Hit and Run

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The day I met Christian Fuller, my life changed completely. Now, that’s a pretty big statement to make, considering I’m only 21 years old, but it’s true. Before Christian, I was nothing. Nobody seemed to notice me. I was always in the background. I went to parties, had friends, I even went on one or two dates with some guys back home, but I always felt like somebody else’s shadow. My life was like watching a fabulous party through a dirty window.

I had enrolled at a fairly bland university on a fairly bland course in September 2005 and had moved out of my parent’s house in Suffolk hoping that now, at last, I could have an adventure. Unfortunately, the first few months of my course were harder than I had anticipated and I ended up staying in my grotty student bedroom writing page after page on Barthes, Bakhtin and a whole load of other theorists I forget now. I had a big essay due in and was panicking a little. Our tutor on media theory had recently left, and the supply tutor knew nothing on the subject and hadn’t been a lot of help.

I was on my way to the university library mid morning. The weather had turned colder and I was wrapped up warm in a thick coat and scarf. You could barely see my face, I was so wrapped up, but it was only a short walk to the campus so I hurried on my way. I had my mp3 player on and was listening to some old soul music, planning my essay in my head and generally not paying much attention to the world around me. There were some busy roads surrounding the campus and I was approaching one of them. I walked straight out in front of a side road and bang! I was knocked down.

The last thing I remember seeing amidst the blinding pain in my right leg, was a handsome, chiselled face of a male swimming above me before I blacked out.

What happened after the accident I can only relay from other people’s accounts. An ambulance came and took me to the hospital. My leg was in a bad way and I had broken some ribs so the doctors took me into surgery and fixed me up. When I came to, I was in a quiet, airy room with my leg stuck out in the air and barely able to move for all the bandages.

My first thought was that I was not alone, and I wondered where I might be and who with. The whole experience seemed very strange to me, never having stayed in hospital before. I think I must have cried out, for the next second the strange, but beautiful face from earlier leaned over me with a frown wrought across his brow. I became aware that he was holding my hand and tried to sit up, now very confused.

When he spoke, his tone was deep and rich and commanded attention. He asked me to be quiet and calm down, he was going to get a nurse. He left. My hand grew cold.

A nurse came, with the man behind, who seemed very tall in my little room. She explained that the man was Dr. Fuller, a university professor and he had been the one to knock me down. She was young and pretty and the sight of her simpering around him infuriated me. I asked if she could contact my parents and tell them about my accident, more to get rid of her than anything else. She was reluctant to leave, and spent a long time fluffing my pillows and seeing things were in order before she went.

And then it was just me and Dr. Fuller. He had a presence about him. His hair was light brown and long, just touching his shoulders. His face could have been carved from marble, the skin was so smooth and his features so dazzling. He was very tall with large hands and, although I couldn’t crane my neck to see, I imagined large feet. His presence made me feel terrified and brave. I had never had a serious crush on anybody before, but when he cast his dark gaze on me, at last, I thought I would die from the heat rushing about my body, rousing life into places that I had always imagined as dead.

He spoke to me kindly, I think he could tell I was little afraid. He apologised for mowing me down, but I think the redness of my cheeks and my shallow breathing gave me away. Being run over by him was the single most incredible thing that had ever happened to me.

Over the next few days he visited me often, I think he must have felt guilty. I learned a bit about him in them few, blissful days where he cared for me. But with the arrival of my parents fussing over me, his visits became less and less. On his last visit, he told me to call him Christian, and that he had just started a new post as the media theory tutor on my course. I was speechless, well, I was always speechless whenever he was near, but on this occasion, I couldn’t even form words in my mind. I imagine that he must have thought I was feeling ill, as he left before I could tell him that he would be seeing me again in his new lecture theatre when I was better.

After this revelation, my only thought was to recover fully. My leg was healing fast, but every second spent away from Christian was unbearable. The doctors and physiotherapists were amazed at my determination and progress. Within women at war izle three weeks I was walking a little, and after four weeks, I was allowed to return to university.

The day I was due to go back, I got up very early and spent hours getting ready. I had never paid much attention to my looks before, but I knew I had looked a mess when Christian saw me in the hospital, and I wanted to astound him, to make him as breathless at my arrival as I was with his. I had just emerged from a very hot shower and had my towel wrapped around me. I stood in front of my mirror in my bedroom and closed the door. I dropped my towel to the floor. For the first time in what seemed like years, I studied my reflection in the mirror and drank in the details of my body. I had changed so much, and never noticed before. I laughed to myself to see that I had grown into a woman that many might find attractive.

I was slightly shorter than average height and my body was slim, with large, round breasts and a small backside. My hair was long and very dark against my ivory skin, curling gently at my shoulders; and my eyes, I had never noticed before how they sparkled deep blue. I was curvy and supple; my skin felt warm but my nipples were erect and plum pink from their exposure. I felt them, pinching them gently between my thumb and forefingers and felt my cheeks flush. I stroked my body, feeling the curve underneath my breasts, down my flat stomach to the soft, shaven area of my pussy. I was embarrassed to touch myself there, especially looking so brazenly at my own reflection, but I thought of Christian and imagined his hands instead of own, rubbing the wet velvet slit of my cunt and bringing his mouth down to kiss me deeply at the apex of my thighs. I stroked my clit faster and rested a hand against the wall to steady myself. I felt the waves of pleasure rise inside of me as my hand worked like lightning and my eyes snapped open, watching my wet fingers rub faster and harder against my swollen clit. Eventually, the pleasure rising inside me peaked and I felt myself shudder and groan as my orgasm washed over me like a fierce wave. I withdrew my aching hand and slumped down onto the floor, panting and dishevelled.

By the time I arrived at university, my orgasm had long since been replaced with a feeling of nervousness to the point of nausea. I felt sure that Christian would take one look at me and know instantly what I had done earlier today, that everybody would see my feelings for him written as plain as ink over my flushing face. By I needn’t have worried. The lecture theatre was packed when I arrived and Christian was busy with the overhead projector. I took a place a few rows from the front and took out my notebook and pen, disappointed that he hadn’t noticed me.

The lecture began and my disappointment was replaced with a renewed enthusiasm for my essay. Christian was a great lecturer, and covered all the areas I had been worried about. I could also tell that half of the girls in the room wanted him as much as me. He was about to show us a clip from a film and the room became filled with the low murmur of chatter as he set up the dvd. He reached over to dim the lights which were near me and suddenly, his eyes locked onto mine. I felt his stare burning into me as the lecture grew dark and the clip played. I kept my eyes straight ahead; I felt I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. But he knew who I was, he’d registered that it was me and when the lights came back on, he had a curious grin on his face.

The rest of the lecture went smoothly and at the end, I packed my things to leave. But he walked over to me as everybody was leaving and his smile was worth every second of agony I had endured over the last few weeks. Even now I felt my leg twitch with the remembered pain.

“Sophie!” he grinned, his voice deep and moving. “You never said…”

I felt my face burn and my eyes were hazy.

“I didn’t get a chance…I’m here now.” My voice sounded thick and I couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Well, it’s good to see you back on your feet. And even better that you’re in my class.” I felt his eyes running over my body and taking in the little details of my appearance. My nipples grew bullet hard through my t-shirt and I saw his eyes flicker over them.

“I hoped that I would run into you again.” His voice sounded huskier but he shook his head and chuckled at his own pun. “Sorry, I didn’t mean…” I laughed and met his eyes.

“I know what you meant” I replied and managed to hold his gaze a second longer then necessary. I made my excuses and left before my desire for him gave way. As I left the room, I could feel him watching me walk all the way down the corridor.

The next few lectures with Christian became easier as I learnt how to handle my feelings. I learnt how to control my flustering and stuttering when he spoke to me and was rewarded with being able to spend more wong winchester izle time with him. Sometimes he joined me and a few other students for a coffee after the lecture and I found that perhaps my little crush wasn’t completely one sided. When I moved to stand up I felt his eyes on my body. If I reached over the table, I sensed his eyes lingering on my breasts. And he became more flirtatious with me too, sometimes touching my knee lightly under the table during our coffee breaks, at other times he would give me a knowing smile when he handed out course documents during lectures. His attention focusing on me made me more confident and bold. I wore slightly more revealing outfits to lectures and voiced my opinions in class. I suddenly found myself with real friends.

One night I was working alone, late in the library. The deadline for the essay was the following morning and I was making some last minute adjustments so I could drop it in to the assignment room that night, and take the next day off. I was engrossed in my work when I felt a hot breath against my neck that me shiver. I turned around and Christian was watching me intently, his face had a hungry expression and hovered just a few inches from mine. A split second later, and his expression had changed, he was smiling as he moved away from me.

“Still working on that essay?” he asked. I swivelled my chair around to face him and returned his smile.

“Nearly done. Then I’m off home to bed.” At the word ‘bed’ his eyes narrowed and he breathed out sharply.

“I would have thought you would have been tucked up in bed hours ago with your boyfriend” he scratched his head and tried to look nonchalant. I wrinkled my nose and began to close down the computer.

“I don’t have a boyfriend” I answered, my voice quivering. The pause hung between us as I gathered up my things.

“Then let me give you a lift home. It’s too late for you to walk back alone.”

I thanked him and he came with me to the assignment room which was dark and poky. He was following me very closely and when I bent down to put my essay into the drop box, he came up behind me and I could feel the heat from his hand pause by my back. As I straightened up and turned to leave, he stood still, breathing deeply in the dark.

“I’m done, let’s go.” I whispered. I could see the glimmer from his eyes and he was close enough to kiss me, but I was tired and nervous, and slipped round the side of him.

In the car on the way to my house, we were both quiet. It felt strange travelling in the vehicle that could have killed me, with the man that bought me back to life. It was late and my thoughts were muddled. As we pulled into my road, Christian parked into a lay-by and turned off the engine. I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to say thank you for the lift, but he was gazing at me so intensely, my words faltered on my breath. Before I could move or say anything else, he reached over for me and pulled me close to him, his lips crushing my own. I was so startled, I didn’t respond for a moment and he released me a little with a questioning look. It was enough.

I folded my arms around his neck and pulled him into me, relishing the feel of his body pressed against my own. I moved my mouth to his and we kissed, furiously, deeply, our lips and tongues dancing, our hands gliding over each others bodies. His hands found the edge of my blouse and worked their way inside, sliding up my stomach to meet the warm, relenting flesh of my breasts. I moaned as his fingers found my nipples and we fell back against the passenger door, breathing hard. He sat up and began to unbuckle his jeans but I was suddenly overcome with nervousness and I pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently.

“Not here, not like this” I sat up and moved away from him, expecting him to protest. Instead, the silence grew chilling around us. After a moment, he started the engine of his car.

“You’re right.” He said with a cold resonance. “We shouldn’t be doing this. We could both get in trouble. I’m sorry, I don’t know why it just happened. Let’s just forget it.”

My world fell apart and numbly, I got out of the car, into my cold house and watched him drive away.

The next few days were the weekend and I spent the time shut up in my room, moping and generally feeling awful. How would I face him again in class? I felt my only option would be to quit the course and transfer to another university. When Monday came, I was dreading the lecture and almost didn’t go.

When I walked into the lecture theatre, Christian barely looked at me and I sat at the back of the room, with my eyes averted from the podium. Those two hours were the most saddest and loneliest of my life and I when I did look at Christian he seemed to look through me. At the end of the lecture, our usual group made to go to the café, but Christian said he couldn’t make it and wanted to discuss yakamoz s 245 izle something with me in private. Nobody seemed bothered, apart from me. As the last person left the room, closing the door behind them, my heart sank with the realisation that his next words would be that last he would speak to me.

“Sophie, you are infuriating. You have bought me nothing but grief since the moment I first came to this university.” He began to pace the floor.

“I’m sorry” was all I could mumble.

“You kept me up all night worrying about you after I ran you over, and now you keep me up all night again, but for an entirely different reason.”

I looked at him, pacing the room, and he paused and walked towards me.

“I’ve dreamt about fucking you for a very long time.” He stood right over me and moved his hands to my bottom, squeezing my buttocks and moving me closer to him. I inhaled sharply as I felt his huge cock grind into my leg as he pressed my body into his.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want me. I tried to kid myself that the other night was a mistake that you didn’t want to happen. But every time I look at you I can see that you want me.” I nodded mutely as he moved his hands up my body to my back and started to walk with me over to the supply room in the corner of the theatre. I shuffled backwards as he bought his lips down to my own and began to kiss me. Behind me, he opened the supply room door and together we stumbled inside, shutting the door behind us. It was dark and musty but it seemed that the very world had stopped for our union.

We fell into each others arms and tore each others clothing off. He kissed my neck, pulling my top over my head and throwing it behind him. My own hands trembled as I unbuttoned his shirt and he unfastened his belt. As we stripped down to our underwear, he grew impatient and pushed me back against an old desk, wrapping my legs around his body and sliding his hands under my bra. His hands were cold and made my nipples stiffen. I gasped with the shock of his hands on my naked flesh. He undid my bra and ravished my breasts with his mouth, his hot tongue lapping at my heaving chest. He worked one hand down the length of my body and cupped it over my slick pussy, then, carefully, he hooked one finger around the gusset of my knickers and pulled them down around my ankles.

I was now completely naked, but rather than reacting shyly to this new exposure, I thrust my body out to him, offering myself to him. My legs were splayed open and revealed my puffy, pink cunt, wet with wanting. Christian exhaled loudly and kissed my stomach, trailing a line down to my thighs. I closed my eyes in anticipation as his hot breath came against my pussy lips making me shudder, then, he dipped his head down and drank me in, kissing me and darting his tongue in and out until I felt like I was going to explode. I laid back on the desk, moaning and writhing, clutching the back of his head and burrowing him ever deeper into me, my pleasure mounting to a crescendo. I released my hold on his head and fell back, barely able to catch my breath. Christian stood up and slipped out of his boxers, regarding me with a sly look. His dick was much larger than I had expected, with a thick, pink shaft and a bulging head, oozing pre-cum. His left hand pumped the shaft up and down and he closed his eyes, holding his hand out to me.

“I want you to suck my cock” he commanded and so I climbed off the desk and knelt at his feet.

“All in good time” I teased as I stroked his cock lightly and gently licked it from top to bottom. He trembled when I did this and groaned loudly. I kept up my slow torture, rubbing his balls and kissing his dick until he moaned “Stop teasing me and put it in your mouth you little slut.”

I opened my mouth wide and he thrust his cock inside gently at first, then, when he found I could take it all the way in, his movements became faster, grabbing my hair and pulling me up and down his cock relentlessly. I sucked him hard and rubbed my tongue over the head of his beautiful cock until he gasped something and pulled away.

“What?” I asked innocently, rising to my feet.

“Get on the desk” he moaned hoarsely. He enveloped my body in his arms and lifted me onto the desk again. I drew him tighter to me, wrapped my legs around him and kissed him passionately. I could feel his cock push against my hot, juicy, cunt and I opened my legs wider. He thrust deep inside me and then again, so hard that I was rocked right back. It felt so good, to have his gorgeous cock slide inside me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came again. I pushed against him as he thrust again and again, his hands travelled down to my buttocks and forced himself deeper and deeper inside me until I cried out and lost myself in my most powerful orgasm yet, my eyes watering and my hips grinding against his. I felt a gush of wetness between my thighs and Christian gave three very fast, deep thrusts and fell against me, shuddering as I felt his hot semen spurt inside me.

For a delicious moment we were locked together, panting and sweating in the aftermath of our climaxes and when he withdrew from within me, and kissed my brow, I knew that this would be the start of many forbidden and thrilling encounters between me and my sexy lecturer.

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