head. John’s cock was not as long as his, but it certainly was as thick, if not thicker. Tim leaned forward and slowly took the cock into his lips. “I hope he likes this.” Tim thought to himself, knowing that for buca escort all the cock he has thought of, this is the first that he actually has had in his mouth.

Tim need not worry, as he was working over that cock like a pro. He knew what he liked, so he started out with this. All he knew was that John had given him such a great blow job, that he wanted to return the favour. Tim could not take all of the cock down his throat right away, but he worked at it. He kept stroking what he could not get it his mouth and was massaging and tugging at John’s balls. John stroked Tim’s head while guiding it up and down on his cock. As John got closer to climaxing, he told Tim that he was going to blow his load and asked if he wanted it in his mouth or on his face. Tim looked up the older man and said that he wanted it all down his throat. John smiled and told him that he would be glad to fill his throat with cum. Tim took the cock into his mouth again, just as the thick jizz started to pump out. Tim was a little startled at the taste, as he had only licked his own fingers after jerking off before. This was different, it was flowing and it was very warm. He decided he liked it and he wanted it often. As Tim gulped the cum down and licked wantonly at John’s cock, John was thinking about how he was going to enjoy having a willing mouth and cock in the house. As Tim took the last weak spurts of cum from John’s cock, John helped him to his feet and gave him a deep kiss sucking some of his own cum from his young son-in-law’s mouth.

With his hands firmly grasping Tim’s ass, he pulled Tim tight to him so their cocks mashed together. John pulled from the kiss and told Tim that things were going to work out very nicely, for both of them……..

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