Homespun Happiness Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Gracie’s Surprise

I apologize to the readers of these episodes. It is such a permanent and old thing, but my family is “old money”, as in millions and millions. My grandfather started out in this country as a pharmacist in a rather small neighborhood drugstore way back when he first arrived here. When his boss died he learned that he had inherited the business. To make a long story short, my great grand father built that one run-down drug store into a nationwide chain of discount pharmacies. My grandfather took over years ago and added much more wealth to the family fortune.

Gracie was an only child, so when she became of age and grandpa found that she wanted nothing to do with the business, he reluctantly accepted an offer to sell that had been on the table for a long time. Millions and millions of dollars were involved, and my grandfather ear-marked sufficient funds for he and grandma to retire on very comfortably, and set up a trust fund for Gracie and her heirs. Gracie got married, had me, and learned what everybody had been telling her was true. My Dad didn’t marry Gracie, he thought he married money. Rich people have lawyers, and it turned out that her gold-digging husband was put out to pasture with a paltry half-million bucks for relocation expenses.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, when Dianne and I returned from our very unusual and extremely exciting visit home, we had to tell our other best friend all about everything we did in explicit detail. Paris never came up, and we didn’t realize it for a while, but Leslie who had no living mother was jealous and hurt. You really can’t blame her, and of course I told Gracie all about it and asked her what I should do about it. Without hesitation, she told me to stop worrying about it and concentrate on my school work. She sounds just like a parent some times. I was still concerned, but Gracie always had a solution to all of my problems.

That Thursday when Dianne was over at our room Leslie informed us that she had made plans for the weekend, but she was not at liberty to discuss them with anyone. Dianne and I both pouted openly, but when we saw the change in Leslie’s attitude from gloomy to total sunshine we accepted the news gladly.

Friday afternoon after her last class Leslie hailed a taxi and went to the nicest hotel in the small college town. She took the elevator to the top floor where the luxury suites were. She stopped in front of suite 1704 and pushed the buzzer.

“You’ve got to be Leslie, and I am going to have to scold Allison when I see her again. You’re much prettier than she describe you to me.” Gracie threw open her arms and welcomed Leslie into the luscious suite. They hugged warmly and then Gracie pushed her guest back and asked foolishly, “Is it too soon for a big kiss?”

“Are you kidding?” Leslie cried as she canlı bahis pulled Gracie’s face down to hers and smothered her with a long, deep passionate kiss. They were both breathing heavily when they broke apart.

“Wow,” Gracie panted, “this is going to be a blast.”

“I’ve been dreaming of this ever since you called me earlier this week. I was so envious of Alley and Dee when they told me about their adventure . . .”

Gracie broke in, “Alley? Dee? Have I missed out on something?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She pressed her hand against her chest try to hide her embarrassment. “Those are the pet names we have for each other. I feel like we are best friends already, so I’ll tell you how I came up with Allison’s pet name if you’d like.”

“I’m all ears,” Gracie said with a real sweet smile on her lovely face. “I hoe you girls include me in on nearly everything. You’ve heard how close we are,” she said and looked meaningfully at Leslie.

“I hope I am lucky enough to become that close as well,” Leslie said softly.

“Here’s the best way to do that, young lady,” Gracie said almost coquettishly, “is for you to tell me straight out how you came to name my daughter Alley Cat, and while you are about it please get out of those school clothes. I want to see your lovely body, and I want to eat your pussy.”

“And I yours,” is all Leslie could manage. Gracie’s blunt, but not brazen, manner caught her off guard. “It was like this. Our first day at school; the first day we met; we struck it off famously. She beautiful, she’s feisty, and she’s a hot blooded woman. I call her Alley Cat because I can’t call her pussy in public, and that’s what she is – a wonderful, hot-blooded pussy.” As she talked Leslie had stripped down to her panties and bra.

“I definitely hope I have a friend like you somewhere, Leslie. You really like Alli . . . Alley Cat, don’t you.”

“No ma’am, I love her,” Leslie announced quite frankly and with pride. “I want to feel the same way about you. I’ve heard so much about you, and I don’t have a . . .”

“Stop right there, young lady,” Gracie interrupted. “I’ve gone to great lengths to show you just what I am all about, and I intend to find out what you are all about. By the time this weekend is over, I hope to be regarded by you as a mature, and very close lover. Not many mothers can say that.”

“I don’t know many, if any, mothers like you, Gracie. Oh, it’s alright to call you Gracie, isn’t it?”

“I insist. My daughter/lover calls me that, your mutual friend, Dianne, calls me that, and I love them both for it. Now come here and let’s see how good a friendship we can develop in this short period of time.” Gracie had been wearing only a lounging gown, and it quickly disappeared.

“Oh, my,” Leslie exclaimed. “You’re beautiful.”

“Oh, shut up, you little bahis siteleri fool and kiss me where you think I am the prettiest.”

“That would be all over,” Leslie replied.

“Well then . . .” Again the open arms.

But Leslie did not step in for the hug. Instead, she lifted Gracie’s arms and slowly and tenderly began kissing her naked body first on the cheeks, briefly on the lips, then on the shoulders and on down to her breasts. Gracie was overwhelmed and overjoyed. She lifted a breasts making the nipple prominent and Leslie seized the opportunity. Then she went to the other breasts and on down across the soft belly.

“Holy shit,” Gracie cried, “I’m getting behind here, baby.” She gently brought Leslie back to a standing position and immediately planted a firm and passionate kiss on her lovely full lips. Their breasts mashed together. Gracie’s were much larger, but in situations like this size doesn’t mean a thing.

“Ooooh,” Leslie jumped slightly,

“What’s wrong?” Gracie asked quickly.

“I’m terribly sorry, : Leslie said, “I was startled by your tongue. It’s long.”

Gracie threw back her head and laughed. “Wait until you feel it in your pussy.” They sank to the luxurious sofa laughing. “Don’t keep me waiting too long, Gracie.” A little more shuffling, and then, “Oooh, Shit, Gracie,” Leslie gasped. “That’s fantastic. I want more.”

“Not to worry, lover,” Gracie said slightly winded, “I brought a bunch.”

There was a lot more moan, and groan,, and sighing. They quickly ended up in a 69 position; then Gracie was bent over the back of the sofa, and Leslie was eating her pussy from behind; the Leslie was perched on the back of the sofa and Gracie was devouring her sopping wet pussy like it was the first meal she had had all week.

Now Gracie was sitting on the sofa, and she had convinced Leslie to stand before her and grab her ankles. Now that she had Leslie in this position, Gracie demonstrated why and where her unusually long tongue was most appreciated. She poked it rapidly in and out of her asshole, and the younger woman went wild. She was so enrapt by Gracie’s tongue action that Leslie pushed her back against the upright of the sofa placing the pussy portion of her snatch directly on Gracie’s mouth while at the same time it brought her face and mouth conveniently to Gracie’s “Y”. They were so involved with each other’s intimacy that they almost didn’t hear the buzzer at the door.

“What was that?” Leslie said breathlessly still entangled in Gracie’s lower body.

“It’s the door. Expecting someone?” She laughed as she struggled to her feet, and butt ass naked, headed for the door. Leslie dashed for the bathroom bringing nothing with her but her lovely body charged with passion.

“Oh, it’s you two,” Gracie said as she opened the door wider. She was still bahis şirketleri totally nude, and making no effort to cover up that fact.

“Mother,” Allison said not bothering to conceal her exasperation, “what are you doing here without calling beforehand, and why aren’t you dressed?”

“She’s getting yo be a bossy little bitch, ain’t she?” Gracie said addressing Dianne who was still standing in the doorway. “Hi, Dee. Come on in. We were just about to get undressed and have a little party.”

“You could have called, Mother. We got your note telling us girls to meet you here. We have searched high and low for Leslie, and she is no where to be found. This is not good planning, Mother.”

“I like Gracie better,” the voice from the bathroom doorway said. Everyone turned to see Leslie standing in the doorway holding a bath towel in her hand. I would have dressed, but I didn’t know the occasion.”

“Leslie, you conniving little bitch, I ought to . . .”

“Hold on, Alley Cat,” Gracie barked, and Allison knew the nice was over. “You owe one of you dearest friends and apology, and I don’t mean this guilty bystander, Dianne. All of this was my doings, and I had a damned good reason for doing it.”

“Oh yeah,” Allison snarled, “and what was that?”

“Because I wanted to do it, so I did.” She beckoned for Leslie to join the group, and she proudly walked over looking great it her birthday suit. “I felt guilty about not being able to meet Leslie at the same time I did Dianne, but now that I look back on it, I’, not sure I could have handled you all three at the same time. Remember, I was just beginning to come out of my shell when you two,” nodding toward Allison and Dianne, “attacked me and turned on all of my lights again. I’m grateful for that, Sweethearts, but I want the whole package and that includes this little pussy eater right here.” She drew the naked Leslie to her and hug her lovingly. “Is that okay with you, Dee?”

“I would love to grab one of those big, beautiful tits and wallow you down to the floor.”

“Don’t just stand there!” barked Gracie. “How about you, Alley?”

Dee obviously meant exactly what she said. She tackled Gracie, and carried her all the way to the sofa before they crashed into a heap. Leslie piled on leaving her asshole up in the air and winking at Allison. Allison stripped, and gently pulled Leslie off the pile.

“I’m sorry I spoke to you that way, Les,” I said apologetically. “I didn’t mean a word of it.”

“Forget it, Alley. You need to apologize to Gracie, too.”

I found Gracie on the bottom of the pile with Dianne latched on to a boob like a pit bull terrier.

“I’m sorry, Gracie, honestly.”

“Kiss my ass,” Gracie said jokingly, but Dee took her seriously so she twisted Gracie on top of her exposing her big naked butt to Allison.

“What the Hell. It won’t be the first or the last time.” I spread her cheeks.

The sofa in that hotel suite saw more ass, more boobs, and more pussy that weekend than any other piece of furniture in that hotel.

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