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The divorce was final and I was out on my ass – no job, no house, no nothing. I was broke and homeless. I had walked until I wore my madness off. When I finally got hold of myself I was in a part of town where I had never been before. I walked over to the park that was located just across the street. It was a small woodsy type of park. I saw several people setting on the benches and a few others were strolling about. I slumped to the ground beneath a large tree. I don’t know how long I sat there with my head resting upon my knees. To be short about it, I was at my wits end and had no idea what to do or where to go.

I became aware that another person had sat down next to me only when they spoke.

“Hi…may I share your tree?” asked a soft voice.

I looked up to see an extremely good-looking young man smiling at me. “Don’t care….” I mumbled.

“Hi, my name is Don,” spoke the young man as he seated himself next to me.

“Mine’s Bob,” I replied, somewhat lackluster.

Although I did not want company or to talk, Don’s pleasant nature and soft voice soon had me spilling my tail of woe to him. By the time I had finished we were both comfortable with each other. Don lived close and he invited me home with him for some lunch. Having not ate all day, I readily accepted.

When we arrived at Don’s house he fixed each of us a couple sandwiches. After we had finished our sandwiches he offered me the use of his shower. Being hot and sweaty, that too, I readily accepted.

When I got out of the shower my clothes were gone and in their place was a short robe. About that time Don stuck his head in the door and informed me he had put my clothes in the washer and that I could wear the robe till my clothes were clean and dry. I thanked him and put on the robe, but not before he got a good look at my semi-hard cock (I always seem to get hard in the shower). I thought he stared a little long at my meat but I really did not think much about it at the time.

Don took me into the den and seated me on a large couch. He gave me a cold beer and told me he was going to grab a quick shower. He then asked if I wanted to watch a “hot” movie.

I replied, “Why not!”

Don then put in what I thought was a hot “fuck” movie. The first part was. It had two large dicked guys pumping it to a big titted bitch. They had her laying on a coffee table and one was fucking her pussy with his 10″ cock while the other one was ramming his 9+ inches in her mouth and throat. They took turns about and soon shot cum all over her face and pussy. Then a third man entered and grabbed the bitch and he started fucking her sloppy pussy.

To my surprise the two men with the big cocks started kissing each other and playing with each other’s cocks. I looked around to tell Don I was not crazy about watching m2m sex. But Don was in the shower so I just turned back and started watching the two big cocked studs go at it.

Here I got another surprise. My cock, which was rock hard from watching the bitch get fucked, jumped even harder as I watched one of the men start sucking the other one’s cock. I could not believe it I was being turned on by men sucking cocks.

Not aware Don had returned to the room, I almost jumped out of my robe when Don spoke from behind me, “Those dudes sure know how to suck cock, don’t they?”

Looking around I saw he was in a robe just like mine, but his cock was making the front of his robe stand out like a tent. Don walked over and sat down beside me. He rubbed his big cock through his robe and looked at my robe. I did not realize it but my naked cock was poking out the front of my robe.

“Damn…look at that!” Don exclaimed, “They are jacking each other off….makes me want to jack off too. How about you Bob?”

As I watched Don start to rub his cock, which was now exposed, I realized my own 7″ cock was exposed and leaking pre-cum like Don’s 8+ incher. The sight of Don’s cock was strangely making me even hotter. I who had never saw izmir escort another man’s hard cock before, was now staring at his drooling cock as I unconsciously started stroking my own.

All I could do was stammer, “…er..y..yes…”

We both slipped out of our robes and sat back down. When Don sat down next to me his naked leg and hip came in contact with mine. I started to move over but did not. The touch of another naked man’s skin touching mine caused me to tingle all over with unexplained excitement. Even more strangely was that I could not keep my eyes off his hard cock. I didn’t realize it but I had stopped stroking and was watching him slowly stroke his cum leaking cock. His pre-cum was running out the piss slit on his cock head and down the sides of his cock giving his cock a shinny luster.

The next thing that happen almost made me drop my load right then. Don reached over and took hold of my cock. For the first time in my life another man had hold of my cock. The touch of his hand on my cock sent afore unknown erotic fire racing through me.

All I could do was layback and moan as Don tightly held my throbbing cock and slowly started stroking it.

“Oh FUCK!! That feels so fucking hot. I have never felt anything like this….” I gasped over and over.

“It does feel good…doesn’t it…want to touch mine… ” Don asked in that low soft voice of his.

“Yesssss…sooo good!” I stammered, answering about how good it felt. The part about touching his cock had not registered on my sex enflamed mind.

Don must have thought I meant yes to both questions because he took one of my hands and placed it on his rock hard, cum slick man meat.

I was speechless…I could not believe it; a man was not only hand fucking my cock, but had just put MY hand on his cock. My first impulse was to jerk my hand away, but realizing how good he was making me feel I decided that just holding his cock would not hurt anything. Besides, there was no one here to see me, ‘Ole Straight 8 Bob, setting here naked and holding on to a man’s hard cock. “What the fuck,” I thought, “Holding his cock is not going to make me gay or hurt me.”

It sure didn’t hurt – it felt damn good! I could not believe the strange new erotic feelings that I was experiencing by just holding on to Don’s cock. It felt so hot, so hard and so fucking wonderful. I loved the way his cock felt in my hand as I started stroking the first cock ever I had ever touched besides mine.

“OH! Damn, Bob,” exclaimed Don, “That feels so fucking good! OH YES! Stroke it, ohhh yessss!”

Don’s passionate urgings served to excite me even more. I just couldn’t believe the sensuous feelings I was experiencing from playing with another man’s cock. Here I was in broad daylight naked with another naked man I had only known a few hours. What’s more I was boldly thrusting my hard cock at him as I ecstatically stroked his hard cock.

Between watching the hot cock sucking on the TV and Don playing with my love pole and me stroking his, I was at a new wonderful sexual high I had never known before. But, as wonderful as hand fucking Don’s cock was, Don was about to carry me a step higher.

Lost in my new world, I was laid back on the couch with my hips pushed forward to give Don plenty of stroking room as I explored his cock with my hand, I suddenly felt something that almost made me shoot my load right there.

Don had sliped to the floor and replaced his hand with his hot mouth.

“Ohhh…fuck…ohhh…yesss…” was all I could moan as for the first time I felt a man’s hot mouth on my cock. “Oh fuck Don! That feels soooo gooood!”

But in slipping to the floor Don had pulled my hand off his cock – I wanted it back! But, try as I may, there was no way I could reach his cock. Realizing what I was trying to do, Don took one of my hands and placed it on one of his hard nipples. I love playing with nipples although the only nipples I had ever played alsancak escort with had been on women, Don’s nipples seemed even to be larger and more sensitive causing him to moan around my cock.

“Umm, ysssss, ohhhhh,” he moaned as his head bobbed up and down on my cock.

I knew I was about to cum, so even as much as I was enjoying playing with Don’s sensitive nipples, I wanted to feel his cock in my hand and bring him off too.

“Ohhh, Don! Your cock…let me have your cock…PLEASE!” I begged.

It was here Don made his seduction complete. Realizing that I was about to cum and that once I had cum, my level of sexuality acceptability would taper off rapidly, Don made his next move.

Letting my about to cum cock slip out of his mouth Don slowly stood up. I was still leaning forward holding on to his hard nipples and as Don raised up I continued to pinch his nipples.

Because Don had learned (I told him by deed and words) I loved playing with his nipples, Don cunningly started to moan with ecstasy as he raised up, “Ohhh so goood! Don’t let go…pinch them hard! Yesssss…”

Not only because I liked playing with his hot nipples, but because I knew it was bringing him pleasure, I stayed leaning forward and tightly holding on to his nipples as I twisted them. However (as Don knew it would), when Don was completely standing this brought his rock hard cock just inches from my face.

I had never saw any cock up this close before, much less a hard one with pre-cum leaking out its slit. The only word I can use is, mesmerized. His lovely cock that had thrilled me so when I first held it, and had begged to hold again, was now poised just inches away from my mouth. I was completely taken with the beauty of it. It was over eight inches long with a beautiful ‘helmet’ shaped head setting on top and glistening with pre-cum.

I don’t know what come over me, but all of a sudden the desire to kiss this lovely piece of man meat over whelmed me. Without even thinking about it I leaned the few inches forward, and for the first time, kissed a man’s cock. Kissing Don’s cock was electrifying! Sexual hormones I never knew I had came alive flooding me with new desires I did not understand and never thought possible.

For with the touch of my lips on his beautiful cock, the door slammed shut on my old life and a whole new sensuous world opened up to me – the wonderful world of cock loving – cock sucking. All I could think of was kissing, licking and rubbing his cock all over my face. It was hot, hard and soft all at the same time. I had never felt any thing as incredible as Don’s cock.

The next step was a given – I slipped my mouth over Don’s hot love pole and gladly gave up my virginity to his beautiful cock. My mouth took on a life of its own, a life dedicated to sucking Don’s cock. I wanted him to fuck my face with his cock more than I had ever wanted anything.

“Ohhhh…Fuck YES! Suck it baby…suck that meat,” groaned Don as I explored his cock with my mouth and tongue. I tightly held his cock with my lips as I pulled up till I reached his oozing cock head and licked the underside of his cock head as I fucked my mouth back and forth on the head.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I kissed it and rubbed cock wetness all over my face. With his cock barely touching my lips I looked him in his eyes and asked, “I have never done this before…am I doing it right?”

“Right? Man you suck cock like a pro…yesss” he moaned as I impaled my self on his cock. “That a boy! You can do it…you can take it all. YEA!!! What a natural born cock sucker…suck it…yea,” Each time I pulled up and went back down on his cock I took a little bit more cock in my mouth and throat.

Don grabbed my head with his hands and with one larger lunge pushed his cock past my gag point. I guess the angle of my throat combined with the sexual fire that raced through my body allowed his love pole to slide into my virgin buca escort throat. After about three or four pumps in and out of my willing throat Don busted my deep-throating cheery and plunged completely in till my nose was buried in his public hair.

“OH FUCK!! What a cocksucker…ohhh baby you got it all,” he moaned as he began fucking my face in earnest. Man all I could do was hold on to his ass cheeks as he gave me a face fucking I will never forget.

There are no words to explain the sexual rush his cock was giving me as my mind urged him to, “Fuck my face harder…oh fuck… feed that meat to me…I love it. FUCK MY FACE NOW!!! Let me have that COCK!!!”

Don alternated between short strokes to stimulate his cock head and burying his whole cock deep into my no longer virgin throat. It was as if he could hear my mind scream for more cock. And more cock I got. My one well fucked pussy-face was about to get another first. I was about to receive my first load of hot man juice. As he fucked my face I could feel the veins swelling and his cock head getting plumper. I knew my throat was about to get its first load of cum.

A moment of wonderment passed through me. Here I was in broad daylight impaled on the cock of a man I had only met a few hours ago. What’s more, I was turned on like I had never been turned on before. I was in a sexual utopian world I never knew existed. To swallow or not to swallow Don’s cum was not even a question. I greedily wanted him to make the taking of my mouth cheery complete. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his man juice – his love cum.

And fill my mouth he did. His first shot was so forceful that it almost pushed me off his erupting cock. His cum was hot and sort of sweet like a tangy tangerine. It was love at first taste!

“Ohhh fuckkk…take it all you beautiful cock sucker…drain me…Oh fuck what a hot mouth…eat it…eat it allll,” Don screamed over and over as he rammed his cock into my mouth with a passion that urged me to heights unknown. He had called me a cock sucker and I knew indeed I was a most hungry cock sucker.

As he fed me his man treasure, I sucked and slurped like a starving man – and I was a starving man – starving for Don’s load of man nectar. In just a short time I had awakened to the world of cock sucking and cum. Yes, I had turned into a cum glutton and could not get enough of Don’s juice. I licked and drained his cock till there was no more cum and he pulled his cock from my cock hungry mouth.

Don quickly went to his knees and in one swoop swallowed my cum wet cock. His mouth was hotter than my wife’s dead pussy had ever been. Man Don knew what my cock wanted! It wanted to be fulfilled like it never had, it wanted a man’s hot mouth. I wished that feeling would last forever, but I was so hot that in just a few minutes my cock yielded its first ever load of cum to a man’s mouth.

In record time Don had empted my long pent up load of cum and I was satisfied as I had never been. “Ohhh soooo goood…oh fuck drain me, drain me drain my balls pleaseee… ohhhh… YES!!!” I screamed as I thrust my spewing cock towards Don’s hot cock draining mouth.

“Whew…man what a load…you are sure one hot cock sucker,” Don sighed as he let go of my spent cock. Than as he stood up he pulled me to my feet and put his arms around me and pressed our naked bodies tight together. “You sure you have never sucked a cock before? You sure sucked and ate cum like a natural. Boy your mouth pussy is second to no one.”

Because I had enjoyed sucking my first cock, Don’s praise thrilled me. Grinding my cock into his now hardening cock, “That was my first time – but not my last…” I whispered as I tried to slide down and suck his now hard cock.

“In due time you little cock lover…in due time…” whispered Don as he gave me my very first man kiss. As we opened mouth tongue fucked, our bodies entwined together as one. Then Don asked, “Want to stay?”

In answer my cock throbbed against him as I murmured, “Yes!”

Then taking hold of my cock Don smiled and said, “Lets go up stairs…we have just begun.”

Upstairs my newly discovered world of man sex would expand and carry me to erotic ecstasies afore unknown. I was about to discover the meaning of the words, “Thoroughly fucked!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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