Hollywood Nights

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Anne Linney’s nervousness almost overwhelmed her as she walked to Morris Taylor’s room at the Gramercy Hotel Los Angeles. This was her biggest interview to date, and she didn’t want to screw it up.

Anne had been working for “Hollywood Nights” for nearly two years. Her colleague/boss Ramiro Gomez, who created the online entertainment program, loved her Adelaide accent and kept on saying how much she resembled Nicole Kidman. Anne was a bit annoyed by the constant Kidman comparisons; she wanted people to know that she got to where she was by working her ass off, not because she resembled a famous fellow Aussie.

Ramiro hired Anne to interview the B-, C- and D-list celebrities, while he interviewed the superstars. However, the “Hollywood Nights” fans were also in love with Anne, and demanded that she join Ramiro in the big interviews. As Ramiro always said, “You’ve got to give the people what they want.”

Anne liked Ramiro, the handsome, muscular son of Spanish immigrants; she often fantasized about what it would be like to kiss him, to run his fingers through his long black hair, to have a baby or two with him. Yet Ramiro had a big mouth; if she slept with him, he’d eventually tell the wrong person about it, and then she’d be viewed not as a serious entertainment journalist, but as his fuck-buddy.

Even if she wanted to, Anne didn’t really have time to date Ramiro or anyone else; “Hollywood Nights” produced new episodes daily, and they both worked tirelessly to make the show the most successful online entertainment program in the United States. Apart from the occasional one-night stand, Anne only had time for boyfriends of the electronic variety.

Ramiro was already in the hotel room, setting up the hi-definition camera and lighting; he saved money by serving as his own crew on interviews. Anne loved Ramiro’s work ethic, his dedication to the show, his overall confidence. If I didn’t work for him, Anne thought, I’d love to go out with him.

Anne opened the door and greeted Ramiro and Morris with a smile. Ramiro was gorgeous as always; his blue suit and tie perfectly complemented his light-brown complexion. Morris was even hotter, Gaziantep Fetiş Escort his dark, toned body covered by a black leather vest, black shirt and black leather pants. Sadly, he was wearing his trademark silver and black sunglasses; Anne wanted to see his brown eyes up close.

Anne clipped a mic to her light-purple sundress and brushed back her long, strawberry-blonde hair. Ramiro started recording, and for the next twenty minutes they asked Morris about his latest album, “Sex Castle,” growing up in Atlanta, the controversy over his sexually charged lyrics, and his expensive divorce from his former wife Trina. Morris wasn’t thrilled by the question about his wife, but he was courteous and gentlemanly all the way through.

As the interview wound to a close, Anne told Morris that she saw him in concert in Adelaide during his “Panties Off” tour five years ago, and thought it was the best show she had ever attended. Morris responded with a huge smile and a humble, “Thank you.”

After the interview ended, Ramiro reached over to stop the camera-and Morris quickly removed his glasses. Anne winked as she looked into his dark chocolate eyes.

“Hey, girl, glad you enjoyed that show…I fucking love your country. Man, I fucking wish I was Australian. Your country is so beautiful…and the women are so fucking freaky!”

Anne blushed.

“Naw, seriously…I get so much pussy when I’m Down Under…I gotta get security to pry ’em off my dick, man!”

Anne put her pale hands over her face in embarrassment. Ramiro looked at her and smiled.

“And if you don’t mind me sayin’, you as hot as any of the girls I was with. Hey, girl, do me a favor-can you stand up and turn around?”


“I gotta take a look at that ass.”

“What? I’m a journalist!”

“You a journalist with a great ass. Come on!”

With only a little bit of reluctance, Anne stood up and turned around.

“Damn!” Morris yelled. “Love a white girl with a black girl’s ass.”

Anne and Ramiro burst out laughing.

“Anyone tell you you look like Nicole Kidman?”

“All the time,” Anne replied, sitting back down.

“Yeah. You remind me of the first time I saw Nicole Kidman. It was that movie she did with Tom Cruise.”

“‘Eyes Wide Shut?'”

“Naw, naw, it was a race car movie.”

“Oh, ‘Days of Thunder,'” Ramiro responded. “I thought she was so hot in that movie.”

“You too?” yelled Morris. “That was the first girl I had a crush on!”

“Same here!” Ramiro replied, as the two men stood up to tap fists.

“Yeah, well…you actually hotter than Nicole Kidman, man.”

“Thank you,” Anne replied.

“Ah, man, say that again. I love how you say that with your accent.”

Anne blushed again. “Thank you.”

“Ah, man.” Morris turned to Ramiro. “Hey, Papi, real talk now. You ever fuck her?”

Anne and Ramiro were both shocked. Ramiro stuttered. “You-you mean Anne?”

“Yeah! You ever fuck her?”

“Uh, uh, no.”

“But you want to, right? I saw how you look at her. You wanna fuck her, right?”

Ramiro didn’t really know how to react. “Well, uh, she is quite beautiful, and…”

“Ramiro!” Anne whispered, raising an eyebrow.

“Which means you wanna fuck her,” Morris replied. “When I say a girl is beautiful, that means I wanna fuck her.”

“Oh, shit,” Ramiro replied.

“See, man!” exclaimed Morris, clapping his hands. “I knew, I knew!”

Ramiro cleared his throat. “Well, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” replied Morris.

“Do you wanna fuck her?”

Morris looked directly into Anne’s sea-blue eyes. “Well, she is beautiful…”

Anne was stunned silent. She glanced quickly at their crotches and noticed both men were both fully erect.

“Anne,” Morris whispered.


“Now, you know I’m not into any of that no-means-yes non-consent shit, right? And I know my boy right here isn’t into any of that stuff either…so I gotta ask you…we both wanna fuck you…you wanna fuck us?”

Anne thought about running out of the hotel room, away from these gorgeous and very horny men, thus keeping her journalistic integrity intact.

Then, she thought: Oh, what the hell?

She stood up. “Come here, boys,” she cooed.

Morris and Ramiro sped towards her. With a lusty smile, Anne kissed both men and gripped their hard-ons. All three quickly stripped off their clothes and climbed onto the bed for a night of frenzied, frantic sex. Morris and Ramiro kissed every square inch of Anne’s pale, nude, freckled body, licking her creamy breasts and hairy pussy, caressing her flowing, silky, strawberry-blonde hair, kissing her long ivory neck and soft beautiful shoulders.

It wasn’t long before Anne was DP’ed for the very first time, Morris’s shiny black cock sliding in and out of her pussy, Ramiro’s thick Spanish cock pleasing her virgin asshole. Anne screamed so loudly that she thought her voice would never recover. She reached back and forth to kiss her African-American and Latino lovers as they thrust away at her lovely Australian body. As they pounded her pussy and ass, Anne smiled at a very naughty thought: this was a delicious sex sandwich, with her as the white mayo spread between spicy jalapeño pepper and juicy black beef.

Anne came first, with a roaring, lust-filled orgasm. Ramiro came second, blowing his hot Latin load into her asshole. Then, Morris, this black stud superstar, exploded into her, coating her cunt with his cum.

Both men soon passed out from exhaustion. At about 1:00am, Anne limped into the bedroom, still sore from the intense three-way love-making session. She looked at her nude body in the mirror and smiled. When she moved from Adelaide to LA, she thought about what it would be like to have a wider array of dating options. Who would have thought that she’d enjoy so much diversity all at once?

Anne wasn’t worried about getting pregnant-her good friend Mr. Pill would take care of that-but she was worried about word of the three-way tryst getting out and possibly destroying “Hollywood Nights.” Morris promised to keep things discreet, and in exchange, Anne and Ramiro agreed to always give Morris favorable coverage on their show.

A year later, Anne and Ramiro got married, and nine months after the wedding, Anne gave birth to a baby daughter they named Alison. On the day Alison was born, Ramiro received a text from Morris. “Congrats!” he wrote. “You married an Aussie chick who’s hotter than Nicole Kidman, and now you have a kid, man! :)”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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