Homecoming Queen

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This story was originally published elsewhere.

Trixie watched as the sun dipped behind the horizon. The pink glow in the sky promised of a better day tomorrow. Well, it could hardly be much worse, she thought. Five years ago she had been on this very bus, even the same driver if she remembered. Escaping this god forsaken backwater to find a life for herself. There had to be more than the repetitive days of small town living. She couldn’t say she hadn’t discovered more. Her horizons were certainly broader, but very little of it was an experience she every want to repeat. Although some moments had been interesting.

Broke and with little avenue out, she had to go cap in hand back to her Mom. Returning home had always been an option, but not one she ever particularly wanted to resort to. Consoling herself that it wouldn’t be forever, maybe a few weeks, tops. She was more worldly wise now. The big city lights had certainly knocked the innocent little girl out of her. Next time, she would be prepared. Happy with her internal negotiations, she accepted the boredom of the next few weeks as a stopgap, after nothing ever happened here. She could probably guess what every single resident had done today, and tomorrow, and probably for the rest of the time, she was there. The monotony of it sent a shiver down her spine.

It was only just 9pm when the bus pulled at the terminal. With her rucksack in hand, Trixie stepped off the bus with a resigned sigh. Ignoring the bus doors closing behind her, she looked around the small square in front of her. Damn! She was sure those same flowers were there when she left–does nothing happen in this place? Across the road lay the roads to home. It wasn’t a long walk, but already Trixie could feel an ominous weight in her feet at the thought of having to walk those few yards.

A light flickered to break her attention, Harry’s Bar. Yep, that ole neon light had never been fixed. In all her years living in this town, she had never figured out who Harry was, or how that place stayed open. No-one ever seemed to spend a large amount of time, or probably money, in that place. In fact, the greatest attraction had been it had the only pool table in the town. It had also employed two of her ex-boyfriends, Craig and Jamie, at different times, of course. So, she had spent a quite a bit of time in there, and quite a few hours on the pool table she remembered, grinning to herself, but she had never spent one dime. What’s the point of having a boyfriend behind the bar if you have to pay for your drinks?

Harry’s Bar seemed suddenly inviting, if only because it wasn’t going home and that absolute acceptance of failure, not to mention her Mom fussing over her as if she’d been in a car wreck.

The door creaked open in the same way it always did, and the smell of pine and beer flooded over her as she walked through. Truly NOTHING changes. Good to see the pool table still there. I wonder if anyone else ever used it in that way. Empty as every, not even anyone behind the bar. Maybe this had been a bad idea after all. Walking over to the pool table, Trixie caressed the velvet, her finger tips dancing across, her mind drifted back to those nights. Closing her eyes, she fancied she might feel a damp patch on the material. Maybe from her last night here–it got rather intense. Letting her hands wander to edge of the table, wondering for a moment if her panties might still be in that pocket, she let two fingers slide in. Nothing. Obviously, they clean this place more often than she gave them credit for.

‘No, we cleaned that out ages ago. Although I kept them for a while.’ Craig emerged from the shadows grinning at her. ‘Trixie Malloy, as I live and breathe, I thought you’d left all us stay at homes behind in your dust when you went in search of fame and fortune.’

‘Craig, why on earth are you still working here?’

His smile lit up the shadows as it did all those years ago. ‘Oh, I don’t just work here anymore, I own it now.’ His muscular chest seemed to expand a couple of inches, stretching his shirt with pride.

‘Why?’ her shock was clear in her voice.

‘Why not? It pays the bills, I got it for a steal. And let’s face it, Trixie, there is not a whole load of jobs round these parts from someone with my qualifications.’ He adjusted his waistband, Trixie wasn’t sure if he did that your of habit or to emphasise the bulge in his pants when he mentioned qualifications.

Oh, that bulge. Her eyes gravitated towards it. He was most definitely hard under those finely tailored trousers.

Still got it! She congratulated herself, proud of the effect she could still have on him so quickly after all this time. The memories of the hard cock and how good it felt. She felt her body respond, a single drip of warm excitement dripped down her thigh as she held a gentle moan back.

‘Well, the truth is we both own it.’ The unmistakeably resonant voice of Jamie made her hot spots leap to life.

Jesus, bahis şirketleri this is all she needed. Both ex’s in the bar at once, this might get a little messy, neither were known for their calm temperament, and if Craig was aroused as his bulge suggested he wouldn’t want any company, and to be frank nor did Trixie, it had been a while since she felt any intense pleasure and the sight of Craigs cock, bulging inside his pants was too tempting to resist, she could already taste him on her lips.

‘Good to see you, Trixie. It’s been a long time. How’s it going?’ Walking past her towards the bar, his confident stride unchanged by the years. ‘Would you like a drink? None of those fancy cocktails you’re probably used to. We do still have Chardonnay if that’s still your drink of choice.’

‘Thanks, just a glass of Chardonnay would be excellent.’ At last a drink, she needed it to calm her nerves, unsure where this conversation would end up. Both men and asked her not to go, but she had anyway and since that night she hadn’t had contact with either of them.

As Jaimie passed Craig, his hand dropped, squeezing Craig’s bulge through his pants.

Oh my God! They’re together! The briefest sight of that touch sent her desires into overdrive. Suddenly her core was aching like never before. The heat that a few seconds ago was a warm glow was now positively a furnace. Trixie heard herself moan loudly.

‘Oh Jaimie, looks like Trixie is a little kinkier than we thought.’ Craig announced with a devilish grin.

Jaimie smiled from behind the bar. The blush of embarrassment flooded over Trixie’s body. She was still trying to come to terms with her newfound desire, and this was not helping one bit.

Jaimie moved round the bar to give Trixie her drink. Turning to return, he paused by Craig. Putting his hand down, he gave that impressive bulge a very theatric squeeze, rubbing his hand up and down Craig’s shaft. ‘Does that turn you on Trixie?’ Jaimie smiled, his hand staying just where it was.

Having just taken a large sip of wine, Trixie swallowed it quickly. She couldn’t deny the sensations that were running riot over her body. Every nerve felt as if it had electricity pulsing through it. And she was damned sure she could hear the throbbing in her pussy vibrating in her ears.

‘Maybe us small town boys can still show a girl from the big city a thing or two.’ Craig’s teeth flashed a brilliant white as he grinned in that way that showed things were about to get a whole lot more interesting. ‘Nice to see your nipples still let us know when we’re doing it right.’

Suddenly very self aware, Trixie moved her arm over her breasts. God, she could feel every breath moving through her body as the lace of her bra caressed her nipples. Knowing that they had seen just how erect they were turned her on even more. She could feel the throbbing, thumping inside of her, her sex urgently required satisfaction, but right now she wasn’t sure if they were just teasing her, perhaps revenge for leaving them both behind.

Jaimie’s hand slid the zipper on Craig’s pants down, sliding his hand inside. Memories flooded through Trixie’s mind as he wrestled with Craig’s well sized erection, only just managing to release it from his pants. Watching Trixie’s face as he rubbed his thumb firmly over the tip of Craig’s cock, her attempts to hide her arousal betrayed by her mouth releasing gentle moans and the caress of her tongue across her lips. God, how she could remember how good that tasted.

‘Oh, I do think someone likes our little show, Craig. Maybe it’s time to warm things up a bit.’ Jamie strolled to the door, locking it and then returned past Trixie, taking a moment to take a large sip of her wine. Leaning over the bar, he grabbed a small packet from behind it and then returned to Craig’s unattended erection.

Without a word, Jaimie sank to his knees. Quickly guiding Craig’s throbbing cock between his lips as his tongue moved around him. The ice cold Chardonnay intensifying the throbbing in Craig’s erection. Sliding his lips down Craig’s pulsing shaft, his tongue circling every inch as he moved lower, a gentle hum along his lips intensifying every sensation. As he felt Craig touch the back of his throat, he slid back up, pressing his tongue along the underside of his erection, dragging the edge of his teeth along his shaft. Then stopping at that spot, the man’s clitoris, most people didn’t even know a man had a clitoris, but Jaimie took a pride in knowing both men and women’s most intense hot spots. Opening the packet of ‘Pop Rocks’, he quickly emptied a large portion into his mouth as he slid back down Craig’s manhood, his tongue working overtime as the candy caused little explosions all the way along Craig’s shaft. Beneath the candy and the wine, he could already taste the first hints of pre-cum. Sliding a hand between Craig’s thighs, he massaged that spot half between his balls and ass, that spot he know would drive him bahis firmaları to the edge.

Craig forced his eyes closed. He wanted to intensify the sensation, and having Trixie watch was making it so much hotter. The candy exploding along his shaft made every nerve tingle in his cock. God, he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. He could already feel the swell of come moving up his shaft. Pushing his fingers through Jaimie’s dark hair, trying to steady himself, he could feel his legs trembling, about to give out. Then that finger pushing hard against his spot, forcing his cock to grow even harder, massaging him. When it slid into his ass he couldn’t hold back, exploding in Jaimie’s mouth with such an intense power he felt he might faint.

Trixie could feel every move of Jaimie’s head. She had felt it a thousand times before. There were mornings, months after having left, that she’d awaken sure his head was between her thighs. Craig might have been well endowed, but Jesus did Jaimie know how to use what he had. Going down and finger play were a speciality of his, and he knew how damned good he was at it. He was the most sensuous man she had ever met. Many times he had her desperate just to feel his tongue, his fingers touch her. Trixie felt the pleasure in Craig’s face. She knew the uncontrollable sensations Jaimie could create with one flick of his tongue, and the way his fingers could touch you, find spots you didn’t know were that intense. He could always give Trixie the most intense orgasms with in a few seconds. The mixture of his tongue and fingers was a lethal cocktail of orgasmic pleasure. Jesus, how could she feel this so deep in her sex, on her clit? She was just watching for Chrissakes. Watching Craig’s face, listening to his deep guttural moans, knowing he was almost about to come, she could feel an orgasm already beginning to burn in her. Without thinking, her fingers had moved between her thighs, rubbing herself through the material of her skirt. God, she was so wet, she could feel it through her skirt. Damn, her clit throbbed as his head moved. As Craig staggered, his orgasm overpowering him, Trixie felt her own orgasm explode. Her dampness moved down her thighs as the lips to her passion clutched, hungry for something more.

Craig steadied himself against the bar with one hand as Jaimie stood up, his still hard cock obviously trembling from his orgasm. For some reason Trixie couldn’t take her eyes off the white cream of Craigs satisfaction dripped down his chin as he walked towards her. Leaning in next to her ear, he whispered ‘I call this a Triple C.’ Kissing her deeply, tasting the warmth of Craigs come in his mouth, the taste intensified by the sweet Chardonnay still on his tongue. God, could he kiss? She’d forgotten just how good he was at kissing. His fingers moving forcibly through her hair, turning her head to inside as he kissed her neck, the edge of his teeth teasing that soft flesh that never failed but to turn Trixie on. ‘Thats Chardonnay and come, in case you were wondering,’ he whispered as his wicked tongue moved up and down her neck, send tremors right through to her clit. The waves of her last orgasm still flooding over Trixie. She could feel them building again. Jesus, just his caress was orgasmic. Curiosity overpowering any good sense she had left, she whispered, ‘what’s the third C for?’

‘So glad you asked.’ he replied, a devilish grin on his face, his normally blue eyes going a shade of green. Without warning, he lifted her skirt and pushed two fingers along the side of her panties, thrusting deep inside her sex, the heel of his palm rocking against her clit as he massaged along the length of her wall.

‘FUCK!’ she cried, unable to control the orgasm that exploded deep within her. Her knees buckled from the intensity. Damn, how did he find that spot so easily? Catching her as she stumbled, he leaned her back against the pool table. Her pulse thundering through her body as gasped for breath. How, just how? We turned away from her on a heel, grabbed the ice bucket from the bar and then turned back again. Suddenly his body was over her. She could feel his breath against her lips. God, his lips. Promising nothing but endless, sensuous pleasure.

Between the most passionate, arousing kisses Trixie could remember, he whispered, ‘Come again, of course.’ Pushing her back so she could do nothing but lie on the pool table. Being across the width, her head and shoulders dropped over the far side, her arms spread along the woodwork on the side, her fingers grasped the edge of the pockets. He kissed down the V of her shirt, unbuttoning her shirt as he moved down. His lips lingering between her breasts, caressing the curves. Trixie knew well that she was not overly endowed in the breast department, but Jaimie had always preferred that, saying it made them more sensitive, and right now they were burning with sensitivity. Every kiss made her ache even to feel him inside her again.

‘Craig,’ kaçak bahis siteleri he called gently, ‘I think Trixie might like a reminder of how it feels to have your impressive cock in her mouth.’

Before Trixie knew it, Craig was standing over her. His cock still throbbing, although more gently now as he eased is between her lips. Gently he pushed his semi cock in to her mouth, her lips hungrily tasting the come that still dribbled from its tip. Even semi hard, her lips were tight around him. Easing in and out of her mouth, he swelled. Getting firmer with every movement. Pushing further into her throat. Her tongue explored every inch of that beautiful shaft, tasting his deliciously silken skin as he slid it into her welcoming mouth faster and faster.

Jaimie undid her last button, kissing over her stomach. Over the spot just below her navel, so sensuously it might be noticed. But deep inside Trixie, it created an ache akin to his fingers massaging inside of her. As if his lips were caressing the very walls of her sex. Taking two cubes of ice out of the ice bucket, he massaged them to smooth of the hard edges, Creating a something very similar to an ice cone shape with each one.

As he slid one into her ass, the cold intrusion forcing her to lift her legs and push on the edge of the table. The slow melting sensation causing the hot throbbing in her sex to grow, the muscles around her lips tensing and releasing, hungry to feel a cock deep inside. Either would do–she just needed to feel it so bad.

Sliding the other ice cone into his mouth, Jaimie slid his head between Trixie’s thighs, his mouth sucking at the lips of her desire. The ice cone melting on his tongue, her back arched as she felt the ice cold drips between her lips, between the heat of his tongue and the heat of her desire. Sucking her lips harder, the cold somehow making her burn inside. His tongue caressed around her lips, teasing at the bottom of them, causing her thighs to tense in preparation. Moving up slowly, hinting at pushing deep inside of her, she felt the first drops of ice water against her clit. The clutching in her body overpowered any resistance she had left. Craig’s cock in her mouth stifled a moan as she felt the orgasm rising.

Craig’s mouth moved over her sex, pushing the ice firmly inside of her. The shock of cold caused her body to explode in pleasure, the waves of her orgasm exploding up and down her body. Jaimie took the rest of the packet of pop rocks and quickly dropped it on his tongue, pushing it deep inside her. The orgasm intensified as she felt the candy popping inside of her, thousands of little explosions in her sex as Jaimie pushed his tongue deeper. Sucking her clit between his teeth in the most salacious way, another orgasm flooded over her body. Writhing in uncontrolled pleasure, Craig held her shoulders still as he pushed into her throat. Struggling to catch a breath, Trixie gasped along his hardening cock.

Craig released her shoulders, his cock sliding out of her mouth. Finally, given access to air, Trixie gasped heavily. Jaimie stood between her thighs, mercilessly thrusting his hard cock into her. His hands grasped her thighs as he pulled her back onto him. Looking up into his eyes, full of passion, full of desire, she wrapped her legs around his waist. Stopping his motion, for a moment, Trixie was surprised to feel hands on her ankles, pulling her legs away from Jaimie. For a moment, she wondered what might happen next.

Craig fingered Jaimie’s ass in preparation, sliding two fingers deep inside. Moaning in response, Jaimie could feel his cock trembling in Trixie’s welcoming pussy. The first thrust of Craig’s cock was always the hardest, stretching Jaimie’s muscles again. With Craig inside, his thrust gaining momentum, Jaimie pushed thrust into Trixie again. The intensity of the thrust from both men was incredible, like being fucked by a jackhammer. Their hands on her thighs, on her ankles, pulling her onto Jaimie’s throbbing cock, she screamed in pleasure; he was so deep inside of her, her lips stretched around him, sucking at him, urging him to release his satisfaction. Slapping her clit with every thrust, that stinging pleasure sending shock waves up and down her body. Opening her eyes, both men looking back at her. The severity of their gaze showed how close they were. Craig thrust hard into Jaimie, exploding with delicious come, causing Jaimie to thrust as hard as he could into Trixie, both exploding in rapturous delight. Her pussy ached as the orgasm launched through her with an intensity so new, so different.

As the men pulled themselves out, Trixie lay on the pool table exhausted. Spent. Sated.

Always the first to speak, Craig gasped, ‘so Trixie, how long are you around for?’

She slid off the pool table, stumbling as her legs gave way completely as they helped her onto a corner seat. Her heart racing so fast she felt it might explode, it took a Trixie a couple of minutes to speak. ‘A lot longer than I originally planned,’ her voice reduced to a whimper. Both men sat on either side of her as she quietly relaxed, her hands dropped without thinking into their laps. Her fingers caressing their softening cocks.

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